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The Lottie Project #2020

The Lottie Project Charlie isn t too happy with her new teacher who calls her by given name Charlotte yuck and seats her beside stuck up Edward yuck An avid dreamer spunky Charlie gets through these troubling times by

  • Title: The Lottie Project
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780440416173
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lottie Project By Jacqueline Wilson, Charlie isn t too happy with her new teacher, who calls her by given name Charlotte yuck and seats her beside stuck up Edward yuck An avid dreamer, spunky Charlie gets through these troubling times by imagining the life of Lottie, a Victorian era nursemaid whose own life seems much like Charlie s life Lively bw illustrations throughout.

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    1. A slightly different method of writing from Wilson in The Lottie Project but captivating nonetheless Charlie is a popular, chatty girl who isn t fussed about school and certainly not her horrible teacher When she is made to take part in history lessons, she comes across a photo of a young maid from the Victorian era who looks just like her When Charlie is asked to do a project on the Victorian era, she decides to give the girl in the photo a voice and writes a diary from her perspective The book [...]

    2. Sebenernya bukan pengen baca yang ini, tapi yang Lola Rose Tapi ternyata Lolanya ga ada, jadinya baca ini deh.Buku Jacqueline kali ini bikin aku sanggup begadang lagi nguaap Ceritanya tentang gadis kecil bernama Charlotte, tapi dia lebih suka dipanggil Charlie Karena menurut dia Charlotte itu nama yang megakuno dan ultramembosankan Dia tinggal berdua bersama ibunya Ibunya bekerja di toko elektronik Namun suatu hari ibunya dipecat, segalanya berubah sang ibu mesti cari pekerjaan baru demi memenuh [...]

    3. The Lottie Project is about a young girl Charlie who is set a school project on the Victorians The story is smartly narrated by two characters Charlie and Lottie her Victorian character from her project.As Wilson usually does, she has successfully managed to portray issues that may occur within family and school life for young children Family relations are explored with mothers, grandparents and friends but formation of new relationships and bonds that tie us together are the main focus of the s [...]

    4. Source I own this book Cost Unknown Title The Lottie Project Author Jacqueline Wilson Genre Middle Grade, contemporary Overall Rating 4 starsThis book was one of my favourites as a child, I remember reading it over and over again, and as soon as I opened this book up again I was hit straight away with nostalgia I ve always liked history, even in primary school, so this book with it s victorian twist really stood out to me It follows Charlie, who finds a picture of a victorian maid who looks like [...]

    5. Wilson is great at making realistic characters that you can quickly come to term with, giving realistic reactions to events.Her books are great at getting children to really think about actions and their consequences, really opening the eyes of children to the world Some of her books are sensitive reads yet they are all great at sending life messages to children.I feel as though Wilson books are a must in the lives of young children, a way of opening their eyes to the real world in the right way [...]

    6. This is my first time reading The Lottie Project and despite being older than the intended audience I found the book interesting.The book follows a young girl called Charlie who has to do a school project on the Victorians.The book moves from Charlie s perspective to her diary entries for her school project, which I really liked and actually thought flowed well.Charlie did feel real to me and I also feel that there are many younger readers who will be able to relate to her home situation in the [...]

    7. I just finished the Lottie project yesterday it took me three days to read it,it had two hundred and four I really liked the middle bit and the ending It was just a really amazing book I just love,love,love loved So I am going to rate it five stars I would definitely recommend this book it is just really good So who ever will read this book it was a really really good book.P.S Jacqueline Wilson is an amazing author but don t stick to 1 author.

    8. The Lottie Project is my favorite book Not one of my favorites The genre of this book is realistic fiction Realistic fictions is one of my favorite genres I personally like realistic fiction because sometimes you can refer your problems to theirs the characters I think that it has good explanation on why the character does or doesn t like someone, something, some place, etc This book takes place in the present It mostly takes place in Charlie s, the main character s, house Unfortunately, she had [...]

    9. Charlie is not happy that the new teacher has decided the class should sit in alphabetical order Instead of getting to sit with her friends, she has to sit with a boy yuck, boys and to make it worse, he s the most annoying snobby swot of a boy And then the teacher wants everyone to do a history project on the Victorians how dull Until Charlie discovers that girls her age actually went to work as servants in Victorian times, and so she decides to write the diary of a servant girl called Lottie Sh [...]

    10. The Lottie Project tells the story of a feisty eleven year old girl who writes a history project on the Victorians in the form of a diary, told from the viewpoint of a young servant called Lottie At first she finds the idea of the project immensely boring but over time her views are transformed and she finds it really fun Children should be able to read this book independently from about year 5 onwards This book is particularly useful for breeding positive attitudes to the study of history It sh [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book however it is not one of my favourite Jacqueline Wilson books Jacqueline used a very intresting storyline of which I found very good It is about a girl charlie who lives with her very young mother Jo and she is asked to do a Victorian project and she thinks it will be rubbish but it isn t Jacqueline has chosen a very hard way of writing her book with using half story half diary The lottie project is an interesting and fun book and I can see many of Jacqueline Wilson s [...]

    12. This is a cute book I like it a lot The voice is strong and the main character, adorable The plot is a little predictable, but I think I m slightly biased because I ve read so many children s YA novels in the past few years I especially like the ends of each chapter, where you can read the main character s project and learn a little bit about life during the Victorian era Anyway, I think it d be perfect for grades 4 6 9 12yrolds or reluctant middle school readers because of the slightly large te [...]

