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Delia's Dull Day #2020

Delia s Dull Day Poor Delia nothing ever happens to her Her life is so dull dull dull But perhaps if Delia decided to look up or turn around she d see the elephants marching through her house the pirate sitting be

  • Title: Delia's Dull Day
  • Author: Andy Myer
  • ISBN: 9781585368044
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Delia's Dull Day By Andy Myer, Poor Delia, nothing ever happens to her Her life is so dull, dull, dull But perhaps if Delia decided to look up or turn around, she d see the elephants marching through her house the pirate sitting behind her on the school bus or even the submarine that rises to the surface right after she leaves the pool If Delia ever paid attention, she d realize her life is quite excPoor Delia, nothing ever happens to her Her life is so dull, dull, dull But perhaps if Delia decided to look up or turn around, she d see the elephants marching through her house the pirate sitting behind her on the school bus or even the submarine that rises to the surface right after she leaves the pool If Delia ever paid attention, she d realize her life is quite exciting after all.

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    1 thought on “Delia's Dull Day

    1. Oh dear, dear, dull, Delia Going through life without ever stopping to smell the roses Or look up at the sky Or look down at her toes and observe, for the first time, how each toe is shaped so differently from the other Dear, dear, dragging, drudging, dusty, dry Delia What are we to do with such a jaded little girl as you She misses out on the most intriguing, unbelievable sights and happenings in her seemingly hum drum neighbourhood, going through her everyday routines Of course, we don t miss [...]

    2. Delia leads a very ordinary life, and as she tells readers, nothing, absolutely nothing ever happens to her But as readers follow her on her way to and from school, they realize that there is plenty of excitement in the background of her life Delia just hasn t noticed the pirate sitting behind her on the school bus or the unusually shaped hot air balloons floating behind her If she d quit her complaining and look around her, she just might be pleasantly surprised I was tickled by the last illust [...]

    3. Delia s Dull Day is about a little girl named Delia who thinks her life is just so boring and fails to see all the neat things happening around her The books serves as a reminder to children AND adults to stop and smell the roses Personally, sometimes I get so caught up in my everyday routine that I fail to note the wonderful things around me that may seem everyday a tail wag from my dog, having a hot cup of coffee in the morning, a job that involves BOOKS even if I am not exactly where I want t [...]

    4. Why I liked this book I love how Delia is that close to having an interesting day if only she d just look around and pay attention That is a part of what makes the book hilarious to me The other part is that Delia looks almost EXACTLY like a classmate of mine Mr Myer has successfully written a book with a lot of humor, and teaching a lesson, without preaching it The lesson is great just look around and you ll see all kinds of cool stuff going on I love how Delia is walking to the bus stop playin [...]

    5. Audience PrimaryGenre Fantasy HumorHave you ever had a BORING day where NOTHING happens Delia spends this story complaining about how BORING her life is every day She tells readers how nothing exciting EVER happens and attempts to show us her mundane life However, readers are offered a glimpse at all of the extra ordinary and exciting things happening around Delia all the time that she fails to notice The illustrations are humorous and lively and this story offers audiences an important lesson a [...]

    6. Delia spends the story lamenting about her super boring and ordinary day But readers are treated to the exciting adventures that occurred while Delia was oblivious to them elephants walking through the kitchen during breakfast time, a gargantuan gorilla in line at the school cafeteria, and an alien invasion in her living room during her viewing of Mars Invaders 3.Children will delight in the very un dull events that Delia is missing out on during her day and will chuckle at her woes This book is [...]

    7. A great read aloud story in which a girl assures the reader that she has had the most boring day despite all of the exciting things in the backgrounds of the watercolor illustrations.I can t wait to read this book to elementary school students The zany pictures on each page while the main character is proclaiming that nothing has happened in her day except the same old stuff should make for some funny outbursts from students who can clearly see otherwise Read alike I m Bored by Michael Ian Black [...]

    8. This is the year of books about boredom Pair this with I m Bored for a truly non boring storytime.Delia s Dull Day is about the idea that life is only exciting if you notice the world around you She spends her whole day absorbed in how boring she thinks it is, only to miss out on the things around her, including some very unusual, very noticeable events for anyone paying the least bit of attention.Cute and clever, and I loved the illustrations, especially the detail on the hot air balloons.

