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Red Letter Revolution: What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said? #2020

Red Letter Revolution What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said For all the Christians facing conflict between Jesus words and their own lives for all the non Christians who feel they rarely see Jesus commands reflected in the choices of his followers Red Letter

  • Title: Red Letter Revolution: What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said?
  • Author: Shane Claiborne Tony Campolo Stu Gray Chip Arnold
  • ISBN: 9781400204182
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Red Letter Revolution: What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said? By Shane Claiborne Tony Campolo Stu Gray Chip Arnold, For all the Christians facing conflict between Jesus words and their own lives, for all the non Christians who feel they rarely see Jesus commands reflected in the choices of his followers, Red Letter Revolution is a blueprint for a new kind of Christianity, one consciously centered on the words of Jesus, the Bible s red letters Framed as a captivating dialogue betweenFor all the Christians facing conflict between Jesus words and their own lives, for all the non Christians who feel they rarely see Jesus commands reflected in the choices of his followers, Red Letter Revolution is a blueprint for a new kind of Christianity, one consciously centered on the words of Jesus, the Bible s red letters Framed as a captivating dialogue between Shane Claiborne, a progressive young evangelical, and Tony Campolo, a seasoned pastor and professor of sociology, Red Letter Revolution is a life altering manifesto for skeptics and Christians alike It is a call to a lifestyle that considers first and foremost Jesus explicit, liberating message of sacrificial love.Shane and Tony candidly bring the words of Jesus to bear on contemporary issues of violence, community, Islam, hell, sexuality, civil disobedience, and twenty other critical topics for people of faith and conscience today The resulting conversations reveal the striking truth that Christians guided unequivocally by the words of Jesus will frequently reach conclusions utterly contrary to those of mainstream evangelical Christianity.If the Jesus who speaks to you through the Gospels is at odds with the Christian culture you know, if you have ever wanted to stand up and say, I love Jesus, but that s not me, Red Letter Revolution will prove that you are not alone you may have been a Red Letter Christian all along.Endorsements This book, by a young and an elderly Christian, will help you decide how we Christians could change the world if we took the red letter words of Jesus literally and seriously President Jimmy Carter In Red Letter Revolution the uncompromised truth of Jesus teachings are given voice by two modern day Christian leaders who do than preach this Good News They walk the talk and lead the way Archbishop Desmond Tutu I started reading this book and couldn t stop Thank you, Tony and Shane Thank you for this book May the movement spread around the world Abuna Elias Chacour, Melkite Catholic Archbishop of Galilee Red Letter Revolution is an adrenaline producing conversation with prophetic bite Eugene H Peterson, author of The Message Bible I cannot over emphasize or exaggerate the richness of this book Phyllis Tickle, author of Emergence Christianity In this courageous and well crafted book, we have a return to the core message of the Gospel from two Christians who first tried to live it themselves and only then spoke Fr Richard Rohr, O.F.M Center for Action and Contemplation Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo are two of the most significant prophetic voices in the Christian world Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun Magazine tikkun This is a must read book for anyone who is seeking to take Jesus call on their lives seriously Jim Wallis, founder and editor of Sojourners magazine If you ever wished you could eavesdrop on a conversation with two of the world s most interesting and inspiring Christians, just turn to page one Brian D McLaren, author speaker brianmclaren

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      155 Shane Claiborne Tony Campolo Stu Gray Chip Arnold
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    1 thought on “Red Letter Revolution: What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said?

    1. While I believe the authors of this book meant well they did not write a manifesto on what it means to be a Red Letter Christian What they wrote was a haphazard hot potato discussion of topics, dialogue on homosexuality dialogue on politics dialogue on the Middle East etc And while one might expect the authors to discuss how Christ addressed all of these difficult topics in the red letters of the new testament, they did not What they did was have a very interesting discussion about today s issue [...]

    2. Red Letter Revolution What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said by Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo is written as a dialogue between the two authors They introduce it as a new movement of believers who attempt to take seriously the words of Christ and commit to living them out in daily life Overall, they tackle twenty six different topics, including hell, Islam, family, racism, homosexuality, immigration, politics, war, national debt, and missions, divided into three separate sections.There are so [...]

