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School's Out Forever #2020

School s Out Forever After the world died we all sort of drifted back to school After all where else was there for us to go Lee Keegan s fifteen If most of the population of the world hadn t just died choking on their ow

  • Title: School's Out Forever
  • Author: Scott K. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781781080276
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • School's Out Forever By Scott K. Andrews, After the world died we all sort of drifted back to school After all, where else was there for us to go Lee Keegan s fifteen If most of the population of the world hadn t just died choking on their own blood, he might be worrying about acne, body odour and girls As it is, he and the young Matron of his boarding school, Jane Crowther, have to try and protect their char After the world died we all sort of drifted back to school After all, where else was there for us to go Lee Keegan s fifteen If most of the population of the world hadn t just died choking on their own blood, he might be worrying about acne, body odour and girls As it is, he and the young Matron of his boarding school, Jane Crowther, have to try and protect their charges from cannibalistic gangs, religious fanatics, a bullying prefect experimenting with crucifixion and even the surviving might of the US Army.Welcome to St Mark s School for Boys and GirlsThis is an omnibus containing the whole of the School s Out trilogy School s Out Operation Motherland Children s Crusade

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      295 Scott K. Andrews
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    1. I, like most people, read the first lines of this book and then immediately went to the checkout line I CELEBRATED My fifteenth birthday by burying my headmaster and emptying my bladder on freshly turned earth Best present a boy could have After making my way home I relaxed on my couch, opened School s Out Forever, and did not move until three in the morning The first book was done I preceded to read the next books the following two days Sure the books were a little like Lord of The Flies, and s [...]

    2. Where to begin My first foray into the Afterblight Chronicles was the first book in the series, entitled The Culled It was a savage, mean bastard of a tale violent, funny and hot rod paced I was left wanting of this world, so I picked up School s Out Forever It had everything I was expecting vicious cults, action, humour and badassery on par with the Culled But then there was something I didn t expect heart.I care about these characters I felt like I went through every tragedy and triumph with [...]

    3. This book Holy wow I had a serious book hangover after finishing it For those of you who don t know what a book hangover is, it s the inability to start a new book because you can t stop thinking about the previous one Nutshell blurb A virus has swept across the globe killing everyone who does not have O negative blood type This is the story of the survivors who take shelter at a private boy s school in Kent.I feel that I need to start of by saying that even though this book is mainly about chil [...]

    4. I am in awe of this Afterblight Chronicles omnibus but utterly heartbroken too After the Cull, a plague that decimates the world s population, pupils and teachers start returning to their boarding school All their loved ones are dead so it seems a sensible place to go, but the school bully returns too and the fact that the school has a Special Cadet Force means that he and his inner circle are quickly armed He initiates them into doing some heinous things so he can control them But there are som [...]

    5. This was an awesome book I enjoyed every single page, including the interviews and bonus material at the end I highly recommend this book if you enjoy post apocalyptic stories There may not be any zombies in it, but the living are far scarier I enjoyed reading this book so much, I gave a copy of it to a friend for his birthday before I had even finished School s Out A Great job, Scott

    6. It is wrong to admit selecting a book for its cover Well, take a look at the thing it s so compelling Even author Scott K Andrews admits the cover has helped U.S sales of this omnibus The gun toting school girl may be troubling, but it was enough to get me to read further And yes, I bought an actual book made of paper not databits at my Newport Beach BN.I ve lately become a big fan of dystopia Perhaps this reflects my overall world view For while I have never been happier in my personal life, lo [...]

    7. Certain things make any post apocalyptic novels an essential read for me, splatterhouse style blood and guts, what s left of society being ran by idiots, revolt, and some real bad taste tongue in cheek humour All of the above are present in abundance, I had read the first two of these separately aswell as a couple of other novels in the afterblight chronicles before being handed the omnibus for review and was over the moon with the thought of reading them again and also getting to finish the set [...]

    8. I judged a book by its cover I was making a return at Barnes Noble and I bought The Hobbit and this book I saw the cover and said yup, buying it I was not disappointed, I loved this story It was very violent and pretty graphic at times, but given the plot I wouldn t have expected it not to be There was only on bit that bothered me a little bit, because the never was discovered, anyone who s read it will know what I m talking about when I say, The King It only bothers me because there was a good [...]

    9. I read all of the books by way of this collection, so rather than reviewing them individually, I ll review each of them now, and I ll keep it short Book 1, SCHOOL S OUT Hello this is Mac and he s here to fuck shit up because he s a sociopath and he likes to fuck shit up Book 2, OPERATION MOTHERLAND Hi, these are all the surviving military powers, and they re here to fuck all this shit up, in the name of God and Country and reasons And P.S one word name Rowles Book 3, CHILDREN S CRUSADE no no no [...]

    10. What if Golding had asked Rob Zombie to co author Lord of the Flies and they had modified the plot to bring the adults in early, and have them behave worse than the kids Slogging through this literary bucket of viscera, was initially hopeful of something worthy, but the slasher moments are becoming highly repetitive Maybe the point of this novel is no point at all, and I should skip to the last few pages.

    11. It s 3 AM, I started this book 9 hours ago, and didn t put it down until right now when I finished it.Yeah That was a damn good book And while people may be deterred by the blatant deus ex machina that Andrews employs regularly, I still give him much kudos as a writer to explore the depths of psychopathy the way he does Brilliant.

