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The Rector's Wife #2020

The Rector s Wife Anna Bouverie is the rector s wife She irons his surplices badly delivers the parish newsletter and scrimps to get by on a pittance all the while keeping up appearances She rarely complains and ra

  • Title: The Rector's Wife
  • Author: Joanna Trollope
  • ISBN: 9780001046948
  • Page: 301
  • Format: None
  • The Rector's Wife By Joanna Trollope, Anna Bouverie is the rector s wife She irons his surplices badly , delivers the parish newsletter, and scrimps to get by on a pittance, all the while keeping up appearances She rarely complains and rarely rebels But now as she watches her children do without, as her husband withdraws further into his work, and her frustration mounts into fury Anna realizes that she s wAnna Bouverie is the rector s wife She irons his surplices badly , delivers the parish newsletter, and scrimps to get by on a pittance, all the while keeping up appearances She rarely complains and rarely rebels But now as she watches her children do without, as her husband withdraws further into his work, and her frustration mounts into fury Anna realizes that she s willing to do whatever it takes to save herself A novel of large ideas and small touches, Boston Globe The Rector s Wife will be quickly devoured and long remembered USA Today.

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      Joanna Trollope

    1 thought on “The Rector's Wife

    1. This novel was well written, a good study of the woman s predicament, but it was depressing because I could see where it was headed She needed a savior, a real experience with God, but that never happened I didn t like the two deus ex machina interventions where sudden things happened out of the blue to change the story in ways I won t disclose don t want to spoil the story, in the event someone would want to read it after this review.

    2. This was the first book I read by Joanna Trollope and I immediately became a fan She writes clear, beautifully drawn characters in believable situations.

    3. For the past two decades, the Bouveries have served God and their parish in a myriad of ways As minister of his congregation, Peter Bouverie has always written such powerful sermons, preached to the faithful, and counselled so many troubled couples Everyone in the tiny parish of Loxford also knows of the rector s wife Anna she is so dutiful, organized, prayerful, and self possessed In fact, Anna Bouverie is nothing if not absolutely perfect for the position she is the quintessential minister s w [...]

    4. I read this book in paperback format for a book club.I had read one other book, Other people s children , by this author I found that book to be intriguing What I appreciated was the unflinching way that the author made her characters face obstacles for which sometimes there were no happy ever after endings In this book, Anna is the wife of Peter, the rector, in a small English village As a rector s wife, she is supposed to be beyond reproach and dedicated to her husband Anna finds herself in a [...]

    5. Lovely book filled with housewifely angst and emotional growth, while her rector husband seems to be going the other way Very well written and lively, a real page turner, but the ending seemed a bit predictable and manipulated Overall, a good read

    6. As someone who was raised Catholic, stories about the families of clergy have always fascinated me in their foreignness The matters of the balance of familial commitment and commitment to a congregation, the pressures on the members who have not made this decision for themselves but instead been carried on in a spouse or parent s wake, etc This book didn t really capture me on those terms, however, and it was quite slow without really offering much to compensate for this lack of pace I would sum [...]

    7. I really liked the first ten chapter for 5 stars.But then the plot turned not into what I would have liked

    8. I didn t finish it, it just didn t hold my interest Maybe because I just finished a magnificent Monica McInerney book perhaps

    9. Excellent I can truly feel Anna s life The satirical aspects are dead on Wow This book resonated with me Anna Bouverie is the frustrated wife of the local Rector of small parish church in rural England It is a modern day story well, 1990s or so no cell phones and one that I imagine pastor s wives the world over would find familiar When the continual giving and smiling and sacrificing begins to way like a huge stone on her chest, when her once beloved husband seems to see her only as an unpaid ad [...]

    10. I am reading every book Trollope has ever written, as if i were taking a class studying her works from early to late LOVE her, though some of her books are stronger than others This one was good, not great It was loosely based on Madame Bovary, by Flaubert There was a shocking event towards the end, which I thought was unnecessary and a bit far fetched, and led to too tidy and ending, but I am not sorry I read the book It seemed dated to me, not because it was written 20 years ago, but because w [...]

    11. Well this novel was just Blah It reminded me a lot of The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling see review Here It was quite a dull story, full of dull characters that did not give me any enjoyment whatsoever Why did I finish it then Well, I kept thinking that there was going to be great, big twist that would make it worthwhile to read Sadly, I got to the end without anything worthwhile happening.I am also struggling to give a lot of praise to the author Her style was also Blah and had no real defining f [...]

    12. I actually got the movie first and something was wrong so I couldn t see the end so I got the book Lovely English countryside setting and the rector s wife is not very content with her domineering husband and the disapproval of most of the women of the church congregation for one reason or another It was a character filled book and the story was interesting Good writing and I d read another book by this author.

