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Thrones, Dominations #2020

Thrones Dominations The wife of a wealthy man is found dead and it is up to Lord Peter Wimsey and his wife Harriet to solve the case

  • Title: Thrones, Dominations
  • Author: Dorothy L. Sayers Jill Paton Walsh
  • ISBN: 9780312181963
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thrones, Dominations By Dorothy L. Sayers Jill Paton Walsh, The wife of a wealthy man is found dead, and it is up to Lord Peter Wimsey and his wife, Harriet, to solve the case.

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      455 Dorothy L. Sayers Jill Paton Walsh
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    1. This is going to be long I read Thrones, Dominations not too long after it first came out this is a second reading, and first review Of Thrones, Dominations, Dorothy L Sayers had written six rough chapters, and devised a plot diagram in coloured inks When sixty years later a brown paper parcel containing a copy of the manuscript turned up in her agent s safe in London, her literary trustees commissioned Jill Paton Walsh to complete it I don t know No, that s not true I do This is not what fans o [...]

    2. Dorothy L Sayers abandoned her Lord Peter Wimsey novels, for the most part, some 20 years before she died, but she left a half completed Lord Peter Wimsey novel Jill Paton Walsh, hired to finish the novel, captures Sayers voice so admirably in Thrones, Dominations that the reader can t tell where Sayers ends or Walsh begins no greater praise In this novel, set in 1936 with Edward VIII stumbling onto the throne, Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane return to London following the tumultuous honeymoo [...]

    3. Last year I, finally, read all of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries and enjoyed them thoroughly In fact, I missed Wimsey so much that, when a book group I am a member of, suggested reading the novels written with the involvement of Jill Paton Walsh I was tempted However, I had read the first Sophie Hannah, so called, Poirot sequel, and been horribly disappointed Reading friends assured me that these were much better and I am so glad I listened and gave this a try It is a joy to have Lord and now L [...]

    4. I ended up just skim reading this, in the end Jill Paton Walsh just doesn t have the same skill with the characters that Sayers had although I have enjoyed one or two of Walsh s other novels and it s just it s not really Peter and Harriet, somehow I remember reading that Sayers ended up stuck with the plot of this one, hence never finishing it in my own writing, I ve always followed the line that if I m really resistant to writing something, there s something wrong with it, which just plugging a [...]

    5. I liked this book than I expected to and less than I wanted to I ve been on a bit of a Dorothy L Sayers binge recently Or rather, I ve been on a Peter and Harriet binge, as over the past few weeks I ve re read the four novels involving them one after the other I remember hearing about Thrones, Dominations when it was first published, but didn t read it at the time Always very wary about anything which could be classed as fan fiction, I was pleasantly surprised that Jill Paton Walsh struck the r [...]

    6. Once you get it in your head that you re reading fan fiction, this isn t a horrible book Trouble is, I read and write fan fiction and I ve read better stuff than this Sayers style isn t easy and while Paton Walsh had notes and even some actual text to go off, the dialog often feels forced, as does the attempt to add historical events to the narrative even though Sayers herself had done that in both Gaudy Night and Busman s Honeymoon.It all boils down to the fact that Paton Walsh simply isn t the [...]

    7. Walsh took the notes that Sayers left for a Wimsey Vane mystery, and finished it I d rather they had simply published the notes It is quite obvious where Sayers notes ended, and Walsh is simply incapable of writing in anything like Sayers voice She may well write decent novels of her own, but I wish she d kept her hands off Peter and Harriet.

    8. Where I got the book my bookshelf A re read.After reading through the Wimsey series in the last year or so, I found myself reaching for Jill Paton Walsh s authorized continuation of the Peter Harriet story out of the need for a comforting shot of a world where, amid chaos and murder, two characters have found a still center of mutual adoration Like Busman s Honeymoon, an awful lot of Thrones, Dominations seems to be devoted to showing the Wimsey marriage as a perfect model of harmony both in and [...]

    9. I actually finished reading this book over a month ago, and even though I meant to write a review immediately, I obviously kind of forgot about that So I apologize in advance, because I m going to be a little fuzzy on the details.First, background Dorothy Sayers left this book unfinished, having abandoned it in 1936 She left some fragments of the novel behind, and Jill Paton Walsh was recruited to finish the book in 1998 It s not clear how much of the book is Sayers and how much is Walsh, but it [...]

