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Ash: Return of the Beast #2020

Ash Return of the Beast ASH RETURN OF THE BEAST is a modern day supernatural crime chiller a tale of revenge steeped in the occult The story is a work of fiction inspired by a little known factoid about the death of Aleiste

  • Title: Ash: Return of the Beast
  • Author: Gary Val Tenuta
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ash: Return of the Beast By Gary Val Tenuta, ASH RETURN OF THE BEAST is a modern day supernatural crime chiller, a tale of revenge steeped in the occult The story is a work of fiction inspired by a little known factoid about the death of Aleister The Beast Crowley 1875 1947 , the notorious occultist whose favorite number was 666 and whom the British press once labeled as The Wickedest Man In The World CrowleyASH RETURN OF THE BEAST is a modern day supernatural crime chiller, a tale of revenge steeped in the occult The story is a work of fiction inspired by a little known factoid about the death of Aleister The Beast Crowley 1875 1947 , the notorious occultist whose favorite number was 666 and whom the British press once labeled as The Wickedest Man In The World Crowley s body was cremated but the unexplained 1947 disappearance of the urn containing his ashes has remained a mystery until now.This diabolical tale propels the reader through a series of curiously interconnected events spanning the years from 1947 and the death of Aleister Crowley to the 1990s and the coming of age and eventual stardom of a death metal rocker with the unlikely name of Rodney Duckworth.The time line shifts to the present day where Brian Kane, a gruff and gritty street worn Seattle Police Detective, reluctantly teams up with the mysterious Rowena Ravenwood, an attractive and rather unconventional female FBI agent assigned to a most unusual investigative unit Their task is to figure out why good, healthy, God fearing preachers in their fair city are suddenly dropping dead one at a time exactly nine days apart.What is the meaning of the strange symbols branded onto the bodies of these hapless victims Are they all part of some bizarre cult No eyewitnesses No fingerprints Is it really murder Where s the evidence And what is the disturbing secret that Detective Kane is holding so close to his chest The investigation catapults Kane and Ravenwood headlong into life threatening situations as they feel their way through the strange, dark labyrinth of the world of the occult and find themselves battling for their lives against the powerful forces of ritual magick.A bloody carnage of unimaginable horror is about to be unleashed upon the world as the offspring of the fabled Old Ones are awakened from their ancient slumber.The survival of the entire human race hangs in the balance and the clues to help solve the case are in desperately short supply Worse yet, so is the amount of time left to stop the mysterious killer s reign of terror before all Hell breaks loose And according to Special Agent Ravenwood that s not just a figure of speech.

    • [AZW] ☆ Ash: Return of the Beast | by ✓ Gary Val Tenuta
      207 Gary Val Tenuta
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    1 thought on “Ash: Return of the Beast

    1. Riveting occult crime thrillerAsh Return of the Beast is a dark and compelling journey into the world of magick and the legacy of Aleister Crowley The author has done excellent work in researching the life of the occultist, once called The Wickedest Man in the World , and the world of dark magick It is a very interesting read for those aspects alone, but than that, it weaves a modern occult thriller, that contains shocking elements, with historical facts for a truly unique, fast paced tale that [...]

    2. When I first heard the idea for this book, I couldn t wait to get my hands on it Being a huge fan of the occult, I felt compelled to read a book that speculated on the remains of The Great Beast himself, Aleister Crowley That being said, I can honestly admit that I enjoyed this book I couldn t predict where it was going to go or what would happen next which many times happens in Occult Mysteries It s almost like most writers have a cookie cutter of what the storyline will be but not Gary.However [...]

    3. Ash Return of the Beast is a creepy tale of the supernatural come to terrorize the living It reminded me of a TV series I watched as a kid called Kolchak, The Night Stalker A normal police detective and FBI agent try to catch a phantom of pure evil It s not quite explainable and you can t tear yourself away Tenuta has definitely stepped up his writing game since his 2007 novel, The Ezekiel Code I enjoyed the plot twists and the race against time Really great pacing And kudos to Gary for not over [...]

    4. I thought this one was a good break after all the boy meet girl plots Good writing and has some interesting concepts There is even a riddle and some clues to solve I was reminded of Dennis Lehane D All in all a nice read and very different from other horror fiction stories The writer has actually touched my favorite topic Alistair Crowley one of my top occult influences and he even gave the whole Necronomicon tale a new spin.

