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Moving Neutral #2020

Moving Neutral Casey Snow is grounded for life or at least until she leaves for college After driving her car into the side of her parents garage Casey is stuck filing papers in her mom s office during the day and

  • Title: Moving Neutral
  • Author: Katy Atlas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Moving Neutral By Katy Atlas, Casey Snow is grounded for life or at least until she leaves for college After driving her car into the side of her parents garage, Casey is stuck filing papers in her mom s office during the day, and confined to her house on the weekends Worst of all, she s not allowed to see her favorite band, Moving Neutral whose lead guitarist, Blake Parker, just might be the lovCasey Snow is grounded for life or at least until she leaves for college After driving her car into the side of her parents garage, Casey is stuck filing papers in her mom s office during the day, and confined to her house on the weekends Worst of all, she s not allowed to see her favorite band, Moving Neutral whose lead guitarist, Blake Parker, just might be the love of Casey s life.But with her best friend s help, Casey comes up with a plan to sneak out of her house for the concert And as she s standing in line at a coffee shop near the show, everything changes Because behind her is Blake Parker, ready to sweep her away for the best summer of her life.

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      Katy Atlas

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    1. I think I m falling out with fluffy books because this didn t do anything for me at all If I had read this when I was younger, I would have thought it cute and romantic, but I m reading this at my age and thinking Well, this is every single RPF popfic that I had to slog through to get to some good stuff Of course, Casey s favorite band member is cute and sensitive he reads poetry and buys antique books and the lead female singer is a bitch and ugh.And I m sorry, Casey is a spoiled brat I was stu [...]

    2. I really liked this book I wish it picked up a little sooner, and I wish Cassie would have been honest a little sooner but it was a wonderful book The ending was perfect Blake seemed like a really good guy and I liked that He stuck by this thoughts and feelings and I liked that Sophie was awesome and Jesse and April annoyed me most of the book April was a bit h and Jesse always sided with her Wishing for another book from their time at Columbia

    3. I freakin LOVED this book Blake Parker was your quintessential rockstar hottie, and it was easy to see how Casey fell for him I loved how reading this felt like you were on tour with Moving Neutral, especially the behind the scenes band dramatics and life on the tour bus The story seemed like it just might have ended on a cliffhanger, hopefully, and I m definitely hoping for a sequel

    4. Casey ran away with a rock star read a Disney rock star from her overprotective parents Oh,man,if my kid did this I would slap her senseless First of all I wouldn t raised her to be this stupid And since she got into a great college I don t think she is the type to run away when something doesn t go her way I think this book doesn t make any sense.

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    6. I had been waiting for awhile, keeping my eye on this book and was so excited the day it went free The great things about when books go free is I can check it out, see how much I like the author and if I like the book, I will be likely to pay for another book from the same author It is a win win for everyone I can say with all honesty that I would definitely pay for another book by Katy Atlas I enjoyed the characters a lot, especially Blake He seemed so down to earth and honest that I couldn t [...]

    7. I actually enjoyed the book even though I read a review that spoiled the ending Casey has just finished high school and is counting down the days until she starts Columbia in the Fall Casey and her best friend Madison are huge fans of the group Moving Neutral and are excited to go to their concert a few days after graduation A twist of fate leaves her grounded and unable to go to the concert so she sneaks off figuring that since she is grounded for the rest of the summer anyway there is not much [...]

    8. Besides, pretty girls never get carded An hour later, it was clear that either I wasn t that pretty, or pretty girls do, apparently, get carded in Cleveland.I kind of read this book on the bus to pass the time and I wasn t even going to rate it on because I didn t really read it, just sort of skimmed It s a horrible, ridiculous book But it caught my attention every now and then because the author knows how to make me relate to Casey I felt Casey s frustration, fear, exasperation, relief, and exh [...]

