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Gone to the Forest #2020

Gone to the Forest Set on a struggling farm in a fiercely beautiful colonial country teetering on the brink of civil war this second novel by one of literature s rising young stars weaves a brilliant tale of family dra

  • Title: Gone to the Forest
  • Author: Katie Kitamura
  • ISBN: 9781451656640
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gone to the Forest By Katie Kitamura, Set on a struggling farm in a fiercely beautiful colonial country teetering on the brink of civil war, this second novel by one of literature s rising young stars weaves a brilliant tale of family drama and political turmoil Since his mother s death ten years earlier, Tom and his father have fashioned a strained peace on their family farm Everything is frozen under the oSet on a struggling farm in a fiercely beautiful colonial country teetering on the brink of civil war, this second novel by one of literature s rising young stars weaves a brilliant tale of family drama and political turmoil Since his mother s death ten years earlier, Tom and his father have fashioned a strained peace on their family farm Everything is frozen under the old man s vicious, relentless control even, Tom soon discovers, his own future When a young woman named Carine enters their lives, the complex triangle of intrigue and affections escalates the tension between the two men to the breaking point After a catastrophic volcanic eruption ignites the nation s smoldering discontent into open revolution, Tom, his father, and Carine find themselves questioning their loyalties to one another and their determination to salvage their way of life.With the author s trademark spare, spellbinding prose, Gone to the Forest delivers a powerful tale of unfathomable loss and ultimate redemption.

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    1 thought on “Gone to the Forest

    1. Han pasado varios d as desde que termin este libro Su efecto ha ido macerando en m Y todav a estoy en shock Todav a soy incapaz de expresar lo que me hizo sentir.Mal Principalmente me hizo sentir mal Inc moda Acongojada Esperando a que esa atm sfera que se iba cargando estallara de repente Temiendo que estallara.No es una novela para est magos sensibles He le do libros m s gr ficos que este que, sin embargo, no me han producido tal efecto o me han dejado indiferente La muerte, la violencia tanto [...]

    2. 2 stars because it was a quick read, but it was a very meh sort of book And I didn t really get on with Kitamura s writing it felt quite stilted and I didn t like her staccato sort of sentences, or her use of full stops where I think commas would have worked better Such a shame, because the cover of this edition is gorgeous

    3. Kitamura s deceptively simple prose draws the reader into her tale of colossal colonial and personal collapse and keeps one spellbound to the end The cast of characters runs from an infuriatingly cold land owner, to his ignorant and naive son, to a victimized and victimizing young woman each of them unlikable, each at times sympathetic And each unwitting participants in the undoing of the world as they know it The land buckles, social order is breached, and the main characters march or stumble o [...]

    4. I feel as if most of this novel might have just went over my head All of the characters were very flat and the plot quite slow, even as the civil unrest grew There was an awful rape scene that wasn t in relation to the country being at war and the unfortunate consequences of that It was a gang rape committed by the main character s father and farmers from around the area Instead of maybe using that to highlight the terror women in countries of unrest go through or just how deplorable it is that [...]

    5. I won this book in the giveaways.When I started reading this book after getting into the first few chapters I lost interest in the book but I wanted to finish the book to give it and the author a chance.But after reading it to the end I didn t really care for it I found It a little difficult to read.

    6. I read this small, powerful and tense book very quickly I really enjoyed it Its spare beauty and tragic characters caught me Almost allegorical in its simplicity, reminiscent of master stylists of straightforward prose, and dealing with some of the same issues as Coetzee and other writers about countries South Africa, it is worth picking up.

    7. The book was interesting however the style of writing just didn t click well for me I found it to be somewhat methodical in its tone and it left me feeling like I wanted it to hurry along.

    8. I grabbed this one off a mention on , I think It s a small novel set in an unspecified, generic colonial country during the process of decolonization The story centers around an old colonial farmer, his hapless adult son, and a woman who enters their lives right around the time things start to go to hell.So, I have some different thoughts about this book First off the prose is dense and simple and solid, in the vein of Cormac McCarthy Kitamura trains her omniscient lens on the land and the famil [...]

