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Unconventional At Best Anthology #2020

Unconventional At Best Anthology A New Normal by Carol LynneYou never forget your first love but what if your first love never forgot youd orchestrated an unconventional reunion Less than a year after the death of his wife musician

  • Title: Unconventional At Best Anthology
  • Author: Carol Lynne Amber Kell T.A. Chase Jambrea Jo Jones Stephani Hecht Devon Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9781781840603
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
  • Unconventional At Best Anthology By Carol Lynne Amber Kell T.A. Chase Jambrea Jo Jones Stephani Hecht Devon Rhodes, A New Normal by Carol LynneYou never forget your first love, but what if your first love never forgot youd orchestrated an unconventional reunion Less than a year after the death of his wife, musician Charlie Foster agreed to perform at a convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico He thought getting away from New York for a few days would be good for him, but he didn t A New Normal by Carol LynneYou never forget your first love, but what if your first love never forgot youd orchestrated an unconventional reunion Less than a year after the death of his wife, musician Charlie Foster agreed to perform at a convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico He thought getting away from New York for a few days would be good for him, but he didn t expect to see the first person he d ever fallen in love with Jake Pierson gave his heart to Charlie when he was barely fifteen years old As best friends, Jake believed he and Charlie would be together forever, but when Charlie took the easier path in life, Jake was left to deal with a future without the man he loved Jake knew tricking Charlie into performing at a conference he d helped organise was low handed, but he had a promise to keep and a future to build Convention Confusion by Amber Kell Dressing up as a girl can sometimes win you the man of your dreams.Billy Ferris has adored Jennvian Fellows comics since he read the first edition When the chance to meet the illustrator comes up he accepts his friends help to dress as his favourite character, space pirate female Kixie Little does he know that Jenn not only prefers men but is looking for the mate of his dreams to take back to his home world Will Billy be able to show his true self and capture the man of his not so pure dreams Ninja Cupcakes by T.A ChaseEthan s special talents and cupcakes bring him the love of his life.Ethan Gallagher loves to bake, and his cupcakes are known throughout his area as being the best When he agrees to do the desserts for a sci fi convention his brother is putting on, Ethan gets a chance to realise his biggest fantasy One of the panelists is Callum MacLaughlin, a man Ethan s been lusting after since they d met four years ago Ethan discovers Callum will be there, and he decides it s time to make his move on the astrophysicist With the help of some special cupcakes, Ethan makes not only his dream come true, but the hopes of his brother and his best friend as well Operation Get Spencer by Jambrea Jo JonesEven if superpowers were real Benjamin still might not get his man.Benjamin and Spencer are spending the day at Comi Con Spencer is a comic geek and Benjamin would follow him anywhere.The only problem Spencer thinks Benjamin is straight and Benjamin just realized he is in love with his best friend Is a day enough for Benjamin to convince Spencer that his love is powerful than a locomotive and that it hit him faster than a speeding bullet Tune in to find out if Benjamin saves the day Fan Tastic by Stephani HechtEverybody knows the best lovers are geeks.It s time again for the annual Comic Book and Horror Convention Normally, Deke liked to avoid these things While he may be a well known actor, he wasn t hunky or a beefcake and he was always overlooked In fact, most people like to call him the geek of geeks But, the producers of his popular TV series don t care and they order Deke to go So, while he knows he won t have any fun he has no choice but to attend Blake harboured a crush on Deke even before the other man became famous When he finds out that Deke will be at the convention, Blake knows he has to attend as well Since he is trying to promote his own comic, Blake decides that he can mix a little business with his fun To Blake s dismay, not only does Deke not remember him, but the actor refuses to believe that Blake could have any romantic feelings for a geek Blake decides that he can t let this opportunity slip through his fingers, though He may have given up on Deke all those years ago, but not this time Will Blake be able to convince Deke to give him a chance Or will the final credits roll before they find love Rough Awakening by Devon RhodesWhen Mario sets out to find a roommate for the convention, little does he know he ll end up finding much .Is there anything worse than learning you have to share a hotel room with your ex boyfriend and his new love Mario has to scramble to find someone else to share with and ends up reconnecting with a sexy acquaintance ways than one Jordan remembers Mario from two conventions ago and goes along with his need to find a roommate Sparks fly between them from their first phone call and everything looks than promising for a very memorable convention But when two tops tango, which one is guaranteed the lead It ends up being a rough awakening for one of these alpha athletes
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      Carol Lynne Amber Kell T.A. Chase Jambrea Jo Jones Stephani Hecht Devon Rhodes

