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Barefoot in the Rain #2020

Barefoot in the Rain A Barefoot Bay NovelThey say you can never go home again When Life Coach to the Stars Jocelyn Bloom is embroiled in scandal the only place she can hide is the one place she wishes she could forget S

  • Title: Barefoot in the Rain
  • Author: Roxanne St. Claire
  • ISBN: 9781455508273
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barefoot in the Rain By Roxanne St. Claire, A Barefoot Bay NovelThey say you can never go home again .When Life Coach to the Stars Jocelyn Bloom is embroiled in scandal, the only place she can hide is the one place she wishes she could forget She left Barefoot Bay and the boy next door who knew all her secrets years ago Now nothing about the tiny island off the coast of Florida is quite how she remembers it,A Barefoot Bay NovelThey say you can never go home again .When Life Coach to the Stars Jocelyn Bloom is embroiled in scandal, the only place she can hide is the one place she wishes she could forget She left Barefoot Bay and the boy next door who knew all her secrets years ago Now nothing about the tiny island off the coast of Florida is quite how she remembers it, especially Will Palmer He s even gorgeous and tempting and still capable of turning her world inside out.But what if someone is waiting for you To Will Palmer, Guy Bloom is than the elderly, senile neighbor he looks after he s the last connection to Jocelyn, the woman Will loved and lost But the reunion with Jocelyn doesn t go smoothly Shocked by the change in her father s personality, Jocelyn struggles to reconcile her dark childhood with the sweet, confused man who has grown close to Will Jocelyn has guided countless clients to happiness but can she escape the rainy days of her past for a new sunny future with Will

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    1. 15 10 I started reading this and by started I mean I read about 15 pages back on the 3 9, but due to pressing library due dates and visiting family members it and the rest of the series has been put on the back burner, but with only five days left the Barefoot Bay series has now become the most pressing library due date I have five days to read seven books all of which have already been renewed twice, and so therefore can not be renewed again without the librarian s permission, and considering [...]

    2. Book and review courtesy of Romance Junkies, also posted at TBR Mountain Range.For a feel good story full of emotion, Jocelyn and Will s journey to a happy ever after is filled with secrets from their past waiting to be revealed If you love a full cast of great friends supporting each other through a crisis with laughter and tears, then this novel is definitely for you.Jocelyn Bloom, thirty something girl next door, is all grown up and a life coach to the rich and famous in Los Angeles Will Palm [...]

    3. Reviewed on readyourwritesFor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsBarefoot in the Rain is the first full length novel by Roxanne St Claire, I have read In the past, I ve read two of her novellas They were sweet, touching, and a little hot I was expecting the same thing with this book That wasn t exactly what I got Barefoot in the Rain is part of The Barefoot Bay Series, it is the second of four books I didn t read the first book, Barefoot in the Sand, and I don t feel it s actually necessary for you to [...]

    4. ARC provided by NightowlThis sig the second installment in the Barefoot Bay series I have to say that this book is better when the first It brings in things that can happen in real life into a story that makes you completely relate to the characters Jocelyn is a life coach from Los Angeles Her career just blew because of a scandal that happened between her and a client s husband At least that is what the media thinks Jocelyn really did to help a friend out She decided to move back home for a whi [...]

    5. My Review If you ve been following my book review blog reviews for any length of time, you probably already know that I am a Roxanne St Claire fan I adore her books I fell in love with her writing through her romantic suspense novels, but am finding that she does contemporary romance just as well She brings so much emotion to a storyI love that This is the second of the Barefoot Bay stories and I was surprised by how much I loved Jocelyn We met her in book 1 and although I was intrigued by her s [...]

    6. Roxanne really has a winner with this series The Barefoot series is so different from her Bullet Catcher books only series by her I read but still so engaging and good We met Jocelyn in the first book Barefoot in the Sand She was so mysterious and left readers curious about her alienating ways Yes, she always hung back, very hesitant Very briefly we met William So Roxanne doesn t keep us wondering The first scene was a cute one, seeing just how close Jocelyn and William were.So in a way this is [...]

