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Noonshade #2020

Noonshade Chronicles of the Raven Two AN ANCIENT EVIL HAS BEEN BANISHED NOW THE PRICE MUST BE PAID Balaia is torn by war and now suffering the consequences of an apocalyptic spell too The Dawnthief designed to

  • Title: Noonshade
  • Author: James Barclay
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Noonshade By James Barclay, Chronicles of the Raven Two AN ANCIENT EVIL HAS BEEN BANISHED NOW THE PRICE MUST BE PAID Balaia is torn by war, and now suffering the consequences of an apocalyptic spell too The Dawnthief designed to destroy the world, but cast in desperation to save it has ripped a hole in the sky which becomes a pathway to a dragon dimension, through which unfriendlChronicles of the Raven Two AN ANCIENT EVIL HAS BEEN BANISHED NOW THE PRICE MUST BE PAID Balaia is torn by war, and now suffering the consequences of an apocalyptic spell too The Dawnthief designed to destroy the world, but cast in desperation to save it has ripped a hole in the sky which becomes a pathway to a dragon dimension, through which unfriendly eyes are already turning to Balaia But with war already sweeping the land, there are no armies to send against the dragons Only a band of tiny, but legendary, mercenaries The Raven.

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      James Barclay

    1 thought on “Noonshade

    1. Very nice, fast paced fantasy novel Good action and plot throughout I an very impressed with the writer s interpretation and detailed description of the magic used by the characters If you are looking for a new fantasy read then I think this could be in for you Very recommended.

    2. Ikka veel rmiselt meeldiv lugemisvara Epic fantasy on ilmselgelt sna eepiline magamisaja r vija ning ma ei kahetse seda grammigi.

    3. Entertaining fantasy read as I remember it Great, quirky characters and lots of action Read this years ago.

    4. It took me an absolute age to read this Not because i struggled with it, but because while i did enjoy Dawnthief, it didn t blow me away, and other books that i have been waiting for kept coming along.Noonshade was an enjoyable read and i did want to find out what happened to the Raven Not that was necessary because although each book is in a series and Noonshade follows on immediately from Dawnthief, each book does come to a satisfactory conclusion It shows perhaps that Barclay is confident eno [...]

    5. In the second installment of the Chronicles of the Raven, it shows the mercernaries mending the rip in their dimension caused from casting Dawnthief This rip leads to the Dragon dimension, and if the Raven don t mend the rip in time the whol Balaia will be overrun with dragons intent on their dimensions destruction Mean while the Wesman are still on thier mission to conquer the East, and bring downn the Mage Colleges, with their numbers so vast, even without the Wytch Lords help victory seems ce [...]

    6. Follows on directly from Dawnthief.It doesn t spend any time on a refresher, so if it s been a while since reading that book then it might be an idea to re read that first.Even saying that, you soon get up to speed on who s who, and what their roles re.Following the casting of the Dawnthief spell, there is now a rip to the dragon dimension in the sky above Balaia The Raven a mixed group of fighters and wizards have to travel there to fix it, or else the land will be invaded by dragons The only p [...]

    7. Un buon seguitoIl problema principale di questa saga che si porta dietro dal libro uno la mancanza totale di background dei personaggi.La storia prosegue da dove si era interrotta e la situazione per il mio gruppo di mercenari preferito Il Corvo , non affatto rosea I terribili lord stregoni sono stati sconfitti MA, a causa del Ruba Aurora, si aperto uno squarcio interdimensionale che collega Balaia con la Terra dei Draghi.Il mondo dei draghi viene approfondito molto bene ci sono diverse stirpi d [...]

    8. This story picks up right where Dawnthief left off The great Eldritch Evil has been defeated, but the war is far from won And now there is a whole in the sky to boot, one that happens to link directly to a dimension full of dragons.Compared to its predecessor, Noonshade feelscking Where in Dawnthief, the Raven had to kill the Witch Lords to cut off the Wesman from their magic and save their own world, in Noonshade the urgency feels artificial The Raven must find a way to close the rip that Dawnt [...]

