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Rage #2020

Rage Brian Boozer is a good kid in a bad situation At thirteen he s already endured the pain of losing his father and the agony of living with a step father who hates and abuses him At school Brian suffe

  • Title: Rage
  • Author: Kimberly A. Bettes
  • ISBN: 9781465964564
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook
  • Rage By Kimberly A. Bettes, Brian Boozer is a good kid in a bad situation At thirteen, he s already endured the pain of losing his father and the agony of living with a step father who hates and abuses him At school, Brian suffers even torment, delivered by bullies who seem to enjoy making his life miserable The only bright spot in Brian s life is Carly, the girl on whom he s had a crush forBrian Boozer is a good kid in a bad situation At thirteen, he s already endured the pain of losing his father and the agony of living with a step father who hates and abuses him At school, Brian suffers even torment, delivered by bullies who seem to enjoy making his life miserable The only bright spot in Brian s life is Carly, the girl on whom he s had a crush for years As his relationship with her evolves, so do the problems at home and the confrontations at school A distressed Brian retreats further into himself, hiding behind the wall he s built as protection from the cruel chaos around him Eager to be free of his troubles, Brian fights to be heard in a world that won t listen.A 60,000 word novel plus bonus material.For mature audiences only.

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      Kimberly A. Bettes

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    1. I don t think I ve ever read a book like this one.I kept promising myself I would just DNF it and calmly walk away But then I thought I couldn t just let the book beat me like that I read some jacked up stuff I should be able to handle this.I think my mind has completely shattered.But I did finish this sucker I had to know how it would turn out I m completely stupid like that.This book It s brutal If you have any triggers at all, just go ahead and run from it Don t even be in the same room with [...]

    2. 5 PAINFUL STARS How do I explain a story that gripped my every human emotion, leaving this reader exhausted yet oddly grateful at the same time My thoughts cannot begin to do this book justice Brian s story didn t touch my heart It touched my life I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started RAGE I ve read some of the authors previous work and decided to dive in blindly Good idea Not so much The very first paragraph had me LIVID and the emotional roller coaster only intensified fr [...]

    3. 4 1 2 Painful Stars WARNING Even though this is a story about a 13 year old boy in middle school, it is in no shape or form a book for Young Adults.I didn t know what to expect when I first wanted to read this book I added this book months ago after I read Held by the same author I was blown away by Held but Rage floored me absolutely floored me.I was warned by several people to skip this book because I tend to be too emotional when reading certain stories, but I decided to trudge on and give it [...]

    4. 5 Heartbreaking, Gut wrenching Stars Wow.just.Wow.A daunting, heartbreaking story of a 13 year old boy who lives everyday with being bullied and abused His spirit is broken He has no one Not even his mother is willing to listen to him, love him, protect him He has been completely broken and shattered He can no longer fight his hatred and his rage Everyone has a breaking pointBrian Boozer has surpassed that point and there is no return My heart hurt and went out to this boy I hated that no one sa [...]

    5. 5 NO MORE TURNING A BLIND EYE STARS ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOOK OF THE YEAR This book may be fiction but it is authentic, it is honest, it is intense and it is confronting It may not have happened to the author, may not have happened to me or a dear person, but IT IS HAPPENING THIS VERY SECOND TO A CHILD SOMEWHERE, COULD BE EVEN AS CLOSE AS NEXT DOOR A thirteen year old should not hurt so much, no child should be subjected to so much hurt, not one person is deserving of what t [...]

    6. 4.5 devastating heart wrenching soul gutting stars I started this book at 8 pm and finished it in about 5 hours matter how many times i wanted to just give up and put it down i just COULDN T i was hooked up wether i wanted or not No matter how many words i d write,it won t be enough to express what i ve felt.heart aching Devastating Misery Nu hah not even close What would make a person go on with the motion of his life when he s literally living in hell What would prompt a person to Live his nex [...]

    7. FIVE WELL DESERVED STARS Wow What a compelling and gut wrenching story Brilliant piece of writing Mrs Bettes

    8. This book did not end as I expected it to Sadly, it ended realistically What a powerful, moving book about a young boy who has endured years of abuse by his good for nothing stepfather, neglect by his mother, bullying by his peers and failure by his teachers It is a heartbreaking story and a fictitious one, thankfully But it could easily tell the tale of hundreds, if not thousands of children who suffer similarly What will happen when they reach their breaking point This book should seriously b [...]

    9. The only thing I can think of to say about this novel is WOW This has to be one of the most intense, emotional, and horrific books I ve ever read.I know how Brian felt to be going through those horrible things, alone and scared, because I was bullied in school too, but never to the extent Brian had to endure.The thing I learned most from reading this is never to take anything for granted, and if you have children, treat them with the respect and love they deserve.It s a sad story, and left me fe [...]

    10. I really don t know what to say about this book It made me bawl It broke my heart, shattered it, and put me through the emotional wringer so many times that I came out feeling like a limp, boneless heap This story is so raw, real, and gut wrenching, and the author doesn t hold back You experience every single heartache, disappointment, and anguish poor Brian does You experience the brief twinges of hope, the flashes of light and love Carly inspires, only to have them ripped away time after time. [...]

