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Literary Rogues: A Scandalous History of Wayward Authors #2020

Literary Rogues A Scandalous History of Wayward Authors In Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love Andrew Shaffer explored the romantic failures of some of the great minds in history Now in Literary Rogues he turns his unflinching eye and wit to explore o

  • Title: Literary Rogues: A Scandalous History of Wayward Authors
  • Author: Andrew Shaffer
  • ISBN: 9780062077288
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Literary Rogues: A Scandalous History of Wayward Authors By Andrew Shaffer, In Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love, Andrew Shaffer explored the romantic failures of some of the great minds in history Now, in Literary Rogues, he turns his unflinching eye and wit to explore our love hate relationship with literature s most contrarian, drunken, vulgar, and just plain rude bad boys and girls in this very funny and shockingly true compendium of liIn Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love, Andrew Shaffer explored the romantic failures of some of the great minds in history Now, in Literary Rogues, he turns his unflinching eye and wit to explore our love hate relationship with literature s most contrarian, drunken, vulgar, and just plain rude bad boys and girls in this very funny and shockingly true compendium of literary misbehavior.Vice wasn t always the domain of rock stars, rappers, and actors There was a time when writers fought both with words and fists, a time when writing was synonymous with drinking and early mortality The very mad geniuses whose books are studied in schools around the world are the very ones who fell in love repeatedly, and either outright killed themselves or drank or drugged themselves as close to death s door as they could possibly get Literary Rogues turns back the clock to celebrate historical and living legends of Western literature, such as Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Zelda and F Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Hunter S Thompson, and Bret Easton Ellis.Part nostalgia, part serious history of Western literary movements, and Literary Rogues is a wholly raucous celebration of oft vilified writers and their work, brimming with interviews, research, and personality.

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    1 thought on “Literary Rogues: A Scandalous History of Wayward Authors

    1. In a world obsessed with celebrities and the trainwrecks which often are their lives , it s no wonder a book like this is put out.Granted, curiosity plays a part in checking out such a collection, but barely half way through, I felt no remorse for simply stuffing it back in my library bag for return.How do I explain Marquis de Sade, Poe, Fitzgerald, Parker, Hemingway, Kerouac, Thompson I seriously don t have a burning desire to know the sordid details of your lives Some of you I read and enjoy y [...]

    2. From thepickygirl This book was offered to me via the publisher, Harper Perennial, in exchange for an honest review.In January, a friend and I went to a Half Price Books We separated, looking at the shelves obsessively As I moved from one aisle to another, I heard this little gem You know Hemingway hated women, right He was, like, worse than Eminem I looked at the only other person in the aisle, who happened to be my friend, and raised my eyebrows Poor Hemingway Worse than Eminem For whatever ok [...]

    3. Literary Rogues consists of portraits of the bad boys of literature, though some women, too, merit a place within these pages These are the authors with wild lifestyles, drug habits, and an endless string of romantic relationships Though not a history tome by any means, this relatively brief nonfiction book is a delightful light read for those curious about author biographies but not perhaps committed to a full length work on a particular author As a reader, I cannot help but be fascinate by aut [...]

    4. I recieved this First Reads Giveaway book for an honest review.Nonfiction tends to be the bane of my existence It never fails, I am always lagging behind in a nonfiction book and become disinterested That was until this book Though it did take longer than a fiction book for me, LITERARY ROGUES was an interesting enough read to keep me going.I love looking into the lives of writers and seeing a part of them that not many people usually think about I used to sit for every Biography channel special [...]

    5. I loved this book It is a fantastic compilation of the bad boys and bad girls of literature It was packed full of stories and tidbits of authors such as Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe, F Scott Fitzgerald and many Each chapter is dedicated to a different era of literature and the authors that belonged to each First of all, this was a wonderful way to describe each of the eras, but it was also a great way to realize how closely knit the authors were with each other This leads to a b [...]

