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Vote for Me! #2020

Vote for Me Hey you Yes you with the dazzling smile The donkey wants your vote So does the elephant And each will do just about anything to win your support Brag Sure Flatter Absolutely Exaggerate name call m

  • Title: Vote for Me!
  • Author: Ben Clanton
  • ISBN: 9781554539970
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vote for Me! By Ben Clanton, Hey, you Yes, you with the dazzling smile The donkey wants your vote So does the elephant And each will do just about anything to win your support Brag Sure Flatter Absolutely Exaggerate, name call, make silly promises and generally act childish Yes, yes, yes and yes Soon, the tension mounts, and these two quarrelsome candidates resort to slinging mud literally anHey, you Yes, you with the dazzling smile The donkey wants your vote So does the elephant And each will do just about anything to win your support Brag Sure Flatter Absolutely Exaggerate, name call, make silly promises and generally act childish Yes, yes, yes and yes Soon, the tension mounts, and these two quarrelsome candidates resort to slinging mud literally and flinging insults And what happens when the election results are in Well, let s just say the donkey and the elephant are in for a little surprise and a certain bewhiskered, third party candidate is in for a first term Vote for Me is a timely satire of American politics, but it s a story readers of all nationalities and ages will recognize Comical, retro illustrations in shades of blue and red, of course are completely winning, and the duelling duo s insult laden exchanges promise to have readers laughing out loud.

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      295 Ben Clanton
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    1 thought on “Vote for Me!

    1. Though aimed at kids, does a nice job of summing up how candidates running for an election fail to act like mature individuals.Simple, clean imagery, with a minimum of colours used, keeping one s eyes trained on the dialogue between the candidates.

    2. Vote For Me written by Ben Clanton tells the story of a feuding donkey and elephant trying to persuade the reader to vote for them This picture storybook is a good representation of the government parties in America The donkey and elephant go back and forth bickering over who is better and why you should vote for them Out of nowhere a clever mouse comes in to steal the show After a name calling, spit ball flying fight, the elephant and donkey realize there hurtful words and actions will get them [...]

    3. This book made me laugh so hard just from its cover, so I had high hopes it would be good I was not disappointed A complete tongue in cheek book that is perfect at this election year Shows two candidates in an election, and what seems to happen total childish behavior complete with mud slinging I thought that hilarious Children may not get so much of the humor in this, but I think they can at least see that both donkey and elephant are wrong in their behavior Maybe that will stick with them as t [...]

    4. They re at it again, the Elephant and the Donkey, and they want your vote As each animal tries to make a case for why you should vote for him, their arguments and word slinging escalate to the point of hurting one another s feelings While the book has possibilities for providing examples of propaganda techniques and helping future votes be critical during election time, both animals were rather annoying I m assuming they stand for the Republican and Democratic parties, but even if they don t, r [...]

    5. Obvious tie ins with an election year to include the color of the speech bubbles attached to each of the characters I think the insults in the book get in the way for me to make a recommendation of this title to younger readers It s just not subtle enough.

    6. Two animals attempt to persuade the reader to vote for them, resulting in banter that is both snappy and snippy I had a really hard time giving this one back to the library, so I m going to have to buy it.

    7. Cute book with plays on words Lots of name calling and a great make up at the end, but then falling back into usual practices.

    8. This is an adorable book that gives children an idea of how an election works It also has a lot of humor for both children and adults It could be used for a story time as well.

    9. This book is perfect for parents who are fed up with the arguing between candidates Donkey and Elephant are both running for president, and they re trying to convince the reader to vote for them They spend some time talking about their platforms, like free candy, but they also sling a lot of insults towards each other It s a humorous way to introduce the political parties to older kids The outcome of the election is a little unexpected.Ages 6 10momsradius 2016 11 6 s

    10. This book by Ben Clanton was different than most children s books that I have read It used a back and forth dialogue between the donkey and elephant about why you should vote for them It taught the reader a little about politics because it introduced them to the idea of political parties, how voting works, the mascot of each party, how the candidates try to sway or get your vote, and how sometimes someone you don t expect to win does I would have tried to incorporate this book into my curriculum [...]

    11. Vote for Me was written by Ben Clanton which tells the story of two feuding candidates These two candidates are trying to get the reader to vote for them The first thing at caught my eye in the book was how big the text is, it is big and bold to get the message across to vote for the them The two main characters are a donkey and an elephant The book perfectly represents the government parties in America The style of the book was very simple used very few color so that the reader would stay focus [...]

