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Thomas The Tank Engine: The Complete Collection #2020

Thomas The Tank Engine The Complete Collection Since the publication of the original Thomas the Tank Engine in millions of children and their parents all over the world have loved this series of bedtime stories about Thomas and his friends A

  • Title: Thomas The Tank Engine: The Complete Collection
  • Author: Wilbert Awdry
  • ISBN: 9780434800315
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thomas The Tank Engine: The Complete Collection By Wilbert Awdry, Since the publication of the original Thomas the Tank Engine in 1946, millions of children and their parents all over the world have loved this series of bedtime stories about Thomas and his friends All 26 of the Reverend W Awdry s classic stories are here in one beautiful gift volume, with an introduction by the author himself Illustrated in full color.

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      Wilbert Awdry

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    1. The author of the Thomas books was a clergyman, and I m torn between two thoughts On the one hand, it s very tempting to believe that they are intended as Christian allegory On the other, an interpretation along those lines almost inevitably ends with the conclusion that the Fat Controller is God I m not a Christian, but even I find this a little blasphemous Or perhaps it just shows that I will never be a Really Useful Engine.Surely someone has done a detailed exegesis I ll confess that I am, in [...]

    2. This book is the most important book that I have ever read in my entire life It is also one of the most important thing to me that I own This was the first book I got in relation to Thomas the Tank Engine I could go on and on about my backstory with Thomas, but I m afraid that it would be far too much to write For a while, I seem to have had a strange idea that the TV series was adapted into the books But I am proud to own this book containing the first twenty six volumes of The Railway Series.T [...]

    3. We ve been through this one with two boys and now number three is enthralled with the pictures and stories in this book The stories teach about consequences, working together, friendship, obedience and

    4. A gem of a book for my Thomas obsessed son I wish we still owned it, but we had to leave it behind when we moved home from overseas.

    5. Finishing this book has kind of been a goal since I was 8 Back in the early 2000 s I used to see this book at Barnes and nobles and could never afford it Fast forward to 2013 and I remembered how much I wanted to own this book so I tracked it down and finally today I finished reading it This book did not disappoint I loved all these original stories by Rev W Awdry and enjoyed experiencing the differences between them and the episodes of the TV series when I was little It blows my mind how little [...]

    6. This is a right wonderful book, to put in layman s terms A wealth of stories in a nicely dimensioned tome, is this I would consider this collection to be one of my favorites from metaphorically countless years past.

    7. A timeless classic that has influenced many, ever since the first book, The Three Railway Engines , was published in 1945, with the second book in 1946 entitled Thomas The Tank Engine , the Railway Series , or the Thomas the Tank Engine stories , as they are now called, has had an impact on the lives of many a child or adult, culminating in the Reverend s son, Christopher, continuing the range with sixteen books, the beginning of the hit series in 1984, and a devoted fanbase On a study of the t [...]

    8. A vast improvement over the line of Thomas themed Dr Seuss for Beginners books like Go, Train, Go or Blue Train, Green Train These are the real deal, written by the Reverend Awdry and containing the original illustrations For children fascinated by the recent origin story TV movie, The Adventure Begins , several of the stories here are alluded to in the movie, so they might really enjoy hearing how all the gang was brought together We get to read about the arrivals of Thomas, Toby Henrietta, Sca [...]

    9. The art in this book gets better and better Hands down, none of the modern Thomas books do quite as good I never grew up with Thomas, so this was a new thing for me and I quite enjoyed the stories Some reviewers question whether or not these stories are Christian allegory As a Christian, I don t really see where that would be the case seeing as how the Bible is all about the free gift of salvation to humanity at God s expense The only real Biblical lessons in the Thomas series seem to be about n [...]

    10. I have 4 boys so of course we had to read Thomas the Tank Engine We d previously read all the little modern paperback books with the pictures from the TV show Blah I didn t much care for them but they asked for them again and again so we read them.Then I found this book at Goodwill for.49 Practically brand new It went home with me It no longer looks brand new.We spent a month or two reading through this book It has the original illustrations which I like much better and it is so well written The [...]

    11. Thomas and his friends are trains on the island of Sodor Each day they carry out their work, have adventures, and learn how to be Really Useful Engines They are kept in line by their drivers and the Fat Controller, who are firm but gentle with these mischievous engines.My dad is a train buff, so it surprised me that I didn t own any of these books as a child, but I guess they hadn t yet made it across the pond when I was little Since they appear to the 1001 Children s Books You Must Read Before [...]

