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Fiicele doctorului March #2 #2020

Fiicele doctorului March n America secolului al XIX lea b ie oasa Jo frumoasa Meg timida Beth i Amy cea romantic trebuie s se ngrijeasc de ntreaga cas n vreme ce tat l lor este plecat la r zboi n acela i timp lupt s fie m

  • Title: Fiicele doctorului March #2
  • Author: Louisa May Alcott
  • ISBN: 9786066440660
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fiicele doctorului March #2 By Louisa May Alcott, n America secolului al XIX lea, b ie oasa Jo, frumoasa Meg, timida Beth i Amy cea romantic trebuie s se ngrijeasc de ntreaga cas n vreme ce tat l lor este plecat la r zboi n acela i timp, lupt s fie mai bune i s devin , din feti e, adev rate micu e doamne Oric t de dificile ar fi aceste lucruri, surorile March sunt sprijinite de n eleapta lor mam i legat n America secolului al XIX lea, b ie oasa Jo, frumoasa Meg, timida Beth i Amy cea romantic trebuie s se ngrijeasc de ntreaga cas n vreme ce tat l lor este plecat la r zboi n acela i timp, lupt s fie mai bune i s devin , din feti e, adev rate micu e doamne Oric t de dificile ar fi aceste lucruri, surorile March sunt sprijinite de n eleapta lor mam i legate de o dragoste de nezdruncinat Cititorii de toate v rstele vor fi fermeca i de Micu ele doamne, o poveste care a trecut proba timpului, captiv nd genera ii ntregi cu armul, inocen a i n elepciunea sa.

    • [E-Book] ↠ Fiicele doctorului March #2 | by Ù Louisa May Alcott
      282 Louisa May Alcott
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    1. The March girls are all grown up and ready to throw away all their individuality and aspirations so that they can please their penniless but Christian husbands D Isn t that exactly what all girls dream of Servitude to a man Fair warning, spoilers ahead Remember Meg She was the self satisfied smarmy brunette who all the men liked for her looks, and not much else She makes a match to a tear jerkingly boring and terrifically poor tutor, and lives with him to do his bidding and fret about how little [...]

    2. I was terribly disappointed with the book, it destroyed the charm and atmosphere of Little women While reading Little women I was sure that Jo and Laurie are meant to be together and it was hidden between lines that Jo loved Laurie too and, nevertheless, she refused to become his wife This made my impression worse and I don t think that Jo s reason was valid Moreover, I don t understand how Laurie could marry Amy Laurie thought that the task of forgetting his love for Jo would absorb all his pow [...]

    3. If Little Women created my heart, Good Wives tore it apart.This book stole away a whole lot of the beautiful charm that Little Women had for me I simply couldn t bear with Jo s refusal to marry Teddy, because that s what I expected from them and a part of what I adored them for I ve always believed that love is friendship, and I hoped their heart warming story from when they were children would have the future of a beautiful love I d be happier if Teddy hadn t ever fallen in love with Jo, and if [...]

    4. Ho appena finito di leggere piccole donne crescono Meraviglioso A parte i due episodi di Meg moglie e mamma, che mi hanno fatto all inizio storcere il naso, ma poi fortunatamente si sono ripresi, ho adorato questo libro L ho trovato meno moralista del precedente Le sorelle che affrontano i primi tormenti amorosi e non, mi hanno tenuto incollata alle pagine Ho pianto davvero non me lo aspettavo e ho riso di gusto e sopratutto il mio cuore si riempito di a Bellissimo davvero Alcune frasi e alcuni [...]

    5. I love this book I mean, the fact that I ve read it five times now does say something about how I much I love it

    6. Well, strictly speaking this book is part of Little Women, so I should not treat this as a different book.What I would add to my review of Little Women is that as the girls are growing up, the horizon is broadening or in some of their cases, shrinking so we see of the outside world and are offered a bigger chunk of society around them, if not by much This and also the character development makes it interesting and while still occasionally didactic, it advocates valid, true values nevertheless [...]

    7. Se n o estou em erro faz 5 ou 6 anos que li Mulherzinhas O li numa altura fundamental da minha vida, naquela fase que deixamos de ser meninas para nos tornarmos mulheres Gostaria de naquela altura tamb m ter lido este livro Pois o acho ainda melhor que o primeiro Adoro a fam lia March Mrs March uma mulher encantadora que d sempre bons conselhos as suas filhas Beth, a mais novas das irm s, a mais ador vel mas infelizmente n o tem um final feliz Jo a mais inteligente e independente das quatro e de [...]