    11. I just started reading this book only at 11% but PAGE ONE got me hooked This book is about a young male student that is sexually molested by his step father PitifulThis was a sad fictional story about what could happen when we turn our backs on our children This 13 year old boy was molested regularly by his step father, his mother worked long hours and basically ignored everything, and he was bullied in school I wanted this little boy to get his revenge in the end Depending on how you look at it [...]

    12. This was the most emotionally draining book I have ever read Every page is a tear jerker A must read but not for the faint of heart It is a tragic story of a 13 year old boy who lost his father at age 6 His mother remarried a year later, but she is never around because she works double shifts, so he is left with the step father who sexually, physically and emotionally abuses him since he was 8 He s bullied at school and ignored by his teachers As his life spirals out of control, his anger eventu [...]

    13. Wow where do I begin This novel was not what I expected First let me say that if you are easily offended shocked by stories of abuse, this probably isn t the book for you You will definitely need a thick skin to read this However I must say that this should be a must read on your list Without giving up to much of the story, this book sheds light on a very dark subject matter There were moments I wanted to cry and wished I could jump into the story to help Brian then there were moments I found my [...]

    14. This book was awesome and made me sad for all the kids out there like Brian who suffer in these ways and its harder when you can relate to the situation yourself.Fantastic book with a great insight into the child POV and a well worded author note Kimberly makes a excellent point.

    15. In Kimberly A Bettes novel Rage, 13 year old Brian Boozer s life is horrific His alcoholic step dad is a child beater and molester who sucks down the money Brian s double shift working mother brings home so efficiently that Brian has little in his life to live on His situation at school is no better, dealing with small pack of sadistic bullies Save for one girl who gives him the time of day for reasons not entirely clear, Brian is alone to face the world bereft of any adult or child willing to l [...]

    16. Rage is a story that seems all too real And it certainly lives up to the title Not only does the main character feel rage, but the reader does, too view spoiler Rage is the story of Brian Boozer, a 13 year old boy who is not only bullied at school, but he s also raped and beaten at home by his stepfather He doesn t exactly have a picture perfect life.The opening paragraph of this story shocked me, but also sucked me right in I could not stop reading, even though it was like watching a horrible c [...]

    17. Wow This book was difficult to read but really did an excellent job making the reader understand one possible reason for teen violence I felt so many different emotions about what was happening to Brian I m quite sure that there is a Brian Boozer in every school in the USA I totally and completely felt his desperate need to tell someone after his Mom ignored the situation As an educator I was totally horrified that every teacher, counselor, and adult blew him off I thought than once How dare th [...]

    18. How does one even begin to write a review for this story It is a story that is very difficult to readt you are riveted in disbelief and unable to stop reading This story tore me up in ways that I can t even begin to explain It s a story of a boy who has been abused at home and bullied at school Brian is now 13, yet feels he is helpless to stop the horrors that have continued to happen to him since he was 8 years old This story is fiction, yet bullying and abuse happens every day in real life If [...]

    19. I sit here and try to calm myself after reading this shocking insight into what truly can come about from abuse bullying Brian may be a fictional character but the details of how bullying at school, and his over abusive step father churned out in this book, make a compelling statement that although only 13 ones mind can become dark after too much punishment I myself have 4 beautiful kids and to think something like this could of ever happened to them makes my stomach swirl This book is not for t [...]

    20. A very difficult book to read The abuse, torture, neglect and bullying Brian goes through is horrendous and very disturbing Adding insult to injury is his mothers response made me physically ill What I will take from this is ALWAYS make time to be sure your children and any children whose lives you impact know they can come talk to you anytime and you WILL make time for them All children deserve that security and safe haven I d hoped for a better outcome for this character, however it didn t hap [...]

    21. This is my first book by this author I came across this book, and the title instantly pulled me in I am glad that I read this book It shows how much an effect bullying has on people Even though this story was fiction, people all over are experiencing this as I sit and write this It is an eye opener, and it lets me know that something has to be done about it I loved the main character of this story, because despite all of the pain he was going through he kept getting up, until he couldn t fight t [...]

    22. What a heartbreaking story this was It s the story of 13 year old Brian who is horribly abused both at home and at school I rooted for him the whole book and really wanted him to stand up for himself, but was shocked by the manner that he chose to do so I was very disappointed at the ending, however This is the second book I ve read by this author and although the books were very different in terms of content, I really like her style and I think she chose the perfect genre I recommend this book [...]

    23. Very disturbing book I was sick to my stomach reading this It was a very difficult read because of the content Reader beware its not for everyone You will cry, you will be sickened and feel helpless, you will feel angry, and most of all be disgusted with the human race While this is a work of fiction it could happen and it does happen So many signs that this boy was in danger and no one cared enough to help People are so wrapped up in their own lives it makes me sick

    24. What an emotional roller coaster While reading this, I did in fact feel the rage building inside the main character, Brian This book takes the reader inside the mind of child that is being abused, sexually, mentally and physically by his step father and then bullied at school by his classmates This story will stay with me for some time.agic by all means.

    25. A beautifully written horrific book I never judge because I know someone is always facing some battle that no one knows about.

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