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My Hero is My Monster #2020

My Hero is My Monster Ava is only four when her life is destroyed by a Hero who turned into the monster in her bed every night Each night she cries to her mother pleading for her to stay only for her mother to turn a bli

  • Title: My Hero is My Monster
  • Author: June Spears
  • ISBN: 9781478173526
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Hero is My Monster By June Spears, Ava is only four when her life is destroyed by a Hero who turned into the monster in her bed every night Each night she cries to her mother, pleading for her to stay, only for her mother to turn a blind eye Ten years of abuse culminate in Ava s attempted suicide as her father is lead away in handcuffs.

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      June Spears

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    1. First thing first, I d like to thank the author for the free copy in exchange of a review for Making ConnectionsOkay so to my review now I have to admit it s kind of hard to review this book Actually, not just kind of but VERY hard As it was hard and painful and made me angry to read this story It was a tough story, and the sad thing is, it s a true story It s been real It was a tough read, and I m grateful that it was a very short story, because I didn t know how much of it I could have endure [...]

    2. My Hero is My Monster is a short story of about eleven pages long, so naturally, this review will be short as well This book is a true account of the downward spiral of events that make a young girl s life go from hell to worse One night, when she s only four years old, her father, the man who was supposed to be her hero, who was supposed to love her and look after her and keep her safe from all the evil in the world, does the unthinkable He takes away her innocence, her trust and everything she [...]

    3. Review of My Hero is My Monster by June SpearsReviewed for Group Making ConnectionsA terribly sad story and one which will make the reader furious, not at the narrator, but at both her parents and secondarily, at other authority figures such as teachers, who failed to identify the signs, before she was removed from public schooling , My Hero is My Monster is related by a woman whose seemingly unending torture at the hands of her father began at age four Not only did her mother live in denial, sh [...]

    4. First thing first, I d like to thank the author for the free copy in exchange of a review for Making ConnectionsWOW that was extremely short and brutal not at all what i was expecting, but not bad i feel like its important to get the victims story out there and this certainly did that, though i do wish there had been a bit to the story, maybe detail about the emotion s and the aftermath.The Monster in this story is beyond that, i dont think you could ever come across someone or something so ev [...]

    5. I know that this short story is supposed to be a memoir, but I truly wish it was fictional The author writes about being a survivor of horrific sexual abuse by her own father from a very young age As a writer of a memoir myself, I know how difficult it can be to put your story out there However, what this author writes about her own life is beyond difficult I give her accolades for her bravery and honesty I was also happy to hear that she didn t commit suicide and her life with her daughter is n [...]

    6. This is a short story memoir It is a very disturbing tale of child abuse, rape, and incest It is not completely clear whether it is wholly factual, but it is categorized as memoir The style of writing is simple and straight forward It is not polished and obviously not professionally edited I very much hope for the sake of the author that writing was therapeutic Because the narrative is one of horrific personal suffering One desparately hopes writing will bring some relief There is no closure for [...]

    7. Super short, depressing story that reminds us of the evil that exists Not entirely glad I read it I picked it to fulfill a goal, but am wishing I found something else Reading challenge 2015 Book based on a true story

    8. A heart felt touching story laced with pain The fear of moving forward after such an horrific life as a child.The longing to end it all if it can still the demons within.Thought provoking and to the point.

    9. VERY Good This was a really good read It was a short story but it still told us everything I thought it was very sad and it did bother me while reading it.

    10. A very short, and very brutal account Rather than a book, it seems this was written and published as an outlet for pain.

    11. Short story, no filler and a very quick read Leaves you wanting to know about the author s sad childhood.

    12. SHORT DETAILED STORYSHORT DETAILED STORYThis is a great example of a story minus the build up, going straight to the climax and the plot.

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