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The Three Bears #2020

The Three Bears Three bears return home from a walk to find a little girl asleep in baby bear s bed

  • Title: The Three Bears
  • Author: Carol North
  • ISBN: 9780307101471
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Three Bears By Carol North, Three bears return home from a walk to find a little girl asleep in baby bear s bed.

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      Carol North

    1 thought on “The Three Bears

    1. I will always love this version of The Three Bears the best, because it was the version I had in my childhood I m so glad I found a copy at a thrift store so I can share it with my children now.

    2. Grade Level Pre K 1Awards NoneSummary This is another common version of The Three Bears Goldilocks is in the bears house and she is testing everything to find whats just right The baby bears chair, bed and porridge is what is just right for Goldilocks until the bears come home Review Kids love this story and think it s so funny This is just the basic story about Goldilocks and The Three bears It s good for kids because it s a small book perfect for them In Class This can be used for a lesson abo [...]

    3. This book was about goldilocks, a young girl who was walking through the woods, became tired, and came upon this big beautiful wood cottage that was home to the three bears, momma bear, papa bear and baby bear She figured she would knock on the door to see if she could rest there for a while However no one was home She saw porridge on the table, and she tried all three bowls, the last one being the best This pattern continued on with the chairs and finally the beds of the three bears Finally she [...]

    4. K 1st GradesNorth brings this folktale to life with the beast tale voices of the three bears She does a great job of making the story of the Three Bears a little current The text was in big enough font for a child to see The pages also had enough negative space to give the child s eyes a rest North didn t make any drastic changes to the retelling of the story, she left in all the basics of the old classic The images graphics of this story could use work I felt they were very boring and did not [...]

    5. I read The Three Bears to my children the other night, and they both loved it I think it has to be about the second or third book on Goldilocks and the three bears that I ve read to them since the kids came into our home I have to wonder, though, what made Goldilocks enter the bears s home Who in their right mind would walk into the home den of a bear She just kinda went about her business, eating their porridge, sitting in their chairs, and sleeping in their beds I must say Goldilocks must have [...]

    6. The Three Little Bears by Carol North is a great retelling of this classic story The story is about three bears that live in the woods After going out for food, Goldilocks enters their home and tries everything from their porridge to their beds I would use the classic story in my classroom to introduce my students to retelling literature and sequencing events I would use this book as an activity where my students would have to arrange the events that took place during Goldilocks visit This activ [...]

    7. A a delightful story with some animal fiction incorporated and a good dose of adventure It an old time favorite and it makes it seem that humans are welcomed into the human world There is mystery involved and detective work done by the bear Goldy Locks is a defying little girl who ventures into the animal world and finds herself in a scary situation for any little girl.

    8. This is one of my most favorite books of all time It is the tale of when Goldilocks visits the house of the three bears while they are out for a walk I would read this book to my class and ask them engaging questions like What do you think will happen next Why It will also be good for predictions Lastly, this story could easily be retold by using props.

    9. Who couldn t love this classic This is a great read aloud for teaching children the values of respecting others things This story is an old story that has been passed down from generation to generation and in my opinion will continue to be popular throughout time.

    10. The illustrations make this book stand out The colors are vibrant and the bears have wonderful expressions This retelling, because of the illustrations, focuses on the bears, rather than on Goldilocks.

    11. I would use this book in my class to teach small, medium, and large This is a great story for younger learners trying to undertsand small, meduim, and large.

    12. ilove this book because not only is it small and thin but it also helps me remeber the old times when my mom use to read this to me teaches little and older kids a lesson ineach book.

    13. This is a great book for young readers Students especially like it if you give the characters different voices.

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