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The Borgia Mistress #2020

The Borgia Mistress Mistress of death Francesca Giordano court poisoner to the House of Borgia returns to confront an ancient atrocity that threatens to extinguish the light of the Renaissance and plunge the world into e

  • Title: The Borgia Mistress
  • Author: Sara Poole
  • ISBN: 9780312609856
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Borgia Mistress By Sara Poole, Mistress of death Francesca Giordano court poisoner to the House of Borgia returns to confront an ancient atrocity that threatens to extinguish the light of the Renaissance and plunge the world into eternal darkness As the enemies of Pope Alexander VI close in and the papal court is forced to flee from Rome, Francesca joins forces with her lover, the brilliant and ruthlMistress of death Francesca Giordano court poisoner to the House of Borgia returns to confront an ancient atrocity that threatens to extinguish the light of the Renaissance and plunge the world into eternal darkness As the enemies of Pope Alexander VI close in and the papal court is forced to flee from Rome, Francesca joins forces with her lover, the brilliant and ruthless Cesare Borgia to unravel a conspiracy that strikes at the heart of Christendom But when a shattering secret from her past imperils her precarious hold on sanity, only Francesca s own courage and resolve can draw her back from the brink of madness to save all she values most.

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    1 thought on “The Borgia Mistress

    1. 2.75 stars Dear fans of the series, you shall have to forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm regarding book 3 I dig historical fiction mysteries but this one just didn t intrigue me.

    2. Well now, THAT was one hell of an ending Didn t see the Cathar heresy popping up Still, I was hoping for an epic confrontation between Francesca and that mad monk Morozzi That means there jus HAS to be another novel in the works.Granted, the appearance of Mother Berndette and her knowing Francesca s history wasn t all that surprising and of course I d long suspected her motives However that didn t get in the way of the breakneck pacing and of my admiration of Francesca She really is a marvelous [...]

    3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERIES It s dark in completely new level, which is kinda refreshing.Francesca s character is very opposing She isn t deceiving herself about her dark nature She is not afraid to do as she pleases and is not worrying what other people think about her, which is impossible to say for other people in that time And most important, she s not so girly.I hate it when they are too girly.I realy like Cesare and his Pocco joke He is always there for her and he always pops out out of [...]

    4. Tre i nastavak romana o Francesci Giordano, dvorskoj trova ici pape Borgije vjerno prikazuje povijesne injenice i likove, te uvla i itatelja u napeti misterij o obitelji Borgia, dijele i njihove intimnosti i intrige koje ih obavijaju.Vrlo dobar povijesni triler, preporuka

    5. This book was bloody amazing Renaissance Italy is now officially my favourite genre of historical fiction, followed closely by Renaissance England sorry, Philipa Gregory You can t make me love Tudor and Renaissance England than I do Italy The world of Renaissance Italy is fascinating, wonderful, beautiful, colourful, vicious, and downright sexy And The Borgia Mistress encompasses what I love most about any historical fiction in Renaissance Italy the families, be it the Medici, the Sforza, the E [...]

    6. An easy read of mystery, assassination, mystery, and rich history Very well researched and intriguing I love how the book refers back to the protagonist s troubled childhood and her finding out about her mother and father gradually Even though everything turned out to be a lie The story is quick to read with little alien and overly fancy words It attaches emotions easily and the words are used cleverly to convey the message quickly Sara Poole is indeed an ingenious writer, and this book deserves [...]

    7. This third book in the Poisener Mysteries was a bit of a disillusion I found the link to the Cathars highly unbelievable, the plot very predictable I new almost right from the beginning when Francesca enters the gates of Viterbo who would be the assassin and it annoyed me that a new storyline is started before the old one with Morozzi as the bad guy has finished Further I learned that the series is discontinued after this book, with both storylines unsolved.

    8. It has been awhile since I read book 2 in this series and I forgot how much I liked Francesca as a character and the authors writing style Overall it was an interesting read.

    9. Author Sara Poole continues her Borgia novels in The Borgia Mistress, the continued adventures of Borgia family poisoner Francesca Giordano These days, the Borgias are quickly becoming the hot new property in the historical fiction world Propelled by the Showtime series The Borgias, it seems like and novels try to work the Borgia name in to their titles of the sake of a perceived connection that especially seemed to be the case with this series when it jumped from Poison to Borgia Betrayal and [...]

