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Moscow, 1937 #2020

Moscow Moscow the soviet metropolis at the zenith of Stalin s dictatorship A society utterly wrecked by a hurricane of violence In this compelling book the renowned historian Karl Schlogel reconstruct

  • Title: Moscow, 1937
  • Author: Karl Schlögel Karl Schlgel
  • ISBN: 9780745650760
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Moscow, 1937 By Karl Schlögel Karl Schlgel, Moscow, 1937 the soviet metropolis at the zenith of Stalin s dictatorship A society utterly wrecked by a hurricane of violence In this compelling book, the renowned historian Karl Schlogel reconstructs with meticulous care the process through which, month by month, the terrorism of a state of emergency regime spiraled into the Great Terror during which 1 1 2 million hMoscow, 1937 the soviet metropolis at the zenith of Stalin s dictatorship A society utterly wrecked by a hurricane of violence In this compelling book, the renowned historian Karl Schlogel reconstructs with meticulous care the process through which, month by month, the terrorism of a state of emergency regime spiraled into the Great Terror during which 1 1 2 million human beings lost their lives within a single year He revisits the sites of show trials and executions and, by also consulting numerous sources from the time, he provides a masterful panorama of these key events in Russian history He shows how, in the shadow of the reign of terror, the regime around Stalin also aimed to construct a new society Based on countless documents, Schlogel s historical masterpiece vividly presents an age in which the boundaries separating the dream and the terror dissolve, and enables us to experience the fear that was felt by people subjected to totalitarian rule This rich and absorbing account of the Soviet purges will be essential reading for all students of Russia and for any readers interested in one of the most dramatic and disturbing events of modern history.

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    1. The year 1937 was declared the Year of the Child A chapter of this book is devoted to the production of children s media, with advertising campaigns, children s books, adventure film, and toys This is supplemented by the diary of an adolescent girl, Nina Kosterina, who dreams of adolescent love and a bright future Then her family is disappeared, likely shot in the woods outside Moscow or frozen in Siberia, one by one, and she dies in the German invasion four years later This emotional whiplash c [...]

    2. L universo dei libri un sistema organizzato, in cui un testo richiama l altro Capita cos di trovare continui legami e richiami tra i libri che si leggono Questa volta, intrapresa la lettura di Novantatr di Victor Hugo, ispirato ai fatti del Terrore che seguirono la Rivoluzione francese, mi trovo tra le mani un saggio che cerca di dare un quadro esauriente di un altro Terrore seguito a una rivoluzione il Terrore staliniano del 1937 Tanto il romanzo di Hugo quanto il saggio di Schl gel si concentr [...]

    3. I was genuinely sorry to finish this book Professor Schlogel has written a vast tapestry like description of life in all its aspects in Moscow during the great Terror We see the city from almost every angle from the cultural salons, the hotel dining rooms to the inmates of the gulag adjacent to the city where inmates were building the Moscow Volga canal under the most brutal of conditions There are the lives of the political and cultural elite, and there are the workers of the Stalin Automobile [...]

    4. When contemplating cities conducive to fl neries and urban wandering, Moscow isn t the first place we generally think of, beset as it is with vast traffic crammedbulvars, myriad underpasses and overwhelming, sprawling size Nevertheless, Schl gel manages to bring the underside of the place vividly to life by turning our attention to subjects the casual traveller would usually ignore.In the prologue, he describes the lack of perspective, the stereotypical viewpoints and the hackneyed representatio [...]

    5. Schl gels Buch hat mich ber mehrere Monate begleitet Da die einzelnen Kapitel als Referenzpunkt zwar das Jahr 1937 haben, ansonsten aber durchaus als eigenst ndige Skizzen gelesen werden k nnen, ist es unproblematisch, das Buch ein paar Wochen liegenzulassen und dann weiter zu lesen.Schl gel ist es gelungen, ein gelehrtes Buch zu schreiben, in einer sehr gut lesbaren, nicht wissenschaftlichen, sondern prosaischen, manchmal sogar poetischen Sprache, ein Gro essay sozusagen.Beeindruckend sind dies [...]

    6. English summary below Karl Schl gels Terror und Traum pr sentiert dreiunddreissig Aspekte Moskaus im tzenden Wahnsinn des stalinistischen Terrors 1937 Einige Kapitel sind mit Allt glichem besch ftigt, Schlangestehen, Warenangebot, Radio, Jazz, Vergn gungsparks Andere beleuchten Struktur und Diskurs des kulturellen und politischen Systems ein Architektenkongress, Moskaubilder in Bulgakovs Roman oder ausl ndischen Reportagen, der sowjetische Pavillon auf der Pariser Weltausstellung Manches regt mi [...]

    7. This is a dystopia Life in Moscow in 1937 is a place where you could be hailed as a hero in the spring and executed as a traitor in the fall One image that sticks in my mind is that of vodka being served by the pailful to the executioners to help them deaden themselves to the overwhelming numbers of people they had to execute every day.

    8. A very rewarding book if you re very interested in Stalinism Solzhenitsyn also covers this material a bit dramatically but Schlogel is interested in giving you a 360 degree picture of the culture and the atmosphere of the time It s a long read, so you do need a burning interest in the topic.

    9. Schloegel, Karl Moscow 1937, Polity Press, New York, 2013, Trans by Rodney Livingstone 653pp 35 In the year of the Great Terror, a brilliant piece of reportage about America appeared in the Soviet Union and became in its time one of the most widely read bits of travel journalism, popular with everyone in Russia The political newspaper Pravda commissioned two journalists, Il ia Il f and Evgenii Petrov, to travel in the United States and write an account of the country Called Little Golden America [...]