    6. B y k eserler vermi ki ilerin hayatlar hep ilgimi ekmi tir O eserleri ortaya kart rken, hangi a amalardan ge tiklerini, hangi duygular ya ad klar n ara t r r m lham veren ok rne e rastlasam da, bu ara t rmalar, her zaman olumlu sonu vermez Mesela Cemal S reya n n kar s na iddet uygulad n rendi imde epey a rm t m Bu y zden, edebiyat lar n ve sanat lar n davran lar n , eserlerinden ayr tutmak m laz md r, buna hen z karar veremedim Edebiyat n Ayk r ocuklar na gelirsek Deha, t pk azamet gibi uzaktan [...]

    7. As I read this book I was a little taken aback when I would catch myself smiling and chuckling at passages I read I mean, this is tragic stuff These are literary greats who fought their demons to produce works of literature that defined their generation Why did I find it humorous Then it dawned on me There wasn t anything wrong with me It was Andrew Shaffer His ability to present these larger than life men and women in all their flawed glory, shining a light not only on their genius but on their [...]

    8. I am not a history buff so I am not that familiar with most of the authors featured in this book However it seemed like things that I could find out about the authors from the internet So what I am saying is nothing new learned other then getting myself familiar with the authors However I do have to say that the bad boys and girls of literature at least were productive and made the most of their badness then the celebrities of Hollywood The authors helped to produce history of great reading All [...]

    9. This book glosses over all of the many writers it profiles Each bio feels like a page condensed by Reader s Digest So and so was born, got raging drunk, wrote a classic, died probably early There is no insight into who these people were, and rarely any discussion about their actual literary output The author s tone is flippant and irreverant, which does a disservice to some of the literary greats The book s problems stem from the plethora of writers he actually discusses Instead of focusing on s [...]

    10. Hugely informative and Entertaining it its entirety Never have I realized the true bad assery of authors and especially poets until reading this book Andrew Schaffer takes us on a tour of all the major literary periods while focusing on a select few big names within each one i.e Percy and Mary Shelley for the Romantic period But this is far from the history they taught you in school, expect to find drunkenness, debauchery and depression in spadesd all the ways such dysfunctional lives and destru [...]

    11. Basically, it s good bathroom reading I kind of expected a little in depth analysis I wouldn t want the author to prove some big thesis, just a few relevant themes Like the myth of the genius, how we came to expect some insanity bad behavior from a genius, who is somehow set apart from the rest of the species Also the idea that drugs can enhance creativity There was some discussion of these, but nothing too probing.Some bits were really witty The parts that appeared the worst to me were about a [...]

    12. Originally posted at whitnage 2014 07 Next to the biography I recently read about William Sherman, Literary Rogues has got to be one of my favorite nonfiction histories It is at once shocking I m looking at you, de Sade and hilarious What also makes this a great read, is its accessibility for those of us who are not literary history buffs but are still curious to know about these famous authors Shaffer does an excellent job of presenting their history in an entertaining fashion, I highly recomm [...]

    13. I won this in a Giveaway and was pleased at the prompt delivery.I must say as a person who reads practically everything I can get my hands on This book was so interesting to me as I have read most of the authors, both for pleasure and for school requirements eons ago Some of them I knew about their addictions, others came as a complete surprize Never would have thought it of them or even guessed I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a book lover of all genres or not My hats off to Andre [...]

    14. Andrew Shaffer cuts to the good stuff in his latest work, LITERARY ROGUES This read is a fun, informative and intelligent look at vices, addiction, and copious amounts of drug addled poets and writers In short, this is the money shot of entertaining non fiction Hillary SeidlARC in exchange for honest review.

    15. This was a great read I learned lots of things I never knew about many of the authors listed I thoroughly enjoyed the short and simple essays There was a lot of information packed into a tiny little book It s one of those books you can pick up and lay down and not miss a thing Easy to peruse and fun facts, to boot

    16. A witty and interesting look at the bad boys and occasional bad girls of literature through the ages Funny and engaging.

    17. Shocking, entertaining, engrossing, gross, and sometimes funny More than once I called out to my husband with You gotta hear this, and read a passages to him.

    18. Kitab ok incelemeden ismine bakarak sepete atm t m.Ba l ktaki ayk r l k edebi manada de il, yazarlar n airlerim madde ba ml l ve cinsel y nelimlerine ili kin ayk r l klarla ilgili.