    10. The Borgia Mistress A Novel by Sara Poole is a historical fiction story that takes place in Rome around the year 1493 The lead character, Francesca Giordano, is the court poisoner to House of Borgia and Rodrigo Borgia who becomes Pope Alexander VI Francesca s father was a prisoner to the House of she was raised in the household along with Borgia s son, Cesare Borgia, who eventually becomes Francesca s lover Francesca has to unravel a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart Pope Alexander s rule [...]

    11. Facts taken from this book.Jove the Supreme Being in the universe He who commandeth and controleth all He is to be respected and revered, His will is to be obeyed always.15th century, Rome, the Pope was called Jove.In ancient Roman religion and myth, Jupiter Latin Iuppiter or Jove is the king of the gods and the god of sky and thunderJove is probably an anglicization of the Old Latin Jovis which translates into English as Jupiter, the Roman King of Gods In eighteenth and nineteenth century Engla [...]

    12. This was overall an enjoyable read that left me wanting Compared to the previous two books in this series, I wasn t terribly impressed the adventure plot was rather too predictable especially for those that prefer the Chekhov s Gun school of plot writing , and I felt there was too much wishy washy oh my life is hard, I am such a bad person, wah wah PTSD and family and relationship dramaz on Francesca s part The supporting characters that Poole developed so well over the last couple of books Vit [...]

    13. This trilogy kind of suffers from a second book slump, but I enjoyed the final installment immensely I do, however, feel that Francesca was uncharacteristically trusting of our villain It seemed so unlike her.

    14. This book left me with questions than answers First and foremost among those is will there be another book The Borgia Mistress introduces a new very formidable enemy, while the previous one is still at large I must admit I was hoping for a grand showdown between Morozzi and Francesca, but that does not occur in this book I liked learning about Francesca s past, but I think this book would have made a great fourth book in the series, after she relinquished Morozzi, rather than a third book, whi [...]

    15. 3 1 2 starsSomething went wrong This trilogy was all going so splendidlylly, but splendidly entertaining The bad guy escaped in the nick of time in book 2 with a Mwahahaha Suddenly, in book 3, he didn t even get a mention and instead a new bad guy was imported Aside from all kinds of nonsense about the Cathars well, I gave Ms Poole license to entertain me despite previous historical howlers, so I guess I have to overlook this nonsense too why did the story do a 90 degree turn and end up in a com [...]

    16. As the enemies of the new Pope Alexander VI Rodrigo Borgia close in, he is forced to flee Rome His poisoner, Francesca Giordano, goes with him Her Jewish friend, David, tags along in the disguise of a court jester He has informed her that his spy network has discovered that there is a new and highly sophisticated assassin on his way to kill the Pope Such an event would throw all of Europe into chaos as the various power struggles ensue It would also allow Savonarola a religious fanatic to rise t [...]

    17. I want to start this off by saying that while I was reading most of this book, I was falling asleept by any fault of the author, I m just extremely pregnant, and as soon as I lay down, it seems that my mind doesn t want me to stay awake to read That being said, I thought this was another excellent installation in Poole s Poisoner Mysteries In this book, Francesca befriends an abbess who has information about her mother s death, but things aren t what they seem Francesca s sexual relationship wit [...]

    18. 3.5 stars The third book in the Poisoner mystery series has the court on the move to protect the Pope from his enemies Francesca is still searching for the ones responsible for her father s murder and she is continuing to have issues sleeping and is haunted by her dreams Things become tense as several servants are found dead, of unknown cause She worries that a new poisoner may be around Francesca s past comes to the forefront as she meets a woman, now a nun, who knew her mother As she confront [...]

    19. In the third book of this historical fiction series about a young woman who took up the position of poisoner in the service of the Borgia family after her father s murder, Francesca has to deal not only with a highly skilled and as yet unknown assassin reported to be on the way to Viterbo, where the pope and his family are currently staying, but also with learning the truth about a deeply traumatic experience from her childhood and the repressed memories of it that are surfacing in her increasin [...]