    3. For those interested in scriptural study the idea of red letters is a fairly common concept In fact since 1899 Bibles have been published with the words of Jesus highlighted in red In this new book by Shane Claiborne the concept is taken a step further The question is asked What if Jesus really meant all that he said To put it bluntly, this book was a game changer for me It was a real challenge to some of the things I thought I believed regarding many issues of the day I certainly did not change [...]

    4. If you ve already read or heard Claiborne or Campolo, you ll know what to expect from this book Most of the topics weren t new to me, however it was still rewarding to read about these Red Letter Christian themes and ideas, such as Community, Giving, Israel Palestine, Violence, etc compiled together into one book and structured as ongoing discussions and organized by topic.Each chapter takes on some theme important to Red Letter Christianity It is divided into three parts Red Letter Theology, Re [...]

    5. There are times where reading the dialogue between friends creates an enjoyable reading experience, where the familiarity of the conversation partners creates an intimate mood Then there are occasions like reading this book, where a chummy atmosphere between readers is the last thing one wants where one disagrees strenuously with the point of view of the authors in question This is the sort of book where the problematic ideas on hand would have done better to be dealt with from a fair minded but [...]

    6. This is not really a book, as much as it is a transcript of an extended discussion The authors Claiborne and Campolo reflect on what Christianity might look like, if those who claim to follow Jesus would stop actually following religious or cultural tradition Instead they discuss what it would look like if the red letters of the bible were followed In most modern bibles, the red colored letters are the words spoken by Jesus Thus, the Red Letter Revolution is the revolution that would take place [...]

    7. Written as a literary dialog between two practitioners of the Red Letter Christian movement, this book is a treatise on what Jesus taught and what it should look like in 21st century America and among Christians everywhere I may not always agree with everything that they say, but will admit to being challenged in my thinking I am personal ly acquainted with one of the authors, Tony Camoplo, and my wife actually took a sociology course with him at Eastern University when she was a student there I [...]

    8. This book is challenging It challenges Christians to confront whether we go to church belong to a church or follow Christ through his actual words in the gospels and the answer for me and many is likely to be that we aren t following his words or him.I appreciate the topic generally and I find both authors to be articulate and well grounded I like to format of a dialogue Although it s less frequently point and counter point, it gives two people with similar but distinct views the opportunity to [...]

    9. This book is amazing Few Christians out there stand out to me as much as Shane Claiborne does I think this is because Shane not only calls for Christian life to be radical, but shows in his own life just how radical it can be He practices what he preaches and gives us all a good look at what Jesus looked like when He walked the earth Between him and Tony Campolo, so many hot button issues are touched on that this book really becomes somewhat of a guide to Christian living in today s day and cult [...]

    10. If Christianity is about following Jesus Christ, then this book presents many important challenges to what is accepted as Christianity in the conservative parts of the USA It was a breath of fresh air for me.

    11. One of my new favorite books It did everything a Christian book should do, challenged me, argues with me, and gave me tools to support many of my beliefs Everyone should read this, Christian, catholic, atheist, everyone.

    12. Very intriguing and thought provoking Especially for the closed minded Christian who can t get past theological and denominational lines Well written and easy to follow I couldn t hardly set it down

    13. One of the best books I have read in a long time This book is like a conversational, postmodern, theology primer I loved this book

    14. I always tell our community that we should attract the people Jesus attracted and frustrate the people Jesus frustrated It s certainly never our goal to frustrate, but it is worth noting that the people who were constantly agitated were the self righteous, religious elite, the rich, and the powerful But the people who were fascinated by him, by his love and grace, were folks who were already wounded and ostracized folks who didn t have much to lose, who already knew full well that they were brok [...]

    15. While I enjoyed this book overall, there were some disappointments It deals with intriguing topics, and holds great potential for dialogue and discussion, but it is not a deep book The authors cover a wide range of subjects, in a seemingly haphazard way, never really linking their dialogue based chapters together in a coherent way In the end, even when I do agree with their conclusions and stances in general, I disagree with their methodology They do not perform Biblical exegesis in a responsibl [...]

    16. Hypocrisy at its finest Claiborne and Campolo espouse living the the way Jesus taught in the New Testament Both Claiborne and Campolo talk about pro life in one chapter, yet Campolo vehemently supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race The same Hillary Clinton that supports abortion up to 9 months and idolized Margaret Sanger and Senator Robert Byrd Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of the KKK This book was nothing than liberalism with a twist of Christianity.Once I finish this book I wi [...]

