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Particulele elementare #2020

Particulele elementare Romanul Particulele elementare tradus in peste douazeci si cinci de limbi si recompensat chiar in anul aparitiei cu Prix Novembre ilustreaza admirabil criza existentiala si sentimentala a omului con

  • Title: Particulele elementare
  • Author: Michel Houellebecq Emanoil Marcu
  • ISBN: 9789734625598
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Particulele elementare By Michel Houellebecq Emanoil Marcu, Romanul Particulele elementare, tradus in peste douazeci si cinci de limbi si recompensat chiar in anul aparitiei cu Prix Novembre, ilustreaza admirabil criza existentiala si sentimentala a omului contemporan Urmarind in paralel destinele a doi frati vitregi cu personalitati si stiluri de viata diferite, Houellebecq denunta esecul a doua moduri de a trai cel spiritual sRomanul Particulele elementare, tradus in peste douazeci si cinci de limbi si recompensat chiar in anul aparitiei cu Prix Novembre, ilustreaza admirabil criza existentiala si sentimentala a omului contemporan Urmarind in paralel destinele a doi frati vitregi cu personalitati si stiluri de viata diferite, Houellebecq denunta esecul a doua moduri de a trai cel spiritual si cel senzorial Singura solutie pentru salvarea unei umanitati ce aluneca treptat in solitudine, indiferenta si cruzime pare a fi o mutatie radicala, de ordin genetic, a individului.Romanul a fost ecranizat in anul 2006, in regia lui Oskar Roehler, intr o productie distinsa cu Ursul de Argint la Festivalul de Film de la Berlin.

    • [EPUB] ✓ Particulele elementare | by Ê Michel Houellebecq Emanoil Marcu
      469 Michel Houellebecq Emanoil Marcu
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    1. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:

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    2. You can interpret this book in several different ways A lot of people view it as a depressing, hate filled rant, filled with a really startling amount of unpleasant sex I m not saying that that s necessarily incorrect In fact, my immediate association was with the fictitious books that Moreland invents in one of the Anthony Powell novels Seated One Day at my Organ , by the author of One Hundred Disagreeable Sexual Experiences But I think there are interesting ways of reading Les Particules, whi [...]

    3. It s a curious idea to reproduce when you don t even like life It s rare to come across a book filled with so pure of hate At first I thought maybe it s was just some good old fashioned misogyny, with maybe a little bit of nationalism and Arab hating thrown in, but then something curious happened, the whole of society got thrown into the hate fest that is this book Hippies Hate them a lot Italians Yep, really hate them, we don t say why we just do Nature Fuck it Sex Love it but hate it French In [...]

    4. Wow What an incredible book The Epilogue makes a huge difference in how one might view it on the whole It certainly did for me I was getting so depressed by the end that I almost chucked it aside around the 90% mark because I felt a panic attack coming on But I took a deep breath and I switched up my reading soundtrack and I pushed on and am very glad that I did The Epilogue really clarifies so much that precedes it Leading up to that point it is basically 100% bleak, and I mean truly, truly ble [...]

    5. Okay, I decided I would take a go at actually justifying my rating for this book, rather than just make half hearted apologies at my preference for a so absurdly misogynistic and, let s be frank, pornographic novel First of all, I like Houellebecq s unrelenting pessimism It s far beyond nihlism so destructive and negative, so emphatic in its rejection of bougeoise norms, of religion, culture, capitalism This book as well as the other Houellebecq I read, Platform captures the bleak purposeless [...]

    6. Extraordinary, outstanding, absolutely not to be missed The Elementary Particles holds you captive like only the best of em can Think a long, cold autumn afternoon sipping coffee and reading Never Let Me Go Think Dan Brown poolside All of these experiences that could conceivably last one blissful, insatiable sitting the novels that are not considered novellas, that is this is one of em The artistry is like a painting, the reading is like some immersive exercise that blends sex with study of mole [...]

