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The Angel of Galilea #2020

The Angel of Galilea The Angel of Galilea introduces a refreshing new voice in Latin American literature to the English speaking audience Mona is a jaded reporter for a Colombian tabloid sent on assignment to investigate

  • Title: The Angel of Galilea
  • Author: Laura Restrepo Dolores M. Koch
  • ISBN: 9780375706493
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Angel of Galilea By Laura Restrepo Dolores M. Koch, The Angel of Galilea introduces a refreshing new voice in Latin American literature to the English speaking audience.Mona is a jaded reporter for a Colombian tabloid sent on assignment to investigate an angel sighting in one of Bogot s most devastated barrios, where she encounters a community torn apart by a passionate conflict over a beautiful man who walks the fine lineThe Angel of Galilea introduces a refreshing new voice in Latin American literature to the English speaking audience.Mona is a jaded reporter for a Colombian tabloid sent on assignment to investigate an angel sighting in one of Bogot s most devastated barrios, where she encounters a community torn apart by a passionate conflict over a beautiful man who walks the fine line between sanity and sainthood For the people of Galilea, this mysterious and sensual angel without a name represents their hope amidst desperate circumstances for Mona, he awakens her desire to love and gives her a reason to believe When the barrio s priest leads a revolt against the fallen angel, Mona risks everything to protect him from the gang that threatens to destroy him.

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      182 Laura Restrepo Dolores M. Koch
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    1. Mona, a reporter for a Colombian tabloid, is sent to the poor mountainous neighborhood of Galilea on the outskirts of Bogota She is to write a story about an angel who has attracted a devoted following The angel is a handsome young man who speaks only in foreign tongues, and has a luminous charismatic quality about him Mona falls deeply in love with him His mother claims that the angel uses her as a psychic channel, and she has journals filled with his thoughts.The village is composed of two gro [...]

    2. I thought it was ridiculous, scatter brained, and just not plausible or believable Could have been written much better, and at a higher level with a keener sense of purpose and direction Might be that things got lost in translation, but I don t think so I ve read enough translations to know that the original must have been equally unintelligent If you like bad writing like Eat Pray Love, you might like this.

    3. La deliciosa habilidad narrativa de Laura Restrepo puesta al servicio de una historia m stica y te ida de dolor, eso s , contada sin patetismo, m s bien con el sentido del humor que la caracteriza Una periodista es enviada a cubrir la gran noticia del d a Un ngel ha aparecido en uno de los barrios mas humildes de Bogot El trabajo de investigaci n llevar a la protagonista a descubrir dolorosos secretos, personajes imposibles ya alguien que no podr olvidar.

    4. Nu mai stiu cum a ajuns cartea asta pe lista mea, dar acum ca am citit o, ma gandesc ca mai bine citeam altceva sau faceam altceva cu timpul meu A inceput atat de bine, mi a placut stilul Laurei Restrepo, m am amuzat la alegerea cuvintelor si la comparatiile folosite, am apreciat urma de realism si ratiune de care personajul principal parea sa dea dovada, pana cand a dat o in telenovela, intr un realism magic, cica, unul foarte tras de par O reportera e trimisa sa scrie un articol despre un inge [...]

    5. Nu stiu ce mi a placut mai mult cartea sau reproducerea picturii lui Stefan Caltia de pe coperta Am dat 4 stele intregului ansamblu E o mare carte mica.

    6. Nu v enerveaz c nd o carte are un subiect care v place, ncepe n for , primele capitole sunt ceea ce vre i s citi i i apoi brusc se transform ntr o telenovel insipid Pe mine m enerveaz i m face s m ntreb oare cum de autorul nu i a dat seama ca nu merge n cea mai bun direc ie Oare ce l o fi determinat s mute cursul ac iunii ntr o zon nefast Acest lucru mi s a nt mplat cu cartea Dulce companie de Laura Restrepo Am fost atras de copert ca un canar de bolul cu gr un e i c nd am citit in descriere c e [...]

    7. Buku dengan cerita sederhana Pas baca, g jadi inget kalo g pernah terpana waktu pertama kali liat Josh Groban nyanyi You Raise Me Up d TV Sempet mikir kalau dia sosok yang pas mewakili malaikat kalau malaikat benar benar menampakan diri d bumi, suara indah, rambut kriwil2, pandangan mata sejuk dan wajah yang innocent Biasanya kalo g tertarik ma sesuatu g akan berusaha nyari tau sampai puas, tapi untuk kasus Groban, g biarkan gantung saja G ga pengen tahu lebih banyak tentang dia Lebih enak rasan [...]

