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One Man's Bible #2020

One Man s Bible The Barnes Noble ReviewLike another Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Gao Xingjian China s leading novelist and playwright mixes autobiographical details with fictional techniques to creat

  • Title: One Man's Bible
  • Author: Gao Xingjian Mabel Lee
  • ISBN: 9780060936266
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Man's Bible By Gao Xingjian Mabel Lee, The Barnes Noble ReviewLike another Nobel Prize winner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Gao Xingjian, China s leading novelist and playwright, mixes autobiographical details with fictional techniques to create indelible portraits of daily life under a harsh, dehumanizing political regime In One Man s Bible, Gao gives us a profound meditation on a life marked by personal andThe Barnes Noble ReviewLike another Nobel Prize winner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Gao Xingjian, China s leading novelist and playwright, mixes autobiographical details with fictional techniques to create indelible portraits of daily life under a harsh, dehumanizing political regime In One Man s Bible, Gao gives us a profound meditation on a life marked by personal and political trauma The nameless narrator of the novel which begins in contemporary Hong Kong is clearly Gao himself In the intimate aftermath of a sexual encounter, Gao revisits the central moments of his life, traveling, in memory, to the Beijing of his childhood, a childhood scarred at the age of ten by his mother s accidental drowning From emblematic moments like this, Gao s memory ranges across time and space, gradually illuminating the nature of life before, during, and after China s disastrous Cultural Revolution Gao Xingjian is one of the most eloquent, authoritative voices of 20th century China, and his personal, political, and aesthetic musings shine a light on a world that very few Westerners have ever truly understood Ultimately, through his honesty and his artistry, Gao locates the common ground connecting us all in this memorable, universal novel about the perplexities of being human Bill Sheehan

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    1. As I sit at my desk typing this out, there s a man thousands of miles away locked up somewhere in the darkest recesses of China s prison system, silently keeping tabs on the days that morph into months and the months that morph into years His name is Liu Xiaobo and it has been 4 years since he has ceased to be a free man, sentenced to an 11 year term because he dared to have an opinion of his own.And while reading this harrowing autobiographical novel, my thoughts were with Liu and the other ano [...]

    2. 55 One Man s Bible by Gao Xingjianpublished 1999format 450 page Hardcoveracquired 2003 from a 75% Off Books do they still exist read Dec 14 24rating 4Another dusty book on the shelf, this one has been hanging around for some 14 years with my eye on it, but with my never having any clue what it contained After reading a few pages, I looked up a few reviews and found some really critical, especially in comparison to Soul Mountain which led to his Nobel prize These negative reviews were a bit unfai [...]

    3. I have read quite a bit of Chinese and Chinese American fiction involving Mao Tse tung, but none has driven home the cruelties and absurdities of the Cultural Revolution better than Gao Xingjian s dreamlike narrative His two conflicting personalities one entrenched in Cultural Revolution intrigue and the other reflecting upon it years later hash it out in the second and third person points of view This novel showcases absolute power corrupting absolutely and unveils an era during which anything [...]

    4. I can t say that I enjoyed this book but it did make me aware of what it must be like to live under a totalitarian state In Stasiland by Anna Funder Stasiland Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall, Funder is the narrator, an outsider viewing with shock, amusement, compassion or disbelief, but even an author as perceptive as she is cannot convey what it is like to be subject to the intellectual confusion it occasions.Xingjian does His narration seems first hand, written with a sense of immediacy t [...]

    5. l uomo cinese un uomo solollissima introspezione senza censure del pensiero di un uomo che, ovunque sia e con chiunque si accompagni, sempre solo e lo sar comunque difficile spiegare a chi non cinese cosa vuol dire vivere in Cina, forse solo un abitante dell Unione sovietica sotto il terrore staliniano potrebbe capiresono molti gli episodi che lui, l uomo senza nome che narra la sua storia, racconta a Margarethe e tutti i suoi racconti vengono interrotti da una sola parola perch perch hai dovuto [...]

    6. 3.7 stars Semi fictionalised memoir, which seems to be Gao s modus operandi The last pages are good, where narrator says he is finally at peace with life But God, how utterly terrifying the events he relates to us, caught in the whirlwind of Cultural Revolution State condoned paranoia and madness and illimitable suffering To be at peace after such personal hardship as we read here is no mean feat.As with Soul Mountain, two main characters you and he are really Gao himself A very successful techn [...]

