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Queenie #2020

Queenie It s the year Elizabeth is to be crowned Queen of England Elsie Kettle can t wait to go to London with her beloved nan to see the Coronation Day celebrations Then tragedy strikes Nan and Elsie b

  • Title: Queenie
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson Nick Sharratt
  • ISBN: 9780857531117
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Queenie By Jacqueline Wilson Nick Sharratt, It s 1953, the year Elizabeth is to be crowned Queen of England Elsie Kettle can t wait to go to London with her beloved nan to see the Coronation Day celebrations Then tragedy strikes Nan and Elsie both fall ill with tuberculosis and Elsie is whisked away to the children s ward of Miltree Hospital Confined to bed for months, Elsie misses Nan desperately, and strugglesIt s 1953, the year Elizabeth is to be crowned Queen of England Elsie Kettle can t wait to go to London with her beloved nan to see the Coronation Day celebrations Then tragedy strikes Nan and Elsie both fall ill with tuberculosis and Elsie is whisked away to the children s ward of Miltree Hospital Confined to bed for months, Elsie misses Nan desperately, and struggles to adapt to the hospital s strict rules But every night after lights out she tells magical tales of adventure to the other children on the ward For the first time, Elsie finds herself surrounded by true friends including Queenie, the hospital s majestic white cat.Finally Elsie is well enough to leave the hospital But before she does, she has one very special, very unexpected visitor

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      458 Jacqueline Wilson Nick Sharratt
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    1 thought on “Queenie

    1. OMG Queenie is just so amazing i think it is the best book Jacqueline Wilson has ever written To be honest it is quite sad and depressing but i dont want to give it away to much I recommend this book because it really is awesome please read it

    2. Review courtesy of Eva aged 9 Queenie is a heartwarming tale about Elsie Kettle, a girl in 1953, who desperately wants to see the Queen s Coronation She lives with her Nan in a little but cosy basement flat When her Nan gets very poorly, Elsie s life is turned upside down Her Mum comes to look after her but when Elsie gets ill, she is taken away from everything she ever knew Now she will have to make new friends and this leads to a friendship with a majestic white cat called Queenie but will Eve [...]

    3. The secondary characters made this book for me, much than the main character Elsie was well written but she grated on my nerves sometimes I think there s a limit to the number of Jacqueline Wilson books you can read and still enjoy the imaginative strong willed girls she writes in, and after a while some of them become selfish and annoying than whimsical Still, though, I d recommend this for a read, it has a heartfelt storyline that s gripping.

    4. Voi kun meill olisi enemm n t llaisia ongelma kirjailijoita, jotka kirjoittaa kuitenkin l mm ll ja rohkeudella Onneksi on muutama Tuberkuloosi 1950 luvun Briteiss iso iti sairastuu keuhkotautiin, kyseenalaisen maineen omaava iti palaa show kiertueelta vastentahtoisesti kotiin, mutta saa vankilasta vapaaksi kortin, kun my s tyt r sairastuu tuberkuloosiin ja joutuu sairaalaan useaksi kuukaudeksi Sairaala on tyly, l mmin, valtataisteluja ja monipuolisia ihmissuhteita t ynn oleva paikka, jossa hoita [...]

    5. In 1953, Elsie lives with her Nan because her mum is an actress and takes a lot of jobs far away Elsie adores Nan, and the two have carved out a pleasant life for themselves When Nan comes down with a bad case of tuberculosis, though, she has to go to the hospital to recover Elsie s mum comes to try to take care of her, which works for a while, but Elsie has a bad leg Despite her mother s objections, she eventually gets the leg seen to, and it turns out that she has a tubercular infection in her [...]

    6. Although I m really not into Children s books any, Especially not Jacqueline Wilson s I still have read this book many times and just cannot get enough of it.Elsie Kettle is a young girl living in the 1950s, with her Nan She doesn t yet know that her Nan has contracted Tuberculosis And things don t get any better after she is tested, as she has Tuberculosis of the Hip down in one of her legs The disease is slowly eating away at her leg.The second she arrives at Miltree Orthopaedic Hospital, she [...]

    7. Queenie is a story, set in the 1950s, about a girl and her Nan When the two find out they have tuberculosis, they are put in two different hospitals, separated until they heal With the Queen s coronation coming up, there is no chance that these two characters are going to be able to get better in time It is a brilliant book for children to read for pleasure There are many possibilities for its use the first that it can be a take home book, on the shelves in class for chn to read or it can be rea [...]

    8. it was a quick and fun, easy read, very enjoyable for 8 12 year olds and it was easy to get gripped with the whole story and relate to how she was feeling Jacqueline Wilson really can get any story to be fun an interesting even if it is the saddest of stories She did a good job and i hope you will check it out from or your local bookstore full review youtube watch v xS12LG

    9. This one I have really mixed feelings on On one hand, I really enjoyed it I love everything to do with health and medicine as I am an aspiring paediatrician and I loved learning all about TB, and also the history of medicine, since that is the topic I am currently studying in school On the other hand, it was slow, unrealistic and wellpointless.It seemed Jacqueline Wilson hadn t really put much effort into developing her story lines or characters at all But that seems to be a pattern with all of [...]

    10. Queenie by Jacqueline Wilson was a true delight to read in many ways This amazing novel is very hooking and will capture the reader from cover to cover.In this book, a girl called Elsie Kettle is sent to a hospital to be cared for because of TB in her leg, where she meets some new friends, like Martin and Gillian This is a fantastic novel by Jacqueline Wilson and possibly the best one I have read.