    8. Spoilers up ahead Though I advice you to read them so maybe they can convince you to never read good wives I m so happy this book is over, because this little book gave me so much heartaches, headaches and agony I couldn t bear to read it than a chapter at a time and it took ages to finish.Though it wasn t my first time reading this book, It still struck me as much as the first time.I remember when I was 11 12, I loved little women with all my heart though not a favorite book It still had a esp [...]

    9. Also published in A Cup of Coffee and a Book Where to start This book was beautiful I couldn t help myself finishing it the way I did Knowing the movie, I already knew the end, but the end of the book being slightly different from the movie I love the movie version though was so overwhelmed for me I was grinning like a child at the outburst of romance that came out of the pages.Contrary to Little Women , Good Wives pace was easier to follow Despite having a few chapters that you can skip without [...]

    10. This book took all that was good about Little Women and crushed it, grinding the sharp pieces of my despair right in my face It s so bad I can t pick up Little Women without remembering this book and knowing that everything I read is a filthy lie and that all happiness shall soon cease to exist.I want to purge my memory of Good Wives, but I can t I wish I d never read it If I had a time machine I d go back in time and slap this book out of my own twelve year old hands And once that was done I d [...]

    11. 9,5 de 10 Ao contr rio de Mulherzinhas , pouco me lembrava da hist ria de Boas Esposas o que tornou esta leitura quase como uma estreia para mim E foi uma excelente quase estreia Depois do sucesso de Mulherzinhas , Louisa May Alcott decidiu dar continuidade familia March e ainda bem que o fez Coment rio completo em abibliotecadajoao

    12. Oh, the treasure trove of lessons there are to be gained by old books It s been years since I last read either Little Women or it s unknown to me sequel , and I m much ashamed for it Oh what I have been missing all this time But still, sometimes it s nicer to wait and discover so many treasures for the waiting in the meantime.Now that I m all grown up but as yet still unmarried I enjoyed reading how the Little Women grew up and seeing Meg s daily struggles as a young wife and mother, Jo trying [...]

    13. Una degna continuazione del primo in cui si ritrovano le sorelle March cresciute e alle prese con la vita adulta, i loro sogni, i loro dispiaceri e la stessa fiducia nell a e nella famiglia.

    14. The truly benefiting and deserving sequel to Little Women, I fell in love with this book Discovering it s prequel was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me and when I found out that Good Wives existed, my excitement was unparalleled to unlike anything else The inspiration I felt was of the highest form and the morality of the book rather suited me, for I like being preached to Don t think me weird The moral epiphany continues, the fates of the little women gets revealed, gentle fortu [...]

    15. It s sad but I didn t entirely enjoy this I missed everyone, even while I read them The evolution was too rapid, too un thought Characters lost their essence because they were apart It was silly how much joy it brought to have Laurie and Jo reunited, the first sentence they uttered to one another felt like home immediately I don t know if Alcott did this on purpose, to explore on the bittersweetness of young adulthood, but if she did not do it on purpose, it s simply fascinating, powerful monste [...]

    16. OMG How could Louisa May Alcott do this How could she ruin Jo like this Okay, so Good Wives is a lot like Little Women We find out how the girls change as they grow up unfortunately the change is not for the best Beth dies, Meg becomes a mom, Amy grows up to be the beloved of everyone and Jo, the wild, lively Jo is turned into a model of domestication and marries a freaking forty year old man This is unfair Why did the author do this to Jo I always thought Jo should marry Laurie and it would ve [...]

    17. Little Womenis an amazing book It is about four sisters Margaret, Josephine, Elizabeth and Amy One pretty, one a tomboy, one quiet and shy and one romantic, they make brilliant sisters Though they are all different and unique, they are the best of friends, relying on one another The March sisters experience a lot in their lifetime, which is thoroughly explained and detailed, and makes you feel, think and read on They experience growing up, falling in love, and dealing with the fact that their fa [...]

