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Life Expectancy #2020

Life Expectancy Jimmy Tock comes into the world on the very night his grandfather leaves it As a violent storm rages outside the hospital Rudy Tock spends long hours walking the corridors between the expectant fathe

  • Title: Life Expectancy
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780553588248
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life Expectancy By Dean Koontz, Jimmy Tock comes into the world on the very night his grandfather leaves it As a violent storm rages outside the hospital, Rudy Tock spends long hours walking the corridors between the expectant fathers waiting room and his dying father s bedside It s a strange vigil made all the stranger when, at the very height of the storm s fury, Josef Tock suddenly sits up in bed aJimmy Tock comes into the world on the very night his grandfather leaves it As a violent storm rages outside the hospital, Rudy Tock spends long hours walking the corridors between the expectant fathers waiting room and his dying father s bedside It s a strange vigil made all the stranger when, at the very height of the storm s fury, Josef Tock suddenly sits up in bed and speaks coherently for the first and last time since his stroke.What he says before he dies is that there will be five dark days in the life of his grandson five dates whose terrible events Jimmy will have to prepare himself to face The first is to occur in his twentieth year the second in his twenty third year the third in his twenty eighth the fourth in his twenty ninth the fifth in his thirtieth.Rudy is all too ready to discount his father s last words as a dying man s delusional rambling But then he discovers that Josef also predicted the time of his grandson s birth to the minute, as well as his exact height and weight, and the fact that Jimmy would be born with syndactyly the unexplained anomaly of fused digits on his left foot Suddenly the old man s predictions take on a chilling significance.What terrifying events await Jimmy on these five dark days What nightmares will he face What challenges must he survive As the novel unfolds, picking up Jimmy s story at each of these crisis points, the path he must follow will defy every expectation And with each crisis he faces, he will move closer to a fate he could never have imagined For who Jimmy Tock is and what he must accomplish on the five days when his world turns is a mystery as dangerous as it is wondrous a struggle against an evil so dark and pervasive, only the most extraordinary of human spirits can shine through.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. My second favorite Koontz novel A TRUE FAVORITEI love this book This novel isn t featured in my virtual shelf of Favorites , but not because I don t like it, just since I already have Phantoms in that shelf and I want to keep it to maximum 10 books there, it would have to be 2 books from Dean Koontz and if I have to make the hard choice, I d choose Phantoms.But, Life Expectancy is a REALLY CLOSE second favorite book by Dean Koontz.It s one of the best books that I ever readT HORROR PER SE BUT ST [...]

    2. Life Expectancy is a pretty fun read It was so different than most books I ve read in the genre, and was much different than I expected It flows so perfectly from the first person point of view, and the characters are unforgettable Plus, it has clowns

    3. LIFE EXPECTANCY Review I m about to spoil the hell out of this piece of garbage in the hopes that you run screaming from its pages as if the longevity of your genitals depended on it The Good This book is readable Meaning, you can read it Moving on The Bad The synopsis is terrific engaging, intriguing, enticing, everything a book description should be So why isn t this up there with The Good Because the synopsis fucking lies like a rug under a steam roller You see, Jimmy Tock s grandpappy predic [...]

    4. I realize Koontz is absurdly prolific, but I really liked LIFE EXPECTANCY It was a fun premise with great characters I love the family that keeps baker s hours and I still remember that Jimmy Tock had a Dodge Daytona Turbo just like the one I bought in 1988 And, who could forget the evil Conrad Beezo This is a great read.

    5. Some lives, conducted with grace, are beautiful arcs bridging this world to eternity No one s life should be rooted in fear We are born for wonder, for joy, for hope, for love, to marvel at the mystery of existence, to be ravished by the beauty of the world, to seek truth and meaning, to acquire wisdom, and by our treatment of others to brighten the corner where we are No one can grant you happiness Happiness is a choice we all have the power to make Ever since first reading this book 2005, I ha [...]

    6. This is what I wrote reading this bookThis is the second time I am trying to read this book.I am a huge Koontz fan but this book really disappointed me.It is so far, not exiting or scary at all, because the main characters are not frightened.They are constantly making funny not remarks and it is just not realistic.You are a hostage and you are constantly cracking jokes No way.I have read 170 pages of the book and am really struggling again to read .And that is really an exception cause I love al [...]

