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The Disappearance #2020

The Disappearance Incriminating evidence has led to the arrest of a close family friend It has also led defense attorney Luke Garrison to suspect something far disturbing than an open and shut case of abduction and mur

  • Title: The Disappearance
  • Author: J.F. Freedman
  • ISBN: 9780451197429
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Disappearance By J.F. Freedman, Incriminating evidence has led to the arrest of a close family friend It has also led defense attorney Luke Garrison to suspect something far disturbing than an open and shut case of abduction and murder As a myriad of secrets and lies unfold, as the fine line between guilt and innocence, and good and evil, is erased, a suspected killer is getting closer to his freeIncriminating evidence has led to the arrest of a close family friend It has also led defense attorney Luke Garrison to suspect something far disturbing than an open and shut case of abduction and murder As a myriad of secrets and lies unfold, as the fine line between guilt and innocence, and good and evil, is erased, a suspected killer is getting closer to his freedom And Emma s parents are beginning to fear the worst.

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      133 J.F. Freedman
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    1 thought on “The Disappearance

    1. So, I admit some bias, having worked in criminal defense, but I love this book The courtroom drama is realistic without being too legalistic and potentially losing the reader in trial procedures The mystery surrounding who kidnapped and murdered Emma intricately weaves clues and suspects, and just when you think you know whodunit, there is another revelation that sends the reader back to square one, reanalyzing the evidence I really appreciate the personal turmoil Luke went through, and his jour [...]

    2. I came across this book by accident And I m glad I did It s been a long time since I found another book that I literally can t put down.I was a bit surprised at how Freedman told the story I was already oriented with Dan Brown, Rick Riordan and Michael Scott s writing The sudden twists of stories But with Freedman and this book, the author deliberately leads you on one path of the story when the real story lies on the other path He leads you down there, erasing any doubt you first had Then, all [...]

    3. This is one of those books that are so hard to rate In many respects, I wish I d never started it The Disapearance was a vulgar book than I like to read What s , the whole plot revolved around a series of sexual affairs Yet, it was so well written and I, so engrossed, that once I started I had to finish this book I hold high regard for this author, because he did a superb job of creating a cast of characters that was so vivacious and real Luka and Riva had such a good dynamic, and the live cour [...]

    4. Kept me going to find out what the outcome would bebut the ending was a bit contrived unlikely I guess that s what I mean But I like Luke and Reva even if there were a lot of sick puppies in this story I might go for noo to see how it goes.

    5. The Disappearance by J.F Freedman was originally published in 1998 This book is now available in digital format and published by Open Road Integrated Media.I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Luke was a high flyer in the D.A s office He had a beautiful successful wife, was respected and admired by his colleagues Then the worst nightmare a prosecuting attorney could ever face, happened to Luke.Now he and his wife are divorced, he quit h [...]

    6. The daughter of a well known TV station owner is taken from her bedroom in the middle of the night while she has two other girls with her for a sleep over One of the girls awakens as Emma is being carried out of the bedroom, but it isn t until the next morning that everyone realizes that Emma has disappeared A local search does not reveal Emma s whereabouts, and it isn t until days later that her body is found, dumped by a mountain stream An arrest is eventually made, and Luke Garrison, a once v [...]

    7. The first book I ve read by this author and it s pretty good I really enjoy a good legal thriller There s something about the whole court scene that has me on lock until the end of the book There are definitely a lot of red herrings placed in this book to throw the reader off course but it s pretty believable once the true killer is revealed One thing I did like about this book that stood out for me is that I never felt sorry for the defendant Usually courtroom dramas have me wooed by the defend [...]

    8. The Disappearance A fourteen year old girl disappears from her bedroom and eight days later, her body is discovered Despite the efforts of her wealthy and influential father, the culprit remains unknown.A year later, a family friend is arrested in what seemed an obvious set up, at least to me An outraged community wants justice, but Luke Garrison, a former D.A with his own demons, finally agrees to take the case Lots of red herrings in this one and lots of secrets to uncover I didn t particularl [...]

    9. This book was a good mystery as far as you couldn t tell who did it the entire book, but there also weren t any clues pointing in the direction that it ended up taking either In my opinion, a good mystery is one that you can try to solve along the way I feel like the end result of this book came out of nowhere and left me feeling unsatisfied with the direction the first three quarters of the book had taken I also didn t like the style of writing I was distracted by the book being written in pres [...]

    10. I have two to be read piles One holds unknowns and one holds what I call safety books Safety books are those that aren t probably going to take my breath away but are guaranteed to provide a nice, interesting read I had tried and tossed several from the unknown pile, so I picked up The Disappearance out of the safety pile and I was not disappointed Luke Garrison was promising district attorney who dropped out of site after it turned out that a guy he sent to the gas chamber was innocent The case [...]