    18. Good Wives is the sequel to the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott The book begins three years after the end of Little Women and continues the stories of the March sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy It is beautifully written, however, there were several things I didn t like about this book In Little Women, the girls all had dreams and ambitions about what they wanted to become such as Amy becoming an artist and Jo becoming a famous best selling author I was slightly nauseated by the way these gir [...]

    19. I finally read this childhood favorite of mine in its original language and though some of the magic had disappeared due to getting older and knowing the plot, I enjoyed stepping into the lives of the lovely March sisters again I noticed quite many things that bothered me, but for most of them I can blame the time Louisa May Alcott lived and wrote during, of course things were different then, peoples attitudes and expectations And nothing can tarnish the nostalgia I feel for this story it had su [...]

    20. To start with, I could hardly figure out whether I should write a review or a blog post about author intrusion Alcott lapses so easily into her own personal musings about her characters strengths and weaknesses, sometimes taking up pages of text These days, publishers and editors warn authors to cut out their subjective opinions and let readers make up their own minds Lucky for Louisa she lived in the nineteenth century then If she wasn t allowed to tell us how to direct our thoughts, the book w [...]

    21. Good Wives offers the tale of the four March girls in a touching, yet still sweet, way The girls try to build their castles in the air with their own way, and each of them finally lives happily ever after in the well built castle Here, Louisa May Alcott s language becomes beautiful, and I was absorbed into the bittersweet world of the Marches The little women bloom into real women, and Alcott narrates in an engaging way It s quite surprising that Alcott didn t match Jo with the charming neighb [...]

    22. I ve no doubt that the unsatisfying ending is to blame for all the one and two star reviews this book is getting I agree with those sentiments, but for a reason a little less shallow than just omg Jo and Laurie should be together It s not that the romantic inside of me doesn t want that , it s just that I don t think that that s the critique we should be indulging Like, I wanted Sirius Black to stay alive in Harry Potter that doesn t mean he should ve, or that the book was bad because he didn t. [...]

    23. To begin with,I m glad I finished this book at last.but as everyone fell for it,I ve got to confess that wasn t the way it worked for me.It felt good to finally get through all the depressing parts to reach to the good and happy ones.but they weren t enough to fill the hole,you know.No misunderstanding here.I m almost glad with how everything turned out.but through all what happened,old characters got annoying for med as they grew up and changed I began to despise them.except for Jo,who almost r [...]

    24. Good Wives is a mature read than Little Women, reflecting the becoming adult themes of the girls It s ripe with births, deaths and marriages The natural joys and sorrows of lives well lived.Comings and goings and personal freedom versus familial duty are all explored by Alcott.Gainful employment, purpose and sensibility rule the lives of the March family.It s hard not to admire these girls and to feel a better person for having walked a small way in their shoes Their goodness may stick in your [...]

    25. I must say that I m disappointed So why did I give this book 5 stars Well, since I loved Little Women, I had to give this book 5 stars however, this is literally the exact same book word for word as the second half of Little Women so I am super disappointed I thought that this book would be a new story a in depth look at the March women in their married lives, but instead I got a complete repetition of the second half of a book that I have already read Bummer

    26. The problem with any series is that once you ve read the first book, the others can t stand on their own you re always comparing them to the original one In the PDF version I have, Good Wives is not a separate novel, as it was originally it begins somewhere after page 400, right after the end of Little Women, without even a section break I think I m disappointed, but I m also not I knew what was going to happen before it happened I suppose that s why people don t like spoilers what they spoil is [...]

    27. view spoiler MY BETH.Sitting patient in the shadowTill the blessed light shall come,A serene and saintly presenceSanctifies our troubled home.Earthly joys and hopes and sorrowsBreak like ripples on the strandOf the deep and solemn riverWhere her willing feet now stand.O my sister, passing from me,Out of human care and strife,Leave me, as a gift, those virtuesWhich have beautified your life.Dear, bequeath me that great patienceWhich has power to sustainA cheerful, uncomplaining spiritIn its priso [...]

    28. Many many years ago, when I was but a child morphing into a teenager, I had no bookshops to browse through, picking up any book I wanted on mere whim and whisper There were no Kindles to buy books on immediate demand There was just a City Central Library in a little corner in Bangalore, where I remember reading Louisa May Alcott s Little Women I must have read it perhaps half a dozen times I fell in love with the March family and I thought then that I was definitely the fiesty, temperamental, Jo [...]

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