    9. 3.5 starsTo be honest, when I think of this book I think of it like a wish fulfillment or fantasy situation I mean, the whole randomly bumping in your favourite singer and falling in love and going on tour with him It s the plot of a zillion fanfics out there It s incredibly unlikely to happen, and yet so much fun to read about Moving Neutral was predictable at times, but it definitely kept me reading.I would have liked to have gotten scenes of Casey and Blake falling for each other getting to [...]

    10. so i removed one star because it kinda ended what the hell do i say to that , it was expected that he will go to Columbia, but she did lie and he got over that just because of a note sophie was like a BFF to Casey while they were on the road and in the end they just stop communicating , not a word after Casey send the dress back to her Casey s parents, i mean, she run away from home she is 18, but still, not a word and when she got back they got her everything she needs for moving to campus and [...]

    11. Ok what can i say is don not juge a book by it s cover.or in my case by other reviewsI am the king of person that reads others reviews before choosing if she should read a book or not, in this case bad ideea most of the rewies were making me second guess my decision of reading this book.Thanks a lot guys but no thanks.This book is OMFG You want a rockstar romance you got it right here Katy I just loved your book

    12. My first thought when I finished the book was where s the sequel I loved the book and fell for Blake I mean how could you not I wish the story was a bit longer because the ending did seem a bit rushed but other then that it was a great read 3

    13. Give me a guy who can play the guitar and you ve got me hook, line and sinker It may just be my biggest weakness So yes, I loved this book I would have given it 5 stars but I still had a few questions floating around in my head at the end so took a star off for that.

    14. I finished the book, so two stars.Casey should be handcuffed in her room and write a reflection essay on responsibility She didn t once think about her parents, their turmoil And she didn t once consider the possibility that Blake is not a gentleman Bad things happen and that s why we are told repeatedly as a child not to trust any strangers But no, Blake is her favorite singer so he must be pristine So he asked, and Casey jumped and within two days, they fell in love I mean, seriously people, y [...]

    15. This was a cute story about a girl who meets her favorite band and ends up going on tour with them for the summer Casey Snow loves Moving Neutral, but she is IN love the lead guitarist, Blake Parker After a chance meeting in a coffee shop, Blake is just as taken with Casey This was a cute story, it wasn t a really strong love story because there weren t a lot of meaningful, heartfelt moments I definitely didn t feel them fall in love with each other, I mean they barley kissed It was all very inn [...]

    16. WARNING IN THIS REVIEW HAS SOME SPOILERS I liked the book when I randomly downloaded it through my Android But of course, I read it s back synopsis I couldn t wait to read the book Since the book s setting was Summer, It was a perfect read for me this summer I read it for only a week since I worked with my mum I began to sympathize with the story at the start and the mistakes, twists, turns and dramatic changes made it very unique The story may be similar to other stories of fans meeting their c [...]

    17. Eh, this was an OK read.Nothing too special about it, and it s a quick read.This is one of those books that you just breeze through, and don t really remember anything significant about it afterwards No major conflicts or climaxes either.I found the main character to be way too childish for her age She s about to college, yet she decides to run away OK, I get that you run away, but she s so irresponsible The parents don t seem to take anything seriously either even though they make threats like [...]

    18. This was one of those stories that I couldn t put down, but there were a lot of things that bothered me Like how unbelievably selfish and immature the main character was So what if your parents gave you a cerfew Doesn t mean you should run away for 8 weeks without so much as an email And how convenient that she was such a wonderful singer Even better than the actual lead singer I was unaware Rock Band sets the bar for excellence I also think there were a lot of missed moments on the tour bus whe [...]

    19. The truth is, I have mixed emotions towards this book Yes, it was romantic in someways, but most of the time, I was laughing, because I think the story was surreal in a way Sometimes I even tear my hairs out, like, Seriously, Casey, seriously Hmmm I m not so sure about this book Although, yes it may be exciting, like that sort of fairytale, but a lot of thigs are missing, and was replaced by some trivial scenes I m not really sure how I can review this book Wasn t the best I think Casey was so n [...]

