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The Lost Prince #2020

The Lost Prince From the author of the beloved New York Times bestselling novel The Little Book comes a novel about a love that is capable of bridging unfathomable distances Recently returned from the experience of

  • Title: The Lost Prince
  • Author: Selden Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780525952947
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Lost Prince By Selden Edwards, From the author of the beloved New York Times bestselling novel The Little Book, comes a novel about a love that is capable of bridging unfathomable distances Recently returned from the experience of a lifetime in fin de si cle Vienna, where she met and tragically lost the first great love of her life, Eleanor Burden has no choice but to settle into her expected place inFrom the author of the beloved New York Times bestselling novel The Little Book, comes a novel about a love that is capable of bridging unfathomable distances Recently returned from the experience of a lifetime in fin de si cle Vienna, where she met and tragically lost the first great love of her life, Eleanor Burden has no choice but to settle into her expected place in society, marry the man she is supposed to marry, and wait for life to come to her As the twentieth century approaches, hers is a story not unlike that of the other young women she grew up with in 1890s Boston a privileged upbringing punctuated by a period of youthful adventure and followed by the inevitable acknowledgment of real life except for one small difference Eleanor possesses an unshakable belief that she has advance knowledge of every major historical event to come during her lifetime But soon the script of events she has written in her mind a script described by no less than Sigmund Freud as the invented delusions of a hysteric begins to unravel Eleanor Burden, at once fragile and powerful, must find the courage of her deepest convictions, discover the difference between predetermination and free will, secure her belief in her own sanity, and decide whether she will allow history to unfold come what may or use her extraordinary gifts to bend history to her will and deliver for her the life she knows she is meant to have.

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    1 thought on “The Lost Prince

    1. So now I have to go read The Little Book It would have been nice if the flyleaf had mentioned that this was the second part of an on going story so I could have read them in order Instead I spent a good portion of this book feeling confused than I needed to be Having said that though, I truly did enjoy this book It reminded me of the old authors like Dickens but easier to access The premise a young woman, Eleanor returns from Vienna in the late 1800s in possession of a broken heart, a mysteriou [...]

    2. I received this as a free download from Audiojukebox I say that not only in the interest of fairness but also to explain that this is the only reason why I finished the book A couple of years ago I listened to the audio version of Edwards first book, The Little Book While I felt there were a few flaws in the story, it was also strangely compelling It was one of those books that stay with you long after you ve finished In fact, it has stuck with me ever since, especially the superb narration So I [...]

    3. I was overjoyed to receive an Advanced Reading Copy of this, as I so loved his first book The Little Book , and I wish I could gush about it now that I ve read it, but it didn t quite live up to my admittedly high expectations The Lost Prince is a companion to The Little Book whereas that was the story of Wheeler Burden in fin de siecle Vienna, this is the story of Eleanor Burden after her return from Vienna, up through the end of World War I The Little Book was a compelling tale, and it provide [...]

    4. The Lost Prince Seldon Edwards3 stars spoilers .This is a sequel to Seldon Edwards convoluted time travel novel, The Little Book The first book takes place mostly in fin de si cle Vienna, where five of the principal characters converge in time As the complex first book ends, the two time traveling characters are dead Eleanor Putnam has been left with The Little Book which contains irrefutable, formidable knowledge of the future This book is entirely Eleanor s story as she struggles to bring abou [...]

    5. First off, a disclaimer I tend to be generous in my ratings of books merely out of respect for the time and dedication it takes simply to write them Having said that, I almost feel as if I should take a star away from other books to which I ve awarded five Almost What stops me is the matter of fairness Each author should be evaluated on a comparative basis with others writing in the same genre So, having eliminated the option of reducing star numbers, my other impulse would be to award six or se [...]

    6. You probably really have to have read Edwards The Little Book for this book to make any sense at all it springs from the same basic story but from an alternate character s point of view I LOVED The Little Book , and was mesmerized all over again at the beginning of this one But then it started to bog down yeah, yeah, uh huh I guess what it came down to for me was, there is no way for the magic of the first book to be re lived with the same sense of wonder and awe, just like you can t lose your v [...]