    13. Membacanya nyicil ga selesai selesai, baru waktu sakit selesai bacanya.Ceritanya tentang Charlie seorang anak yang tinggal berdua dengan JO Ibunya yang single parent.Konflik seputaran anak sekolah , tentang guru, teman sekelas dan pernak pernik persahabatan.Suka dengan karakter charlie yang sangat kuat Charlie itu pe de cenderung sombong Tipe anak yang tahu benar apa yang diinginkannya.

    14. This gets a high rating because I think it was one of the first books that I really, really loved due to its combo of Victorian history and modern story lines It also got me ADDICTED to Wilson s novels.

    15. This book by Jacqueline was very interesting.It was very light to read and the vocabulary used is not something spectacular.Still,Jacqueline has a special way of describing and narrating,which made it much better Mainly,this is about a girl called Charlie who is very popular and has many friends.But when she gets a project about the victorian times at the start she thinks it is boring ,she does a project on this 11 year old girl,called Lottie.Lottie has to leave school at 11 years of age and ha [...]

    16. I remember really loving this book and rereading it over and over because it was just SO FREAKING GOOD I loved the concept of the story it was so unique and hooked me from the beginning The writing was really interesting, flitting from present to past The parallels drawn between the past and the present were so much fun to read about and also talks about the Victorian era in a way that is educational and informative but does not sound like a bore This is a short and sweet read and I recommend it [...]

    17. Read for BBC Top 200 list Main character is kind of a brat, but I do appreciate the story within a story here which is a bit different for Wilson.

    18. Seperti yang selama ini kubaca, buku buku Jacqueline Wilson tidak jauh jauh dari masalah keluarga atau tentang anak yatim.Kali ini bercerita tentang gadis kecil bernama Charlotte Enright yang biasa dipanggil Charlie.Ia tingga berdua dengan ibunya Jo Sewaktu bayi, ayah Charlie tidak mau mengakui Charlie dan begitu saja meninggalkan Charlie dan Jo Namun, Jo sebagai orang tua tunggal tidak menyerah akan kehidupan mereka berdua yang pas pasan Jo bekerja keras demi menghidupi mereka berdua Charlie se [...]

    19. The main character of the novel is Charlie, a young girl in modern London, who is given a project from school to research the Victorians Charlie is an adventurous young girl with a feisty personality She is finding it difficult to research the Victorians because of a variety of reasons Her mother has lost her job and becomes a cleaner which meant that they didn t have enough money for their home Charlie s mum becomes a child minder and looks after a young boy named Robin Charlie finds a picture [...]

    20. This is one of Jacqueline Wilson s good ones, though I feel like I might have enjoyed it even ten years ago when I actually used to read her books It s the story of Charlie, who is vividly depicted in the story, and what happens when her mum becomes a maid and starts going out with her employer.It s a short simple novel, but it s got a bit going on if you look into it There s the Victorian themes, propped up by diary extracts at the beginning of each chapter, and as the novel goes on, these the [...]

    21. yg kusuka dari children book ini adalah dekatnya hubungan sang tokoh,charlotte a.k.a charlie dg ibunya, jo jadi charlie ini sebenarnya anak di luar nikah, tp sang ibu memutuskan membesarkan charlie sendirian sampai diusir orang tuanya otomatis charlie tumbuh jd anak yg mandiri dan praktis charlie suka bgt manggil ibunya hy dg namanya Jo.hidup charlie berubah sejak kedatangan guru baru yg nyebelin dan dipecatnya sang ibu belum lg tempat duduk favorit charlie di sekolah bersama sahabat karibnya di [...]

    22. I liked this book It is about a girl who is very popular and quite cheeky and boastful, actually who starts a history project at school about the Victorians She decides to write the diary of a Victorian servant girl named Lottie, and the chapters alternated between Charlie s and Lottie s lives, each in small way quite similar to the other When Charlie s mother, Jo, loses her job she finds work in house cleaning, and looking after the little boy of a man called Mark Jo and Mark end up liking each [...]

    23. I decided to re read this book for the last few days and I was in utter awe of it This is a book that although I had read it before several times, I had failed to remember key parts of the plot which made it even exciting for re reading Whenever I am re reading books, I have to remind myself that I am not the target audience so I mustn t be biased towards the book.For young readers and teenagers, this book is another one that Jacqueline Wilson has successfully allowed each character to make you [...]

    24. Dame Jacqueline Wilson a very deserved title is, in my opinion, the best contemporary children s writer She writes perfectly, in content, theme, style and accessibility for children from aged 6 to 13 ish of course this varies among children She writes flawlessly for children, I could not find a single fault.She is never patronizing and introduces young people to important life issues such as love, poverty, friendship, adolescence, separated parents, illnesses and so much , in a manner that is ac [...]

    25. Ini adalah buku Jacqueline Wilson pertama yang aku punya dan membuatku jatuh hati dengan buku bukunya yang lain Dari awal tertarik karena covernya, kemudian makin tertarik karena layoutnya yang diselingi ilustrasi sederhana, menarik, tapi lucu Sesuai dengan ceritanya Lottie adalah anak tanpa ayah, hidup bersama ibunya yang melewati banyak kesusahan TApi lottie tetap anak anak yang selalu ceria, punya banyak teman, punya guru galak DLottie juga cemburu dengan pacar ibunya, anak pacar ibunya dan b [...]

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