    9. Delia s story reminds readers to stop and smell the roses She goes about the day complaining about how dull and uneventful it is If poor Delia would ever stop and pay attention, she would realize that WONDERFUL, EXCITING, CRAZY things happen to her hourly This book would be a good tool to inspire creative writing for students Teachers could also use this book as a management tool to teach students the importance of paying attention.

    10. This isn t necessarily the most beautiful or deep picture book, but I think that it would be excellent in story time I have found that books that have contradictions between the words and the pictures are PERFECT for getting kids talking, and I can imagine the kids eagerly pointing at the book and saying things like, BUT THERE S A PIRATE ON THE BUS as I boredly read about how boring everything is D I think this would be a GREAT match with I m Bored by Michael Ian Black.

    11. Delia s life is boring, boring, boring Nothing ever happens At least not anything she is aware of Unfortunately, the things she cannot see are the gorilla behind her in the lunch line, the ostrich running by on the playground, or the submairne emerging from the swimming pool Will she ever learn to look up and be aware of the magic all around her in her dull, dull life

    12. 2013 IRA Nominee for Primary FictionLoved this clever story subtitles An Incredibly Boring Story where Delia laments her boring life while exciting events happen all around here Cleverly illustrated to help kids notice things that Delia is not and point out the importance of observing the world in which we live to give a focus to inquiry and ideas for writing.

    13. Delia describes her boring day when nothing exciting happened, but the colorful, glorious illustrations show otherwise If she paid attention and looked up, she d notice life was quite exciting after all A good lesson for children, as well as adults A great read aloud book, kids will laugh the contradictory nature of the words versus the vivid pictures.

    14. As Delia recounts her dull day, the reader sees all of the exciting, incredible, and funny things that are going on around and behind her while Delia remains totally oblivious Kids will get a kick out of being in on the joke and could also be used as a good story starter for creative writing assignments for elementary age kids I ll be adding this to my list of books to read for class visits.

    15. This is another book I would love to own Delia thinks that there is nothing exciting in her life simply because she never takes the time to look around and see what she has It really addresses the ground level issue of being content where you are On a spiritual level it also demonstrates how sometimes God is working all around us and we simply do not look to see Him moving.

    16. Delia s Day is dull, but what she doesn t see is all the stuff that is going on around her She is all consumed with her phone or other things that she doesn t notice all the AWESOME things that are taking place So look around people, get out of your bubble and see that, there is a scuba diver coming up from your toiletat is NOT dull

    17. Do your students ever get so stuck in complaining about the world around them that they miss the things that are right in front of them I have a student that gets stuck in a sulk all the time so we have been working on a gratitude journal pinterest pin 389561436487 I can t wait to use this book with her to talk about perseverance and optimism.

    18. This is a very funny book about a little girl who describes her completely boring, dull day The narrative tells one story and the illustrations tell a completely different story, which adds a lot of humor to the tale Our girls laughed so hard at the crazy events that occurred during a normal, boring day We really enjoyed reading this book together.

    19. Delia s life is pretty boring, mostly because she fails to notice all the interesting and unusual things going on around her An interesting contrast to Let s Do Nothing.

    20. A little girl complains that her life is boring, never realizing that amazing things are happening around her such as elephants marching through her house, a pirate sitting behind her on the school bus, or a submarine in her pool Provided by the publisher.

    21. This is one of those stories where the illustrations tell a different story than the text does Delia thinks her day is so dull, but doesn t see all the wackiness that s going on around her Use this one to teach Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Common Core State Standard.

    22. A great summer read that reminds us to keep our eyes open for the wonderous things that happen in every day life It is essentially an updated version of the classic Wacky Wednesday without the I spy and counting visual errors components.

    23. This was cute, the humor is all in the contrast of Delia narrating her day, obviously not very impressed by how mundane it all is, and the illustrations which show various fun and fantastic things happening in the background.There s not much too it than that.

    24. It s the opposite of that book where the character imagines the most amazing things Here Delia is convinced nothing exciting ever happens when all around her we see incredible events unfolding, if she would only look around.

    25. A little girl complains that her day is extremely boring, even with amazing things happening all around her I didn t get it.

    26. Oh Delia Your day is not as boring as you think This would be really fun for storytime Would get some serious audience participation up.

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