    7. Life Coach to the Stars Jocelyn Bloom finds herself smack in the middle of a scandal, and the only place to hide is the one place she never wanted to return home She left Barefoot Bay and the boy next door years before, but she s finding Will Palmer and the connection they once had, still as strong as ever Now, her father, and the man who made her childhood hell, is sick with Alzheimer s, and she s discovering that the only way to find true happiness and love is to forgive.I loved the first Bare [...]

    8. I couldn t put it down I love reunion stories, and Barefoot in the Rain is one of the best ever Gripping emotion and sizzling attraction in an incredibly beautiful setting these are hallmarks of Roxanne St Claire s books And in Barefoot in the Rain, she brings them all together to tell Jocelyn and Will s story This second book in the Barefoot Bay Series starts out with a brief, but so important, glimpse into Jocelyn and Will s past The event that shattered their love made me ache for them to get [...]

    9. Wow I really enjoyed this book The 2nd in her latest series Jocelyn and Will have quite the past together Jocelyn seeks refuge back home after a huge scandal breaks out in LA where she s a life coach to the stars Great subjects are covered abuse, dementia, etc Will and Jocelyn have a lot of obstacles Will is so sweet and tender hearted Guy Jocelyn s father what a roller coaster of feelings.I love how the story developed was all very smooth I laughed out loud and I cried I only wished that there [...]

    10. This book will remain in my mind and my heart St Claire always writes heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time but this book has that extra something that you can t define but makes it a keeper.

    11. One of best books I have read covering abuse and Alzheimers I love these characters and I cant wait to read Zoe and Tessa s stories The way Will and Joss finally find each other after 15 years made me cry.

    12. WOW This series only gets better Humor, romance and emotion jam packed in this story set in a Florida Beach Community As many laugh out loud moments as grab the Kleenex moments Couldn t put the book down until I was finished Can t wait for the next one

    13. Loved it Made me cry Very much like real life that the characters have issues that have to be dealt with and resolved Not sure if I could have resolved them the same way but it did seem right for Jocelyn.Looking forward to Barefoot in the Sun the next chapter in this series.

    14. Karla says This second installment in the Barefoot Bay series is just as good as the first book The characters are likeable and the story line is smooth Excellent read Recommend

    15. My favorite of the series I m pretty sure I cried 90% of the book AMAZING Will is just the sweetest thing and I need to find him and steal him from Jocelyn

    16. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsJocelyn has run back to Barefoot Bay after being linked to a scandal with Hollywood s It Couple She s the other woman, accused of sleeping with the actress s husband and she s being hounded by the media, losing clients in her life coaching business and needs a place to hide Her best friends all gather at the new resort and spa in Barefoot Bay that s taking shape and it lends the perfect place for Jocelyn to hide But she has too many demons from her past in t [...]

    17. As promised, here is my reviewWhen we first meet Jocelyn Joss Bloom, she is this helpless young girl, who had no control over her situation in life She is wildly into the boy next door, Will Palmer, star athlete at her high school She is one of those teenage girls that was the perfect wallflower at parties, and school dances Her goal was to blend in, without causing a tremor, which was pretty much how she had to live her home life After the prologue, St Clair artfully brought us to present day, [...]

    18. Good romance that also deals with a couple tough issues, those of abuse and Alzheimer s Will and Jocelyn had known each other and been best friends since they were ten years old Will lived next door and had also been Jocelyn s place of refuge and escape when her father s abuse would get bad The summer before they were to leave for college, their friendship began to change into something Just as they were about to do something about it, they were caught by her father, who threatened to kill Will [...]

    19. Growing up, Jocelyn had to live with a father, named Guy, that was very abusive to her mother She becomes best friends with Will next door, and often took refuge at his house when things got bad at home Right before college starts, their friendship takes a turn towards romance, but before they could get down to business, Jocelyn s father barges in, enraged and ready to take Will out Will is a star baseball player with a scholarship he needs to keep and Jocelyn s father threatens to cry rape if h [...]

