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Claws #2020

Claws Emma s sister has run off with the faeries Her parents have spent all their money looking for her and now the family is living on the edge of an enchanted slum forest nearby But then along comes a smo

  • Title: Claws
  • Author: Mike Grinti Rachel Grinti
  • ISBN: 9781908435125
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Claws By Mike Grinti Rachel Grinti, Emma s sister has run off with the faeries Her parents have spent all their money looking for her and now the family is living on the edge of an enchanted slum forest nearby But then along comes a smooth talking cat called Jack with a plan for how Emma can reunite her family.

      Mike Grinti Rachel Grinti

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    1. 4.5When I borrowed this book from a library looking for an easy quick read I didn t expect that I will be hooked What a pleasant surprise Set in a world that is very familiar to ours, think of Alternative Universe with one major difference magic and magical creatures and magical persons are real and live with humans Emma s world is a bit too much similar with ours and that the main reason why I can t give 5 stars I will explain why In a world where magical creatures are real and live with humans [...]

    2. I think this book was very intriguing and I only rated this book 4 stars is because I didn t like when Emma figured out fairies were disgusting little creatures

    3. This is one of those surprising books that didn t go quite as I expected Most middle grade fantasy fic I m familiar with tends to take place in a purely fantasy world often with castles and pseudo medieval settings for instance The Star Shard or it takes place in a modern world where fantasy is unexpected but shows up like Cold Cereal But rarely have I seen this contemporary urban fantasy setting that is fairly common in adult fiction in stories for kids.Emma and her parents have just moved away [...]

    4. In order to find her missing sister, Emma must trust Jack, a one eyed, magic less cat and become leader of the forest cats On top of this she must deal with her newly judgmental friend and school bullies.I ve been wanting to read this book for months My library didn t have it so I just bought it on my nook Then I could never find time to read it Finally, I had an excuse So today, I sat down, powered up my nook, and I read this book Now this was a very good book It was beautifully written, it had [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book I loved the action, and the world a lot I thought it was cool that people new about the enchanted creatures I did miss the humor and romance in this book I feel like it was lacking those two things a lot I did enjoy Emma s character and how she thought Definitely a good quick paced fantasy read.

    6. I LOVED this book Truly It is fantasy, but I didn t get lost The characters were truly charming and I am totally going to marry Jack I mean it Hands off He is my man I can t wait for the next one

    7. Emma, a young girl, occupies a world very much like our own except that creatures of mythology exist as second class citizens, lumped together by the slang term Crag Emma s family has been in upheaval since her older sister went missing her father sacrificed his career as a chef to pursue any possible leads into Helena s disappearance.The family has moved to a trailer park inhabited by various enchanted creatures, and shortly after their arrival, Emma meets a cat named Jack He has a plan for how [...]

    8. I really Liked this book, It is a little cheesy but the world is incredible If you are in a book slump, this will help

    9. I loved the cover of CLAW, it s simple, it s magical, it says everything of what the book is I especially enjoyed the facts given in every chapter about cats, witches and other supernatural being from CragWiki.I enjoyed the diverse cast Emma is clever, likable, real, independent and fearless Jack is funny, charming and a rogue I enjoyed the talking animals how they retain they re behaviors while being magical the descriptions of each of them, which I found fascinating.At first, you ll think this [...]

    10. In modern day America where magical creatures of many kinds roam some of them dangerous to humans Emma s older sister Helena has gone missing Their parents will do anything to find her, even move into a rundown trailer park next to where the crags magical beings hang out The first sign that anything is different is the talking cat who already lives in their trailer Before long Emma is up to her neck in magic and danger, determined to find her sister.I m far from being the target audience for thi [...]

    11. Hi How are you Oh, I m good thanks Since I finished my book, I would rate it a out of 5 Claws book s I rate it a 4 because at times this book gets a little boring but, sometimes you just have to keep reading and the book will slow start getting better.That s my opinion on a book called Claws Bye_For_Now

    12. As a first book from this couple, this story had great potential The idea of a very dangerous modern world where humans live alongside fantasy creatures has been done many times before, but not often quite like this I really like the idea of rat like creatures hacking people s cellphones and an online fantasy creature wiki called CragWiki My biggest issue with the book is that it seems like so many things established in the first half are never followed up on, or never developed At one point Emm [...]

