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Ludmila's Broken English #2020

Ludmila s Broken English A wild and brilliant tale by the winner of the Man Booker Prize and one of our most original storytellers On a Tuesday in terror struck London Blair and Bunny Heath become the first adult conjoined t

  • Title: Ludmila's Broken English
  • Author: D.B.C. Pierre
  • ISBN: 9780393329674
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ludmila's Broken English By D.B.C. Pierre, A wild and brilliant tale by the winner of the Man Booker Prize and one of our most original storytellers On a Tuesday in terror struck London, Blair and Bunny Heath become the first adult conjoined twins ever successfully separated On a Tuesday in the war torn Caucasus, Ludmila Derev accidentally kills her grandfather By December, they find themselves trudging togetherA wild and brilliant tale by the winner of the Man Booker Prize and one of our most original storytellers On a Tuesday in terror struck London, Blair and Bunny Heath become the first adult conjoined twins ever successfully separated On a Tuesday in the war torn Caucasus, Ludmila Derev accidentally kills her grandfather By December, they find themselves trudging together through a snow field, staring down the barrel of a rebel s gun.Ludmila sets out on a journey west to save her family from starvation and marauding Gnez troops Hers is an odyssey of sour wit, even sourer vodka, and a Soviet tractor probably running on goat s piss The Heath twins are released from a newly privatized institution rud to have been founded for an illegitimate royal baby They are plunged into a round the clock world churning with opportunity, rowdy with the chatter of freedom, self empowerment, and sex Dangerous cocktails and a Russian Brides Web site throw these unforgettable characters together with explosive results.DBC Pierre s second novel confirms his place in the ranks of today s most audacious and acclaimed novelists.

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      486 D.B.C. Pierre
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    1 thought on “Ludmila's Broken English

    1. Who doesn t like a book that basically starts off with an old drunken Russian trying to rape his granddaughter, who briefly considers allowing it because it ll put him in a good enough mood for them to have orange Fanta with dinner Then the book gets weird.I really enjoyed this story because it plays its hand close to its chest It keeps you speculating about what odd tidbits mean and how they ll come into play, and they never come in the way you expect them to The slow revelation of characters w [...]

    2. I wish I could say I enjoyed reading this as much as I did Lights Out in Wonderland possibly the best book I ve read all year , or even Vernon God Little not a favourite, but still very good , but it was, in all honesty, a bit of a mess I d noted the many negative reviews before starting it, but having enjoyed the author s other work so much, I really wanted to give it a try anyway Unfortunately, having done so I have to agree with those who disliked it Despite being the title character, Ludmila [...]

    3. This book has me ready to create a new shelf Didn t Finish Because It Sucked Booker Prize THIS Christ, the dialogue sounds like a constant drunken row between wasted old men in an Irish pub, and the plot sounds like something a drunk Irish guy dreamt up in some perverse dream while he spent the night sleeping it off in a ditch.

    4. So this book carried moments of humor and scope and tossed in a few scenes of shock and controversy, but fundamentally it came across as a sopho effort that was rushed to market on the heels of the success of its predecessor Muddled and wandering and just not very good Definitely my least favorite of Pierre s work.

    5. DBC Pierre s d but, Vernon God Little, was shot down in flames by practically all my friends who d read it, for being too clever Sod them, with friends like that I m better off drinking myself to sleep alone every night Anybody who knows what s good in the world will naturally acknowledge Vernon for the brilliantly twisted, inspired triumph of writing that it is.Making such a pat judgement about Ludmila s Broken English is harder, simply because it s obviously the less focussed of the two books, [...]

    6. The first 150 pages reads like a catalogue of well crafted insults marinated in overworked metaphors and clunky purple prose Thereafter, there is a 100 pages of the Benny Hill soundtrack type plot development followed by some senseless violence and a twisty coda Disappointing reading after enjoying Vernon God Little so much.

    7. I started reading this book because I read Vernon God Little and really appreciated the story and the language So I was really disappointed by Ludmila s Broken English What a crap Unbelievable that anyone had published that shit Apart from the fact that I really love how the people from Western world imagine living in the Eastern Europe You have no clue, really, so concentrate on writing about what you may have idea about Don t bother to read it spectacular waste of time.

