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Irrungen, Wirrungen #2020

Irrungen Wirrungen Mit gro er N chternheit beschreibt Fontane die Irrungen und Wirrungen einer Gesellschaft die sich vom Gebot der Menschlichkeit entfernt hat und in der das unstandesgem e Liebesverh ltnis zwischen ein

  • Title: Irrungen, Wirrungen
  • Author: Theodor Fontane
  • ISBN: 9783150089712
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Irrungen, Wirrungen By Theodor Fontane, Mit gro er N chternheit beschreibt Fontane die Irrungen und Wirrungen einer Gesellschaft, die sich vom Gebot der Menschlichkeit entfernt hat und in der das unstandesgem e Liebesverh ltnis zwischen einem Adligen und einer kleinen Pl ttnerin scheitern muss Allein in deren Ged chtnis dauert diese Herzensbindung an und erinnert best ndig an die Notwendigkeit, der MenschlicMit gro er N chternheit beschreibt Fontane die Irrungen und Wirrungen einer Gesellschaft, die sich vom Gebot der Menschlichkeit entfernt hat und in der das unstandesgem e Liebesverh ltnis zwischen einem Adligen und einer kleinen Pl ttnerin scheitern muss Allein in deren Ged chtnis dauert diese Herzensbindung an und erinnert best ndig an die Notwendigkeit, der Menschlichkeit wieder die Geltung zu verschaffen, die sie im kurzen Gl ck Bothos und Lenes besa.

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      158 Theodor Fontane
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    1 thought on “Irrungen, Wirrungen

    1. Du liebst mich und bist mir treuAber wegfliegen wirst du, das seh ich klar und gewiss Du wirst es m ssen Es hei t immer, die Liebe mache blind, aber sie macht auch hell und fernsichtig p34 Fontane in his later novels reminds me of the story of the fish who was able to be silent in many languages view spoiler there not much to that story as you imagine hide spoiler he develops a mastery of saying almost nothing, his novels come close to having no plot, incident is scorned, a device fit only for [...]

    2. I can t believe quite how dismissive, or damning with faint praise, the English language reviews of this novel on are It s a relatively early novel of Fontane s, considering his late start as a novelist it was published in 1888, when he was almost 70 , but I think it s a minor melancholy masterpiece, almost up there with his great Effi Briest The German title of this novel is Irrungen, Wirrungen Confusions, Delusions, as a previous English translation renders it I like that far than the porten [...]

    3. First published in 1887, Irrungen, Wirrungen tells the story of two lovers who are doomed to never spend their lives together despite wanting to.Although the theme was hardly a new one, even to contemporary readers, the way the story unfolds is beautiful Fontane has a knack of leading the reader by the hand, showing and not telling the depths of the main characters feelings for one another.Lene, the main female character says from the start that her relationship with Baron Botho cannot last Inst [...]

    4. Eine Novelle, die den Realismus bedingungslos repr sentiert Keine romantische Verkl rtheit, kein Spannungsbogen, keine Aufl sung Nur das Leben, tragisch in seiner Einfachheit und deprimierend Lebensnah.Dieses Buch sollte man nur lesen, wenn man sich f r klassische deutsche Literatur, oder das Werk Fontanes interessiert Das bewundernswerte hier ist schlicht sein ergreifender Realismus und um den zu erleben, kann man auch einfach aus dem Haus gehen.Die Geschichte hinterl sst h chstens einen Anflug [...]

    5. 2.25I finally finished this book for school and it actually wasn t the worst book I ve ever had to read for school lol

    6. Jetzt ist es schwer, aber es vergisst sich alles oder gewinnt wieder ein freundliches Gesicht Und eines Tages bist du wieder gl cklich und vielleicht ich auch Glaubst du s Und wenn nicht was dann Dann lebt man ohne Gl ck Hachja 3

    7. Theodor Fontane is generally considered to be the pinnacle of the realist novel in Germany, something like the German equivalent of Balzac and Dickens There is one marked difference between his novels and that of his French and English counterparts, though Fontane s novels lack any trace of the sensational novel and of melodrama that run so strongly through the work of the other two There never is much in the way of plot, and even if characters die through suicide or in duels, there is never rea [...]