    7. This was actually one of the worst books i ve ever read Sheer will power alone drove me to finish There are dictionaries with better character development inter office memos with compelling dialogue and opium fueled dreams with that require fewer leaps of faith to buy into the plot So she has a book that tells her about some critical events of the future This now becomes a crutch on which every act, every motivation, every event that follows is based on No, I don t have to make my readers belie [...]

    8. I had a hard time connecting with this story, or the characters especially Eleanor She knows her own future because it is all written down in a notebook from someone in the future, including who she marries, what she invests in, whom she befriends, etc What bothered me most, is that her actions seem motivated only by the fact that they are supposedly in her future Ex Oh, it says here on page 6 that I have an affair with _____ and then have a child Better get to work orchestrating this affair Thi [...]

    9. I was excited to learn Edwards had a new book out because I loved Little Book so very very much, but I waxed doubtful as soon as I realized that it continues the story of, or at least is connected to, the earlier book I am skeptical about sequels Not so much with children s books, because I sympathize with kids need for reassurance with the familiar, but with YA books that milk characters past credibility and especially with adult books because grown ups should have less tolerance for milking an [...]

    10. This novel is a sequel to Selden Edwards The Little Book, a tale of a contemporary American who becomes displaced in time in 19th century Vienna The Lost Prince opens shortly after Eleanor Burden returns from fin de si cle Vienna and begins a personal mission to ensure a future by aligning the early 20th century according to a journal given to her by her grandson She establishes her personal fortune with the assistance of a young physicist she hires to invest in companies that she appears to hav [...]

    11. 2.5 5I started this book, then put it down for a while as I just couldn t get into it I decided to pick it up again to give it another try It s a long book, partially due to the repetition and partially due to the long, drawn out discussions that take place If you are like me, and haven t read the first book in this series, The Little Book, you will probably be lost for the first hundred pages or so It became a bit clear after some necessary background was revealed Still, I found the characters [...]

    12. Has anyone else listened to the audio version of this book I loved The Little Book as a matter of fact read it than once I think I would love this one too but the narrator makes listening painful Her German accents sound reasonably authentic, and her voice can be pleasant when she is reading text, but most character voices are clipped and abrupt and sound harsh, especially Eleanor I may try to read it in book form, but I have such a long commute that I do most of my reading in the car.

    13. The Lost Prince is a sequel to The Little Book and continues the story of Eleanor Putnam As the book begins it is 1897 and Bostonian Eleanor returns from Vienna entrusted with a small book that foretells the future She knows about the coming will happen but she also knows she has to act She is in the middle of pre destiny and free will This book is filled with wonderful historic detail The author is working on the third book of this trilogy and I will definitely read it.

    14. I ve read both books in this series If you are going to read both, I recommend reading them in reverse order It was irritating to me to listen to the narrator agonizing about how to make events occur as written in her notebook Eleanor is trying to make her life fulfill what is written in her secret notebook Some of the things are interesting and some are truly ridiculous Her meeting with JP Morgan is one of the ridiculous ones The interactions with Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud are sort of silly I [...]

    15. This book was a fitting companion to The Little Book and I enjoyed reading it The Lost Prince successfully weaves romance, historical fiction, psychology, philosophy, and music into a beautiful tapestry and also shares a perspective on WWII in Austria and Italy As a warning to other readers, I don t think it would stand well on its own without first reading The Little Book.

    16. This one is best enjoyed by people who have read The Little Book and are already fans of it full transparency, The Little Book is the greatest novel I ve ever read Without that pretext, I think the beauty of this work would be missed.

    17. I love The little Book So I was excited to read this Meh It was interesting to get of Elanor s story and see how it all worked out But it was a bit tedious and self indulgent at times

    18. the follow up to his amazing book The Little Book , this is a continuation in the shape of a prequelain, written with such depth and love and vision.

    19. The Lost Prince continues the story of Selden Edwards first book, The Little Book It actually stands very well on it s own, and in fact, I read it first, not realizing it was continuing a saga Edwards had already started The story is fascinating and richly imagined It begins as Eleanor Putnam returns to her upper class Boston home from an extended stay in Vienna during the apex of that city s glory, in 1897 Her decidedly unorthodox adventures in Vienna are alluded to, but not detailed at all.She [...]