    5. Jumping off from the sensational and contradicting events surrounding the death of Aleister The Great Beast 666 Crowley, one of the most famous occultists in history, Ash Return of the Beast is a detective story about fame and power and the dark arts There is a lot to like about Gary Val Tenuta s Ash Return of the Beast This second novel from the author of Ezekiel Code is a competent crime thriller with satanic overtones nothing like the threat of devil worshipers summoning Sumerian demigods acr [...]

    6. There have been countless novels over the decades that somehow include, reference, or are about Aleister Crowley His dark legacy has fueled fiction and non fiction alike, much of it retreads the same old ground Satan, that book, evil magic and so on have become tired tropes Gary Val Tenuta s latest work, Ash Return of the Beast steps into new territory with the Crowley dark magic legend Rather than simply focusing on a single aspect of Crowley s legacy or Crowley himself, Tenuta creates a famili [...]

    7. There were parts of this book that I liked very much I liked how we were flipped back and forth between events in the past and the current investigation I liked that this was a twisted tale that spanned decades before coming to fruition I liked Kane but it bothered me a bit that he was so unwilling to be open minded at the beginning of the investigation Yes, the things being presented were BIG things and well outside the norm but even if he didn t believe in them, the person committing the crime [...]

    8. This was just the kind of book I want it to be I ve been interested in occults for sometime reading, writing and researching about the related topics So when I came across the synopsis of the book I could not ignore it Ash the return of beast, deals with the story of Aleister Crowley, a notorious occultist of his time It s amazing how the parts and events comes together to create a story with strong characters and believable plot.Priests around the city are murdered and officer Kane and FBI agen [...]

    9. I received this in ebook form in exchange for a book review I finally started reading Cursing myself for not doing so sooner and could not stop It s a very graphic story with murder, rape, dark magick, Death Metal musicians, and did I mention Alestier Crowley What s not to love with this story I m a Stephen King Dean Koontz fan and I will be purchasing this in book form to add to my little shelf of horrors Ash Return of the Beast is for mature audiences only I highly recommend it to anyone who l [...]

    10. What an ending An intriguing plot that kept me reading I was totally blown away by the ending, which was a little sad.

    11. ImaginativeFast paced and exciting The author draws a bit from H P Lovecraft and raised the stakes for the characters at every turn Really keeps the pages turning The ending is wild Have fun with this one, horror fans.

    12. I received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.Until now, occult was a declination of the horror genre that I still had to explore, so curiosity was the main motivation that drove me to read Ash Return of the Beast Though it was an interesting and at times intriguing read, I m still not certain, however, that this is exactly my cup of teaThe premise for this story comes from a real life individual whose existence I knew nothing about until now Aleister Crowley was, in sho [...]

    13. Ash Return of the Beast by Gary Val Tenuta an occult thriller about a dead black sorcerer, a broken cop, a mystical FBI agent and the end of the worldWhen Tenuta asked me if I would read and review his occult thriller, I have to admit I was a little nervous I don t handle scary or gruesome tales well at all, and it was rather outside of my normal reading, but I m glad I gave it a try The prologues were a little tough for me to get through due to their gruesome nature not for youngsters , but onc [...]

    14. What a great book An FBI agent and a Seattle police Lieutenant try to stop the spirit of Aleister Crowley from returning and unleashing hell on earth.But what is it about e books I ve noticed misspelled words, misused synonyms, and whatnot in just about every book I ve read Just an observation and for me, a puzzling one.

    15. Crazy goodWhat a ride Twists and turns galore Van Tenuta incorporates elements of H.P Spacecraft s Chuthlu Mythos and a detective novel and comes up with a crazy good mystery adventure Good stuff.

    16. What a wonderful scary read You can tell extensive research was done for this book All I can really stress areREAD FULL REVIEW HERE makaylasbookreviews.c

    17. AwesomeCouldn t put this one down It was exhilarating and scary all at the same time Will definitely read of his books.

    18. Loved it I really enjoyed this book It was the perfect blend of horror, supernatural, tragedy and sexual tension I couldn t stop until I finished Really great book

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