    8. Trials and Tribulations is about achieving happiness in late nineteenth century Prussia by following society s rules Young men can sow their wild oats with women of inferior social station but when the time comes in their lives to enter into respectable marriages they must promptly end any inappropriate liaison Young women from lower social classes should respect the rules that govern the lives of any lovers they might have from higher social classes and not make a fuss when they are inevitably [...]

    9. Beautifully written story, set in Berlin in the late 1800s, about a poor seamstress and a young baron who fall in love Lene, the seamstress, supports herself and her mother while the baron s fortune is on the brink of collapse The economic and social circles they both inhabit doom this relationship Lene knows it and deals with it, but Botho, the baron adapts less readily It s a well done look at the effect of societal classes and expectations on one s destiny and happiness.I think it s just shy [...]

    10. I found it plodding the first time through 2015 6 , but on second reading October 2017 it proved to be very pleasant and rewarding, probing the psychology and intimate emotions of a set of well intentioned young people involved in what is both a social conflict and a love triangle, and providing insights on nineteenth century German society particularly the noble military caste and the simple people it s focus is on the two main characters, Botho von Rienaeker, a young cavalryman scion of an imp [...]

    11. Abbandonato il mestiere di farmacista, Theodor Fontane che fin da giovane aveva coltivato la passione della scrittura si dedic alla carriera di giornalista e di recensore teatrale Autore tedesco d origine francese, conservatore e allo stesso tempo impietoso critico della Prussia imperiale di fine ottocento, della borghesia dei nuovi ricchi, dell arrivismo e dell opportunismo, si affaccia alla carriera letteraria esordendo all et di sessant anni con L adultera, primo di una serie di romanzi che a [...]

    12. Unbelievably great A doomed romance across class lines, a tale of cold decisions, of loss and regret, told simply compellingly without any of the histrionics or maudlin conventions usually associated with such an enterprise An early effort from Fontane, whose prose cuts right to the heart perfectly balanced, clean, crisp, surgical Much credit due translator Peter James Bowman The flavor of Berlin as a city in transition, both physically spiritually, near the end of the 19th century is in the air [...]

    13. Ich kannte schon mehrere andere Romane von Fontane, aber auch Irrungen, Wirrungen hat mir unglaublich gut gefallen Die Beziehung zwischen Botho und Lene fand ich sehr sch n dargestellt, auch der Charakter von Lene hat mir gefallen ich habe sie nicht als typisches Frauenbild aus dieser Zeit empfunden, sondern relativ stark und selbstbewusst Die Romantikerin in mir h tte sich nat rlich ein anderes Ende f r die beiden gew nscht, aber dennoch geh rt der Roman jetzt zu einem meiner absoluten Liebling [...]

    14. Daf r, dass ich nichts erwartet habe, hat es mir wirklich gut gefallen, daher h tte ich lieber noch ein halbes Sternchen mehr rangesetzt Es zeigt ein nettes Bild der Zeit Bonus in Berlin , wie weit das mit der romantischen Liebe dann doch war und das am Ende jeder einen Strich dort zieht, wie Stand und Ehe beginnt Es lie t sich super in kleinen H ppchen weg Ein netter kleiner Klassiker f r zwischendurch, wenn man keine Lust auf melodramatische Liebesgeschichten hat.

    15. the story is not the greatest, however his critique, his unique attention to details and all the foreshadowings and symbolics found in the book make up for it Fontante is a master of critique and was way ahead of his time on that one.

    16. Wie poetisch und doch realistisch, traurig Wirklich tragisch beschrieben das Leben hat halt nicht immer ein Happy End.

    17. This was probably the only book that was compulsory to read in school and that I actually enjoyed I still think about characters sometimes, and I was really moved back then.

