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Horton Hatches The Egg #2020

Horton Hatches The Egg Everyone laughs when Horton the Elephant offers to sit on Mayzie bird s egg while she goes on holiday Horton s kindness and faithfulness are sorely tested when he and the egg are kidnapped and sold

  • Title: Horton Hatches The Egg
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780001957404
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • Horton Hatches The Egg By Dr. Seuss, Everyone laughs when Horton the Elephant offers to sit on Mayzie bird s egg while she goes on holiday Horton s kindness and faithfulness are sorely tested when he, and the egg, are kidnapped and sold to a circus but his reward for being faithful is wonderful than he could ever have dreamed With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotousEveryone laughs when Horton the Elephant offers to sit on Mayzie bird s egg while she goes on holiday Horton s kindness and faithfulness are sorely tested when he, and the egg, are kidnapped and sold to a circus but his reward for being faithful is wonderful than he could ever have dreamed With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes, Dr Suess has been delighting young children and helping them learn to read for over fifty years Creator of the wonderfully anarchic Cat in the Hat , and ranked among the UK s top ten favourite children s authors, Dr Seuss is a global best seller, with nearly half a billion books sold worldwide.As part of a major rebrand programme, HarperCollins is relaunching Dr Seuss s best selling books In response to consumer demand, bright new cover designs incorporate much needed guidance on reading levels The standard paperbacks divide into three reading strands Blue Back Books for parents to share with young children, Green Back Books for budding readers to tackle on their own, and Yellow Back Books for older, fluent readers to enjoy This is a Yellow Back book.

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    1 thought on “Horton Hatches The Egg

    1. They say an elephant s word is the most trustworthy word in the world.Horton, our gigantic animal, agrees to hatch the lazy bird s egg Zany it might seem but he manages to prop himself up and come what may, does not leave the fort.Not until the bird will return.Only that the bird does not return until very long Until it s too late and a new mutated being is born.Dr Seuss and his imaginations run at a berserk pace.

    2. Oooh I love this book 100% I love the writing and the rhyming, I love the picture graphics, I love the story,and I love how it gives you a moral lesson And I sure am gonna read this over and over to my cute little boy Many thanks to Anne,who inspired me to read this and who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow October 26 HAPPY BIRTHDAY,my friend Miss you,sweetie image error

    3. This is my favorite story of Dr Seuss because it teaches young readers and reminds adults to be true to one s word A very simple lesson to learn or to keep in mind, but the impact of not remembering is tremendous.

    4. In Horton Hatches the Egg, this lazy bird has got nothing to think about except how to plan and enjoy the vacations and holidays So she finds someone who can do hatching for her, and then our immense, mighty, kind and faithful elephant, Horton comes into picture and agrees to help her go on holidays, by sitting on her egg on the top of a tree.He bears all the hateful comments and mockery of other animals Hunters try to take him down the tree and all the other tormenting things happen to him.But [...]

    5. It s impossible for me to have a favorite Dr Seuss book, but this one gives some stiff competition Whenever I read it to my nursery school English classes, I ask the kids to whom the egg ultimately belongs right before the baby hatches The younger kids in the class 2 to 3 years old almost always say the egg belongs to the bird because eggs belong with birds The older kids 4 to 5 say the egg belongs to the elephant because he took care of it An interesting revelation as to how kids approach the w [...]

    6. Muchas rese as hablan mal de Mayzie por haber abandonado su huevo es ego sta, irresponsable , pero NADIE menciona a los tres humanos que apuntaron a Horton con escopetas, cortaron el rbol donde se encontraba, lo encerraron en una jaula, lo sometieron a semanas de navegaci n y luego lo vendieron a un circo por diversi n D nde est el reproche de estas acciones D nde est n las consecuencias Lindas rimas y dibujos, pero me molesta que el mensaje refleje que est mal renunciar a una responsabilidad pe [...]