    7. This is my first Dean Koontz book I expected a horror story, but this book was actually quite funny I just grabbed it off the paperback section of the library to take to the beach, and I was pleasantly surprised Initially, I found the main character, Jimmy, a little like Ignatiuos Reilly from Confederacy of Dunces, but he actually had a great deal sense I think it was in Koontz s writing style The characters were so likeable, that I wanted to be friends with them except for the clowns Yes, the [...]

    8. I absolutely loved the book The humor was surprising and the story was as good as anything I ve ever read I could not put this one down, and it thrilled me from beginning to end.

    9. 3 stars Tongue in cheek mystery suspense.I was disappointed when I saw this was first person Sometimes it works, but usually it s not as good for me, and in this case first person did not help The plot premise was odd It didn t draw me in as much as other plots When the book begins, we are told something disastrous will happen five times during Jimmy s life It feels like a scavenger hunt The first day comes and we watch a disaster which Jimmy survives Then we wait a little and watch the second d [...]

    10. Wow This book totally blew me away Best Koontz book I ve read yet, and I thought Odd Thomas would be a tough act to follow I may have to pick up a copy of this book for own PC bookshelf so I can let hubby and all my other non BC friends read it too Great character development, suspense, the kind of book I didn t want to put down At times, I was so anxious to know how a particular situation would turn out that I d find myself skipping ahead a couple of chapters, and then immediately scolding myse [...]

    11. I read this book for the first time in August or September of 2011, which started my love of Dean Koontz novels Now, five years later, I ve finally read this book again And it s just as enchanting as I remember The events of this novel don t seem like they would make a compelling story, and yet they do It s filled with a cast of varied and realistic characters, the struggle between good and evil, and the message that there is always a reason to hope Koontz has a beautiful style that has me laugh [...]

    12. This book was a strange book I don t know how else to describe it When my husband told me it was a weird one but he thought I would like it, I really I was almost sure I didn t want to read it I almost pasted it up, but I am glad I didn t I never knew where it was going to go next I never even tried to make predictions like I normally would It also was filled with so much dry humor that you just had to laugh The entire time I was reading this one, I couldn t help but think that the author must h [...]

    13. This is one of my favorite Dean Koontz novels It has all of the elements you would expect to find in a DK novel

    14. Dean Koontz never disappoints So many unexpected twists and turns Gripping and imaginative story that reminded me why I used to read his books every chance I got.

    15. Dean Koontz reigns as the Henry Ford of novelists Ford invented assembly line production, a way of mass producing automobiles Ford out produced other automakers and at the same time delivered a quality product His Model T remains perhaps the most successful automobile ever made Ford Motor Company occasionally made mistakes the Edsel of the mid 1950s was its most glaring and infamous Dean Koontz, like Ford has developed a method of cranking out novels at an amazing pace, over 60 in the span of ab [...]

    16. If there is any Koontz novel I wish I d written myself, it s Life Expectancy This book hits all the right chords the absurdity of life, the interconnectedness of human beings, recognizable characters, signature humor, all put together with the reality of sudden violence.Minutes before Jimmy Tock was born, his dying grandfather made several predictions not only about his birth, but also gave warnings of five terrible days to come in his future Together with his family, Jimmy prepares himself for [...]

    17. I am going to use my review of Dean Koontz s Life Expectancy to discuss a matter that seems of great importance in most of Koontz s work, mental illness Koontz often simplifies his antagonists motivations to the basic idea, This person is insane Why is that you may ask Well, I ll tell you It s because labeling a character as insane means that Koontz can throw logic and rationality right out the window Why does this person kill entire families, collecting trophies of his murders Because this pers [...]

    18. Simply put, this novel is nothing short of incredible Highly original, darkly amusing and almost ALMOST too clever for it s own good For me the mark of a good book is the inability to put it down Getting so caught up in the story and the characters that you think abouto it even when you re not reading it I ll try to avoid spoilers, but my favorite thing about this novel is how evrerything is connected It s obvious that Koontz had every detail planned in advance One thing leads to another, that l [...]

