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Fifty Works of English Literature We Could Do Without #2020

Fifty Works of English Literature We Could Do Without None

  • Title: Fifty Works of English Literature We Could Do Without
  • Author: Brigid Brophy Michael Levey Charles Osborne
  • ISBN: 9780812812305
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fifty Works of English Literature We Could Do Without By Brigid Brophy Michael Levey Charles Osborne, None

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      Brigid Brophy Michael Levey Charles Osborne

    1 thought on “Fifty Works of English Literature We Could Do Without

    1. Obviously I give this 5 stars because short, unfair reviews are the best and most decent form of writing in all of literature.Credit for this volume is actually shared 3 ways between Brigid Brophy, Michael Levey and Charles Osborne, who supplied a third each They don t get individual credits but I suppose a rigorous close reading would show stylistic and critical similarities I think it s a safe bet that whoever wrote Defoe Fielding Smollett constitute English Literature s belt of Stockbrokers G [...]

    2. Don t waste your time with this If you have two neurons to rub together, you ll be better off on your own than following the guidance of the authors of this monstrosity See, Brigid I, too, can be rude and dismissive about a book without actually offering a cogent reason why it s so bad For an honest review, read on.I don t usually mind books that disagree with the masses I know how difficult it can be to dislike something that is widely held to be classic Check out my review of Grapes of Wrath f [...]

    3. I have not justified my four star rating I can t even remember which books are on the list, but while researching that and let me get back to you , I did find a contemporary pan, or slating, in the Spectator archives The authors depreciations are similarly devoid of critical content They claim in their address to be fighting to challenge, against the whole weight of received opinion, the views that force our children into philistinism But Fifty Works an exhibitionistic pseudo Shavian joke that h [...]

    4. My rating 3 of 5 starsI wanted to read this 1967 book after reading about it on Anthony s blog, and now, after having it shipped from the obscure storage facility where it resides to my main library, I have The authors English writer Brigid Brophy her husband, the art historian Michael Levey and the little known John Osborne Assistant Literature Director of the Arts Council in England, says the jacket copy set out undo the injustice done alike to great authors and to the public when inferior wor [...]

    5. This book is both hilarious and unfortunately outdated I had read only about five of the books discussed, and was familiar enough with only about half of the authors to understand the criticisms against them The Alchemist by Ben Jonson, She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith, etc.what ARE these things Yet it s very worth looking up if you don t get what all the fuss is about, or outright despise, an author or work it contains The humorous criticisms can be great fun even if you love something [...]

    6. This is a gem literary criticism that made me laugh so hard that tears were literally running down my face On Whitman What is one to make of this garrulous old bore On Woolf s characters They constantly exclaim about being alive perhaps nagged by some doubt on the subject On Walter Scott a writer who describes events only with the desperate phrase that they surpass description Published in 1968, the authors take on works that they tell us were revered or treated as required reading in current gu [...]

    7. Another book I read so I can send it away When I first owned this, some 40 years ago, I found it offensive Now, being mellowed in my perspective, I found it fun The reviews are short, funny Beowulf , horrifyingly audacious Hamlet , rigiht on the mark Leaves of Grass , and often made me want to read the work Pickwick Papers You can still find fault with the analysis of these works of fiction, but I m glad I gave this a second read.

    8. Funny Gives you the courage to disagee with the masses and write a book review against the grain with amusing style Wish it could be updated to include modern hyperfiction works such as The Gold no need to mention any specific ones here.

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