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Honor Thyself #2020

Honor Thyself A world renowned actress falls victim to a terrifying explosion in Paris and begins a courageous journey of survival memory and self discovery in Danielle Steel s mesmerizing new novel Carole Barber

  • Title: Honor Thyself
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780385340243
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Honor Thyself By Danielle Steel, A world renowned actress falls victim to a terrifying explosion in Paris and begins a courageous journey of survival, memory, and self discovery in Danielle Steel s mesmerizing new novel.Carole Barber has come to Paris, with its rain slick slate roofs and winding streets, to work on her novel and to find herself after a lifetime in the spotlight A legend of film and staA world renowned actress falls victim to a terrifying explosion in Paris and begins a courageous journey of survival, memory, and self discovery in Danielle Steel s mesmerizing new novel.Carole Barber has come to Paris, with its rain slick slate roofs and winding streets, to work on her novel and to find herself after a lifetime in the spotlight A legend of film and stage, Carole has set a standard of beauty and grace, devoting herself to her family and causes around the world But on this cool November evening, as her taxi speeds into a tunnel just past the Louvre, a fiery instant of terror shatters hundreds of lives and leaves Carole alone, unconscious and unidentified in a Paris emergency room.At the Ritz, they wonder where their famous, incognito guest has gone From California to London, Carole s friends and family begin to make inquiries Then comes a moment of shock as they all realize that Carole is far from home and fighting for her life.In the days that follow, the paparazzi swarm A mysterious stranger, a man famous in his own realm, quietly visits the hospital to see the woman he once loved and never forgot Carole s two grown children rush to her bedside, waiting and praying until the miraculous begins to happen.But as a woman who the whole world knows slowly awakens, she knows nothing of herself Every detail must be pieced back together from a childhood in rural Mississippi to the early days of her career, from the unintentional hurt inflicted on her daughter to a fifteen year old secret love affair that went tragically wrong But for Carole an extraordinary opportunity has arisen in a life threatening crisis a second chance to count her blessings, heal wounded hearts, recapture lost love and to live a life that will truly honor others beginning with herself.A tale of survival and dignity, of small miracles and big surprises, Honor Thyself creates an unforgettable portrait of a public figure whose hopes, fears, and heartbreaks are as real as our own Her courageous journey inspires us all.

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      Danielle Steel

    1 thought on “Honor Thyself

    1. This book raped my eyes.So, sometimes, I like to read chick lit Of course, I ll read it in private, lock all the doors, shut the blinds and make sure to punch a wall next time I m angry.But anyway, I picked up this novel The cover seemed pleasing enough, a woman walking in the rain almost monotone It looked like a solid romance novel cover Hell, even the title Honor Thyself Yes, when I read that I knew this was chick lit So after locking my doors, shutting the blinds and kicking my dog, I read H [...]

    2. I usually love Danielle Steele I am such a sucker for her books However, this one, not so much.Danielle Steele has a tendency to repeat herself In chapter one she will be like the boy liked her hair And then in chapter two she will be like the boy liked her hair It was long and blonde and did you notice she never has ugly people as leading characters But all of these amazingly gorgeous women always don t see themselves as pretty OMG And then in chapter three she will be like this other boy liked [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book This book takes you on a journey through a famous actress who is in the wrong place at the wrong time She finds herself in Paris going through a tunnel at the exact moment of a suicide bomber She is knocked unconscious and sits in a hospital for 2 weeks unidentified until someone realizes she is missing This book takes you on a path to recovery for a head trauma victim She suffers memory loss and you find yourself learning about herself as the same time she does You find out [...]

    4. I can t quite belive how awful this book was I couldn t even finnish it, i had to skim read the majority in a few minutes It completely failed to capture my attention and the main character is someone that no ordinary human being can possibly begin to relate to The world s most famous actress apparently It is disgustingly badly written and I could not care less about the woman whatever her name was Carole i think Horrible, waste of time read and if it was possible I d give it maybe one millionth [...]

    5. I read this book at the start of my trip out to California for my sister s wedding and I hate to say this about a Danielle Steel novel but I ve already forgotten much of the book Her novels in the last few years fall way short of what they used to be Which was sweeping family sagas of the years and the trials families faced during troubled times in the past She seems tired of writing and it shows The theme of this book was great honor yourself and your feelings always but it wasn t developed eno [...]

    6. I liked this one Loved the rehabilitation process and the relationships formed with the group going through the hard road after trauma HEA if I recall

    7. Over all an okay book Wasn t exactly a satisfying read but it wasn t terrible either There were alot of facts that the author kind of just blindly gave away without really giving much substance to it And also there was alot of information that the narrator would share that really didn t help in building the story at all and really could have been left out as it wasn t of any importance The ending wasn t satisfying and I found the story to be quite anti climatic The first 2 chapters could have be [...]