    7. Horton Hatches the Egg is one of Dr Seuss most memorable classics as it stars everyone s favorite elephant, Horton This time, Horton has his hands full as he tries his best to take care of a lazy bird named Mayzie s egg while she goes off to take a vacation Unfortunately, hunters come in the jungle and they got Horton trapped Will Horton get out of this dangerous predicament and still protect Mayzie s egg Read the story to find out Dr Seuss had done a great job at both illustrating and writing t [...]

    8. Read to a classroom of first gradersThe kids knew all about Horton Hears a Who but they didn t know Horton Hatches the Egg This is still one of my favorite Dr Seuss books Maisy talks Horton the Elephant into sitting on her egg because it s just too much work Of course, Maisy flies away and doesn t intend to come back Meanwhile, Horton sits on her egg for 51 weeks because, I meant what a said and I said what I meant, an elephant s faithful 100 percent The kids love that no matter what happens, Ho [...]

    9. One of Dr Seuss s earliest books, and for me, his all time best I adore Horton His determined goodness and those wonderful expressions on his dear face I still read this several times a year and never fail to be pleased that things work out well for Horton in the end And clearly Dr Seuss was ahead of his time as it turns out, research into their lives in the wild reveals that elephants are indeed faithful one hundred percent.

    10. Cute and beautiful story that will teach the children to be a faithful person, just like Horton Love it

    11. Poor Horton Dr Seuss s kindly elephant is persuaded to sit on an egg while its mother, the good for nothing bird lazy Maysie, takes a break Little does Horton know that Maysie is setting off for a permanent vacation in Palm Springs He waits, and waits, never leaving his precarious branch, even through a freezing winter and a spring that s punctuated by the insults of his friends They taunted They teased him They yelled How Absurd Old Horton the Elephant thinks he s a bird Further indignities awa [...]

    12. How can one not like Dr Seuss In this typically zany tale, Horton the elephant agrees to look after lazy Mayzie s egg and once Horton has committed to a task, he sticks to it come what may.Once Mayzie has persuaded Horton to sit on the egg in the nest at the top of the tree, she departs for a holiday in Palm Beach where she is pictured soaking up the sun, having a wonderful rest and determined never to go back to her nest.So that leaves Horton trying to overcome all obstacles, including some hun [...]

    13. This is an exciting book to capture a child s imagination and is written by the great Dr Seuss I would recommend it for children aged 4 7 years as it would teach them in a fun way, the importance of keeping your word and looking out for people who are in need Mayzie, a very lazy bird persuades Horton, an elephant, to sit on her egg to help her hatch it, while she takes a well earned rest But what Horton doesn t know is she is headed for a very long break to the Palm Springs I loved the fact that [...]

    14. I love this book It is an all time favorite for me This book conveys the importance of integratiy if the face of adversity This book shows that different isn t bad and despite the challenge of being or doing something that is outside the relms of what is expected that the result of doing this with integrity and dilligence should result in the new beginings of acceptance It should beIt should be It should be like that.but it is classified as a children s story.

    15. On the eve of the 8th month since my father s death, my partner read this book aloud to our 12 week old daughter He didn t know this, perhaps, but I did I remember every month and the day goes by very slowly.I can still recite the intro to this book as I did with my dad when I was a kid He would prompt me with the first line, and off I would go I m tired and I m bored, and I ve got kinks in my legs We would do this until I thought I was too old, too cool, too annoyed by my father.Now, I just wis [...]

    16. While reading this book I could have sworn that I read this book but could never find a memory of the book or even opening it until I realized that I saw the short film version created by Warner Bros I loved watching that cartoon and now I realize that its based off from none other than Dr Seuss.This book receives all the stars it deserves because the storyline was adorable, the illustrations were on point, and the rhyming scheme was perfect I believe Dr Seuss is one of the best ways of introduc [...]

    17. Horton Hatches the Egg was the first Horton written by Dr Seuss and won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1958.My TakeHorton Hatches the Egg was the first Horton written, and I can thoroughly understand why this is considered a classic The rhythm of reading perked me up no end, and I adored the illustrations Simple, spare, with lots of humor.Aww, I love it I m finally getting to the source of those quotes I ve been hearing all my life I meant what I saidAnd I said what I meant An elephant s faith [...]