    11. Good book Story about former Santa Barbara D.A Luke Garrison and his defense of a client who is charged with the kidnapping and murder of 14 year old Emma Lancaster Garrison left Santa Barbara after finding out someone he sent to death row was really innocent He s talked into defending Joe Allison who has been accused of kidnapping and murdering Emma Lancaster which means returning to Santa Barbara and facing his ex wife and the legal community Things look pretty bleak for Joe Allison who keeps [...]

    12. BREATHTAKING MISTERYIf there is no entertainment and interest, then there is no link between the reader and the plot, as a result then the book ceases to exist and turns out into some scribbled sheets glued with a cover, but in The Disappearance , things are absolutely the other way around, the author made a hell of a job conceiving this whodunit puzzle with strong court action drama Worth reading, compelling, qualfies among the best legal mistery thrillers I have ever read No way to put it down [...]

    13. I could say so much about this bookI would have liked it a lot better had I read it when it was first released in 1998 Nearly 15 years of forensic advances, etc have made this plot frustrating than it would have been then I kept reading because I wanted to know who the killer really was, but so many good clues were withheld from the reader until the end I felt a bit cheated Overall, it was a decent read, but way too long for the age of the novel.

    14. Another of the books that appeared in my book bag I am not sure from whence it came but delighted that it did Tightly told murder trial tale the hero is former DA coming back to defend an impossible case The further I got into this book the harder it was to set it down All the earmarks of a good story characters came alive, and I cared about them enough twists in the story to make it interesting tense ending etc.

    15. A pleasure to read with a great ending Difinately reminincent of John Grisham s style and characters Writing not as sophisticated as J G,s, but a court room drama well told that delivers on it s promises of forbidden sex, lies, suspense and murder Luke and Riva great characters I hope to see again in Freedman s other novels that I will definitely be looking for at my library.

    16. I can t believe I forgot to add this one I read it a couple of months ago and while the first chapter was a teensy bit slow going, after that I never wanted to put it down I brought this book with me everywhere in the hopes I would have a few moments to read it If you like crime courtroom dramas you will LOVE this.

    17. I loved this book so much I m going to read it again The book sounds like it could have been a true story It has all kinds of twists and turns to where I had a hard time putting it down When I first read it, I borrowed it from my mom and after I moved 3,000 miles away from her I went out and tried to find this book and it was really hard to find but I got it lol.

    18. I like Freeman s writing style I had the ending figured about 2 3 of the way through, but still couldn t put it down since I was so curious to see how Freeman would get us there I was not disappointed Great twists and turns, fun read Will be reading others in the Luke Garrison series in the near future

    19. This was an exciting book to read.Kidnapping, murder, lawyers, and the rich These are the ingredients that catapult The Disappearance into the big leagues of bestselling fiction The Disappearance is a stunning and dramatic legal thriller about a wealthy family with a missing child and a trial lawyer with a dark and painful past.

    20. I have read a great number of lawyer stories in my time but I have never yet read a better one than this The courtroom interaction was absolutely riveting and this is a book that will keep you up, late into the night, because you just can t put it down For anyone who loves good courtroom drama and a great overall murder mystery, this is the book for you.

    21. I love mysteries and thrillers This one is good keeps you in suspense all the way through although I confess I kind of guessed who the real murderer was The Hollywood characters are very stereotypical dysfunctional, lying, cheating bastards The hero and heroine, though ur I ve angst, personal crises, and very real death threats and triumph in the end sort of.

    22. I enjoy legal dramas but tend to prefer those written by lawyers as they seem to be interesting and believable I like to think that there is some truth in the information that I m reading, even if it s in a novel J.F Freedman was is not an attorney but you would never know it by reading this book I was drawn in from the very beginning and the story was not predictable.

    23. A good story I would give the story four stars, but the book only three stars There is way too much repetitive dialog and description This book could have easily been 50 pages shorter with no loss in story There is the usual totally unnecessary vulgar language, which adds nothing to the story.

    24. I want luke garrison to be my lawyer if ever im on a trial it will show you how far someone would go to uncover the truth, how would someone fight its own demon i like the story, the suspense and the thrill it will definitely gives you shiver i like the ending too its a good finish x

    25. I have to say this book started out very slowly for me, even with all of the drama in the first chapter It is worth it to continue reading Towards the middle of the book, I appreciated the manner in which the first chapter was presented.

    26. The Disappearance was a good, quick read It has great court drama and dialogue Though the story was a bit predictable there was enough going on to keep at least a small sense of drama and mystery.

    27. Very good book Great characters, good plot and a where did that come from ending I thought I had read all of J.F.Freedman s books years ago but missed this one Even though I know how it ends, I would read it again.

    28. Wow I think this is the first J.F Freedman book I ve read and it was incredible Very strong, logical, believable characters Excellent twisty plotting There s impressive flow through out the book I m a new fan

    29. Decently written, although it often read as a script There were not a great deal of character development outside of the main character I definitely felt the need to find out whodunnit , but it definitely was not a book I felt compelled to read.

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