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Tokyo Hearts #2020

Tokyo Hearts A fascinating exploration of life in modern day Japan TOKYO HEARTS is a poignant love story that will catapult you directly onto the fashionable streets of this nation s capital and into the hearts o

  • Title: Tokyo Hearts
  • Author: Renae Lucas-Hall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tokyo Hearts By Renae Lucas-Hall, A fascinating exploration of life in modern day Japan, TOKYO HEARTS is a poignant love story that will catapult you directly onto the fashionable streets of this nation s capital and into the hearts of Takashi and Haruka Takashi is a young and popular university student who has fallen in love with his stylish and sophisticated friend Haruka She is sweet and kind and adorA fascinating exploration of life in modern day Japan, TOKYO HEARTS is a poignant love story that will catapult you directly onto the fashionable streets of this nation s capital and into the hearts of Takashi and Haruka Takashi is a young and popular university student who has fallen in love with his stylish and sophisticated friend Haruka She is sweet and kind and adores shopping for high end Japanese and Western brands Every week, they meet up in the heart of Tokyo, enjoying each other s company, and for Takashi, life is perfect But the path to true love is never easy When Takashi discovers that Haruka is seeing her wealthy ex boyfriend from Kyoto, his life begins to turn upside down This coming of age story traces the lives of Takashi and Haruka and their friends as they deal with young love and the ups and downs of growing up in Tokyo truly one of the most stylish, energetic and exhilarating cities in the world.

    • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ Tokyo Hearts - by Renae Lucas-Hall
      Renae Lucas-Hall

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    1. Originally posted on the blog whispersatmoonlight.wordpress.Well, this book was a good surprise for me I just loved the story and I want to read about Takashi and Haruka They were amazing, even though they had to pass through some difficult obstacles to be together Besides that, I found out a lot of things about Japan and the Japanese culture Renae s idea mixing a love story with the Japanese culture was very original and I don t think I will have the opportunity to read another book like TOKYO [...]

    2. Renae Lucas Hall s Tokyo Hearts is a moving love story between two young people, Takashi and Haruka, set in modern day Japan The two met during Takashi s first year at the University and have since become very close friends Everything seems to be going well for both of them, especially for Takashi However, when Haruka s father becomes ill, she s forced to leave school and take care of him It is at this period of time that Takashi has shown how much she means to her by encouraging her during thes [...]

    3. I received this book from the author Renae Lucas Hall in a giveaway Thank you very much Renae But unfortunately, I didn t had enough time until now to read this book I am very glad that I have read it now, during my end of semester holiday, because in this way I had enough time to enjoy every page of it This novel is gorgeous and have a good plot and beautiful characters that you ll love.The story begins in modern day Japan, on the fashionable streets of the amazing Tokyo Takasi is a young good [...]

    4. If I was to sum Tokyo Hearts up in one word it would be escapism A wonderful opportunity to dive into an alternative culture The author creates a very believable Tokyo that I found highly absorbing and left me wanting to explore Japanese culture in greater details BravO, an excellent novel and looking forward to from Renae Lucas Hall.

    5. A short review for Tokyo Hearts would simply be I love it Romance in Tokyo for anyone living outside Japanese culture has to be intriguing and author Renae Lucas Hall certainly delivers on her promise Very well written I am sure there is much to come from this author.

    6. I would like to send a very special thanks to Renae Lucas Hall for sending me a Copy She is such a wonderful author and im jus now so happy after finishing tokyo hearts Wow i dont know where to begin This story just moved me, with its love triangles and the way the author painted me so many pictures in my head D I loved the very detailed descriptions on the area, the shops, the clothing It was like i was there experiencing it myself I loved it soo much And The love triangle oooooo Takeshi has su [...]

    7. I would like to begin by thanking Rena Lucas Hall for sending me a copy of his book autographed Tokyo Hearts with a nice card I must say I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by an author, and I was very flattered Especially when it s about a book like Tokyo Hearts, happens, as you may have guessed, Japan.Being myself a big fan of Japanese culture no, you re kidding me , I accepted without hesitation, even though the book is in English Moreover, it was the third book I read in English, afte [...]

    8. I am so foolish because I didn t read this book until now At the beginning I didn t know that I d like this book but now , I love it It was a peaceful and a beautiful book Reading this book I learned a lot of things about Japan and Japanese culture Also the book made me laugh because I m not familiar with Japanese names and I don t know if a certain person is a girl or a boy The story begin introducing Haruka and Takashi They had a lot in comon They were both interested in studying marketing The [...]