    17. Interested in a fascinating and challenging discussion between two evangelicals one young, one old about taking Jesus seriously in regard to relevant topics and issues, such as hell, Islam, economics, environmentalism, racism, immigration, politics, war, and national debt If you are and you re willing to have your views challenged , you re in for a treat Taking Jesus seriously should have an impact on all of life, for we are not simply trying to fit Jesus into our lives, but rather, attempting t [...]

    18. Tomar en serio las palabras y el ejemplo de Jes s es un enorme desaf o, es una verdadera revoluci n tanto en el sistema en que vivimos como en las imposiciones y paradigmas impuestos por la misma religi n que se hace llamar cristiana Ser seguidores de Jes s no es f cil, es un compromiso vivir esas letras rojas en la biblia, es negarnos a que nuestra fe sea un pase al cielo y una excusa para ignorar el mundo que sufre a nuestro alrededor.

    19. I was sorely disappointed by Campolo s Red Letter Christians book What I was hoping for is what I got in this book mostly from Claiborne I have read Claiborne before and those books always speak to me, this book was no different Lots of scriptural support and common sense logic about how to take strides towards living what Christ preached An awesome book, I highly recommend it.

    20. Amazing One of the most inspiration Christian books I ve ever read This book is for people who want to radically live out the words of Jesus.

    21. Whenever you have a book written by Claiborne or Campolo, you know you re in for some against the grain feelings Just imagine if these two man combined forces for a book This book is a conversation between the two authors and how they relate to a fairly new movement within Christianity called Red Letter Christians Claiborne and Campolo go back and forth concerning a multitude of topics and we get to read the conversation as if we re reading their journal or their instant messages.This book is di [...]

    22. You should be familiar with the words written in red in the New Testament of the Holy Bible They are the words of Jesus Christ But did Jesus really mean what he said The authors believe so.This book is a discussion between two authors attempting to present an achievable authentic lifestyle that personifies the teachings of Christ They share their thoughts concerning a myriad of topics, many quite controversial and hot bed political issues.The material is presented as a conversation between Shane [...]

    23. Very good book Campolo and Claiborne offer lots of thought provoking writing in a conversation style book I admire their ambition in covering a whole lot of material and they didn t shy away from discussing some of the bigger topics that are currently circulating both in the church and in society as a whole Islam, homosexuality, hell, etc As I read this book there were so many lines that I had to highlight because they really resounded with me and put words to sentiments that should be considere [...]

    24. This book is fantastic Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo write in a conversational style and encourage readers to be intentional about their faith by looking at current issues through the lens of the Red Letters, the words Jesus spoke They look at issues such as the economy, war, abortion, homosexuality, empire, etc As a Seventh day Adventist who values our notion of Sola Scriptura, I think we should constantly be evaluating our beliefs and lifestyle by the words of Jesus don t you My favorite of [...]

    25. This book is first of all impressive in the broad scope of topics that are covered, including church history, liturgy, hell, racism, environmentalism, homosexuality, civil disobedience, politics, war and violence and the list goes on What is striking for me is how much my views on many of these matters has changed substantially in the past 10 15 years I love how Tony and Shane combine their elderly and youthful wisdom to speak to such a broad range of topics that the evangelical dare I say fund [...]

    26. Red Letter Revolution What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said ISBN 9781400204182 by Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo is a conversation about different aspects of Christianity like our faith, how outsiders see us, social issues from homosexuality to abortion the Middle East and even US politics.The concept of Red Letter refers the practice of publishers to use red letters to indicate the words of Jesus as a means to separate this movement group of people from fundamentalists Whenever the word eva [...]

    27. What a refreshing book It s nice to have a couple of prominent Christians examine contemporary issues by looking at what Jesus actually says instead of toeing the party line At times they sort of skirt around certain things, such as abortion They don t pick a particular side or say definitively that such and such is right or wrong Normally that would bug me, but in this situation I liked that they focus on common ground For instance, going with the abortion example, they acknowledge that abortio [...]

    28. What a spectacular book The peacefulness with which Claiborne and Campolo dialogue on the issues in the book was so refreshing from the constant partisan bickering so common elsewhere in theological and evangelical circles The disagree in places and yet can still have an enriching conversation without disintegrating into fighting or a parting of the ways I did feel the first two parts of the book were much stronger than the last third, but in large part because I felt that they gave away the gam [...]

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