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International Velvet #2020

International Velvet Sarah and her beloved horse Arizona Pie had set their sights on victory in the Olympic Gamesbut falling in love took Sarah by surprise

  • Title: International Velvet
  • Author: Bryan Forbes
  • ISBN: 9780434268306
  • Page: 430
  • Format: None
  • International Velvet By Bryan Forbes, Sarah and her beloved horse Arizona Pie had set their sights on victory in the Olympic Gamesbut falling in love took Sarah by surprise

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    1 thought on “International Velvet

    1. I couldn t not read this, when I came across it in childhood It was about horses, it was a sequel to National Velvet still one of the finest horse books evah and it was in my grubby paws Sadly it was no National Velvet Hints of failure and sadness permeate the book Velvet the heroine from the original book is older, wiser and sadly no longer a rider The transcendence of National Velvet is not in evidence in this book.

    2. International Velvet is a childhood favorite of mine, and I m sure one of my stars is pure nostalgia, but I love rereading this novel It is rather fast paced, and so the author doesn t dig as deep into many events that could merit their own story even, but that is part of the charm You never have time to get mired down in details, never time to get bored or question the characters, it is simply a manic drive to find a way to help Sarah realize her dreams International Velvet ties itself to Natio [...]

    3. This was a wonderful book I remember watching the movie when I was younger and loving it reading the book now brought back all those feelings.

    4. This is SUCH a weird book in exactly the same ways the movie is weird Don t get me wrong, I love the movie I went into the book hoping it would maybe help explain or justify the ridiculous ending, and such luck.

    5. For a long time I had no idea this was a book, and my surprise and elation were fantastically high when I found out I ordered it IMMEDIATELY As a life long devotee worshipper of International Velvet, I couldn t resist This movie was my childhood.1 The summary sucks.2 It s essentially the same as the movie, only it explains a little and makes a bit sense.3 They still leave out key details, but I ll live It s one of the many charms of International Velvet.4 I just want to know how much money she [...]

    6. Yeah, that s about it It s a halfway decent story about going for the gold in a 1970s Summer Olympics but to attach it to the universe of National Velvet should be illegal I think the movie was made before the book which explains the assholery involved I sort of liked the movie when I was a kid but then I learned not only about reality but that the horse in National Velvet was a piebald gelding not a stallion as mentioned here.

    7. I got this book in 1977 for Christmas and loved it But be forewarned, it is not the same book as its predecessor, National Velvet Even at fourteen, I was disappointed to find that Velvet had changed and the writer had written her modern in terms of her morals However, I did enjoy being introduced to the character, Sarah Brown, her niece It s a fun book for teens and horse lovers I loved the movie just as much as the book which is unusual Normally the book is far superior than the movie, but thi [...]

    8. International Velvet is about a young girl named Sara who lives in Arizona, United States That is until her parents die in a car accident and she has to move to England to live with her aunt and uncle Sara is very upset about this, and has a very bad attitude Sara s aunt, Velvet, has a horse that is a champion jumper When it is time for Velvet s horse to retire and have his last foal, Sara decides to save up her money and buy the foal This is a very good book It is written very well and it is a [...]

    9. Pretty much the exact story of the movie but with a bit detail If I hadn t seen the film then that s great but having watched the film several times over the years it makes the book a little lacking.

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