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The Dice Cup: Selected Prose Poems #2020

The Dice Cup Selected Prose Poems None

  • Title: The Dice Cup: Selected Prose Poems
  • Author: Max Jacob
  • ISBN: 9780915342327
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dice Cup: Selected Prose Poems By Max Jacob, None

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      Max Jacob

    1 thought on “The Dice Cup: Selected Prose Poems

    1. Mr R K s WallpaperThe ceiling of hell is held together by big gold nails Above is the earth Hell is big twisted luminous fountains For the earth there is a slight slope a field of wheat cropped close and a little sky in onion skin, where a cavalcade of frenzied dwarfs goes by On all sides a pine wood and an aloes wood You are appearing, Mlle Suzanne, before the revolutionary tribunal for having found a white hair in your dark hair.Not the easiest book to find, but worth the search as it s one of [...]

    2. Borrowing MJ s sampled shelf for this collection of fragmentary nonsensical pre dada prose poems I m sure there s interesting theory underneath at least some of them, but they re not really convincing me to care enough to find out The only miss from my Atlas Press collection so far.Later at Eddie s well warranted advice, I read the rest, slower, a couple here and there, trying to make myself slow down and savor They worked better in small doses there are a few in fact that I rather love On the w [...]

    3. IT S THE GROUND THAT LACKS THE LEASTCan one plant a beech tree in such a small garden The doors and windows of the seven neighboring workshops come together on the little courtyard where my brother and I are The seed of the beech tree is a slightly rotten banana or a potato There are some old ladies who are not pleased with you But if the beech tree grows up, won t it be too big And if it doesn t grow up, what s the sense of planting it Yet while planting it, my friends found my precious gems th [...]

    4. A bit disappointing Years ago I read the edition edited by Michael Brownstein and liked it a lot This time, I find the charm wears thin pretty quickly, except for a very few of the poems that still strike me as briiliant.

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