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The Land of Spices #2020

The Land of Spices Mere Marie Helene once turned her back on life sealing up her heart in order to devote herself to God Now the formidable Mother Superior of an Irish convent she has for some time been experiencing

  • Title: The Land of Spices
  • Author: Kate O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9781844083169
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Land of Spices By Kate O'Brien, Mere Marie Helene once turned her back on life, sealing up her heart in order to devote herself to God Now the formidable Mother Superior of an Irish convent, she has, for some time, been experiencing grave doubts about her vocation But when she meets Anna Murphy, the youngest ever boarder, the little girl s solemn, poetic nature captivates her and she feels a storm breMere Marie Helene once turned her back on life, sealing up her heart in order to devote herself to God Now the formidable Mother Superior of an Irish convent, she has, for some time, been experiencing grave doubts about her vocation But when she meets Anna Murphy, the youngest ever boarder, the little girl s solemn, poetic nature captivates her and she feels a storm break in her hollow heart Between them an unspoken allegiance is formed that will sustain each through the years as the Reverend Mother seeks to combat her growing spiritual aridity and as Anna develops the strength to resist the conventional demands of her background.

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      110 Kate O'Brien
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    1 thought on “The Land of Spices

    1. This book was published in 1942 and caused a sensation But not exactly the kind of sensation a writer might dream of causing No, a sensation among the censorship board so hideous that they banned it for immorality This beautiful book, because it contained one line that hinted at a way of life that was never then mentioned openly, languished for years unread You can read it today however, so all of you who live in times and places where censorship is unknown, run out and grab a copy of this book [...]

    2. Just like you found 100 in your sock drawer this is how I feel having finished The Land of Spices I had heard of Kate O Brien and seem to remember looking past her books when in college and thinking her as almost famous, tired reading and very much dead Two weeks ago I was flipping through the Limerick Compendium Journal and read one of her short stories about a Reverent Mother from England who presided over her boarding school experience The story was so good I went and ordered one of her bette [...]

    3. I m starting to get Kate O Brien whiplash I loved As Music and Splendour, bounced off The Ante Room and didn t finish it, and then loved this one though I sort of expected to like it, since for some reason I generally do like books about convents It s an intertwined story of small Anna Murphy, the youngest boarder at an Irish convent school, and Helen, the Mother Superior As Anna grows up and struggles to find her path in life, her experiences cause Helen to reflect on the experiences which drov [...]

    4. This book was banned because of one sentence And yet that sentence is pivotal, so it could not be omitted Thank goodness, the censorship laws have laxed for this is a charming book The author has created characters who she loves for their flaws as well as their strengths This is one of the best books for characterisations that I have come across for some time Their involvement with one another and the different scenarios ring true and invoke true empathy in the reader I read the introduction aft [...]

    5. This is a book that I doubt I would have selected to read on my own, and definitely would not have finished without the pressure of an impending midterm to motivate me It doesn t have a lot of plot, and it is to be completely honest a little bit boring.That having been said, it has some of the most extraordinary characters I ve ever read Both the major and minor characters are extremely well written I fell in love with them especially the Mother Reverend and Molly Redmond in a way that I very ra [...]

    6. I loved this book This is a lush, rich book that stays with you long after you ve turned the last page I was assigned this book to read as part of an Irish Literature class, and I am so glad I was introduced to Kate O Brien Her pages are filled with words and phrases that quite literally took my breath away If you love to sink, to melt, into a story if you love subtle nuances and details, you will love The Land of Spices.

    7. Colm Toibin recommended this book in the November Newsletter I admire him as a writer and speaker and book critic.The responses to this book were very stimulatingGIVE IT A GO

    8. Despite a slow beginning, I thoroughly enjoyed this Virago novel set in a convent school in Ireland in the 1930s The character driven story centers on the Reverend Mother and one of the students in the school The Reverend Mother s English background is an impediment in a time of increased Irish nationalism she must also work within the Order s hierarchy and face challenges of her own character and faith The student s challenges include her troubled family and adjusting to life in the convent boa [...]

    9. The Land of Spices, by Kate O BrienThe title of this book comes from a sonnet by the 17th century English metaphysical poet, George Herbert The land of spices refers to the inner landscape associated with contemplative prayer and reflection It s an apt description for much of what this book is about since it revolves around what s going on inside the minds of its two central characters the mother superior of an Irish school for the daughters of middle class families, and one of the students who [...]

    10. I read The Land of Spices over twenty years ago and immediately became a fan of Kate O Brien s books Recently I was drawn to read it again and enjoyed it even better the second time around Once again I was filled with admiration for her style, her beautiful, evocative writing, erudite and dramatic, the depth of her character portrayal, the tautness of the story Set in an Irish convent school the two main characters are the highly intelligent Reverend Mother Marie Helene Archer, a rather lonely i [...]

