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Love, Meg #2020

Love Meg Meg Shanley always believed that her parents died when she was a baby Since then she and her thirty year old sister Lucie have lived a nomadic life never settling down long enough for Meg to feel li

  • Title: Love, Meg
  • Author: C. Leigh Purtill
  • ISBN: 9781595141163
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love, Meg By C. Leigh Purtill, Meg Shanley always believed that her parents died when she was a baby Since then, she and her thirty year old sister Lucie have lived a nomadic life, never settling down long enough for Meg to feel like anything but the new girl Alone in her uncertainty and confusion, Meg writes letters to Jennifer Aniston for advice Unlike Lucie, Jen is stable She s on Meg s TV no matMeg Shanley always believed that her parents died when she was a baby Since then, she and her thirty year old sister Lucie have lived a nomadic life, never settling down long enough for Meg to feel like anything but the new girl Alone in her uncertainty and confusion, Meg writes letters to Jennifer Aniston for advice Unlike Lucie, Jen is stable She s on Meg s TV no matter where Meg happens to be living every night at eleven For a few years, Jennifer even writes back But now Jen s letters have stopped Meg and Lucie are in LA, in a tiny apartment, when a stranger shows up and reveals a seemingly impossible secret Lucie is not Meg s sister, but her mother And back in New York, Meg has a grandmother and a real, honest to goodness father Meg travels across the country to find her father and uncover the truth about her life But instead, what she finds is the source of her own inner strength.C Leigh Purtill s surprising and suspenseful first novel captures the exquisite joy and deep sorrow of a teenager who will stop at nothing to discover who she really is.

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    1 thought on “Love, Meg

    1. Reviewed by Jeremey for TeensReadTooTeenager Meg Shanley and her thrity year old sister, Lucie, are moving from town to town, looking for a better life Their parents are gone and Lucie has taken over the role as mother to Meg, although she has not done a very good job of it Lucie tends to think along the lines of what s best for herself instead of what s best for Meg Meg must travel with Lucie because she has no other family to go to When Lucie abandons her motherly role, Meg finds a new mother [...]

    2. Very very typical young adult novel Though some of the details were interesting, the whole thing played out pretty much as expected Parts were a bit too soap opera y for me, but I suppose most teenage girls are into melodrama The premise that a 16 year old girl would actually believe that Jennifer Aniston, famous actress, would write letters to her and consider her a friend was a bit disturbing to me Granted, she had a bit of a tough life, but she s described as a rather smart girl Clearly her i [...]

    3. I loved this book I read it in less than 5 hours.It is about a girl that thought her family was dead and then finds out that they are alive and in another state so she goes down there in search for her dod that doesn t know she even exisists and if he will accept her It is am awsome to read book.

    4. The author of this book came to my school and she was great i love this book, but don t expect thatt muchhappy reading

    5. I enjoyed this book It was about a young girl s journey into finding out who she is and where she came from.

    6. Meg and her sister Lucie have always moved around a lot sometimes three times in one year, they will pack up their belongings, move into a new apartment where Lucie starts a new, dead end, crappy job and Meg will start a new school Meg s life seems as shaken and impermanent as the boxes of belongings that never receive a proper place in their new apartment and the WalMart bought, particle board furniture that isn t likely to survive many life altering moves.Because of their sporadic lifestyle, [...]

    7. Hello, everyone Today I just finished a book titled Love, Meg I am going to take this time to review the book which I rate three out of five stars I do warn you that this will have spoilers in it, so if you don t want to know what happens, I suggest you stop here view spoiler I have two major faults against this book which adds up to the two missing stars Let s start with number one the TV aspect Now, when I TV aspect I mean that some of the things that happen in the book are so crazily far fetc [...]

    8. Meg believes she knows everything about her life Her parents are dead and her older sister, Lucy, has cared for her ever since she was a baby They travel from town to town in California, following Lucy s jobs and boyfriends Meg has learned to be self sufficient since she was very young, because Lucy is overwhelmed providing for the two of them on her own.For years she has turned to Jennifer Aniston the actress from friends for emotional support, writing her letters detailing the difficulties she [...]

    9. Let me quote the best part of this book The Durant public library was on Sunset Boulevard across the street from a liquor store and kitty corner to a Fantastic Sam s It was brand new, with skylights and a machine where people could check out books by themselves It had, nevertheless, acquired a bum stink from all the homeless people who slept on its steps every night.As someone who WORKS at this library, I was excited to see a cameo in Love, Meg But I need to correct a couple of inaccuracies No l [...]

    10. actual rating 4.5 15 year old Meg Shanley and her thrity year old sister , Lucie, move from town to town, looking for a better life on a regular basis Lucie is Meg s legal guardian, although she is terrible at it Recently, she s done an even worse job at being her sister But worry not, Meg writes to Jennifer Aniston to gain advice.When Meg discovers who Lucie truly is, she moves in with her uncle and grandma that she just newly discovered So she packs her bag and goes to New York to help her unc [...]

    11. I loved this book, it was a very quick read for me, about a teenager growing up with her sister, who was doing the best she knew how to raise her but coming up very short Meg loved the show Friends and her idol was Jennifer Aniston, and she wrote her letters asking for advice whenever anything came up in her life Jen was like the best friend she never got to keep for long, as her sister moved them around all the time and her friends didn t forgot her as soon as she moved on This book is about fi [...]

    12. the cover on this book is misleading and the book itself is all over the place so much was going on that nothing made sense it was boring and unoriginal fallowed by an annoying main character and not so supporting side characters i honestly had no connection with any of the characters and felt nothing for them i think that it was just jumbled together for the purpose of making a book thank god it was a gift and that i didn t spend my own money on it VERY DISAPPOINTING BOOK i would give it 0 star [...]

    13. This was a really great book for younger readers I enjoyed the relationships that Meg experienced in this book some heart warming and others heart wrenching The ending was also so bittersweet and enjoyable However, I absolutely HATED all of the Jennifer Aniston talk It drove me nuts, but I understand the importance of Jen in Meg s life.

    14. I thought I d hate it since I ve never had a celebrity crush, but this book rocks Its tension is so immediate and I really loved Meg That the situation life handed her is difficult is an understatement and the way she evolves into a girl who can deal with it is believable I was rooting for her the whole time

    15. This book was okay I didn t like it at all until about halfway through I felt like the main character Meg was very childish The things she said and did were almost ridiculous at times It was a pretty good story though, and some parts were interesting It wasn t too bad but I probably won t ever read it again.

    16. The main character, Meg, struck me as a girl looking for answers in the most hopeless way She was scared, but determined Yet the scared part of her noticeably dominated over the determined part of her I admit I didn t really like the book, but the book kept me engaged until the end, which, was a pathetic ending.

    17. This author is coming to my library to talk to the Teens I had better read it so I can ask some questions Should be a good program, Leigh was a writer for The Gil Girls and 7th Heaven Quick read It was good I got some great ideas of themes for the talk as well as a food display that ties into the characters.

    18. This book was given four stars because it shows how good of a friendship you can truly have with your mother I also liked how this book is a mystery page after page and the ending is such a surprise This book was really good to read and I couldn t put it down

    19. Meg has an unstable, complicated life with only one bedrock her correspondence with Jennifer Aniston This book is a pretty fast read However, the characters are two dimensional, and the ending seems a bit trite.

    20. I thought it was a good book about family, not my favorite but still really entertaining and interesting.

    21. Cute little story about a girl finding her way it was a quick, enjoyable read nice to step away from the fantasy world for a bit.

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