    9. Take a virtual tour of Tokyo via fictionA coming of age story, almost a novella, that charts the relationship between Takashi and Haruka.For us at TripFiction, this is a fabulous novel that weaves its way into the heart of Tokyo life and brings the city into sharp focus for the reader This is a great novel for exploring frenetic Tokyo life, offering up little aspects that make Tokyo, well, Tokyo The automatic opening of taxi doors, the young peoples love of Western and Japanese named brands,desc [...]

    10. I love being introduced to new settings in books and this one was particularly wonderful It is very clear that the author knows her stuff when it comes to all things Japanese making me ache to actually go to that part of the world To be honest, it had never really appealed to me before reading this book Tokyo Hearts is absolutely charming and, with its innocence intact, I would highly recommend it to teens as well as adults I loved the purity and charm of the characters and wonder if most Japane [...]

    11. The storyline the author has created in this book intertwines its characters in a delightful and insightful manner the traditional Japanese culture, especially as it pertains to the relationships two lovers An insight few Westerns might know about And the author s personal experiences living in Japan adds an additional layer of authenticity to the descriptions and visualizations of the various scenes contained the book contains.Any woman who reads this story should be able to find themselves eas [...]

    12. A very well written story about two Japanese people who are friends, Yuriko and Haruka Their relationship is unique and special they come from different areas of Japan they each have their strengths and weaknesses The descriptions of the areas of Japan, the earthquakes, the attractions, restaurants, food, and dress were wonderful The plot always left me guessing how it would end ended the way I hope it would.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading by the author.

    13. Edit Dropped the rating for reasons GR no longer allows us to discuss Original review 2.5 stars, reallyThis book was so dull The characters were vain, greedy and unlikable The writing was stuffy and way too proper When someone told the time they added A.M and P.M to it EACH TIME Nobody talks like that.And the love story was so boring I almost went to sleep Haruka was vain, spoiled and so beneath Takashi Takashi was spineless, worrisome and annoying Every single character in this book was obsesse [...]

    14. Received this book from the author in exchange for a review.I had a hard time getting through the book, as you can see from how long it took me And that was by no means because the book was boring Oh no, I loved the book and the characters, but the writing style just felt stiff and too formal and that is why it took me some time to get through the book Around 70% the book style felt less formal and I could read , but before that it was a bit of a struggle.I loved the characters, especially Takas [...]

    15. This is a fascinating love story, told from the standpoint of someone who has lived the experiences in the story The author captured the soul of the young people of this story, that one could see them moving and living as clear as day.Takashi, patient, good natured, was persistent in his love Haruka, obedient to the will of the parents, but also caring for Takashi, allowed herself to be steered towards her parent s wishes and wants Jun, the double faced, conceited and back boneless mama s boy, t [...]

    16. I often judge how much I am enjoying a book by the degree to which I am drawn back to it especially on occasions when I don t have the luxury of time to read the whole thing in a couple of marathon sessions The fact that I finished this book over a period of just a few days is an indication of what a good read it is We meet the two protagonists, Haruka and Takashi, at the point where their relationship could blossom into something than close friendship and this book explores expertly the trials [...]

    17. Renae Lucas Hall weaves a well written love story set in Japan with a fascinating insight into Japanese culture The pace of the story holds the reader s interest until the very last page Although written for young adults, I could not put the book down until I knew how it ended Henry Tobias

    18. Everything about this book was very clich and vague Most of the dialogue consisted of he said, she said small talk and lacked depth The author displayed a very generalized knowledge of Japan and Japanese culture, utilizing only well known landmarks and general descriptors She seemed overly focused on the way the people in the story dressed, with an unnecessary preoccupation on brands She portrayed Japanese culture as being very materialistic, pretentious, and shallow The writing style was incons [...]

    19. A huge disappointment I regret I fell for the pretty cover art The characters were flat, the plot clich I hate it when writers just pile one catastrophe on top of the other , the writing appalling Dialogue for example was written really amateurish when there are only two people present, there is no need whatsoever to add person B replied , it s quite clear that this would be them replying to whatever person A just stated What bugged me the most was that conceited way of writing that describes de [...]

    20. I was excited to read this book because of the high average reviews score Unfortunately, there was nothing great about this book For one thing, since I am not familiar with traditional Japanese names, I could not keep the characters straight or even if they were male or female But overall, the writing was not good and the storyline kind of pointless.

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