    20. This is a bewildering book on so many levels For one, it is a sequel, but it could easily be read as a standalone Second, there are so many different elements at play and it seems as if it tries to be too many things at once is it a treatise on psychology, a work of historical fiction, or a fantasy about time travel At the turn of the century, Eleanor returns to Boston from a sojourn in Vienna with a journal from her lover who was apparently from the future as addressed in the first novel, The L [...]

    21. Okay, so I liked this book It was interesting, the writing was very evocative of the time period, and overall it was an enjoyable read.But that being said I m not really entirely sure, still, of the point of this book The mystery was never really made clear or am I just being obtuse I don t know How Eleanor knew what she did was never fully explained, and even in the end, it was still confusing view spoiler So the first thing I didn t understand was the whole concept of Arnauld being the lost pr [...]

    22. In The Lost Prince, Selden Edwards weaves a rich and beautiful tapestry of faith, love and destiny Eleanor Burden is an amazing character, so full of determination and tremendous strength I wish that I had read The Little Book prior to starting this one so I would have gotten a full appreciation of her character Mr Edwards gave us a collection of wonderful and vibrant characters with Eleanor at the very center.At the center of Eleanor s world is a little book she calls her Vienna journal Everyth [...]

    23. 4.5 Stars The Lost Prince is an imaginative and thought provoking novel that tells the story of Eleanor Burden as she returns to her rightful place in Boston s high society, takes a husband, and waits for life to happen She isn t that different from most other women of her time, except that Eleanor believes she has knowledge of every major historical event that will happen during her lifetime How does one begin to explain this to others without sounding insane As Eleanor s predictions start goin [...]

    24. As with The Little Book, Selden Edwards manages to combine historic fiction with a sci fi element Time travel, especially in such a twisted way, is always difficult and has to be done right in order to work logically Edwards pulls it off, and makes clear that what Eleanor knows about the future is merely the results, which does not mean they come true automatically I liked the strong female protagonist not caring about conventions and era appropriate patriarchy along the lines of Oh sweet heart, [...]

    25. In 1898, Eleanor Burden, a young Bostonian, returns home from Vienna with a remarkable journal, which foretells the events of her lifetime Although Eleanor is unable to prevent evil, she knows she will accomplish great good Guided by foreknowledge, Eleanor accumulates a fortune She marries and has a family Concurrently, she locates specific individuals destined to play an important part in her life and the achievements foretold in the journal.Eleanor brings the finest minds in Europe to the Unit [...]

    26. Eleanor Burden returns from Vienna in 1898 with three priceless treasures, a manuscript, an exquisite piece of jewelry, and a hand written journal Each would change her life, she knew, and each would play a part in determining her destiny The latter part of this quote is surely an understatement, to say the least, for thousands and thousands of people will be affected by this woman who has been granted some invaluable factual information The manuscript will make Gustave Mahler, composer and musi [...]

    27. Eleanor has recently returned from Vienna with three items of inestimable worth a manuscript, an exquisite piece of jewelry, and a handwritten journal She had gone to Vienna to write something of significance for the New York Times She had written the piece titled City of Music under the pen name of Mr Jonathan Trumpp and though her editors begged her to publish it under her own name, she refused and declared it was the last she would write.The piece of jewelry was a ring which had belonged to o [...]

    28. Eleanor Putnam, soon to be Eleanor Burden, returns to Boston from Vienna in 1898 Her main task is to fulfill her destiny She is not merely some rich young woman though she is that whose usual destiny is to be married and raise Boston bluebloods though that is included Her destiny is mysterious and is only gradually unfolded for us.She actually knows her exact destiny through some mysterious journal At least, she thinks she does and believes she is responsible for carrying it out, though whethe [...]

    29. For me, the overall tone of this book had a dreamlike quality It was vivid and vague at the same time, in a way that made me reluctant to put it down and it lingered in my brain between readings, but when asked what it was about, I couldn t really come up with an accurate summary.That s not really necessary here anyway, so many other reviewers have done a fine job of describing the plot I didn t realize this was a sequel to the first book, which I haven t read but now definitely will The Lost Pr [...]

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