    19. Ingenious concept to catalogue self destructive and raucous authors chronologically and by vice the alcoholics, druggies, mentally ill, sexually devious or depraved One might argue that the best authors fall into those categories Sure More than likely You ve heard the saying that one must suffer for one s craft You won t read about a goodie goodie like anti choice, teen pregnancy advocate, Mormon and mega selling Twilight author Stephanie Meyers in these pages When she feels like being risqu she [...]

    20. Andrew Shaffer s Literary Rogues is an easy read with highly liftable quotes and engaging anecdotes about some of the greatest literary minds of the last two centuries However, it wasn t exactly the book I thought it would be, based on the title Yes, many of these authors went their own way when it came to conventions of their times But, really, Shaffer has compiled stories about writers who have one thing in common addiction From Thomas De Quincey s laudanum to Hunter S Thompson s LSD, each wri [...]

    21. If you are a lit buff, there is nothing in these pages that will come as any surprise to you The book is a fun, quick ride Brief bios of all kinds of men and a sprinkling of women who led colorful and self destructive lives that probably reduced their output by decades Interspersed, this collection of addicts and train wrecks managed to write some of the greatest books in the world before departing this mortal coil.Opium and laudanum play a prominent role in many of these writers lives Second pl [...]

    22. Did you ever wonder why authors never seem to be on E these days Or, like, ever Because either they are 1 WAY less f ed up than they used to be, or 2 They have their meltdowns breakdowns rehabs quietly, privately, and much LESS spectacularly than those writers of ages past.Handling the comic tragic balance of a discussion of these lives in a jaunty but ultimately respectful tone, Literary Rogues is that rare in my experience bird a nonfiction book that is as gripping as fiction From Coleridge [...]

    23. Just plain not that good It starts off interesting enough, but it tries to do too much exploring too many authors, but with only cursory depth Despite apparently exhaustive research about 40% of the book is footnotes , the author almost never gives any kind of insight into these people s psychologies it just details their, in the end, rather sad lives with little insight than the average entry The result is not unlike reading a collection of tabloid articles titillating at first but after a whi [...]

    24. Andrew Shaffer is a lovely storyteller would make a wonderful professor, but I have to say I had a hard time finishing this book, compared to his Philosophers In Love collection, which just blew me away I think because there was a solid theme with the Philosophers, while the Rogues were a bit messier I felt like the first half of the book was just a blur of European Authors that got addicted to opium maybe wrote a little Maybe I was just familiar with the philosophers so was intrigued by thei [...]

    25. When you pick this book up, you wonder if it s going to be a glorification of some of the rogues of writing I have to say, it s a relief that it isn t Shaffer is very clear that, although he feels most of today s authors are boring, the people he profiles succeeded despite their addictions, not because of them Personally, I ve seen too many people buy into the You have to have a miserable life, or one dedicated to excess, to be an artist myth So it s a nice surprise that this book doesn t suppor [...]

    26. I haven t been able to do much reading lately because I am dedicated to a writing project, but this book offered an opportunity to read in snatches It consists of a series of mostly 3 5 page portraits of authors ranging from the Marquis de Sade to contemporaries, but most of it is devoted to the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries It focuses on writers who were addicted to alcohol, drugs,and or sex Most of these writers burned themselves out at a young age, though a few, such as William Fau [...]

    27. I ve got to say, the book really loses momentum after Marquis de Sade, but how can you top such golden shit as his wife sold her silver shoebuckles to pay for the giant wooden dildos the Marquis entertained himself with in prison , or the part where he basically opens up his own personal harem full of school children he d hired to be attendants, or the part where he makes a hooker drink a chalice of his own cum at gunpoint And yeah, there s the laugh out loud absurd bits afterwards the details o [...]

    28. First of all, I had no idea until earlier today that Andrew Shaffer had written Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, a parody that I quite enjoyed I m impressed that he was able to produce such different works, though there are bits of humor injected into Literary Rogues While some of these stories were familiar to me particularly F Scott Fitzgerald s, since I just read a fictionalized account of his final years , others were a surprise to me I d hate to call the chapters entertaining since many great aut [...]

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