    9. Good, but not as good as the first book There were a couple parts in this one where the plot seemed to slow down the first one was action packed the whole way through , and the author seemed prone to ending the chapters and such with overly dramatic phrases and exclamations by the characters sometimes I caught myself mockingly thinking dun dun dun in my head after reading those lines However, the plot was still amazing, and if you can get past the graphic, gory, and violent descriptions in the [...]

    10. While I m not always one for fighting fantasy, I have enjoyed both of the Barclay books I ve read They re very action heavy It s been some time since I d read Dawnthief, and this may have hurt my read of Noonshade just a bit The characters were in no way fresh in my mind, and Noonshade picks up exactly where Dawnthief left off, with very little in the way of refresher It took me a good third of the book to piece together some of who these people were and what had happened in the previous book It [...]

    11. This was an absolutely wonderful follow up to Dawnthief It s filled with plenty of fast paced, steel flying, blood spewing, magic slinging battles to keep the pages turning I wanted to give this book five stars, but I could only give it four While The Raven are the central point in the story, I found the other characters and their situations much interesting The Barrons Greese and Blackthorne Stillian and the Protectors General Darrick and the Wesman Army Don t get me wrong, I love the Raven me [...]

    12. No, mo n i o n co m ne 3 Nen to pln patn kniha, ale m prost nesedl styl, jak m je napsan ast nez ivn popisy, ne moc vyda en dialogy, syst m a popisy kouzlen p ipom nali RPG hry Nemohla jsem ji do st, pozd ji jsem p eskakovala str nky, a jsem dosp la k tomu, e jsem v dycky dvojstr nku jenom prolet la o ima, jestli se tam stalo n co zaj mav ho Prost m to nechtlo a to p itom z pletka nebyla nijak patn Na sc n se objevili draci moje obl ben bytosti , tak e d j byl i zaj mav j ne u prvn ho d lu Ale n [...]

    13. Per fermare l imponente esercito dei Lord Stregoni, la compagnia di mercenari conosciuta come il Corvo ha lanciato Ruba Aurora, un incantesimo potentissimo ma impossibile da controllare E ora deve far fronte alle conseguenze di quel gesto estremo Ruba Aurora ha infatti squarciato i cieli sopra la citt di Parve, aprendo un portale d accesso a una dimensione parallela dominata dai draghi, che da secoli aspettano un occasione per invadere i regni degli uomini Il passaggio ancora troppo stretto, per [...]

    14. Pieno di speranzefrante Trovare dei nuovi fantasy non semplice ma per fortuna tra Il trono di Spade e i Malazan ci sono ancora grandi romanzi e ottimi autori La trilogia del corvo non tra questi.Semplicemente non sono riuscito a finire il secondo libro che, pur con un ottimo inizio, si arena in situazioni ripetitive, in passaggi troppo scontati, in personaggi che non riescono a diventare tuoi , che non riesci a sentire.Qualcuno ha scritto che sembra un gioco di ruolo, dadi e mossa , dadi e mossa [...]

    15. The story begins right where the last book ended, with little reminders throughout the book of what happened previously If you don t really remember the plot of DawnThief, better re reading it first.Otherwise, as often with Barclay, you get lots of action, though the characters are not fully developped they are not completely shalow and while the book is a complete story, the clich cliffhanger makes it easy to imagine what will be the mission in the third volume Yet, even if those can be weak po [...]

    16. Het tweede deel van deze kronieken las een stuk vlotter Hierin worden de karakters meer uitgediept Het gaat verder waar deel 1 eindigde Een spreuk is door Denser gebruikt om de Hekschenmeesters te verslaan Wat hij echter niet had verwacht, is dat hierdoor een dimensiescheur zou ontstaan Deze scheur leidt naar de wereld waar de draken leven Sja Kaan is de leider van een van de nesten daar, hij kwam ook al kort in deel 1 voor De scheur blijkt langzaam te groeien en de Raven moeten samen met het ne [...]