    12. Not quite the complete collection of Thomas the Tank Engine stories, I understand there are one or two that didn t make it in the book This is the original Thomas the Tank Engine, before the movies, before the television programs I have to say we found it much enjoyable than any of the later incarnations It is a long read, but each of the stories is quite short suitable for bedtime stories or short car rides, or for a quiet moment in an otherwise hectic day My kids have loved Thomas from about [...]

    13. It s probably mostly the nostalgia that made me rate this one five stars I remember so many nights when my dad would read me these stories, and days when we d make elaborate railways with the toys I think that this was also the first large book I read all the way through to myself Objectively, I know these stories have a few questionable messages, and some were just unmemorable I didn t even like Thomas, and preferred the older engines, like Edward and Skarloey neither of whom got nearly enough [...]

    14. This is a collection of all the original stories that went into the Thomas and Friends Thomas the Tank Engine series I used to watch Shining Time Station when I was small so I really enjoyed these Most of the stories are word for word with their counterparts on TV I have noticed that each engine has his her particular flaw Gordon, Henry and James are stuck up much of the time Thomas is impatient Percy is cheeky Edward has physical ailments but a very kind personality And of course there are eng [...]

    15. You know I love Thomas and all of his friends but I ve read these stories to Henry so many times that I can now recite them off the top of my head and so can he Henry is mad on trains and the Thomas and friends adventures fit the niche for him perfectly They are delightful stories even if they tend to be a little anti unionist at times I just wish the marketing of Thomas face wasn t quite so aggressive.

    16. This isn t the exact book, but we had some in this series, and I was really kind of into that whole thing The tv show was on too, and in the early days that was also fun I really like the art in some of these, such great train car expressions And the stories are pretty fun, the characters have kind of child sized work related conflicts with each other, and so on Kinda dear Then falls away fast past that certain age.

    17. A sturdy favourite of my youth, and now that of my little boy, having read through this whole collection together many times He can explain when you need a banking engine, and the difference between mainlines and branchlines and even thanks to James why damaged brakes leak on.They are great little tales, creating a wonderful and sadly bygone world Had these stories never been written I ll bet that not half as many steam locomotives would have been preserved today

    18. Your child may think they know Thomas the Tank Engine from the various shows that feature him But this is the definitive collection of stories from the creator of Thomas.While the stories are all short ones, the newer stories written by other authors seem shallow and hollow compared those by Rev Awdrey.

    19. I think young children would prefer the individual books as they are easier to hold themselves It s quite difficult to hold this large book and allow young children to see the pictures when reading in bed sure, you can lay the tome on a table, but that s not really conducive to bedtime snuggling down.

    20. Thomas the Tank Engine was probably the biggest part of my childhood Owning many VHS tapes, wooden trains, and of course, this book Can t come to think of how many times I had read through this book as a young child, and after finding it again in my cupboard, am likely going to re read it again for nostalgia purposes.

    21. I loved this so much There are times I just need to read a kids book And this just made me feel good about life My family had several of these when I was a kid, but many were new to me My kids are definitely going to hear these stories By the way, these are the original stories that have naughty trains who run into trouble and learn lessons I m all for that.

    22. If you have a Thomas fan then this is the book for you It has all the stories of Thomas and his friends a wonderful find But be prepared to read thoas stories every day I have even dreamed Thomas a few times.

    23. It is my favourite book ever I like the engines a lot My favourites are Toby, Thomas, Percy and Duke My favourite story is the first one with the little railway engines It was so good I wish that there was to read.

    24. A favorite for sure I learned a lot I especially learned that my 2.5 yr old knew all the characters and their main characteristics much better than I did.Updated 12 1 14 I m reading this w our little guy for the 3rd time Only 1 story left.

    25. I love these Thomas stories They are not cutesy, watered down versions like can be found in the early reading books The engines all have distinct personalities and foibles just like us A nice change from a lot of the picture books out there.

    26. ever since i can remember i ve loved thomas the tank stories so this is obviously getting a five from me.

    27. Probably one of the most influential books of my childhood This collection, alongside the original TV series, started my fascination with the British culture.

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