    19. This one took me a couple weeks to read, but I did finish it good sign 1 and by the time I was done, I didn t feel like I d wasted my time good sign 2.It s written in the first person, which works better here than in Koontz s The Taking, but not as well as it did in Odd Thomas The premise of the story is a fun one on the night of Jimmy Tock s birth, his dying grandfather predicts the time of Jimmy s birth, his weight, a physical ailmentd that Jimmy will suffer five terrible days in his life Cons [...]

    20. Jason gave me this book for Christmas he had listened to it as book on tape and really liked it, and thought I might like it too I didn t I LOVED it Laugh out loud funny at times, and yet also reflects on what makes a good life, relationship, and family, all in a suspenseful story I loved the characters the main one, Jimmy Tock, but also all the supporting cast of characters Each one was fleshed out and real There was a unique banter amongst his family that I both recognized my own family in, an [...]

    21. I tend to avoid authors with huge shelves of published work Danielle Steele, Piers Anthony, etc because I tried and found them incredibly unreadable Mr DK isn t bad, though very entertaining, humor, twists.This story centered around a young man who, at his birth, had ominous predictions of 5 horrendous or was it terrible days in his future He got through it with family support, practicality, blahblahblah The circus is involved And there s implied sex crime The twist at the end seemed rushed, lik [...]

    22. Jimmy Tock is probably my favorite of all of Dean Koontz characters and that s a lot considering one of Koontz strengths is character development Jimmy was born on the day his grandfather died Before his grandfather died and the minute of Jimmy s birth, his grandfather sat up in bed and stated that Jimmy would have five horrible days He listed the dates in question Jimmy s family didn t know what to make of Jimmy s grandfather s prophesy until the first of the dates arrived and Jimmy, indeed, ha [...]

    23. Mega langweilig und der Humor in diesem Buch ich liebe Sarkasmus und schwarzen Humor will einfach nicht z nden Ich habe kein einziges Mal gelacht nach 250 Seiten , obwohl Koontz durchaus dies beim Leser bezwecken wollte Nun gut frustriert abgebrochen.

    24. Okie Dokie While I do comedy book Reviews on my youtube channel, I thought I would give doing a serious one a shot Dean Koontz is my absolute favorite Author I have always preferred him over Stephen King, because of his lightheartedness and uplifting view of the world that shows up in his work I however want to scream that he leaves so many of his books so open ended and tends to not give me a rewarding villain s death Anyway, on to this book.I chose this book to do first, because it is my favor [...]

    25. LOVED this book This was my first Dean Koontz novel I must say that I was really impressed by it The story centers around the charcter Jimmy Tock, who arrives into the world the same day as his grandfather dies But before he dies he makes 10 predictions about Jimmy s life, the first 5 about his birth, which are dead on The other 5 however tell of 5 particular dates which are to be particularly dark days in Jimmy s life Because of his accuracy with the first predictions, the family take these 5 d [...]

    26. My second favorite Koontz novel Life Expectancy It s not often that you, literally, laugh out loud in this genrebut THIS book I promise will make you laugh, because the characters are clever, lovable, funny and you ll root for them the whole time.Don t misunderstand me, you ll be chewing your nails and turning pages as fast as you can it s quite a thriller but I found it hard to believe it was Dean Koontzere was humor throughout.From Jimmy Tock to Grandma Weena, you ll love the family and develo [...]

    27. My advice Read it, read it, read it If you have ever liked or thought you might like Dean Koontz, if you have a taste for strange characters, fun twists, witty dialogue, and suspense sprinkled with fantasy or have no idea how that combination can happen but are intrigued by the concept , pick up a copy It s an odd combination of sadness and horror and love and inspiration and ridiculousness and clowns and trapeze artists and baked goods and extra sensory perception and simply decent writing of a [...]

    28. This book had all the elements needed a good plot, smart, likable main characters with great senses of humor, and interesting villains But they were buried under too many words Good editing could have taken out 20%, and uncovered an excellent novel.

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