    1 thought on “Unconventional At Best Anthology

    1. A New Normal by Carol Lynne 3,5 Convention Confusion by Amber Kell 3 Ninja Cupcakes by TA Chase 2,5 Operation Get Spencer by Jambrea Jo Jones 3 Fan Tastic by Stephani Hecht 3,5 Rough Awakening by Devon Rhodes 3,5 Sequel to Rough RidersOperation Get Spencer

    2. KcLu s review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.75 Stars OverallEvery story in this anthology is just down right amazing Each one is just a smoking hot ball of greatness None of them feel rushed neither do you feel like you wished for info I highly recommend this one 1 A New Normal by Carol Lynne4 starsThis is a wonderful story of two people finding their way back to each other.Charlie and Jake grew up together, but when they went to college Charlie let the world get in between them He was determined [...]

    3. With anthologies you always seem to have a few stories you like and some you don t Here are my thoughts on the ones in this one.A New Normal by Carol Lynne What killed this story for me was the wife I understand she was gone by the time this story takes place but what she did to Charlie was beyond wrong Just because you had a bad experience doesn t give you the right to intentionally break up a couple because you want to be with one of the MCs To intentionally boast and manipulate someone s fear [...]

    4. In the end, I was actually really disappointed with this anthology I didn t exactly dislike any of the stories, but at the same time, I didn t love any of them.Of the six stories, I think I d go with Ninja Cupcakes by TA Chase as my personal favorite I thought it was an interesting premise and would ve liked to have seen a longer novel that explored of Ethan s past and how he and Callum met also, for me, it was an added bonus that Callum was blind and scarred what can I say, it is my kink.

    5. I read all six stories and I liked 3 of them and thought the other 3 were just okay I m not going to mention which one of them I thought was good and which one left me dissatisfied Overall, all I have to say is the stories from the six authors Carol Lynne, T.A Chase, Amber Kell, Jambrea Jo Jones, Stephani Hecht and Devon Rhodes will either be a hit or a miss depending on what your preferences are.

    6. I like the whole book, but some stories than others.A New Normal by Carol Lynne3Convention Confusion by Amber Kell5Ninja Cupcakes by TA Chase4Operation Get Spencer by Jambrea Jo Jones3Fan Tastical by Stephani Hecht5Rough Awakening by Devon Rhodes4Average is 4.1

    7. I only liked 3 stories The ones are from Amber kell, Stephani hecht and Jambrea Jo Jones The rest was not my taste

    8. When I first started reading M M romance I started off with anothologies because I wanted to get to know the genre, the authors, and what I would like and not like This was before I discovered , so I didn t have a go to source to get reviews and advice from at the time.Most anthologies have some stories that are good and some that aren t that good, so it s usually hard to rate them as a whole, but like the rest of you I ll rate them both idividually and as a whole.The title of this anthology, Un [...]

    9. 4.5 stars overall Each story is rated in this review Unconventional at Best is an anthology of works written by some of the hottest novelists on the m m scene today Each story revolves around some form of convention and involves everything from the paranormal to the contemporary It is an amazing body of work and I highly recommend it to you You and everyone else here have shown me that normal is defined by who you choose to surround yourself with, not what strangers on the street think And so be [...]

    10. Wow, this is a fun anthology Several different romance types all centered around conventions Loved it I ve been going back and forth about my rating, should I give 4 or 5 stars Well, I can t decide One reason I loved this book is several of the stories had an epilogue That just helps make the short story complete A New Normal by Carol Lynne This one is really good This story is the former lovers brought back together story The MCs were lovers I think and best friends, but Charlie decided to forg [...]