    8. Structured very much like a telenovela around a love story between a rich girl and a poor man, The Angel of Galilea is a delightful mix of folklore, popular mythology, modern theology, Latin American surrealism, angelology and feminist empowerment It offers a remarkable anthropological account of the Colombian barrios and their relationship with the rest of the city I totally understand why this work has been praised by Gabriel Garc a M rquez and Isabel Allende for its freshness, originality and [...]

    9. Me gust mucho, tiene mucho humor, habla de la necesidad de todos de creer y de querer, habla de la locur propia y ajena, de la pobreza y de la dignidad, lo le de un tir n.Es mi primer libro de esta autora.

    10. One of the worst books I had the chance of reading this year I will NOT be trying anything written by L Restrepo ever again.

    11. Este es un libro sobre la religiosidad de los barrios, pero sobre es una historia de amor, un extra o y no correspondido amor.

    12. No se conoce el sacerdote que se interese por lo que pasa dentro de la cabeza de una mujer Se contentan con vigilar que no cometa pecados con su cuerpo No s si debiera llamar a sta una historia de amor, pues amor, pasi n y enamoramiento s que los hay, mas s lo de una parte, la de la reportera Monita , quien al igual que los habitantes del Barrio Bajo aunque de forma distinta cae rendida a los pies del ngel nada m s verlo, arrebatada de amor por l mientras que ste, de principio a fin, se muestra [...]

    13. I bought this book because I liked what I ve read from Laura Restrepo I bought it second hand, some weeks ago, just for 3 dollars, and well, the book didn t dissapointed me Indeed I liked it than I expected It is a fast read, and I really enjoyed it I dont t know about how well will be the english translation, but I loved it is written using a lot of Colombian Spanish, even though my knowledge of Colombian Spanish is Paisa from Medell n than Cachaco from Bogot , I managed to understand it the [...]

    14. Um livro pequeno, com um certo toque de realismo m gico, que me cativou.Uma jornalista de revistas cor de rosa enviada ao bairro pobre de Galileia para investigar as apari es de um anjo e encontra uma comunidade rendida a um jovem mudo que parece n o ser deste mundo Ser que estamos perante um ser divino Ou um simples rapaz que vem dar esperan a a quem j a perdeu h muito A autora apresenta nos um retrato interessante sobre os bairros pobres da cidade de Bogot , bairros habituados viol ncia, ao es [...]

    15. El libro pertenece al gran estilo de las mejores novelas de todos los tiempos lvaro Mutis Traducida a m s de 20 idiomas, Dulce Compa a ha tenido amplia difusi n en todo el mundo Gan el premio Sor Juana In s de la Cruz en Guadalajara y el Prix France Culture, uno de los reconocimientos literarios m s prestigiosos, otorgado por la cr tica francesa a la mejor novela extranjera La reportera de una revista de frivolidades es enviada por su jefe a cubrir la aparici n de un ngel en una de las barriadas [...]

    16. Some books come to your hands by accident This is what happen to me with this book It came with a group of other books that I bought from a client for my second handed bookstore I feel compel to read it, mostly because I was curious and because it seems to be a very funny book It was, I mean, it was a funny story, the author writes in a very coloquial way, mixing her feelings with everythig that happens to her.She tells the story in first person This is the story of a woman magazine reporter and [...]

    17. having been dazzled by laura restrepo s delirium, i presumed i would be equally enthralled by the angel of galilea dulce compa a restrepo, a colombian author and journalist, weaves fantastic stories, but where delirium excels with its sophisticated and intricate plot, the angel of galilea is a comparatively tranquil read parts of the novel, and much of the prose, seem rather contrived and full of clich s while the plot was mildly interesting, it lacked the narrative thrust i found so compelling [...]

    18. Entrada al diario 6 de Faedyl en City Bell, Buenos Aires Province Argentina el jueves, 07 de abril de 2011Este libro no ha sido valorado.Verguenza que no le di caza en su momento, que cosa soy una despisteResulta que yo tambien queria leer algo de Restrepo y conocer su trabajo.El libro me gust mucho es una novelita corta y se lee r pido Me pas como a Aeslen, yo tampoco toler el discurso del ngel me pareci sumamente barroco y se puede ovbiar totalmente, es algo m s que nada simb lico pero no me p [...]