    13. I think this novel is somewhere between childrens and young adult The narrator and story in general made me feel this way The narrator is twelve year old Emma, whose sister has gone missing Now Emma and her family have moved to a trailer park full of magical creatures, where she also meets cat Jack And he is willing to help her find her sister, which leads to a great adventure filled with cats, interesting magical creatures that are fun to read about both with good and bad intentions, and both , [...]

    14. 2.5 StarsClaws was a veryting book It s a book about Emma who has just moved into a trailer in a forest full of magical creatures because her sister, Helena has gone missing While she is there, she meets a cat named Jack who helps her find her sister Honestly, the book never really caught my attention and I had doubts that I wouldn t like it The beginning was very boring andblah I feel like the authors created a very poor fantasy landscape and never really described anything with much detail The [...]

    15. The book I chose to read this October was Claws by Mike and Rachel Grinti Overall, this is an amazing book It is about a girl named Emma, whose parents give up everything to find her sister, Helena Her parents have spent their life savings on a missing persons search They soon have no choice but to downgrade to a beaten trailer park on the edge of a forest When Emma finds a new furry friend in the vents of her room, she believes that cat magic might solve her family s crisis.My personal opinion [...]

    16. Full Review Discussion the My Precious Blog Website thecallawafamClawsBY MIKE AND RACHEL GRINTI Publisher The Chicken House September 1, 2012 Length Hardcover, 256 pagesFormat E ArcSource NetgalleyGenre Contemporary, Fairytale, Fantasy, MGSeries No, Stand Alone NovelCompleted August 2012Challenges 2012 DAC, 2012 Ebook Challenge, 2012 YA MG Fantasy Challenge, 2012 Outdo Yourself ChallengeSUMMARYWhen Emma sister turns up missing, their family relocates to a trailer part near a forest full of crags [...]

    17. I love this book The world, even though it has aspects that I ve seen before in other books, is amazingly interesting and creative The characters have understandable but complicated motivations, and the story overall is just fun to read My main problem with this book, though, is that there isn t enough of it There are so many things hinted and sprinkled throughout this story that never really get as much time in the spotlight as they should have, such as the segregation between the crags and hum [...]

    18. Claws by Mike Grinti is a story about a girl named Emma Her sister has gone missing, forcing her and her parents to move to a crag trailer park A few days after she moves, she meets a cat named Jack Jack tells her he can help find her sister, all she has to do is become a human pride heart But can she trust her new friend This book was very entertaining, and good Some parts I thought were to unnecessary to be that long, and later in the book they only had a very small roll Through those parts I [...]

    19. Interesting book with a lot of great world building Emma s human family has to move into a trailer alongside crags, a term used for any magical creature, because they have used much of their finances up in order to look for Emma s missing sister, Helena Emma discovers Jack, a cat, living in their trailer Jack isn t just any cat He used to be a magical cat like all other cats He is trying to keep away from the rest of his pride, who are trying to kill him He figures out a way for Emma to get magi [...]

    20. Absolute five stars I liked this book so much that I sometimes when I go to the library just to check it out again I would totally recommend it to my friends.

    21. It s about this girl named Emma who moves to her new home She has an older sister who mysteriously disappears and she s trying to find her Along the way, she uses magic and her cats to find her sister Her parents almost ignore her and she kind of feels that they don t care about her at all When she finally finds her sister from becoming a type of magical creature, she tells her that she was happy and she ruined her happiness.This book I really liked and is the type of book that I would read The [...]

    22. I know this book was written for Middle School kids, or even kids younger than that, but even with that in mind, I still didn t care for this book.I found it odd that right off the bat, we know about all these fictional creatures The hag, the coatl, the pride, the trolls, the ratter, the faeries I mean I just found it odd that people knew about them and were completely okay with it I mean I think it would have been a bit interesting if Emma found out about them secretly and had to hide it from [...]

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