    13. The story takes an unexpected turn One thing that is typical though, is how Peter blames his wife s affair for the deterioration of their marriage instead of acknowledging that the deterioration of the marriage chiefly due to his stubbornness and emotional abandonment of his wife caused the affair.

    14. Why was it that she was made to feel that her claims had no validity, that her existance was only permitted by everyone as long as it remained relative How did people, Anna cried to herself, how did people get to be primary people the ones who made others relative And why, if you picked up a different burden, was it then assumed that you loved your burden and would gladly carry it for ever and ever These questions are not new Women s experiences within narrowly heterosexual, traditional marriage [...]

    15. I read this a few years ago As a pastor s daughter, I get a lot of the demands and expectations and judgment.Most pastor s I ve known are not obsessed with position, but and , with mega churches and current seminary trends, a rather obnoxious generation of clergy who take upon themselves a role of authority over the congregagtion that is polar opposite what the Bible job description says They do demeans their wives in various ways, both in exhibition and demands.I did not enjoy this book I want [...]

    16. 3.5 stars Kind of terrifying to read As a clergy spouse, I m beyond thankful that my context is so different from Anna s, though even people who should know better ask me whether I ll be serving tea and cutting sandwiches in my husband s church Spoiler alert no But much of what Anna has to deal with is familiar the way people handle her carefully as not a real person, and how her own faith and value as a Christian are mediated and somehow diminished through her husband s vocation and her life be [...]

    17. I don t know if it s an English thing, or a CoE thing, or just a 21st century thing, but the star of this novel didn t seem to have any moral or religious objection to having an affair That being said, it s nice to see the progress of the Romance Novel from a sad woman being swept up by a rich, wealthy man taken someplace happy, to a frustrated woman finding ways to push against restrictions Her salvation still isn t entirely self made, which is convenient, but she isn t counting on love to save [...]

    18. Written in the early 1990 s, this book remains timely if a bit dated in reference to things like technology Although it has probably gotten better, Rector s wives still tend to be thought of as 2 for 1 laborers in their husbands churches Interestingly, the mainstream Protestant churches that now have female You ministers and priests don t tend to look on male spouses with the same expectations Also, interestingly enough, the one secular husband in this book who has the supporting role in his mar [...]

    19. Definitely not something I would have ever picked out myself, but I have no regrets for having read it Plenty of phrases that packed a punch and would have been underlined if I actually owned the copy I was reading , but the plot took a very strange and crazy turn two thirds of the way through that I was not particularly thrilled about view spoiler It just seemed so strange to me to jump from getting a job and being happy with independence to immediately having an affair, but what do I know I m [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book as a study in loneliness of a person highly visible in the narrow field of a small rural community The friction and priority in status when the job comes before partner family priorities is brought to life well The introduction and depiction of the male characters was mostly shallow and could have been deeply explored, as the only ones who felt real were the rector, the major and the son It was a Sunday afternoon read.

    21. I know most readers thought this book was kind of slow.But I loved it Growing up I too was a member of the Church of England, and many times went to the rectory after Sunday s school I have fond memories of the Priests who served in our little church and their wives I thoroughly enjoyed this book and looking forward to reading books from the author.

    22. Did she marry the man and his vocation, or is it ever possible to separate the two A lovely exploration of the dilemma faced by Anna Bouverie and the joys or otherwise of rural parish life.

    23. Highly recommended by my high school English teacher I always wondered what she read I agree Trollope is a good writer but the story is too improbable to get a high rating from me.

    24. Heerlijk boek om de geestelijke strijd en besluitvaardigheid van een ge mancipeerde en hoogopgeleide predikantenvrouw in een bekrompen plattelandsgemeente te volgen Happy ending

    25. My mom recommended this book, which made me nervous my mom sometimes likes really cozy women s fiction books, which is fine, but sometimes they veer from the cozy into another word that begins with c cheesy But I must say I really liked this book Trollope, a distant relative of the esteemed author Anthony Trollope long dead , writes engagingly and has a great sense of humor and irony, somewhat like Jane Austen But another classic author comes to mind when reading this book Gustave Flaubert For t [...]

    26. This is the story of Anna Bouverie s rebellion against her life of trying to be all things to all people in her husband s small rural parish in England The family ekes out a living on Peter Bouverie s pitiful salary while Anna feels unfulfilled as a wife and mother and also assumes many duties that the parish women seem to expect of her Things come to a head when Peter is overlooked for a promotion to archdeacon and he becomes increasingly depressed and bitter Their daughter Flora hates her scho [...]

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