    20. It s a good easy light hearted YA novel I read it it one night as I did find it hard to put down The characters are amicable and distinguished well with their characteristics and personalities The only character I was unsure of was Brett, Casey s childhood friend who had moved to LA Don t want to post spoilers but I just didn t get the impression he cared for her well being as much as was put across It s quite predictable, as are a lot of YA romance novels but it s a fun read at the same time I [...]

    21. I love this book I bought the 3 books yesterday and haven t been able to put them down and finished them today I wrote a review on the last book but thought I d write one the first without any spoilers for people thinking of getting it I would say do it I m not one to buy a book or watch a film based on reviews but some are and I thought I d give my opinion to maybe help people decide, I am now waiting im patiently to see if there is going to be a 4th book This series has turned out to be one of [...]

    22. This was a quick fun read Yes it s every girl s fantasy come true girl meets favourite rockstar crush and falls for him She then joins him on his road trip cross country for her last summer before college to get away from her overprotective parents My only complaints would be that the ending was a little to quick and easy and I would have liked to have seen a little interaction between the two main characters Casey and Blake Still overall very enjoyable to read with an easy flow writing style a [...]

    23. Well, at the begining I was so exited about reading this book It seemed like the tipical book where the lead character meets her idol, fall in love bla bla bla everything was expected, there was not really a surprise Like Blake was going to find out the truth eventually, i was really skeptical about the PR lady who didnt appear in the whole tour that was a little bit strange, but i d have blown Casey s facade.I pretty much expected the part where Blake would get mad at her about the lying BUT th [...]

    24. I have been searching for a hot rock roll romance, but this was not it In a story, it s important to feel the chemistry between characters, and in this book, I felt NONE I also felt like the ending to each chapter was identical I felt like it was a better fantasy than romance running away for a summer with your favorite rock star, falling in love, and having a once in a life time performance Every girl would love a summer like that, but if it was me, I d rather feel the emotions in the relations [...]

    25. An unusual twist on the regular rock star romance story I loved the story and I m definitely looking forward to reading in the series.Cassie is counting the days down until she goes to college, determined to enjoy her last summer with her best friend they get tickets to see her fave band The last summer before college turns into something than Cassie could have ever imagined.A great read.

    26. I really loved the book I liked the romance and the tabloids involvement, because that makes the story kind of exciting in a different way I hated April She was so obnoxious, Jesse was fun and Sophie was a kind of sister character, lovable, fun and easy to talk to Blake Was a different Story I love his ways but I would ve like fire between him and Casey I don t know, kisses may be But I loved the book Anyway.

    27. Great story I loved the whole concept, Casey running away with her favorite band and falling in love with the lead singer There was always this tension and sense of urgency and impending unknown through the whole story that kept me glued to the pages.One thing I thought could have added to the whole overall story, romance I wanted interaction in the weeks on the bus to show how they fell for each other I loved the letter and him showing up at the end Perfect.

    28. A good YA romance A young girl about to start college goes on a night out and accidentally crashes her car Grounded by her parents, she is devastated that she can t go to see her favourite band when their tour reaches her home town Her best friend persuades her to sneak out, which leads to a crazy summer on tour It was a fun read, if a little unbelievable, but I enjoyed it anyway.

    29. Oh, how I loved reading this book I guess I just really liked Casey s personality Only a couple problemos, like the ending I loved the ending but it was a little too easy of a kiss and makeup scene Also, what about Sophie Can there please be a sequel that talks about Sophie, Brett and Madison That would be awesome.

    30. Not sure how to sum up my thoughts on this oneI liked it and enjoyed the fact that there was a slow progression other than the impulsive decision to hop on a tour bus It had a fluff feel to it as it was so unrealistic but sometimes that is exactly what I am looking for I was surprised by the end but actually found it to be the most pragmatic part of the book.

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