    7. Years ago, I went out on a few dates with a French guy He was rich and good looking though, of course, way too short , and he seemed pretty smart but I never could bring myself to kiss him He had this typically Gallic extreme snottiness that I found amusing, even endearing, but even as I enjoyed this I suspected that his disdain for everything non French might indicate something a bit too dark for me At a certain point I decided that he wasn t a regular charming misanthrope I discerned that he h [...]

    8. This book brought me to laughter And this is not a compliment, but actually quite the opposite.Every character here is monodimensional and unrealistic, while the story itself is ridicolous Blame me if you like, but after the tenth masturbation scene filled up with philosophical rubbish and Andre Gide quotes I ve felt a big nausea coming up And this malaise stayed with me till the end of the novel There are many novelists who have their own obsession for sex and some of them are consistently good [...]

    9. I wish I was able to write a detailed reaction to this novel, but I feel nothing Not in the sense of poetic existential despair nothing, but total non commitment.These cynical rants against humanity are really all the same, aren t they Occasionally you find one with at least some stylistic flair and originality, like C line s, but here I see failed edgy attempts to shock with bad sex, loneliness, and a touch of misogyny So fucking what I d go read Reddit comments if I wanted to read that I do n [...]

    10. Imagine a stylish French man, grumpily smoking a lung shreddingly strong cigarette and repeating in his thick accent variations on the phrase Life, she is shit.That is this novel, and author Michel Houellebecq is a dishevelled version of that Frenchman.If you ve read Whatever, or The possibility of an Island, or indeed any of Houellebecq s work you know what a cheerless sourpuss he can be His characters, inevitably middle aged Frenchmen, usually live lives of despair and ennui, often mysogynisti [...]

    11. Gratuitous sex For those who have read this book, it s not a surprising initial comment The sex in The Elementary Particles is graphic, drawn out, and explicit Yet the novel has such an intellectual draw that even at its most seemingly uncalled for, I believe Houellebecq had a purpose for it Through the suffering of two brothers Bruno whose libido is painfully and often shamefully intense, and Michel who has virtually no interest in sex Houellebecq depicts mankind s struggle with materialism and [...]

    12. Daringly original and yes, ludicrously filthy , but for anyone that thinks this is just three hundred and eighty pages of Masturbating, blow jobs and debauchery your missing the point, as there are far serious things going on here than spanking the monkey and alike Michel Houellebecq has written a work of great intelligence and maturity that is nihilistic in nature and immensely sad but was always compulsive reading Concerning French half brothers Michel and Bruno where the only thing they have [...]

    13. The way Houellebecq combines science and sociology is amazingly intelligent and deliciously dizzying Asexuality and sex addiction, the two offsprings of the sexual liberation of the 60s, are envisioned by the French author in a marriage whose fruit seems to be extremely Nietzschean I must admit I got completely carried away, while the trick he pullled in the epilogue had me looking for my mind cause yeah, I suddenly felt it missing.Amazing stuff.

    14. This is the second Houellebecq novel that I have read Usually when I talk about why I like novels it usually has to do with the great characters that I identified with or the amazing plot or the entertaining action Houellebecq provides none of these things In fact, while I was reading this book, my daughter asked me what the book was about and I went uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh His characters are unhappy and disfunctional Houellebecq s books create controversy to the point that he has ended up in court de [...]

    15. The longueur of French academic life The pain of being 40 and unfuckable Something about quantum physics It s all here in this eggheady gloom festival.

    16. This book is a stunning surprise to me as I was properly prepared to dislike it before I picked it up Although I was determined to finish the book, I was not prepared for what a wonderful book this is This book is a consummate sociological description and commentary of the second half of the twentieth century s social revolution in western culture The psychology isn t too bad either.Because it is a work of fiction, I interpret it as a grand sociological critique, with some fictional leeway, of c [...]

    17. Oh God I m about half way through this book, which I picked up on a whim after finishing the excellent Blindness by Jose Saramago I needed something else to read until I got a copy of Dave Eggers What is the What, and this had got a lot of raves.So far, I m as close to tossing this book away unfinished as I have ever been I almost always finish books, but this is just a chore.As offensive as parts of it are yes, yes, I m supposed to be offended, and I can see the ambiguity about whether the miso [...]