    7. Reading Challenge Pop Sugar 201731 Un libro cuyo personaje principal sea de diferente etnia que t El libro de un hombre solo es una novela contada a dos tiempos y, si me fij bien, contada igualmente por dos voces que parecen ser el mismo hombre El pasado y el presente se mezclan en la historia de este escritor, chino, que vive, por lo que se supone, en el exilio El pasado nos muestra la vida en China, la revoluci n cultural de Mao y las atrocidades cometidas hacia la poblaci n del pa s por unos [...]

    8. Me cuesta realizar una cr tica de este libro Es un relato muy personal, envuelto en momentos hist ricos muy importantes Puedo destacar las grandes reflexiones que bordean lo filos fico y po tico Como tambi n el realismo y crudeza al momento de relatar lo que fue y es la China comunista.

    9. Relata la historia de un escritor expatriado victima de la persecucion politica en la revolucion cultural de China.Incitado por Margarita editora alemana victima de violacion a los 13 busca en los recovecos de su memoria memorias olvidadas y pasajes reprimidos de su historia en un intento por crear un vinculo sentimental independiente del acto sexual con una mujer.En su narrativa las motivaciones,razonmientos y sentimientos de los personajes quedan muy claras,son casi transparentes por lo cual e [...]

    10. Un escritor chino, exiliado en Par s, reflexiona sobre su pasado en los a os de la revoluci n cultural china Un juicio en el que nada queda fuera y se expone con detalle la cruda realidad de un r gimen denigratorio y brutal.Una drama hist rico novelado en el que se produce un intenso di logo a tres niveles entre el YO protagonista escritor exiliado y liberado de su pasado que lo observa todo desde la distancia Un T protagonista intelectual, que no es otro que el yo que se auto interroga en un di [...]

    11. No planeo ni una suerte de an lisis mayor de la obra, pero me siento en la obligaci n de hacer notar su calidad art stica.Gao Xingjian es un autor que me atrae a la vez que me presenta algunos serios problemas est ticos Modernista de inspiraci n sus dramas pertenecen al teatro del absurdo y es, a su vez, el traductor de Beckett al chino esperar a ponerle f cilmente un par de etiquetas Pero en cambio me encuentro con una visi n tal vez m s real de la vida, pero no una extrema que s lo vea negro y [...]

    12. For capturing the essence of memory and it s unstructured way of surfacing this book was great As for being a Noble price winner i dont agree The rambling in between the actual story left me not perplexed about the essential meaning of life or politics It just left me fatigued and eager to be done with the book I don t now have any view of China during or post Cultural Revolution i merely have a character whose view of women is demeaning and stereotypical insecure and contradictory Whose own str [...]

    13. Debes recuperar la calma, mirar ese mundo y a ti mismo con serenidad El mundo es as y continuar igual Un hombre solo es realmente poca cosa, lo nico que puede hacer es expresarse, nada m s Pat tico, l cido y extra amente familiar v vida y profunda reflexi n sobre el propio ser, su dignidad y busca de libertad A trav s de los recuerdos, miedos, sue os y deseos del Hombre Solo, logramos junto a l pasar del recelo a la desesperaci n, de la ingenua esperanza al vac o existencial, de la locura a la a [...]

    14. Poignant La structure narrative d cousue au rythme des souvenirs du narrateur renforce encore ce r cit magnifique.

    15. I gave up on this one The description of the horrors of the cultural revolution were moving without doubt What let it down was the none stop descriptions of various love affairs and continually sexual encounters Cynically one could feel this was felt needed to capture a wider audience.

    16. Libro muy recomendable para empezar a hacernos una idea de lo que supuso la revoluci n cultural en China.El nico refugio posible tu propia mente Todo lo dem s, horror.

    17. I was torn between giving this 3 stars, but just couldn t Once again I am mystified at the Noble Prize for this author hopefully his plays which he is most noted for is the reason for the award or may be the committee just needed a Chinese writer to make the awards look balanced and Gao was the only one they could find that was being published in the West Not sure if it was his intention or if it was a poor translation which made the narrative shift in tense and point of view The novel is autob [...]

