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Long, Lean, and Lethal #2020

Long Lean and Lethal On the glittering set of a popular daytime drama fantasy and reality are fatally intertwined in a brand new red hot trilogy that continues Graham s successful series of contemporary blockbusters Fro

  • Title: Long, Lean, and Lethal
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9780451409157
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Long, Lean, and Lethal By Heather Graham, On the glittering set of a popular daytime drama, fantasy and reality are fatally intertwined in a brand new, red hot trilogy that continues Graham s successful series of contemporary blockbusters From the author of Drop Dead Gorgeous Author signings.

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      Heather Graham

    1 thought on “Long, Lean, and Lethal

    1. I liked the grandma in the story The fact that the villian was who I suspected did not excite me I found it very incestous , the relationship between jennifer and the male main character was annoying It was not my cup of tea.

    2. This is a great story wove around a daytime soap opera and Jennifer Connolly who played one of the stars and Conar Markham her step brother Jennifer s mom had asked Conar to come and be a bodyguard for her daughter because she had received some threatening phone calls and notes Abby Connolly had once been a great star herself before she became ill Now she wants to protect her daughter and the only person she trusts is Conar Unfortunately several up and coming starlets have been murdered in true [...]

    3. Uhh so I marked this book read before I finished it and soon realized it s Uhm a little bit sexy and now I feel weird about publicizing that I ve read this book so don t judge me please.

    4. i thought it was a great book it had everything that i love romance and mystry i thought that it was a lil to wierd that she marry s and was having sex with her stepbrother but they aint really family so i guess it was alright at frist i thought it was the butler that killed everyone but i wasnt sure it surpised me and i was right you would have to have read it to know what im talking about lolz i hate talking about books that people might not have read so sorry if you havent and i gave it away

    5. This was supposed to be a romantic suspense But I found it very staged I guessed who the killer was very early on The romance was so stereotypical I almost could have copied and pasted it from countless other books The predictability like this was the reason I gave up reading romances when I was a teenager Such lines as she felt his state of arousal against her thigh How trite This was of a 2 1 2 stars.

    6. 2.5 starsI love Heather Graham and her Krewe of Hunters as well as the Flynn Brothers but this book just didn t make the cut Both the MC s are so irritating and childish I had to force myself to finish this book The only redeeming factor was that I could not guess who the killer was That was actually quite brilliant I would never have pegged the guilty party as the killer.

    7. Wow, not good Read book three of this trilogy first and went back.Unlikeable woman, too fast resolution yuck.

    8. Great, old fashion murder mystery Although not her usual style, Heather Graham has created a unique cast of characters that really compliment each other.

    9. I enjoyed the book, it was a pretty quick read I will say that I had it figured out about half way through the book but wanted to see how it played out.

    10. This was a fun filled little whodunit Typical chick lit not much deep thinking involved, and a very cliche ending but, overall, a quick, entertaining read

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