    20. In the conclusion to her Poison Mysteries series, Poole manages to place Francesca in her most personal struggle yet By taking her away from all that is comfortable and familiar to her including both scenery, characters, and facts , Francesca is truly at the mercy of her own demons The most compelling aspects of this read were watching her develop and discover who she is within her own heart and mind rather than the murders and mysteries that are surrounding her which seemed of a secondary acti [...]

    21. Is this the last book in this series I am sure it isn t but I wish it was I d be perfectly happy if this series ended right here Yes, the main conflict hasn t been resolved, there are many loose ends, etc But I don t think Poole should have dragged this on for this long.While this book is vastly better than the second, it definitely is not on the level of the first I still do not enjoy Francesca s character, however, some of her circumstances intrigued me, especially her history While a lot of i [...]

    22. I enjoyed this book as a light fun summer read Some of the issues I had with the first two books too much description of clothes and food, boring narrative, etc are better Francesca is becoming a much interesting and multi dimensional character, although her constant rambling about her dark nature or whatever is a little annoying and where I have a seen her back story before hm I was really enjoying the book until I completely called the ending about half way through and spent the rest of the [...]

    23. I kind of adore the Poisoner mysteries They re pretty much what I am hoping to get and generally don t when I read Philippa Gregory They re engaging, well written, entertaining, sexy, and great fun Sure, it s easier working with invented characters in a historical setting than trying to get in the minds of actual people, but Sara Poole doesn t try and couch her characters in certes and forsooths in an effort to toss in period inappropriate dialogue It makes for a much better read And for the mos [...]

    24. I am continuing to enjoy the Poisoner Mysteries series, although this third one is my least favorite of the three so far What I love about the series is Francesca with her dark side always fighting with her good side the characters that I have come to love reading about and the mystery steeped in some sort of ancient religious historical significance, although the mystery part in this one was somewhat predictable We learn in this book about Francesca s past and how it has shaped her into being [...]

    25. Complex heroine Twisted, truthful tale Sara Poole turns out her heroine Francesca again in this second of her series about the poisoner to the infamous Roderigo Borgia and sometime lover to the almost equally infamous Cesare Borgia with 30 chapters of intrigue and surprises as the intrepid narrator winds us ever tighter into her spirited quest for the murderer of her father, those who threaten Rodrigo, and those who conspire to outlaw the Jews More importantly, we come to understand as Francesca [...]

    26. I absolutely adored this volume of The Poisoner Mysteries and would recommend it to anyone who likes some mystery AND romance thrown into their historical fiction The characters, to me, are well developed and even in their weakest moments, strong They are utterly human, and in that respect, they are extremely believable The story is paced appropriately, and it s so interesting and twisty that I honestly found it difficult to put the book down For anyone who can get into it, it will be an EXTREME [...]

    27. I picked this book up on a whim in the library because I thought it looked interesting Although it is a clearly a novel, at least some of the characters were real I wish I could give it a 3.5 because I thought it was well written and entertaining I just thought the ending was a little too far fetched for me It was interesting to read about the power struggle between Pope Alexander VI and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, Their most Catholic Majesties It was also interesting to read how the popes [...]

    28. I love this story, but this was my least favorite of the three to date I really like the fact that the main character Francesca is flawed, but this book actually felt like the point was flagrant and pointless sex scenes This book was set outside of Rome and was absent of many of the characters that show the redeeming parts of Francesca I thought the story was interesting but, as mentioned already, was greatly lacking the depth that the other two books have I m really hoping the next is better

    29. I wanted to like this novel a lot than I actually did I will say, the second half picked up but the main character irritates me, with her constant repetition of her dark nature , dark profession , the darkness inside me I struggle to come to terms with the fact that she s a woman, employed by the Pope to protect him and do away with his enemies, and by her own admission she knows very little of healing substances or the opiate powder she abuses How can someone be skilled in substances but be so [...]

    30. I always enjoy books about those wicked Borgias and The Borgia Mistress is no exception Sara Poole handles the court intrigue like an expert and we are witness to the dirty politics, spies and allegiancesbetween the power hungry Spain, France and Pope Borgia s unlimited ego The main character in all this is Francesca who is the Vatican s poisoner, sometimes lover to Cesare Borgia and court confidant Her task is not only to taste all of the Pope s food and keep everyday objects clean of hidden po [...]

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