    18. Hmm, wieder so ein typischer Schulroman, durch den ich mich eher qu len musste als alles andere Mich nervt es einfach, dass wir in der Schule immer nur Liebesromane durchnehmen, aber nie B cher ber andere Themen.Dennoch gebe ich Fontanes Werk drei Sterne, da es mir schon irgendwie gefallen hat Klar war das Konzept alt, dennoch fand ich die Aufl sung mal was anderes und auch die Bedeutungen hinter seinen ganzen Umschreibungen und S tzen sind ziemlich faszinierend.

    19. Non conoscevo Theodor Fontane prima di adesso Errore e passione il primo romanzo di questo autore che leggo, ma date le premesse non credo che sar l ultimo Errore e passione narra la storia dell a impossibile tra Botho e Lena lui barone e soldato prussiano con problemi economico finanziari lei ingenua, sincera e normale esponente della piccola borghesia Si conoscono per caso durante una gita in barca e si innamorano all istante, intrattenendo una relazione semplice quanto appassionata Lena, per [...]

    20. On Tangled Paths by Theodor Fontane is a classic love story between Botho, an aristocratic cavalry officer and Lene, an orphaned seamstress Due to their class related circumstances, they find themselves against society in their wish to be together I actually really liked this book It is beautiful, and for an early novel is rather good The story follows both Lene and Botho from the moment they meet until the end Fontane is incredibly descriptive of his character s circumstances and emotions, and [...]

    21. On Tangled Paths probably deserves a second chance It was a mandatory read for a course I did not enjoy I have vague memories of the plot and of not really liking it but I couldn t explain why Perhaps one day I will give it another try

    22. Well, I am embarrassed to say, I don t get it This is supposed to be Fontane s masterpiece It left me cold As a love story with the classic conflict of class difference, I see the point, but I disliked Botho so severely, I could not help but cheer when he leaves Lene because he felt obliged to his family to marry for money and expectations rather than love I do not see what she saw in him She is a delightful woman honest, independent, loving, devoted, selfless He is everything modern man should [...]

    23. Prekvapivo dobr Naozaj p n Fontane je zatia jedin svetl v nimka medzi nudn mi nemeck mi autormi s ktor ch dielami som mala t es sa zozn mi.Tro ku k dielu hlavn hrdinka so siln m charakterom, primn a dos sebavedom diev ina mi bola ve mi sympatick Hlavn mot v diela je l ska medzi dvoma u mi z r znych spolo ensk ch vrstiev tro ku otrepan ale ve mi dobre spracovan pr beh je situovan v Berl ne 19 storo ia kr sne opisy, vecn , zachyt vaj ce atmosf ru, nie pr li rozvl ne Lenkin mil , bar n Rien cker, s [...]

    24. I read this novel for my German class.I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it, eventhough some consider it as just another love story.However, this shows how love was in that time, and how happy we can be to live in this time with all out freedom There was on thing I didn t like though, and that was that both Botho and Lene didn t at least try to make their relationship work I felt the story just lacked some action.However the scenery and emotions were all beautifully described

    25. Also known as On Tangled Paths, Trials and Tribulations Irrungen, Wirrungen , is not Fontane s best effort Lena is a little too good hearted and self aware to be entirely believable but not the worst way to spend a couple hours.However, try to find another edition than the Mondial ISBN 978 1 59569 125 5 I originally read it s riddled with egregious typos.

    26. Das Buch kann nicht an Effie Briest heranreichen, denn bei Effie Briest stimmte alles Hier erscheint mir der Anfang merkw rdig irrelevant und das Ende wird dem Thema nicht gereicht Und doch die Beziehung zwischen Lene und Boto ist meisterhaft gezeichnet, der Klassenkonflikt messerscharf eingefangen Seine Szenen hinterlassen bleibenden Eindruck, ebenso wie sie Charaktere.

    27. Re read, to remember what the author had said Understood a lot of the references to locations in Berlin, and am familiar with the Berlin talk Berlinerisch ist schwer, doch Wienerisch noch mehr Typical content relating to the classes that existed in society at the time Today, we likely have the same, but with different classes

    28. we read it at school, and it was boring everytime i tried to read, i fell asleep in the end i listened to the audiobook the reader was quite good, thus i got throug it it was an early work of Fontane i think he wrote better ones later.

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