    17. that really shouldn t have taken me as long to read as it did I enjoyed the many different viewpoints we got including the fact we saw the bad guys side of things at times plus getting to see how thraun sees and thinks as a wolf was great I don t however like that the conclusion of the main problems came in the last chapter leaving little room for things to wind down I know there are sequel but the summary seems like it s 5 years in the future so how does that help the lack of winding down in th [...]

    18. Poledn st n plynule pokra uje na Zlodeja svitu a Havrani sa musia vysporiada s trhlinou, ktor Denser otvoril pri z chrane Balaii Vo ne sa otv ra sa dimenzia drakov, v ktorej u dlh roky z ri krvav vojna drakov Kaanovia draci napojen na ich podporn dimenziu Balaiu takto musia br ni otvoren port l proti inv zii a Havrani musia v o najkrat ej dobe uzavrie r chlo sa zv uj cu trhlinu Na Balaie sa zatia Wesovia plne venuj inv zii na v chod na univerzity Vyvrcholenie je ako aj v predo lom diele nap nav [...]

    19. Les Ravens sont de retour, ajustant leurs fourreaux comme on enfonce un jack dans sa Les Paul Qui aime bien ch tie bien la partie multivers et plans astraux est int ressante mais quelquefois confuse Le style est comme pour le premier pisode, souvent malhabile, m me si les sc nes d action contiennent de la fougue et quelques morceaux de bravoure.Tel un coup de m choire dans un cheeseburger d goulinant de ketchup, Noirz nith c est p es fireballs donf pour viter la fin du monde C est si bon que lun [...]

    20. I LOVE this series Book 2 was as good as the first if not better I have book 3 as well as the following trilogy much to my dismay was completed at the closing of Borders The one thing I want to point out is that it isn t for the faint of heart People die, main characters included, it is dark and depressing at times and there is, not yet anyway, not any happily ever after in sight I do not suspect there ever will be, but it adds a sense of realism to this series that I have come to appreciate.

    21. Picks up where Dawnthief left off, continuing The Raven s adventures as they search for a way to close the dimensional rip, left as a result of the casting of the spell Dawnthief , at the end of the first book Characters retain all the traits that made them so fun to read in the first book, and the story is even imaginative then the first, and that s saying a lot considering the first books epic level of originality

    22. This is sort of a typical second book Not much action because it s building up to a certain point for the 3rd book Although Barclay does a wonderful job of continuing to build up characters and drawing a world that anyone would want to be a part of Another timeless classic and this time there s dragons

    23. Noonshade definitely picked up toward the end, but it was pretty slow and predictable I also didn t realize it was the second book in a series until about 1 4 of the way through It might have been easier to read at the beginning if I had known the characters already from reading the first book in the series.

    24. If you read my review of the first of this series you may be surprised to see that I ve finished, and rated highly the second I am also reading his Elves trilogy at the same time I won t compare them any as that s not what a review is for I will say this book was easier to get back into the story and I enjoyed it to the end.

    25. i know in books about war there are bound to be casualties but that doesn t mean i have to like it pcouldn t put it down, though i had to skim on some parts related to the dimensional portal and the war strategy because i didn t really understand but i love this series can t wait to read the last book

    26. It s a Raven book nuff said Even though it is part of a Trilogy Mr Barclay still gives it a proper ending, he doesn t need to make a cliff hanger his books are good enough on their own to keep us coming back Five stars for once again delivering what his fans want a good sword and sorcery story with with plenty of blood and guts on the way

    27. I read this as a quick relaxing read between other books that seemed like hard work It was easy but engaging and gripping, carrying forward the same characters mostly from book one Their camaraderie and relaxed dialogue was still there but the plot certainly moved on As book two it did continue the story, but moved into a universe of dimensional rifts and sentient dragons

    28. Still good, but the second part kept dragging on a bit Too many POVs who just aren t as fleshed out and interesting as the central Raven characters Though the transitions from chapter to chapter were already smoother than in the first book But even though the plot felt a bit streamlined than the first, the arc of suspense didn t.

    29. Fairly bad and pointless fantasy brick where the author apparently had exactly one idea to revolve it around any of the main characters can and will, whether it makes any sense or not die at any time For some reason I read the trilogy Maybe so that you wouldn t have to.

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