    18. When the Middle Class Aspires to Cold NihilismWell, it seems there is hardly any point in contributing an other review, when so many people think The Elementary Particles Atomised in the UK is a powerful, unflinching book But it brought Houellebecq into the public eye and set the stage for his later books, so it s worth reconsidering.I think it s weak weaker than all of the models he attempts to emulate.If you want genuine existential disorientation, read Sartre If you want intransigent, pitheco [...]

    19. Em 2015 li dois romances do escritor franc s Michel Houellebecq n 1956 a Extens o do Dom nio da Luta 1994 4 o seu primeiro romance e Submiss o 2015 4 o seu ltimo romance Em ambas as obras apesar de tem ticas d spares a narrativa e a escrita criativa, suscitaram m ltiplas leituras e variadas interpreta es, revelando Michel Houellebecq como um dos mais originais e controversos escritores da actualidade Em As Part culas Elementares 1998 , o seu segundo romance, Michel Houellebecq subdivide o em tr [...]

    20. The universe is merely a chance arrangement of elementary particles A transitory image in the midst of chaos Which will end with the inevitable the human race will disappear Other races will appear, and disappear in turn The heavens are cold and empty, traversed by the faint light of half dead stars Which, also, will disappear Everything disappears And human actions are just as random and senseless as the movements of elementary particles Good, evil, morality, fine sentiments Pure Victorian fict [...]

    21. Damn I ve had this for years, only read it recently, wished I d read it long ago Totally brilliant Purposefully vicious and perverted to make philosophical points about the unhappy state of humanity Juxtaposition of many sagging labias and licked cocks which sadly might turn idiots off with mucho genetics related philosophizing which sadly might turn idiots off A book about the achievement of utopia, sort of like Huxley s BNW and Island, which the book deals with Another uber pessimistic vile bo [...]

    22. Suelo leer solo libros cl sicos, pero en esta ocasi n he apostado por este autor contempor neo del que llevaba bastante tiempo escuchando hablar.Para m ha sido una sorpresa descubrir a Michel HouellebecqDicen que es el enfant terrible de la actual literatura francesa Dicen que es la nica estrella literaria desde Sartre No s si es para tanto no creo , pero el libro es muy original Algo desestructurado, pero me gusta que sea as Narra la historia de dos hermanos, un cient fico racional y casi atar [...]

    23. The Elementary Particles wasn t an easy read it required long breaks in between and an even longer walk after I finished it The book put me in all possible moods I cried and laughed and felt sad, then was ignorant and rude and then bearable again.It tells the story about the last people on the planet who were so disconnected and dysfunctional that they saliently agreed to disappear or at least didn t bother to live as individuals any longer Those people accumulated so much grief and emptiness th [...]

    24. Another author in that very French intellectual tradition which seems to confuse being cynical with being profound The basic thesis is that humans are risible and worthy of our hatred, and that interpersonal relationships are a despicable delusion Some of this is illustrated with neatly done set pieces, other parts are didactic The novel shows a consistent disgust for human bodies and sexuality which I thought rather juvenile.There are some moments of wit, but in general the prose style is mere [...]

    25. A lot of this book consists of a tirade of hatred against the author s dear mama Now finally, the 83 year old hippy herself has emerged from her retreat with all guns blazing Hilarious article about the whole rancid argument herebooksardian departmenSample quote If it hadn t been my son, I wouldn t read that kind of crap, I would put it down straight away, because if there s one thing I detest in the world it s pornography That book is pure pornography, it s repugnant, it s crap I don t understa [...]

    26. Ceci est le deuxi me roman de Michel Houellebecq, paru en 1998, quatre ans apr s Extension du domaine de la lutte Il causa alors un vif moi dans les cercles litt raires fran ais et valu son auteur une c l brit qu il a conserv e jusqu ce jour Le scandale provoqu l poque est sans doute attribuable aux nombreuses sc nes pornographiques tr s d taill es qui pars ment le r cit.Mais, si ces descriptions rendent la lecture assez piquante, elles prennent leur place dans une longue chronique de la vie des [...]

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