    19. With witty approach, Restrapo shares her country s despairs and how the people clings to religion as they have nothing else out of the unrelieved poverty To be honest prior reading Gabo s and this book all I know about Colombia was the cold blooded assassination of Andr s Escobar, Coca cartels, and beauty pageants Berita kemunculan seorang malaikat di kota Galilea, perkampungan miskin di pinggiran Bogota, Kolombia, mengubah kehidupan seorang jurnalis selamanya Jatuh cinta dan menemukan keluarga [...]

    20. Al principio no me impresion demasiado, pero luego empezaron a aparecer estos mon logos El angel caido gritando su ira al mundo, dej ndonos conocer sus miedos, sus anhelos, su desesperaci n su lado m s oscuro Qued atrapada Esos mon logos fueron con mucho, la mejor parte del libro.At first it didn t impressed me that much, but then there were these monologues The fallen angel shouting his rage out loud to the world, letting us know his fears, his yearnings, his despair his darkest side I just got [...]

    21. Estoy proces ndolo.A pesar de que lo tom sin ning n tipo de expectativa, al avanzar en la lectura y al reconocer a la autora como colombiana, fui idealizando una idea que ser a el argumento final de la obra, que concluy de una manera distinta.Es un buen libro, la historia atrapa y los rumbos se enlazan y se vuelven a juntar tray ndonos constantemente entre la realidad y la fantas a Quiz s la falla que surgi en m fue lo que primero puntualic Esperaba un libro donde un fragmento de la sociedad col [...]

    22. La novela est narrada por la Monita, reportera de la revista Somos, que fue enviada Galilea para hacer un reportaje sobre un ngel que lleg al pueblo.El tema de la religi n me gusta c mo es tratado en este libro y me gusta, me encanta, que dice que los pobres son m s fieles que los ricos.La novela contiene tem ticas referentes a la crisis econ mica, el abuso de poder de la religi n y cr ticas del gobierno, etc Laura Restrepo es mi autora latinoamericana favorita No es coincidencia, mis autores fa [...]

    23. I didn t care for this book at all It is a criticism of the Catholic church and the entrenched 50 year war that Colombia is experiencing Also it deals with one of Laura Restrepo s favorite literary themes which is mental illness instability None the less, I was disappointed with this book After Delirio which I rate a 5, this is barely a 3 I did enjoy the references to Colombian food which at times made my mouth water.

    24. El barrio Galilea, donde se desarrolla gran parte de la novela, bien puede ser cualquier barrio suburbano de cualquier ciudad latinoamericana Los hechos que all se desarrollan, aunque se ubican en Bogot , bien pueden reflejar la idiosincrasia de las gentes latinoamericanas Es una buena historia, de lectura amena y con buen sentido del humor, una historia en la que no puedes diferenciar donde comienza la ficci n y donde termina la realidad Se pasa un buen rato mientras lees la historia.

    25. A mi me gust much simo el libro Mientras el libro se trata de la aparici n de un ngel en un pueblo colombiano, tambi n se trata de una mujer cuya vida anda cambiada por vida por una acci n que la lleva a otra, luego a otra, etc tera Este libro es una mezcla de realidad y fantas a, de curiosidades que te hacen seguir leyendo para descubrir que acontecimientos van ocurrir a m s tardar.

    26. Despu s de haber le do Delirio y Demasiados h roes , esta novela ha sido una decepci n No funciona nada aqu , ni la trama, ni el estilo, ni los di logos, ni el humor Restrepo ha perdido su rumbo Esperemos que s lo moment neamente.

    27. No s si se pueda calificar a esta novela como realismo m gico, pero es una mezcla de hechos reales y crudos con la fantas a que representa la aparici n de un ngel en un barrio pobre de una ciudad colombiana, que bien podr a estar en cualquier parte de Latinoam rica.

    28. I never thought that i would like a love novel But i loved it, maybe because their love story was so pure and innocent.I really enjoyed the ending, because i think this sad ending gave a little bit of realism to the novel.

    29. I read this book in it s original Spanish El Angel de Galilea also known as Dulce Compa ia She won a Prize for this book the Premio Sor Juana In s de la Cruz at the Guadalajara Book Fair 1997

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