    12. This book screams Elephant and Piggie to me, but this is not a Mo Willems book The interaction between the two characters is nothing like Gerald and Piggie, so I think it s just the design of the illustrations, the dialogue as narrative, and the back and forth conversation In this tale, donkey and elephant do anything they can, to include insulting and picking on one another to try to convince the reader to vote in his favor Their bad behavior even results in mud slinging literally The narrative [...]

    13. This picture book look at the campaigning process takes young readers through a comical look at politics The donkey and elephant represent Democrats and Republicans only superficially They make no claims that match the party platforms at all Instead, it is about how cute elephant is, whether you will accept candy or peanuts as a bribe for your vote, and lots of grandstanding Soon the two are completely at odds with one another and slinging actual mud along with their bitter words The insults the [...]

    14. This was a good book I liked how everything was in little talk bubbles This book could help introduce politics in a humorous way I didn t like how everything was a fight between the two parties though, which may be true, but it isn t something I want to portray in my classroom.

    15. Clanton, Ben 2012 Vote for Me New York Kids Can Press Ltd.Picture Book SoakThis book was about a donkey and an elephant who are running in an election Throughout the book they are trying to convince the reader why they should vote for them The book is illustrated as a debate with the donkey on one side in blue and the elephant on the other in red just like the actual political parties This book would be great to use for a unit on voting and political parties This would give students a good idea [...]

    16. This book was a missed opportunity My kids picked this out I guess they liked the colors illustrations and I do, too The book is designed for little kids but it s a topic that age group doesn t know much about There were some clever bits that were totally lost on them and lost their meaning in my explanation I see how the author is trying to make a point about arguments mudslinging, but it didn t quite get there To me it seemed like he was trying hard to be Mo Willems but, again, not making it I [...]

    17. Ben Clanton has written a book that can be used as a teaching tool in the classroom Using this book especially during an election year will help children understand what they hear on the TV In this book, Donkey and Elephant are running for president Each of them are trying to convince you to vote for them, and not the other Children will enjoy the pictures and the witty banter between the two animals The book is easy to read Parents can use this book to help explain to their children what they a [...]

    18. I read this book in an Election Day storytime for children ages 2 1 2 5 They loved it so much that I read it again for school aged children They loved it just as much The children liked shouting out their choices for President and were amused by the result twist.I enjoyed the illustrations and some of most astute kid patrons noticed that the red and blue pages became purple when Elephant and Donkey settled their differences.Overall, a clever book, that was topical without shoving politics down t [...]

    19. I adored this book by Ben Clanton The Elephant and the Donkey fight over who should be voted for They both give highlight their qualities and share what they will do if they are voted for This book would be wonderful to read to children who are holding an election, or are learning about how elections work Not only does is show what a campaign is like, but it also shows the animals that are used to truly represent the parties in our society It s a real life situation that is put simply.

    20. Donkey and Elephant are in a voting contest Yes, the comparisons to the presidential race will be lost on the under 10 audience What won t go un noticed is the slur mongering between Donkey and Elephant In a time when we are trying to teach kids to be kind, calling one another nincompoop or snot sucker is bothersome How do I read this to kids without a lesson of don t do what you hear As an adult, the book is funny As a librarian, I don t know.

    21. Donkey and Elephant are both running for what they don t say and they want your vote Their tactics quickly turn negative in this hilarious read aloud that actually made my son tip out of his chair The adults will love the obvious commentary on our modern day politics The kids will recognize the silly ineffective arguing strategies employed by the two candidates Everyone will love the surprise ending.

    22. Grades 3 5 It s an election year, and this picture book takes a stab at politics While having a book about party differences banter would be a great addition to election year titles I thought the humor of incivility could be lost on children, if that is the audience Still, it would be a conversation starter about the best way to run a campaign What are the most important attributes of a candidate, what do candidates promise realisitic , and how do they treat other people

    23. Oh Donkey and Elephant want YOU to vote and choose one of them for President They both have good reasons for you to choose them and not the other When they start fighting and name calling, both of their feelings get hurt Good thing they re friends Who would you vote for Read this book to find out the winner of the election

    24. Much in the vein It s a Book by Lane Smith, this picture book is probably entertaining to adults than children Which is not to say that children can t enjoy it and that this is not a useful jumping off point to explain to children about politics, but I think I found this way humorous than any four year old would.

    25. Children and adults will both enjoy this political campaigning book between the Elephant and the Donkey Good way to describe how voting works and how sometimes, o.k all the time, candidates can get down right dirty when trying to win the vote Great conversation starter about what qualities you would want in a President.

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