    12. Full of fast paced suspense this novel is pretty brutal A terrible virus has wiped out most people in the world only people with o negative blood have survived The main character, Lee, makes his way back to his boarding school because it is the one place her feels community A couple of teachers and about thirty other boys have the same idea While this could be a good thing, One of the surviving boys is the school bully, Mac, and he decides he wants to be the one in charge What follows is intense [...]

    13. Do you know why I love Indian Jones Because nothing is ever easy for him He has his skills and his luck and even the occasional bravado fueled quip, but for every step forward he takes he seems to take two steps back Hollywood seems to have forgotten about the Indiana Jones brand of hero and even the last IJ movie was Pirates of the Caribbean than anything else Done well, I have no real problem with the Pirates type of hero they can be lots of fun but my heart will always be with Dr Jones In pa [...]

    14. School s Out Forever by Scott K AndrewsAWEsome I grabbed this book on a whim while I was hunting down some over priced Doctor Who merchandise in a bookstore It took me two solid weeks to actually start it, and then three days to finish it It s absolutely one of the best books I ve read in a long It s brutal Angry Violent Honest The gore and carnage and violence is intense, but it s not gratuitous It s not about shock value The characters reactions to what has happened to them is just painfully r [...]

    15. A post viral apocalyptic trilogy School s Out, Operation Motherland, and Children s Crusade , somewhat like Golding s Lord of the Flies, set in England s boarding schools countryside outside London We follow the devolution of several characters, mainly children in their early teens, through various ethical dilemmas and the increasingly horrendous choices they must make in their bid for survival The narrative keeps one wondering just how are they going to make it out of this now at times stretchi [...]

    16. This is one of those books that I never thought I d ever read Still, it called out to me at a visit to Barnes and Noble The book zips right along and you find yourself really caring about the characters Now, let me tell you, I ve never thought of myself as a Science Fiction reader And there are no aliens or spaceships or journeys to middle earth, etc but that s the genre this book has been given There are some moments where you roll your eyes at the convenience of someone getting out by the skin [...]

    17. Someone commented how they got book hangover after reading this, and I have to concur This was one of those books that kept you up late into the night and I d have dreams of the characters, wondering how their fate will play out I love post apocalyptic, zombie, survival novels as I find the monsters turn out to be us in the end, having to make such terrible choices in order to preserve ones self or their family or friends I m going to have to search out the rest of the Afterblight Chronicles to [...]

    18. I was never a reader until this book The Way Andrews writes almost puts you into the story well it did for me anyway It was a great read and many other books he writes keep me entertained School s Out Forever is very real saniro of what an apocilypse might look like It is very fun to read and you never really know who is going to do what Love this book, and if you like sience fiction, I highly recommend it.

    19. Not normally the style of book I d choose on my own, recommended by my mom I gave it a shot Marvelous novel, well written, amazing characters who you cheer for as they struggle with the nastiness of a world ravaged by death and chaos Had a Lord of the Flies meets Mad Max sort of feel I blew threw this book in a couple days, great read.

    20. This book actually a three book collection turned out to be surprisingly good with a fleshed out plot and well written characters that beg compassion and empathy from the reader I expected a trite, mishmashed collection of post apocalyptic gore, but was pleasantly surprised by a narrative that while rough and unpolished in areas, shone brilliantly overall.

    21. Fantastic Loved every minute of it Three books in one, with action, romance and dystopian shadows I can t wait till Scott K Andrews comes out with another like this Character development good teens, but fighting against self as well as enemies The three great themes all in these pages Human against Nature, Human against human, and human against self.

    22. OK, I gotta say, despite the violence this one is worth reading.It s a page turner for sure, and it s well written with well built character, location, story if you can handle gore, go for it

    23. This book was just wow.The storyline and the characters were absolutely fantastic, and it s one of those books that I wanted to throw across the room at the plot twists.

    24. Post apocalyptic vision so depressing in that vein and the view of the majority of humanity But well written, the characters are engaging and you really rout for them.

    25. Outstanding, fast paced and well written That being said, I would recommend it hesitantly as it is extraordinarily violent and features children committing horrific acts in the name of survival.

    26. When I first saw Luke Preece s cover art for this book, I knew I had to read the book I had not heard of the Afterblight Chronicle series before now but plan to read others in the series This book includes three novels by Scott Andrews School s Out, Operation Motherland and Children s Crusade I enjoyed all three novels especially the first novel which is non stop action One s imagination is stretched on the second novel The third novel slows a little due to the back story for one of the main cha [...]

    27. Don t misunderstand me I liked the idea and the book was written very well, but it simply wasn t my cup of tea And I am not talking about the violence or brutal world these boys lived in, I like all sorts of original and raw shocking storylines However, what I didn t like about this book was the poor character development and too much of detailed descriptions of fighting scenes or action itself It bored the F K out of me It s my main problem with action packed movies too All in all, I wish the s [...]

    28. Better than i thought it would be Loved the end of the world thing they had going, and the idea of schoolkids trying to defend themselves and stay alive once civilization collapses Well written, with rounded characters, both good and bad, help you to root for the good guy, and you cant wait for the bad guys to bite the big one, and when they do, they do it well Mega violent and nasty in places, but well written and worth a look Give it a go Read all 3 books one after another, which is a sign i w [...]

    29. A modern Lord of the Flies set in and around a small Academy for Boys in England, after a viral apocolypse While the main focus of the story is how the boys adjust to their new world, it also delves into the behavior of the adults that survive along with them It has all the blood and gore that a zombie thriller junkie would want, sans the zombies A very fast read with engaging characters and plenty of suspense.

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