    11. What a beautiful book Not much in the way of plot, but the intertwining story of the two main characters, schoolgirl Anna and Revered Mother Helen Archer, is so intimately described that You are drawn into Incredible to think that this book was once banned, for one very innocuous line, but it s of its time and none the worse for that

    12. I have a long held fascination with books and films about nuns, for some reasonis novel, my introduction to Kate O Brien, was excellent Published in 1940 and banned in Ireland, this is a subtle and humanistic story about the Mother Superior of an Irish convent school in the early twentieth century An Englishwoman raised in Belgium, her background and cool demeanour make her a bit of a fish out of water, both interpersonally among the other nuns and the students, as well as in an increasingly nat [...]

    13. This book is of a character exploration of a Mother Superior at a girls school in Ireland on the cusp of WWI, and of one of its long time students It is gentle, contemplative, and calming The two main plot twists the dark and startling discovery that drove Mother Mary Helen Archer into the religious life and the tragedy that severs Anna s ties to her past and home are not at all surprising I guessed them well before they occurred However, the point of the book isn t exactly to be action packed, [...]

    14. A small book store owner in Dublin recommended this book to me and I m so glad In the context of the Catholic church still operating most schools in the Republic of Ireland and with largely segregated schools in Northern Ireland along religious lines, The Land of Spices is a likely story for today s young Irish women Kate O Brien tells a charming, complicated story.

    15. Kate O Brien completely draws you into this novel about nuns, convent schools and one pupil in particular, Anna The book deals with several subjects in a way that isn t obvious I really loved reading this and will read K O Brien in the future I have another on my desk actually.

    16. Mere Marie Helen, who grow up in Belgium, is appointed Mother Superior of a French order of nuns residing in Limerick Considered cold by the other nuns, and the children they educate, she develops an affection for the young Anna Murphy, a hard working and lonely child The novel takes place over the ten years of Anna s education at the convent, detailing the experience of being a student at a lonely and elite convent, the dramas of day to day, and the lonely, spiritual struggle of Marie Helen Thi [...]

    17. I loved it I don t know where the spices come in, but that is about the only flaw in the book After my overindulgence in mysteries,and the Holidays, it seemed like a good time for a novel about convent life I especially liked the way she organized the chapters This book was originally published in 1911, and I think there was a different way of writing.Read My rating 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 starsPreviewThe Land of Spicesby Kate O Brien 3.89 Rating details 370 Rati [...]

    18. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I am not Catholic, and so the plot line of a focus on an elder nun and a young student in an Irish convent school was less than scintillating for me I took the plunge however based on Clare Boylan s assessment of it as a novel with perfect pitch and found her judgment to be spot on in this case There are the usual catalysts for dramatic pathos sex, death, rivalry, love, etc but overall the tone of the novel is quiet, subdued, but lyrically written [...]

    19. This one isn t for everybody, but it resonated with me because of my convent school background and Irish Catholic heritage Those are definitely things of the past There is a coldness to the prose, something almost nineteenth or early twentieth century in its style But the themes of belief, love, jealousy, vocation, parochialism, nationalism, the power of poetry are front and center at all times, and the major characters memorable although I admit I had a hard time keeping track of the various re [...]

    20. It is not every day that one has the chance to read about life in an Irish convent People are fascinated by nuns and the reasons why one would choose such a life.The high point of the novel was the description of the traumatic event which encouraged Helen to enter a cloister in the first place I wonder if this is common that there is some defining event in one s personal life which leads to a religious vocation.Well written and even though I appreciate being introduced to a new novelist, I don t [...]

    21. The story was good and the book was well written but after 300 pages I never really felt that I knew any of the characters There are certain points when the author starts to show some insight into some of the individuals in the story, but then backs off and never fully develops them It was entertaining to read, but not gripping and a little bit disappointing from what I had hoped it would be.

    22. One of the best books I have ever read Anna and The Reverend Mother are two of the most enticing characters ever I discovered Kate O Brien with this book and I can honestly say she just became one of my favourite authors

    23. I had to read this for a book club and did not think I was going to like it I ended up enjoying it The characterizations were great.

    24. Beautifully written, about an unfamiliar topic a Catholic girls boarding school in Ireland and convent life So glad I read it

    25. Well written critique of the unfortunate triumph of fanatical Catholicism and fervent nationalism prevalent at the time of writing.

    26. This book has only 240 ratings on , even though Colm T ib n talks it up every chance he gets That puts it even lower than Carpentaria, which is also under read, I think even though here is a Writers Co interview and if you google Alexis Wright you get NYT hits, and my library has a copy so your library probably has a copy too, go read it, it s a struggle and then read The Land of Spices it s not Anyway, I was curious so I looked at the books I ve read this year, and, taking out the non academic [...]

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