    11. This book is very different but so good you fall in love with all the characters I have read this book too many times to count

    12. Queenie was an enjoyable read I was unsure what I d think of the story in the beginning but I think it was very well written and interesting to read about the time in which it was set The story is about Elsie Kettle Elsie lives with her nan as her unreliable mum is working or out around the country They plan to see the Queens coronation but sadly Elsie s nan is taken ill Shortly after her mum is made to return Elsie herself becomes ill and ends up in hospital I really enjoyed this book and found [...]

    13. Such a sweet, satisfyingly fat book This tale of a young girl in hospital with TB in her knee is my first five star read of the year Buy it for any children in your life, and make sure you read it too This was my mother s WhatsApp review of the book Finished Queenie Super book Sometimes I laughed and sometimes I cried D D Couldn t have said it better myself.

    14. Another Jacqueline Wilson book I thought I had read but actually hadn t This one was quite close to home to me as I work in a children s hospital school I m glad things have changed in the last 60 years Imagine being separated from your loved ones for such long periods In a nutshell Nan who looks after Elsie develops TB and gets sent away to recover, then Elsie s limp is seen to be a factor of TB too and she gets sent to a hospital too The treatment is to lie still in bed for months at a time Th [...]

    15. Well I think this is the best book I have ever read of Jacqueline Wilson s, I have read every new book of her s since My Sister Jodie I ve read about a half of her other books Queenie is a fantastic book set in 1953, when I read it I really felt as if I was in the hospital with Elise living in that year I think that it s a great idea to have the small character at the end called afterwards totell you a little time in the present how the characters get on I wouldput thisbook in my top 10 best Jac [...]

    16. when I first heard of this book I thought it was going to be really good, it sounded different from her other books and really interesting I couldn t have been wrong In my opinion it was really boring and so over rated things like this just seem so random and stupid offence Also it was the same sort of thing Girl loves nan or aunty or whatever because mum is always with lots of men and there is no father, so many of JW s books follow this pattern, sometimes it works other times it really doesn [...]

    17. I really loved this book I am a die hard Jacqueline Wilson fan i read all her books and although i did not think this her best it is defiantly worth a read I loved the way the book talked about how times used to be and it really makes you think about how medicine and hospital care has changed over time I read this one fairly quickly and enjoyed every moment of it This is a great book for kids and adults alike who want to understand what life used to be like when their parents grandparents were c [...]

    18. i really liked this book as i personally thought that the story sounded quite boring when i read about it However i nearly always end up like Jacqueline s books So i wasn t suprised when i found myself getting attatched to it and couldnt stop reading I like Jacqueline s character Elsie and her Mother who was interesting as Jacqueline s characters normally have a very close relationship with their Mum Even though some of it was sad, it wasnt majorly depressing to my relief And what she did in the [...]

    19. this book was great it had lots of emotions this is set in the old times but is still a really good book to cuddle up to and enjoy this book I would say isn t too long but isn t too short it is just a perfect read for a child and adult if you are looking for a easy read you can understand the text quite well as my daughter read this it is a heart felt book but a lovely one written by a lovely author one I personally love you should check her out Jacqueline Wilson she writes and has written some [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book The main character, Elsie, lives with her Nan in their small flat This book is based in 1953 Unfortunately, Elsie gets upset as her Nan hasn t returned home yet Shortly later, a policeman turns up at the door saying that her Nan has collapsed at work Will she be okay This book is great for anyone who love books set in the past, or for anyone who loves sad but interesting books.10 10 Great book

    21. It s 1953, Elsie lives with her nan in a basement flat, until they both got ill with tuberculosis Elsie was placed in a children hospital and confined to bed for months Even thou she is missing her nan, at night when the staff are asleep Elsie would entertain the other children with tales of magic and adventure For the first time in her life, she discovers true friends including the hospital cat Queenie I really enjoyed this book I like the way it uses the past to create the story.

    22. Absolutely amazing One of the best books Jackie s ever written after the hetty feather trilogy It was so touching and I almost cried at the end that s only ever happened before when I read the 6th and7th harry potter I mean, call me soft, but it was truly so heartfelt and personal are they the right words I feel so close to Elsie and Queenie now and the afterword at the end was so beautiful I definitely recommend.

    23. This wonderful book is set in 1953 mostly It is about a plain girl called Elsie Her Grandma, who she is living with while her mother is away, catches TB, Tuberculosis She starts to cough up blood When Elsie finds out that she has it in her knee, she is heartbroken She and her Grandma were going to go to the coronation until they both got sick I loved this book because you learn a lot about historic life This story is sad but wonderful It is simply heartwarming.

    24. This book is really good I thought that Elsie s gran would never come out of the hospital and die I could actually feel how stressed out Elsie was when she was just stuck on her back unable to move I loved the stories that she told at night as well The birthday land one really put a smile on my face I could also feel how irritated she must have been when the others were being really annoying Jacqueline Wilson is such an amazing author Her books are the best

    25. Queenie Overall was okay It was not one of my Favorite books but, the good parts of it are that I can really see the characters clearly When she was in the hospital I could tell witch characters she liked and other she didn t Also the plot was a little confusing because we were also focusing on her but we never knew what was happening to her grandmother If the author had a narrorter instead of her telling the story I think it would have different.

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