    11. Six short stories that range all the way from good to god awful The theme is conventions, in that all of the stories revolve around a convention of one sort or another It would have been cool if they had all taken place at the same convention but alas the conventions are all different.All of the stories cover the beginning of a new sexual relationship There is little to no tension and the romances are all very sweet, which I have to confess is not my favorite type of story.Most of these stories [...]

    12. Contemporary M M romance collection of short stories around the theme of conventions like comics, erotic novels etc with a variety of great M M genre writers that I have already read so I gave this anthology a chance.The stories are not about the same convention gathering but a variety of different types with all sorts of characters like a baker, a space alien, sci fi actor yummy Nathan Fillion and just normal people looking for love.This was a fun idea to write about and I did like the addition [...]

    13. Finally, an anthology where I liked most of the stories It helps that there were only six stories instead of 13 crammed into one book, so the stories were a little longer, and I felt satisfied with them I liked the theme all the stories are set at different types of conventions sci fic, romance, comic book, sports The only one I didn t connect with was Rough Awakening It was the sequel to another story, and I kept getting distracted by the wanting to know the back story with the other couple Pl [...]

    14. LOVED this I can t even break it down story by story of any one being better than the rest If you like all these authors, you ll love this anthology, if you like a few of these authors, you ll love this anthology and then you ll be looking up the work of any authors you are not already an avid fan of there were a couple of them for me and probably become a fan of Highly, highly recommend it Geeks, a bit of supernatural, athletes, hot scenes, great characters and stories, yup on all of them

    15. 4.5 starsPlease keep in mind this is my personal opinion If you are looking for action, angst or very witty plots, in my humble opinion you won t find it here.If you are looking for love stories, some of them with a very cute happy ending, then, this is perfect for you.One of them have some issues that I found a little bit silly, however, it was still enjoyable.Overall it was a lovely Anthology.

    16. A New Normal by Carol LynneJust finished it All I have to say is Jen is a BITCH I don t care that she died Selfish, spoiled bitch on wheels Jake was too forgiving 4 stars I love Carol s writing On to the next story Convention Confusion by Amber Kell a fun story I enjoyed it a lot.

    17. A New Normal by Carol Lynne Convention Confusion by Amber Kell Ninja Cupcakes by TA Chase Operation Get Spencer by Jambrea Jo Jones Fan Tastical by Stephani Hecht Rough Awakening by Devon Rhodes 9.93 on Nook

    18. Overall Weak, 2.5 3 starsA New Normal by Carol Lynne 2Convention Confusion by Amber Kell 2.5Ninja Cupcakes by TA Chase 2.5Operation Get Spencer by Jambrea Jo Jones 2.5 Fan Tastic by Stephani Hecht 2.5Rough Awakening by Devon Rhodes 3.5

    19. As with all anthologies there are going to be some standout stories and some that are just OK I enjoyed a few of them and I liked the overall theme of conventions, having been to several myself, it was neat getting to read about these characters meeting at various cons.

    20. A New Normal by Carol Lynne 2.5 starsConvention Confusion by Amber Kell 3 starsNinja Cupcakes by TA Chase 2.5 starsOperation Get Spencer by Jambrea Jo Jones 2.5 starsFan Tastic by Stephani Hecht 3 starsRough Awakening by Devon Rhodes 2.5 stars

    21. A couple of pretty good shorts and a few of meh ones One really oblivious Mary Jane moment from one of the authors who took a moment to make her feelings known about fans However, since that author has attempted to scold and educate readers before I wasn t surprised.

    22. Every single story in this anthology is great it includes a variety of themes including GFY which is one of my fav This is a MUST READ for people who enjoy M M

    23. Three enjoyed most Ninja Cakes, TA Chase 2.5 starsFan Tastic, Stephani Hecht 2.5 starsRough Awakening, Devon Rhodes 2.5 stars

    24. This anthology made me want to add a meh shelf It wasn t terrible, but the stories felt poorly plotted and clich d.I didn t make it past Ninja Cupcakes before I gave this one up.

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