    20. Barefoot in the Rain Roxanne St ClaireThis Is ONLY My Opinion What can I say I Loved Roxanne s Bullet Catcher Series So This Was Different For Me I Fell In Love With The Love Story And Was Distraught Over The Father Daughter Story.Will Palmer And Jocelyn Bloom Are Trying To Find There Way Back To Each Other After Being Torn Apart By Her Abusive Father Fifteen Years Ago Jocelyn Is A Life Coach She Returns After A Scandal Has Hit The Tabloids About Her And Will, Who Is A Baseball Player Turned Car [...]

    21. I absolutely love this series Barefoot In The Rain continues right where book one left off I love the intense storyline taking place right along with the spa s building and developing This is Jocelyn s story Her lifelong love of her next door neighbor Will I loved watching Joycelyn come to grips with her family situation and the love she has always had for Will Will is a very strong and generous leading man You can t help but love him I also loved getting to know about the town This is a great [...]

    22. Roxanne St Claire is the goddess of writing Barefoot In The Sand was phenominal Not only was it a wonderful romance, it was a heart wrenching story Roxanne dealt with issues of abuse, dementia, self esteem issues beautifully The book was not a downer or too heavy for the heart She had her characters grow, learn forgiveness, and learn to love the not so perfect issues in life and had a great romance as well Highly recommend

    23. It s interesting the things we surpress make us stronger for it Jocelyn Bloom left home and never looked back when she left home where she had an abusive father Doing so she also left her high school sweetheart Jocelyn sacrifices what means the most to her for the safety of her friends Very interesting read with lots of unexpectied twist Will gladly re read this book over and over Looking forward to reading by Roxanne St Claire.

    24. I truly enjoyed every word of this book It held my attention with every page and I had a hard time putting it down The story line was unique and up to date on topics of interest to everyone The characters were wonderful and very believable I could feel every hurt and pain they felt She has a wonderful way of telling a loving story filled with pain and suffering This is my favorite book by Ms St Claire.

    25. I would have thought Jocelyn s painful back story would detract from her love story with Will, but it didn t It INTENSIFIED it Made it worth it And made Will s journey so very palpable as he rose to meet the woman he loved I was lucky enough to score an ARC for this book hits shelves 10 12 , and I m so glad I did Roxanne St Claire is one of my new favorites

    26. This was one of the best books I have read this year This book has everything, love, romance, drama, female friendship and the power of forgiveness This book has everything I would recommend this series to everyone.

    27. Loved this book I m a sucker for any friends to lovers stories Looking forward to the next book in the series

    28. This is the second in the series, and I think they are just getting better I really enjoyed this story, the story of the paste reasons not to forgived the reasons to finally do.

    29. Great follow up to Barefoot in the Sand I loved Jocelyn and Will s story Warning tears might begin to follow at any time during this fabulous read Can t wait for the next book in the series

    30. This book was so powerful, wow, gave you many things to think about, loved Will, sigh, 10 stars for sure, looking forward to the next book in this series

    31. Such a perfect balance of secrecy and romance All the characters are relatable and this was plainly just a great read

    32. Aha Roxanne St Claire book Even before reading, I knew this story would have me in limbo for the time it would take to finish it It would have me in tears and it would make me think about my convictions and morales Most of all, I would be thinking about my best friends and regretting heir loss over the years This author has been an auto buy of mine ever since I fell in love with her Bulletcatchers, one of fictions best romantic suspense series I don t often go for what I term chic lit so I admit [...]

    33. Jocelyn Bloom has a thriving business in L A as a life coach to the elite of Hollywood She s now embroiled in a scandal involving the famous husband of one of her clients and she s come home to Barefoot Bay to take cover Her friends rally around her, including Will Palmer, who once was her lifeline during her miserable childhood Jocelyn has been estranged from her father since she left Barefoot Bay for college and is stunned when she discovers Will has been seeing to his care because of his seni [...]

    34. 3.5 starsPosted on Under the CoversChildhood best friends, Jocelyn Bloom and Will Palmer almost had a relationship when they were younger, but something drastic happened that changed that fate.After living with an abusive father, Jocelyn finally spreads her wings and escapes Barefoot Bay where she grew up to work as a life coach to celebrity clients in LA This job allows her to keep life organized and within her control If she can t stop the drama from happening in her own life, then the next be [...]

