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Stolen #2020

Stolen In this chilling brilliantly plotted new thriller Daniel Palmer explores the terrifying aftermath of a good man s bad decision the flip side of identity theft and the lengths some will go to save

  • Title: Stolen
  • Author: DanielPalmer
  • ISBN: 9780758246660
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stolen By DanielPalmer, In this chilling, brilliantly plotted new thriller, Daniel Palmer explores the terrifying aftermath of a good man s bad decision, the flip side of identity theft, and the lengths some will go to save a life or destroy one The future has never looked brighter for Boston couple John Bodine and Ruby Dawes John s online gaming business is growing, Ruby is pursuing her dreamIn this chilling, brilliantly plotted new thriller, Daniel Palmer explores the terrifying aftermath of a good man s bad decision, the flip side of identity theft, and the lengths some will go to save a life or destroy one The future has never looked brighter for Boston couple John Bodine and Ruby Dawes John s online gaming business is growing, Ruby is pursuing her dream career, and they re talking about starting a family.Then Ruby receives a life changing diagnosis, and their cut rate insurance won t cover the treatment she desperately needs Faced with a ticking clock, John makes a risky move he steals a customer s identity and files a false claim for Ruby s medication The plan works perfectly until the customer in question contacts John with a startling proposition If John and Ruby agree to play a little game he s devised, he won t report their fraud The rules of Criminal are simple commit real crimes Fail in their assigned tasks, and there will be deadly consequences.John assumes it s a sick joke, until people start dying With each round, the stakes are escalating, the crimes getting twisted John and Ruby can t disappear and they can t go to the police Their only option is to keep playing, all the while trying to outwit a psychopath who has no intention of letting them leave this game alive

    • [E-Book] ☆ Stolen | BY ☆ DanielPalmer
      331 DanielPalmer
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    1 thought on “Stolen

    1. The latest thriller by Daniel Palmer Stolen is one someone should read after they re pushed against the ropes and have no idea what to do next This is a cautionary tale that would make anyone think twice about any criminal activities they may have interest in persuing Palmer weaves an intricate web of suspense and thrills with this cleverly plotted account of one man s attempt to save his wife who has recently been diagonosed with a very agressive form of skin cancer.John Bodine and his wife Rub [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book as an e ARC from Kensington Books, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.Where to start Unlike pretty much everyone else reviewing this book on GoodReads, I thought it was a shocker The story was hackneyed, the characterisation thin, the drama unbelievable and the situations in which the characters found themselves, implausible I really got tired of the twists and turns that led nowhere and the boring repetitiveness of the action I didn t like any of the [...]

    3. This book is completely insane and I mean that in the best possible way Like most good suspense thriller novels, this is not one to begin at night It s not particularly scary although there are definitely parts that are unsettling than others but it s nearly impossible to stop reading once you start This is basically the literary equivalent of potato chips There s no such thing as just reading one chapter.I fell in love with John and Ruby immediately and completely sympathized with their situat [...]

    4. I see I am in the minority, but I just did not like this book Part of the problem is I think that variations of this storyline has been done before, a madman is watching some poor, loveable person or people and forcing them to commit crimes or something terrible will happen to them or someone they know I really got tired of the fiend continuously upping the ante and changing the rules as he went, although he claimed he always followed the rules And poor perfect, saintly Ruby, could they have tor [...]

    5. I wanted to give it a chance but that annoying first person character author s voice keeps pushing me away And all that exposition Everything needed to be described Everything needed to be explained.

    6. Wow, I had no idea when I opened this novel that it would be such an exciting book while leaving me with the question How far would I go to save a loved one s life John Bodine and his wife are a young couple looking forward to a bright future when Ruby is diagnosed with a deadly cancer There is hope that she will survive if she is given a new medication However, their insurance company will not cover the expense In desperation and frustration, John steals the identity of one of his customers in [...]

    7. I would give it TEN stars if I could This book is one of those rare finds that I could hardly put down just one chapter, then one and before I knew it, I d reached the end Wonderfully written, gripping story Daniel Palmer has been added to my favorite authors list I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good suspense thriller, but make sure you have enough time to finish it when you start because you will not be able to put it down after it sucks you in.