    18. To give this book less than four stars would be a travesty in my mind I was all set to give it less earlier on because the translated writing is so raw, so almost devoid of feeling in the presence of so much hatred, pain and suffering But then I realised, especially after reading several Chinese authors recently, that this is the outpouring of a Chinese man beaten into submission by repressive regimes and ever changing Party doctrine a man who has had much of his ability to feel taken away or hi [...]

    19. The narrator of Gao Xinjian s One Man s Bible survives the political chaos of China s Cultural Revolution to win a solitary but much cherished freedom in the West But through all the turmoil there is consistency of character he stays aloof from isms and finds real meaning largely through literary and sexual expression, both intense experiences of the present where memory of the past is either absorbed into the the moment or pushed aside altogether In one of the best sections of this book, the na [...]

    20. Romanzo autobiografico L autore, Nobel per la letteratura nel 2000 con La montagna dell anima, narra in forma romanzata la sua vita in Cina durante la Rivoluzione Culturale e le esperienze successive, fino all espatrio L esposizione delle vicende segue il riaffiorare dei ricordi del protagonista, e non l ordine cronologico degli avvenimenti Una volta fatta l abitudine allo stile volutamente scarno, la narrazione abbastanza godibile Un po troppe pippe mentali del genere astratto, per i miei gusti [...]

    21. eho v eho je lov k schopen ve jm nu ideologie o tom je tahle kniha O lidsk touze a v li p e t a zachovat si aspo trochu lidsk d stojnosti a smyslu pro kr su i to je takhle kniha Gao je mal a na jeho psan je to poznat Mal , kter vl dne bravurn jazykem m te u n j pocit, e ka d slovo, ka d v ta je tis ckr t promy lena , slovn vete je nemilosrdn odstran na a z stanou jen slova tahy t tce kter dotv ej obraz Obraz doby, kdy ivot jednotlivce nem l dnou cenu a kdy k p e it bylo nutno vypnout vlastn my l [...]

    22. Morbidly gripping Set during China s cultural revolution, the novel is touted as a fictional autobiography The narrator is highly removed from any sense of sentimentality, yet you, the reader, keep reading on The term page turner usually refers to some light plot driven fluff, but here I was flipping pages as one can t avert his eyes from a train wreck.Gao recreates a world full of neurosis, mistrust, and paranoia, describing interpersonal relationships that are doomed to fail and never had a ch [...]

    23. I read this book about a year ago I was conflicted about it But now having read the other Chinese books, I plan to read this again It is not easy to read since it is translated from the Chinese and is somewhat stream of conscious writing But it really really gives a picture of China during the time of Mao and the Cultural Revolution It was mind boggling to read about the fast changes of allegiances during this time One month you are part of the in group with the government and then suddenly you [...]

    24. My first posting was as follows So far, I m not highly impressed but I m only 50 pages in Got up with amazing amounts of energy yesterday at 4 25am, and so I grabbed this off my shelf as I didn t want to turn on the lights in our bedroom to find Ovid, cuz then Nick would wake up The author did win the Nobel prize, so he s not a bad writer s just not grabbing me yet Waiting to be sucked inAnd now, here s my final review Okay, this wasn t my favorite book Never sucked me in, never felt compassion [...]

    25. Gao Xingjian je hor k Knihou nemihne se ensk postava bez adern ho koment e Zvl tn autor v styl, kdy kol s vypr v n m mezi ty on je zaj mav , ale pro m ne p li do knihy a d je vtahuj c Nimr n se v sob a v bec anal za my lenkov pocitov t k k erotice, co v prud rn n edes t ch let obn elo nemal rizika a spousty nejistot zen lenstv kulturn revoluce, Orwell v praxi Nikoliv profl kl velk bratr , to bych autorovi k ivdil t k dovnit , obr cen se do sebe, proto e to je to jedin co totalitn spole nost nem [...]

    26. Dos voces, la del dramaturgo exiliado en Francia que viaja por el mundo Hong Kong, Australia, sur de Francia, Barcelona y la del joven funcionario arrastrado por la locura colectiva de la Revoluci n Cultural que le lleva de Pek n a una aldea al sur de la China, y una misma persona, el hombre solo, aqu l que descubre la vacuidad de las ideolog as y las religiones y busca en sus amantes una temporal conexi n con otros seres humanos.Sin concesiones, sin sentimentalismos, sin ambages Una historia tr [...]

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