    35. When Life Coach to the Stars Jocelyn Bloom is embroiled in scandal, the only place she can hide is the one place she wishes she could forget She left Barefoot Bay and the boy next door who knew all her secrets years ago Now nothing about the tiny island off the coast of Florida is quite how she remembers it, especially Will Palmer There is nothing bad that I can say about Barefoot in the Rain, the second book in Roxanne St Claire s Barefoot Bay series I loved every minute of it The characters ar [...]

    36. MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITJocelyn had a glamorous life in Hollywood until a scandal sends her back home to Mimosa Key where she had previously escaped an abusive life Her best friend and neighbor Will, finds himself back there as well, unable to continue on as a pro baseball player As she reconnects with old friends, including her ex, who would like not to be her ex, she feels sparks with Will and the two have some very sweet moments as the story progresses I was definitely rooting for Jocelyn and Will [...]

    37. I enjoyed reading Barefoot in the rain First and foremost, it made me forget about the freezing weather we re having in Colorado Second, the story is a second chance to life no pun intended Jocelyn Bloom was in love with the boy next door, and the night they were opening to the possibilities, her abusive father caught them He threatened Will, his future, maybe even his life was on the line Joss escaped that night, not looking back Forward fifteen years later she is now a life coach to the wealth [...]

    38. Amanda s review Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 StarsBarefoot in the Sand is one of those stories that you are going to remember for a very long time because it was a phenomenal read Barefoot in the Rain is the second story in the Barefoot Bay series by Roxanne St Claire and she delivers a very emotional heart wrenching story of second chances and forgiveness The subject matter of this book deals with a darker side of life with an abusive father husband and dealing with a parent with Alzheimer s [...]

    39. I enjoyed this book than the first one in the Barefoot Bay series I do wish, though, that I could pluck Joss and Will out of the Alzheimers abusive dad situation and give them different demons to battle I m not opposed to Alzheimer s and abusive dads as the basis for conflict and angst but I am uncomfortable with how they dovetail together in this book But with that little complaint aside, I absolutely adore Will He s responsible for 3 of the 4 stars I am giving this book He fell in love with J [...]

    40. Barefoot in the Rain Number 2 in series Barefoot Bay PJV Quickie This second installment in the Barefoot Bay series has an emotional plot line and a strong heroine I think though, that maybe she s too strong, because about halfway through I was ready for her to let someone else hold the reigns for awhile Even so, I d say Barefoot in the Rain is a nice solid romance ReviewAs town Sheriff, Jocelyn Bloom s father was a powerful and violent man when she left Barefoot Bay at age 18, she wore the phys [...]

    41. Jocelyn Bloom and Will Palmer a relationship which as best friends and leads to something but is stopped by her fatherle does Will know what happen to Jocelyn 15 years later Jocelyn becomes a Life Tim Coach to the Rich and Famous She is very famous and very good at what she doesturning home is the last place she wants to go She only goes for her best friends You have to read Barefoot In the Sand firstAnyway Jocelyn has many dark secrets and Will Palmer the boy next door the love of her life com [...]

    42. I really enjoyed this book Jocelyn needs a place to lay low and goes to the last place she ever wanted to gohome Her three best friends in the world are there to help her overcome it all and believe in her no matter what the stories Will knows he let the best thing in the world slip through his fingers 15 years ago but he doesn t realize just how much went on.I enjoyed all the characters Catching up with the ones from the first book and getting to know Jocelyn better Her and Will s relationship [...]

    43. I d been putting off reading this book due to the fact I prefer romantic suspense to just straight out romance But then hey, I enjoyed the first book in the series and St Claire s other work, so I figured it was time to give it a go.And boy am I glad I did From the minute I picked the book up, I did not want to put it down Time flew by and I was completely immersed in the story, so much so that I finished the whole book in the space of a day.Definitely worth a read and I m off to order the next [...]

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