    10. A fascinating book, unlike anything I ve ever read before Set in Moscow during the terror of the purges and the show trials, Schlogel does not give you a play by play history of those events Rather, he wants to give you a comprehensive picture of the city during this tumultuous time a time when the Soviet Union seemed on the verge of fulfilling the socialist dream and dream and terror co existed strangely.Schlogel covers major events of the year, such as the Pushkin festival, film openings, para [...]

    11. Ich habe an diesem Buch tats chlich ein halbes Jahr gelesen allerdings immer wieder mit Unterbrechungen, und f r ein Sachbuch von ber 700 Seiten ist das gar nicht mal sooo schlecht.Das Ganze ist ein gr ndlicher Rundumschlag ber s mtliche Aspekte der russischen und sowjetischen Geschichte Das Jahr 1937 steht hier auf der einen Seite f r den Gro en Terror, w hrend dem zahlreiche Menschen den S uberungen zum Opfer fielen, auf der anderen Seite zeigt ein Blick auf dieses Jahr ein Land auf dem Sprung [...]

    12. For anyone who has ever lived or visited in Moscow, this is a must read The book described as a dazzling 650 page feat of historical reconstruction by The Atlantic captures in gripping detail every facet of Moscow life in the year 1937, which turns out to be the most momentous year ever in the history of the Russian capital It s 1937, 20 years after the revolution, and the country is just about to experience the peak of Stalin s Great Terror Everyday life is like a scene out of Bulgakov s Master [...]

    13. I combined reading this book with reading The Devil and Margarita by Bulgakov It is not history as narrative but by description A description of a society on the cusp of ruin just before the Stalinist purges get fully in gear Having also read Figes history of the Russian Revolution this book became a double tragedy Just as Russia was escaping from the tragedies of the October Revolution it was tipped into even greater horrors How this country was able to survive and triumph during WWII after pra [...]

    14. An interesting a different kind of book Each chapter describes of different aspect of what what happening in Moscow and USSR during this time period 1937 was the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution One chapter describes what was happening on the architectural front during this time period Included in the book are a few examples of the art deco influence on Moscow s subways The book is scholarly which is another way of saying it can be pretty heavy at times It is a good choice for those wh [...]

    15. In this history of Moscow in 1937, Karl Schlogel applies Bakhtin s idea of the chronotope to attempt to capture Moscow s history, integrating time and place He attempts to capture a wide ranging history of Moscow s politics, society, and culture, rejecting such labels as history from above or below as limiting the scope of the historical narrative Instead, the author represents Moscow s chronotope through a series of vignettes, each focusing on a different aspect of society in that fateful year [...]

    16. This was a very interesting book on Soviet history The author selected one place Moscow and one year 1937 and looked at the cultural, social and political events that happened This was the peak year of the Purges by the way The result was fascinating and showed how seemingly contradictory things worked together to sustain the regime.This book was originally written in German The American version has some flaws There are typos, and some of the translation could be better expressed However, if you [...]

    17. So far, terrific Fascinating, thorough portrait of a major city on the brink of an abyss Shivers run down your back as Stalin s show trials, purges, propaganda and building all try to reshape an entire society.At the end essential, together with Timothy Snyder s Bloodlands for understanding what befell the Eastern Part of Europe from the 1920 s forward surprisingly too me race war by Stalin as well as Hitler, toward the goal of new men new civilization Moscow 1937 focuses on the impact on one ma [...]

    18. Dit is een enorme pil, maar fascinerend om te lezen In het boek wordt het hele jaar 1937 in Moskou behandeld en dat was het jaar van de z.g show trials Het is nu niet meer voor te stellen, dat dat allemaal heeft kunnen gebeuren En dat zo n man als Stalin zo ongestraft zijn gang kon aan.Los van de guwelijkheden vertelt de schrijver ook veel over de culturele aspecten van die tijd en over het leven van de gewone man Heel interesant.

    19. A monumental look at Russia s capital city in 1937, the year of the great terror and the terrible purges Translated from German, and as a result is sometimes awkward Very episodic, with chapters on terrible events instigated by Stalin and his government interspersed with lighter topics, which are nonetheless tinted with the dark doings going on I would recommend this book for anyone wanting a refresher course on the monstrous nature of Soviet Communism.

    20. Por lo general cuanto en la escuela ense an sobre Rusia se ve solo dos temas los a os de la Rusia imperial o los cr menes y guerras de la Uni n Sovietica Este libro explora un momento parad jico pues por un lado Moscu esta cambiando su arquitectura y esta en pleno boom cultura Al mismo tiempo se asesinan y desaparece a miles de ciudadanos sospechosos de conspirar contra el estado Muy recomendable texto, no obstante es un tanto denso y con muchos detalles y datos toma tiempo su lectura.

    21. Schl gel uses every method available to the historian to give a total account of a different time and place so that we may comprehend the Terror that befell it Moscow 1937 is composed of a series of disparate narratives with no apparent progression, yet it is through this form that the final impression of the history is achieved.

    22. When living under dreadOne plays the hand one s dealtMurder urban spreadYezhov in garter beltBut for the life of them And herein the rub has dwelt I will never understandWhat the fuck do these fucking Germans mean by lebenswelt.There It s spelt.

    23. Accurate, detailed, and informative, this history is also poignant, heartbreaking, and deeply engaging.

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