    8. Lights Out in Wonderland is one of my favourite books, so I had high expectations for LudmiIa But this was a slog and failed to engage until nearly the end I kept thinking it would make a much better film than it is a book It s so dialogue driven and I found that the dialogue just isn t sufficient to keep it going The last third was much better than the previous two thirds and left me really wishing there was of the same so that I knew about the characters I d plodded along with for what seeme [...]

    9. Disappointing after the fabulous Vernon God Little Gory picaresque set in UK and a beleaguered poverty stricken, war torn state, often confusing That said, some stunning descriptions and one liners make it worth the read.

    10. Someone ought to tell Pierre that 300 pages of people incomprehensibly insulting each other does not a novel make What a pile of revolting crap.

    11. I rate Vernon God Little as one of my favourite books, and excitedly bought all of DBC Pierre s books on the basis of that novel I really wish I hadn t bothered I spent the first half of the book having not much idea of what was going on The plot made no sense, and there are so many threads left unexplained And the twist at the end What was even the point If you want to read DBC Pierre, go read Vernon God Little and Lights Out in Wonderland Then leave it there.

    12. This is the wild and wacky tale of how three fighters struggle to overcome the constraints that have marred their lives until they meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances Blair and Bunny Heath are conjoined twins who have lived all their lives secreted away in an institution in the North of England Nothing really happened until the spring before last that dark, close spring when the newly privatised health service decided Bunny was leeching resources from his brother This parasitism would only [...]

    13. He s a clever little fucker, that DBC Pierre Even the name is a nod and a wink to a blind bat.His descriptive little bursts are fabulous Then his eyes filled with tears Throbbing music no longer beat time to a young life ascending Now it hammered boards over future s window is typical As is, the last dogged citizens hurled shouts that ricocheted like rusty blades off wet, green tiles.Scattered throughout the book, they are like little amphetamine bursts that help to propel you onto the next bit [...]

    14. I m a huge fan of DBC Pierre s first novel, Vernon God Little, so was looking forward to reading this I enjoyed it, though it wasn t quite up to the standards of Vernon a hard act to follow The best thing about Pierre s writing is the quirky way he describes things who else could bring together Heathrow Airport and the female reproductive organs in a simile that works perfectly Not to mention the character who only saw his words to the door of his mouth, didn t project them out witty observation [...]

    15. At first I was worried about the number of low ratings this book was receiving, plus the fact that I had picked it up in a remaindered lot of books.The dialogue initially was a turn off stilted and high faluting, being used to explain plot and rendering the characters as cardboard cut outs Giving DBC Pierre the benefit of the doubt, because he certainly delivered with Vernon God Little, I persisted and kept reading After the first 100 pages, I saw where he was going Two story lines were heading [...]

    16. A cleverly written book and the allegory is hard to miss what with the central characters named Blair and Gordon and set partly in England and partly in some some back of beyond region in Central Asia where war rages The language is quite colorful, especially the parts translated from Russian which I daresay would put our Indian languages to shame in the cuss word department There is a lot of British slang too and it can get very disconcerting if there isnt a slang dictionary around Though it lu [...]

    17. A thick wall divides those that admire DBC Pierre s headlong linguistic energy from those who still seem offended that his first novel, Vernon God Little, won the MAN Booker and Whitbread prizes Supporters find a sinister intelligence at work in the alternating narratives of the Heath twins and Ludmila, written by an author who almost diabolically misleads his readers Los Angeles Times That s meant as a compliment, but it lends support to the detractors who complain of conceits that don t pan ou [...]

    18. I picked this up as I had really enjoye Vernon God Little I can t say the same for this at all I was so pleased to have finished it and I still don t really know what it was all about I didn t like any of the characters The first time we meet Ludmilla she is being raped by her grandfather who she manages to kill Te family were all vile and I really thought they deserved to be starving as they really didn t seem to be trying to do anything useful with their lives They could afford vodka yet no fo [...]