    9. We re not told where this novel is set The land looks a little bit like everywhere, with its river, forest, and open plains for farming, and the natives are never described The only time Kitamura is specific is when she talks about the old man, his son Tom, and the other white settlers She tells us that old man appears in this land one day, walks to the river, and decides that a spine of 100,000 acres along it belong to him He becomes a farmer and supplements his income by renting out rooms in h [...]

    10. This book had so much potential but just seemed to fall short I wanted to like it, I did The majority of the book is very slow and almost boring with not much development The characters are all very unlikable with no real redeeming qualities The last few chapters had me interested and invested in the plot but this was abruptly ended by a vague attempt to end the story on a meaningful note which seemed to fall flat and was at best, frustrating and annoying Just when the story starts to take shap [...]

    11. A stylistically artistic rendition of the age old story of colonialism the rape of a country, a people, the fight to save a dying lifestyle, and all of the analogies that go along with it The characters are one dimensional although I do believe that is an intentional, artistic, choice of the author Unfortunately, I didn t enjoy reading this book The writing is stylistic, but not lyrical and the story is boring I really didn t care whether I ever picked it up again or not.

    12. there s a chance this whole book is a big metaphor and it s really deep and I didn t get it otherwise it s really really dull the plot is depressing but doesn t really keep you gripped, you feel attached to no one, the writing is very repetitive which I understand is on purpose, but it s bloody annoying

    13. I won this book from First Reads I really tried to read it, in spite of what I consider elementary school level writing But when a man is having sex with his son s fianc , and then she s stripping for men, I had enough Life is too short.

    14. I won it through Good Reads Eirst Reads It didn t have a plot that I could find,you never found out where it was set, or when it was, and you never cared about the characters.All in all a wasted read.

    15. This book was well written, but not my style I just wasn t a favorite luckily, it was fairly short, so I did finish it quickly.

    16. Shattering my ideals of bookshop serendipity I bought this book in a labyrinthine secondhand bookshop in the Algarve, Portugal I love secondhand shops, where the books are stacked three deep, falling in piles over the floor, and you look around until one in particular beckons you over And you pick it up, and though you ve never heard of it before, you run your hand over its beautiful cover and feel a rightness deep inside your soul.Or not, clearly.For all the magical mythic power with which I d [...]

    17. El amor y el odio Buscar la aceptaci n de un padre Un destino que no nos satisface, pero es lo nico que tenemos y el temor de que nos sea arrebatado En esta novela de apenas 160 p ginas Tom se ve en los otros como algo mejor de lo que l no es Excelente novela En el bosque al igual que Kafka en la orilla de Murakami, Seremos capaces de encontrarnos

    18. I did not like any character in the book, I didn t like the style of writing, and I was glad it was a short read I have no idea what the thought process was behind this book, very depressing Surprised at all the awards it got, I can t figure that out either LOL

    19. Really quite astounding.There are things and characters I really didn t like but on consideration I suspect that the fault is with me rather than with Kitamura.

    20. No esperaba que la salvaran Habr a sido impropio de ella Cre a que, cuando un hombre salvaba a una mujer, s lo estaba salvando una idea de s mismo.

    21. I read The Longshot a while ago and was hugely impressed Buying a copy of Gone To The Forest was a must for me and I m pretty glad that I did.It s a strong and disturbing book that follows the lives of a small family and community who live on a huge piece of land that was claimed by Tom s father the old man when nobody else seemed to own it.At the opening, we meet Tom in extraordinary circumstances He s been deserted The house is empty A radio on the porch informs locals that the revolution is o [...]

    22. To me, this novel is the perfect length 195 pages I read it in one long gulp spanning a Sunday afternoon to the early hours of the Monday That is why I love this length of novel you can keep it all in your mind at once, as is the case with e.g Disgrace of JM Coetzee and many Philip Roth late works Speaking of Coetzee Many have compared Gone to the forest with Coetzee s bleak look at colonial society s cruelty and the crumbling of such societies Kitamara s book certainly has some Coetzee ness to [...]

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