    18. This is a lovely book by Dr Seuss.Wanting to take a break, the lazy bird, Maysie convinces Horton to sit on her egg and wait for it to hatch Unbeknown to Horton however, is that Maysie s break consists of setting off for a permanent vacation in Palm Springs.Horton waits and waits, sitting there through all sorts of weather He is laughed at They taunted They teased him They yelled How Absurd Old Horton the Elephant thinks he s a bird , and is even shot at by hunters Horton shows how much of a pat [...]

    19. As an adoptive mom, I found the charge that the birth mother was lazy and greedy difficult to stomach In this case Maysie completely abandoned the egg to someone with no idea if it was a good caregiver and then takes off Not a good parent, but certainly NOT representative of all parents who place their kids for adoption I could see my son s questions forming as we read it why would she abandon her egg Why couldn t she take care of the egg in his head why couldn t my mom take care of me And becau [...]

    20. As soon as I opened the book, I immediately recognized it as a Dr Seuss book The cover is a bold green with a white Horton standing out The thick black lines from the illustrations and the cover were also a traditional Seuss style Inside on the pages, the images look like their drawn and shaded in with color pencils The illustrations are teal and white, with accents of red The red helps draw the viewer s eye across the pages and deep into the drawings The text is very lyrical and rhymes in a ver [...]

    21. You ve nothing to do and I do need a rest.Would YOU like to sit on the egg in my nest Esta a hist ria do ovo de um p ssaro chamado Mayzie, que como muitas m e est aborrecida de tomar conta do seu filho, que ainda n o nasceu Determinada a ir de f rias para Palm Beach, Mayzie namorisca com Horton, um elefante simp tico, que ap s os seus pedidos insistentes, toma o seu lugar em cima do pequeno ovo Old Horton the ElephantThinks he s a bird Horton amoroso e de confian a, ao contr rio de Mayzie que pr [...]

    22. When Mayzie the lazy bird lays an egg on top of a tree, she really cannot be bothered to wait for it to hatch, so she convinces Horton the elephant to do the job for her He sits there through all sorts of weather, gets laughed at by the other animals, survives being shot at by hunters, and then gets transported by cart and boat only to be sold to a circus whilst all this time remaining on top of the egg on the tree.During all of his sufferings, lazy Mayzie is relaxing on a beach oblivious to the [...]

    23. I have loved this book forever and forever Horton the elephant, ever helpful, agrees to watch Mayzie the lazy bird s egg while she stretches her wings That stretch becomes a semi permanent vacation as Horton sits on the egg through all kinds of weather and even as hunters have him in their sights The greedy hunters sell Horton to a circus and he travels far and wide One week shy of a year, Horton s egg begins to crack and wouldn t you know it Old Mayzie the lazy bird is back to claim what s not [...]

    24. If there is one go to read aloud, this is it for me Perfect length Perfectly paced Perfectly dramatic Permits vocal theatrics to your heart s content at least the way I read it from the flighty, high pitched female voice of Mazy the lazy bird, to the derisive hoots of Horton s jungle friends, to the gut wrenching, depressed or sea sick therefore, about to vomit groans of faithful Horton, to the vengeful, accusatory and wickedly self righteous Mazy when it appears that faithful Horton is about to [...]

    25. Like any self respecting librarian mom, I ended up on the couch at a kid s birthday party reading this book Which just goes to show that parenthood isn t that different from regular adulthood, just the kind of party and reading material changes Anyway, I had totally forgotten how great Horton is I remembered about him hearing a Who, but I had forgotten that he ALSO hatched an egg, because he meant what he said and he said what he meant Elephants, even in fiction, continue to get my vote for Best [...]

    26. In honor of Dr Seuss s birthday which I know was yesterday, but I was busy , I decided to reread an old favorite Even as an adult, I enjoyed the fun rhyme and lesson about responsibility It also brought back wonderful childhood memories, so Horton Hatches the Egg is easily 5 stars.

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