    8. I was given a free copy from the publisher in an exchange for an honest review WOW WOW WOW This book was explosive I loved the rush I stayed up until midnight finishing this It took me longer than most books because I had so much going on I really wish I would have made the time to finish this sooner I highly recommend this to readers who love thrillers suspense books AWESOME read

    9. m kemmel ak c ve s r kleyici bir kitap iki gecedir uyku ne bilmeden okudum karakter say s n n azl benim i in bir avantaj oldu genelde kitab n ortas nda iken ba nda bahsi ge en baz karakterleri unuttu um i in ne kadar az karakter o kadar iyi benim i in kitab elime son 3 al mda 100 sayfan n zerinde okuyarak bir solukta bitirdim diyebilirim yazar Daniel Palmer a ve eviren Dilan Toplu ya ok te ekk r ederim

    10. I got about halfway through, but my library loan is up and I m not digging this enough to want to pay the late fee It had a good start Characters that were well drawn and emotionally complex engaging narrative style And then we meet our bad guy and the whole thing just kind of turns into I Know What You Did Last Summer Maybe the cheesy teen horror vibe would have been quelled in another couple of chapters, but I just don t care enough to find out.I spent at least 20 pages mentally screaming at t [...]

    11. Read my full review bit 150SPbBInitial thoughtsExcellent story with good writing, but it needed to be polished Frequent incidents of repetitiveness and moments when the book dragged on I was noticing a large numbers of the and thens Writing needed to be tighter.I must admit that I did love the character development in this story and I was particular to the twistedness of it That type of book is right up my alley This is definitely an author that I would look at other works, but obtain them thro [...]

    12. This book had such a great premise I was hoping for a great read and was supremely let down This story is so far fetched there is nothing believable about it I could understand the character John Bodine wanting to try and do whatever he could to get treatment for his wife s cancer, but supposedly finding a man that hadn t paid his insurance premiums and being able to assume his identity WhateverThen there was the rogue police detective that basically did whatever he wanted and got away with it T [...]

    13. I once had a boss that said anyone will commit a crime given the proper motivation When John finds out his wife has cancer and only an expensive drug will put her in remission, he knows he must find a way to help her Page turner, edge of your seat read and plot twister don t even begin to described Stolen Other writers might have used the first three chapters as their entire novel But not so with Palmer, he keeps finding and ways to keep you reading, wondering and trying to solve whodunit Just [...]

    14. How far will we go to save someone we love Will we lie, steal, or even kill Daniel Palmer seems to think we will In this fast paced, twisty thriller a desperate husband matches wits with a psychopath to save the life of his wife, recently diagnosed with cancer I didn t have a lot of sympathy for the protagoganist, but the story was super engrossing.

    15. Identity theft is a real killer, not just a tedious legal nuisance Fast paced domestic thriller Nothing particularly special, but genre fans would appreciate it and its twist ending Very quick read.

    16. John Bodine is a game developer in his 20 s who is married to Ruby Dawes, the love of his life At the beginning of the story, we flash back to when he took their savings and went on a mountain climbing expedition with two other men Brooks Hall, a new anesthesiologist who is married and David Clegg, a Boston police officer who is 7 years older, married, and the father of two children During the climb, Clegg and Hall slide off the side and are dangling in the air John thrusts the axe into the ice [...]

    17. How far would you go to obtain life saving medical attention for your terminally ill spouse Would you risk spending your life in jail so that he or she may live 29 year old John Bodine, an online game designer made his decision, andended up risking both of their lives in Daniel Palmer s third techno with a message thriller STOLEN.28 year old Ruby Bodine was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma after adark patchy area was discovered under her foot The most highly effective medicinal treatment in its g [...]

    18. Daniel Palmer s STOLEN is a fast paced, engrossing, and intense suspense thriller A desperate man and woman reach out for help and make a deal with the devil.Having readDESPERATE5 Stars, wanted to go back and read some of Palmer s previous books, as I seem to start with newest releases and work my way backward I devour audiobooks in between reading new ARC releases, and especially when I come across a thriller read by narrator Peter Berkrot as his voice alone is chilling swoon.John Bodine,is an [...]

    19. okay, WOWjust finished STOLEN which I received an Advance Read Copy of because I was following Palmer on Facebook I planned on reading over a week and got through in 48 hours Just like Palmer s previous 2 books, if not so, this story moves, and moves fast I was completely caught in the trap of just one pagejust one chapter I couldn t put it down And, if you ve read Daniel Palmer before, you may be convinced that you know who s behind everything but it s not what you think I was COMPLETELY DUP [...]