    8. This was a birthday gift otherwise I wouldn t have chosen it and I felt I had to finish it, but it was so boring that I read it straight away in just one day just to finish it as quick as possible and move on to a real book There was no action at all and it always ended talking about the same stuff over and over again I didn t empathise with the main character and I wished there was description of Paris but it all happened in a hospital My recommendation life is short, choose another book.

    9. Just once I wish Steel would write a book with a normal character The heroine is always perfect beautiful, talented, smart, rich, etc Why can t she at least have large ears This is just a normal Steel book low on storyline, high on a isn t she wonderful character But they are quick reads that are forgetable

    10. Blah I stopped reading Danielle Steel quite a while ago, but I picked this one up on a give and take shelf It reminded me why I don t read her stuff any Boring and repetitive.

    11. I ve read a fair share of books written by Danielle Steele, but this ranked low on my books I ve enjoyed from her It was very repetitive and the ending was predictable.

    12. Carole Barber is a famous actress that hasn t worked in over three years since the death of her husband Sean Carole is trying her hand at writing a book but finds herself daydreaming She s stuck with classic writer s block Stephanie or Stevie Collins, Carole s assistant thinks that Carole needs a change of scenery to help with the writer s block Carole makes plans to visit Paris, France She already begins to see the possibilities and has several new ideas for her story since arriving She s takin [...]

    13. This is another one that I listened to Listening to it brought it to life for me, I promise I wouldn t have finished this if I read it If you like cheesy romance this is the one for you She is famous, rich, and has all the famous and rich love interest The first half was really good, probably about 5 stars, but then the second half happened She miraculously got better without much opposition and she got her old fling back who wasn t likeable at all Oh, and it is hard to listen to her describe h [...]

    14. The book was perfect until Matthieu came into the picture I just felt like it was unnecessary to add so many love stories into a short novel At one moment I was mourning for Sean, then Jason, then Matthieu came along and I didn t personally like his character.I really did like Stevie and Carole s friendship though It was so sweet and genuine The storyline was actually really interesting I was in Math class when I was beginning it and slacked a little in class Oops P Hahaha.

    15. This was not a great book and I kind of liked it I haven t read Danielle Steel for a long time and I thought this was better than most As usual, it was a bit repetitive but the story line was good It was about an actress who was in a terrible terrorist bombing in Paris She is in a coma, but through healing, she finds herself and learns to honor herself and others in her life Over all, a pretty good book.

    16. This book made my brain hurt with constant repetition but book club discussion was great Kathy won best discussion for this book so it wasn t all bad.

    17. I thought this was a great title and concept to exploree fell way short of it I m starting to find she repeats herself too much.

    18. Sin duda es un libro bastante interesante que de alguna manera logr atraparme Tiene un mensaje impl cito que me ha gustado y que es aplicable a cada una de nuestras vidas.Tengo un conflicto grande con los personajes No he logrado conectarme con ninguno de ellos y eso caus que todas las situaciones por las que estos se ve an implicados se me hicieran totalmente ajenas Carole Barber, que es la protagonista, me ha ca do mal Todos sus lujos y como alardeaba de ellos me generaba n useas Me estres has [...]

    19. Started this read on holiday then slow to finish at home Always something else to do I found the last few chapters irritating as they were repetitive Had the beginning been like this I was on holiday, so relaxed I wanted to stick with the book and finish but found I didn t need to have repetition on every other page Reasonable story line No hidden agendas Good old fashioned love story with a few branches Would recommend for a light read.

    20. The book is just okay Wasn t really boring but the author is writing basically the same thing but different locals and names of characters I found this book to be just average Back in the day her books were great and had meat to them but her recent ones I just read to pass the time I don t go out of my way to get her latest book.

    21. Read on holiday after finding it on a bookshelf by apartment, easy read but I felt very repetitive in places, and by that I meant the wording, good underpinning story quite thought provoking Not a bad holiday read.

    22. This was a book that belonged to my mother and so I decided to read it it s a quick read and I actually really liked the ending.

    23. Typical cliche romance book with some added drama Everyone needs a little Danielle Steel in their life but she has written better books.

    24. Carole Barber actress, mother, divorcee, widow She has been desperately trying to write a book, but has writer s block Why Her assistant and gal Friday, Stephanie Stevie Morrow suggests that she take a trip that may help unblock her inner self I will think about it claims Carole.Carole does decide to take a trip, to Paris She always loved Paris and had lived there for a few years when her children were younger And, she had fallen in love there with the Minister of Interior, Matthieu, who was mar [...]

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