    10. Dorothy Sayers stopped writing detective fiction in the late 1930 s Busman s Honeymoon was published in 1937 She sketched out the plot for a Lord Peter Harriet Vane mystery set in the early months of Lord Peter and Harriet s marriage after Busman s Honeymoon but never completed the sketches or the novel My understanding is that the first 6 chapters have most of the Sayers material in them, but the remaining 15 chapters are written solely by Jill Paton Walsh This book was published in 1998.Unders [...]

    11. So I ve been Lord Peter re reading binge lately, and having just enjoyed Busman s Honeymoon, I decided to go ahead and give Thrones, Dominations another try I d read it some years ago when I first got into the Lord Peter books, and then, I d found it sort of meh I didn t think it was that bad, but I didn t think it was that good, either.This time around, I can t believe how FULL OF FAIL it is The most obvious problem is that it doesn t have the soul of all the originals It feels very mechanical, [...]

    12. I was hesitant to read this book as my understanding is that Sayers herself didn t finish the novel but that the plot was taken fom her rough drafts As desperate as I was to get news of the Wimseys post honeymoon, I think ultimately this book is a failure Although there are glimpses of Sayer and I think some of the themes she was going to develop, the ghostwriter does not have her depth of knowledge or even a vague imitation of her voice In fact everybody s voice was off Harriet was a shadow of [...]

    13. I liked this Overall, it felt fairly Sayers esque The language and characters feel pretty right from the beginning, but the plot took a while It took too long for the mystery aspect to kick in and too much time was spent with non Peter and Harriet people for the first third or so of the book.I do see this as fanfic and not sure I consider it uh, real But, oh, I wanted Peter Harriet and this scratched that itch I will read

    14. If you really, really like Dorothy L Sayers you might in a fit of grief after finishing all her Peter Wimsey books turn to Thrones, Dominations , in which Walsh rounds some scratching of notes left behind by Sayers up to a novel This isn t a Sayers book, it s the literary equivalent of a designer knock off.I have mixed feelings about efforts like this On the one hand, if they re good, I ll forgive anything If they re not and I ve been tricked into reading them anyway by the transparent marketin [...]

    15. Deemed one of the greatest mystery writers of this century by the Los Angeles Times, Dorothy L Sayers first captivated readers nearly seventy years ago with her beloved sleuths Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane in the novel Strong Poison In Busman s Honeymoon, her loast completed Wimsey Vane novel, Lord Peter and Harriet culminated their partnership with marriage Now Thrones, Dominations, Sayers uncompleted last novel, satisfied the vast readership hungry to know what happened after the honeymo [...]

    16. Only after one reads all of Lord Peter, perhaps twice or thrice, then turn to this most marvelous book, written sixty years after she abandoned the ms but left the outline for us Written, unlike most follow ups aka the Austen knock offs except Pamela Aiden, and completed in Sayers voice and according to her outline by Jill Paton Walsh Walsh because of reading Sayers went to Oxford If I could know that even one person was so inspired to appropriate action by any of my books, I would be joyous Wal [...]

    17. So, okay, this is not Dorothy Sayers Obviously, Miss Walsh doesn t have her education, erudition, or grace as a writer, but it s still quite a fun book, and parts of it 0 the Sayersy parts are a thrill to read.The mystery, which I hear is mostly Walsh s work, is admittedly rather dull, and so pat it makes one almost annoyed everything somehow coincidentally happens to fall into place with some helpful husband wife dynamics, and that comparison between the two couples is fabulously heavy handed [...]

    18. FULL OF FAIL The most obvious problem is that it doesn t have the soul of all the originals It feels very mechanical, and lacks the wonderful humanity that Sayers breathed into her works But than that, it has all sorts of characterization fail Not a single one of the characters comes off feeling entirely true to form but Parker, Harriet, and Bunter all suffer the most.Sayers was often accused of being in love with her own creation whether or not that was true, her affection made Peter LIVE Wals [...]

    19. My general rule for Jane Austen fan fiction and paraliterature that is, fan fiction of the published variety is that if one is going to play in Jane Austen s sandbox, one should endeavor to play by her rules Extending that rule to Sayers, I am satisfied that Jill Paton Walsh did an excellent job following Sayers sandbox rules Peter and Harriet were just as they ought though I think the mystery was lacking a bit by Sayers lights However, I m not sure how much of the plot was Sayers, and how much [...]