    19. It took me a long time to get into this book It seems as soon as I did it was just about done Normally I like chapters switching POVs between different sets of characters This time it seemed to drag on while I knew all along what was going to happen it was simple enough to gather For that, reading the book was not all that exciting It was hard to get into the character interraction moments, save maybe with Ludmila s family and its snarky retorts.I got a bit sick of the same interractions between [...]

    20. Vernon God Little s a solid favourite but this one wasn t as good I think of it kind of as a way better version of Chris Cleave s Little Bee Everywhere Little Bee did the Brit meets global South thing wrong overplayed third world naivety ignorance, struggling non white characters with pasts who are portrayed as morally flawless, Product RED style WASPishness, etc the usual stuff really Ludmila s Broken English didn t entirely fuck up Though it came close, at times Ludmila s beautiful ness was aw [...]

    21. This book has sat on the shelf for ages, and despite eventually enjoying Vernon God Little I haven t felt inclined to read it until now, although I expect some of you will have Steve, surely The plot as it is centres on a recently separated pair of Siamese twin men who have institutionalised since birth, forced out of Albion nursing home by NHS privatisation The fact that they are called Blair Gordon invites political allegory, which I could not quite find.The plot intertwines with a parallel st [...]

    22. Pierre has two conjoined twins Blair and Gordon seperated and thrown upon the tender mercies of privatised care in the community Meanwhile, the Derev family has just lost its sole source of income granddad s pension when Ludmila kills him They re in a fictitious former soviet stan, right at the front of a war zone as another stan is trying to grow, but that doesn t stop the bureaucracy from its implacable pursuit of the Derevs The narrative arc tracks the coming together of Blair with an increas [...]

    23. I read the book and, it was okay The three main characters are Ludmilla from Ublilsk and Gordon Bunny and Blair Heath, conjoined twins in the UK The twins are separated late when they are adults and privatization of the Medical System see them released to find their way in the real world Circumstances bring them to Ublilsk where Blair believes that Ludmilla will be his internet bride That s the story in a nutshell What makes it entertaining is Ludmilla s sharp tongue her grandmother s pride and [...]

    24. I was expecting alot from this book after the masterpiece that was DBC Pierre s Vernon God Little In one sense, this book deserves I d say technically 3 1 2 stars because at the very least it shows how versatile the author can be and it s a rather interesting idea to juxtapose recently separated previously conjoined adult British twins with the story of a woman struggling to get her family out of desperate poverty in rural war torn Russia At the same time, it s a little helter skelter disjointed [...]

    25. difficult, weird, funny, sad, shit, genius it s hard to tell u what exactly this book is we had to read it in english class, which was a brave and maybe stupid idea my teacher had, since it was a swiss school and english is a second language to these kids i sometimes had to read a passage twice to understand it, and i m biligual but i still liked it i m still not sure, a year later, if i love it we even got to go to a reading with the author and he s got this really deep, scratchy voice which ju [...]

    26. I find a lot of books that I read and love disappoint me at the very end Quite often I feel like a book is missing a chapter or has one too many The end of Ludmila s Broken English made the book though There were a few awkward parts, but I feel like they were worth it for the last 15 20 pages.As far as DBC Pierre books that I ve read, this is my least favourite, but that says a lot about Light s Out In Wonderland and Vernon God Little than it does about this book Pierre s style is engaging and [...]

    27. I ll have to admit that DBC Pierre s novel, Ludmila s Broken English is one of the bizarre novels I ve read, and there were sections I really struggled with But when all s said and done, it s one of those novels that comes together at the very end, and after its conclusion, I appreciated the clever, original plot and the author s wild, creative genius This is an absurd, bizarre and ultimately touching novel that depicts a chaotic world rife with constantly present terrorism and out of control g [...]

    28. This book is crazy and wonderful Two stories that couldn t possibly be different come together unexpectedly at the end to provide a joyously satisfying ending.Two siamese twins are separated and go through some crazy adventures through the social services system and a young women desparate to escape the hell of a post soviet Russia are the two stories The first excels in it s wonderful banter between the two brothers, the second is a black comedy hell The writing is superb, the pace relentless, [...]

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