    20. This book has me from the opening line Let me tell you how it feels to learn that your wife is going to die Before this there is a prologue that is a short and chilling introduction to the main character, John Bodine.John and wife Ruby are madly in love and struggling to make ends meet Ruby is a student at an acupuncture and herbal medicine school that teaches the healing arts John is a video game designer who is trying to launch an online game and make it big in the world One night, while givin [...]

    21. From the horrifying opening to the thrilling ending, I dare anyone to put this book down.One of the biggest arguments these days revolves around health insurance, the health insurance industry for that IS what it is and the affordability of healthcare in general We scrimp, we save and we purchase the best we can afford hoping and believing that in case of a catastrophic situation we are at least coveredor are we.A young couple, rebounding from that horrific opening sequence, rebuilding their liv [...]

    22. This book started out with great potential The free excerpt offered on Facebook was an intense hook that grabbed me and I decided then and there that I would purchase the Kindle edition when the book was released on April 30 I couldn t wait.I started reading with great anticipation and the story began with increasing momentumbut as I got into it, everything slowly got and tedious There was a monotony that began to develop near the middle of the book, and I felt disappointed and rather bored.Th [...]

    23. Audiobook ReviewNarrator Peter Berkrot2 1 2 StarsSPOILER ALERTProps to Daniel Palmer for creating a unique and timely serial killer plot, but also a FAIL for writing it in a very sappy, pedestrian manner John Bodine and his wife Ruby get caught up in a disaster of John s making As the fast paced story progresses, the main characters are compelled to commit and egregious acts on behalf of the true criminal Although the characters are built to be loved by the reader, they still somehow feel 1 di [...]

    24. This is the third novel written by Daniel Palmer son of one of my favorite authors, Michael Palmer and it is far and away the best of the three Of course, it is a murder mystery but it is a mystery with so many twists and turns that it s impossible to figure our what s going to happen until the end of the book I was fortunate enough to win an ARC advance reading copy of the book which is not due to be released until April 30, 2013.In this story, John Bodine is an avid climber, mostly of mountain [...]

    25. I wasn t sure what this book was going to be about, kidnapping, bank robbery, art theft It s all about what you would do to save the person that you love John and Ruby are very much in love John is tech savvy and working on a new video game Ruby is his healthy loving wife What would John steal to save that wonderful beloved wife of his Think about this, his wife suddenly has cancer, it just showed up, their insurance company wont cover the brand name medication, it costs 300,000 just to start, o [...]

    26. 4 stars for the story minus 1 star for the awful narration 3 stars.I liked this story As it began to unfold, I thought there is NO ENDING that is going to make this okay But I couldn t put it down I had to keep going It really had me on the edge of my seat Since I did the audio, I was constantly annoyed with the narration and I think that also made the characters annoying I wish I could have felt for them then just feeling sorry for them, but it was still a good story There were some holes in t [...]

    27. Bir talihsizlik zerine ba layan olaylar dizisi, ya amak ve ya atmak i in verilen l m ne m cadele Hayat n z n a k i in neleri g ze alabilirsiniz ff yeter art k dedirtecek kadar uzamasayd konu daha keyifli olabilirdi Eger s k bir polisiye okuruysan z, katili tahmin edebilirsiniz Benim ad m John Bodine Yirmi dokuz yas nday m ve hayat m n a k ile evliyim Be pahas na olursa olsun, ne yapmam gerekirse gereksin, onun lmesine izin vermeyece im

    28. I received an Advance Reader Copy from following Daniel Palmer on Facebook In my comment on his post I told him that I would love to read the book and would post a review anywhere everywhere if I really liked the book.So I LOVED THIS BOOK I won t go into great detail here, too many others have written wonderful reviews, much eloquently than I can.What I WILL say is that I couldn t put this book down I read every moment of free time I ve had over the last 3 days, and had I started it on a weeken [...]

    29. Daniel Palmer has done it again This book is a real page turner It grabbed me from the beginning and didn t let go Great character development and prologue What extremes would you go through for someone you love This reads like a ripped out of the headlines story You may lose sleep I know I did Well deserved however I was fortunate to receive an advanced readers copy from the publisher in return for an honest review I received no compensation In my honest opinion Preorder your copy of Stolen and [...]

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