    20. I found this book to be a delightful read, largely because it gives a glimpse into the married life of Peter and Harriet Though Busman s Honeymoon did this somewhat, in Thrones, Dominations we see them adjusting to London society as a united front, often resisting the social conventions, especially where it concerns the proper place for a lady What is especially charming is Lord Peter s determination to be on equal footing with his wife, and to ensure she continues to write, though others assume [...]

    21. THRONES, DOMINATIONS 1998 Dorothy L Sayers Jill Paton WalshMs Walsh was commissioned to complete a partial manuscript of a novel after the death of Ms Sayers The title and, apparently, the outline of the novel were in place You don t know where Sayers work ends and Walsh s work begins That part of the book is seamless We re talking about style The plot is a different story Frankly, if I hadn t stumbled upon a later book by Ms Walsh using Sayers characters and read that first, I would never had r [...]

    22. I enjoyed this as a quick light read in between a couple of much substantial works from which I need relief from time to time.I ve read three of of Wimsey Vane books by Paton Walsh now, and find myself watching for the beginnings of changes in the social and political world of the 30s, counterpointed nicely here against the appalling snobbishness of the dreary Helen, who could be a female version of Colonel Blimp.In this book, we are aware of the menace stirring on the continent with the rise o [...]

    23. Some high points of this excellent book Peter is worried that his playing a detective is just a rich man s game When you have seen people die, he said, when you have seen at what abominable and appalling cost the peace and safety of England was secured,and then you see the peace squalidly broken, you see killing that has been perpetrated for vile and selfish motives Oh, yes, I can see that, she said Beloved, I do see Justice is a terrible thing, he said, but injustice is worse Nothing you could [...]

    24. Jill Paton Walsh does a tremendous job of picking up Sayers unfinished Lord Peter Wimsey Harriet Vane mystery and bringing it to completion It s a wonderful tale, showing how the newlyweds adjust to married life, how Bunter finds love, and how two seemingly disparate cases meld into one Yes, I figured out whodunnit fairly early, but I didn t know the motivation until a bit later on the one and not the other until the very end If Jill Paton Walsh s name were not on this book, I would have assumed [...]

    25. Oh for half stars on This is a 3.5, rounded up to a 4 as I enjoyed it than I thought I would It s not Sayers, it s not sharp enough to be that, but I shall still look out for the others because Peter is Peter, whether it s canon or not from which you should be able to work out that I ve been a voracious reader of fanfic in the past as well I thought the weakest parts were the attempts to hang the story onto real events which just didn t feel natural The murder was interesting but oh this femi [...]

    26. I enjoyed the first half, because it was such a pleasure to be back in the company of Dorothy Sayers s characters But the story falls short of the keen mystery writing and deft layering that I expect from the Wimsey series Overall, I came away feeling disappointed by the experience Besides, I loved the elegant way that Sayers ended Busman s Honeymoon by having Peter s final words exactly mirror the very first words spoken in Whose Body Continuing the series is fun for fans, but ignores the decis [...]

    27. Very enjoyable True Sayers If you are not accustomed to the aristocrat detective tradition you will not get Wimsey,Harriet and their conversations If you are not fairly literate you will not enjoy their banter And, if you are not aware of the constraints of the British class structure or at least seen some of the TV or film presentations you will be impatient with this novel Not the best of Sayers a little domestic life than necessary but for Wimsey fans a pleasant visit update Finally two very [...]

    28. I thought that this book was remarkably well written I already previously knew that Dorthy L Sayers had not written the entire book and accordingly read with a bit of trepidation It s difficult to immitate an author s style, phrasing, characterization and such, but I think that Jill Patton Walsh did a good job of it I liked that comparison that Sayers set up between Peter and Harriet and Rosamund and Laurence The mystery itself seemed to be played out in a similar manner to others of the Wimsey [...]

    29. I was reluctant to read this, since it wasn t all Sayers work I m not madly in love, but it was fun enough, and very easy to read Bunter having a happy ending of his own is somewhat out of the blue, since you d think he was married to his job, but the solution they come up with is quite nice.All the scenes between Harriet and Peter got a bit much A little goes a long way with them having read Busman s Honeymoon, I d had my fill of love scenes for a while.I probably wouldn t have read it if we ha [...]

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