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Playing Beatie Bow #2020

Playing Beatie Bow A lonely Australian girl from a divided family is transported back to the s and an immigrant family from the Orkney Islands

  • Title: Playing Beatie Bow
  • Author: Ruth Park
  • ISBN: 9780689308895
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Playing Beatie Bow By Ruth Park, A lonely Australian girl from a divided family is transported back to the 1880 s and an immigrant family from the Orkney Islands.

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      223 Ruth Park
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    1. Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Parkand beautifully narrated by Kate HoodI have been listening to this on audio just a chapter or two at a time and loved it The setting is in Sydney, Australia, in a well worn place known as The Rocks which is an historic area in the centre of Sydney City and close to the harbour.Built chiselled from local sandstone and hand made bricks by some of our earliest settlers, most of whom were convict labour, its cobbled streets remain an awe inspiring reminder of our uniqu [...]

    2. I can t believe how long it took me to get through this book It s only 200 pages and I loved it as a kid But rereading it as an adult in a world where YA is a thing This isodd Admittedly, this book is older than I am it was published in 1980 and it s essentially a YA book that was written in an era when books featuring teenagers were shoved in with children s books I remember reading it in year 4, andI m kind of astonished anybody let me read this at the age of 9 The gist of the story is that an [...]

    3. As an Australian my excuse for not having read this before is that I grew up in England and therefore did not read this at school as so many people did I really love Ruth Park s books especially as I know Sydney well and can visualize the places she writes about Playing Beatie Bow is set in the Rocks area of Sydney and the references to local places are wonderful Add to this the fact that the book features time travel which is one of my favourite things and you can see it has to be a winner for [...]

    4. I still love this book it has been my fourth time now Abigail is a kind of anti heroine, but her personality is interestingly multi faceted, Beatie and the rest of the Bow Family are so entertainingly vivid and Abigail s time travel experience is believably painted in loving detail up to the accent of the Scottish immigrants and their Glasgow Marble patterned woolen stockings.There is no denying that the ending is cotton candy pink it successfully underlines the two disputable messages the autho [...]

    5. I will forever remember the moment I first encountered this book After a particularly mundane school day I plonked myself down in the backseat of our car and prepared for the drive home However, instead of starting the engine my mother turned around and said, I ve got a small surprise for you I was at a bookshop today and thought you might enjoy this She then proceeded to hand me a copy of Playing Beatie Bow Getting a book as a surprise gift truly made my day, I was almost giddy with anticipatio [...]

    6. Fourteen year old Abigail Kirk lives with her divorced mother in a high rise apartment in one of Sydney s oldest suburbs, The Rocks, right below the giant Harbour Bridge and near the Opera House Over the summer holidays, she helps at her mother s antiques shop and relieves her neighbour Justine of the burden of her two small children, Vincent the high rise monster , and four year old Natalie, prone to fevers and fears and forever being bullied by her unpleasant brother Abigail takes them to a ne [...]

    7. I remember my trip to Sydney on an excursion, than the book This is a classic Aussie book, excellent for primary school students.

    8. This was a re read to assist with a novel I m currently writing Very believable situation on time travel back to the past and life in those days.

    9. Fourteen year old Abigail is having a rough time Her parents separated four years ago when her father left the family for a young girlfriend, but now he wants to reunite with his wife and move from Sydney to Norway But her life takes a truly unexpected turn when she sees a group of younger children playing a game she s never encountered before, called Beatie Bow Another odd girl watches from the shadows and when Abby follows her, she finds herself transported a hundred years into the past.Much a [...]

    10. when I ve had a couple of drinks and am trekking up the sandstone steps by the Argyle Cut to go to the Glen, I sing to myself oh Mudda, oh Mudda, what s that, what s that it s Beatie Bow, risen from the dead and chuckle I loved this book when I was young, it s given me a whole new way to look at the city around me, and to think about history aside from its romance and strong, appealing characters I think about the stockings in Abigail s mother s shop, and how Abigail knows that the past is unkno [...]

    11. I remember crying over this book at school It s pretty dark for a novel aimed at young adults, but Ruth Park is so deft at weaving the strands of her story that it s very difficult to put down, even as an adult Much of this story is a curious blend of history and fantasy, but the themes she explores through the eyes of her out of place lead character family, fitting in, first love, first loss are thoroughly modern.

    12. Thanks to the members of my small Twitter book club I came to Ruth Park late in life, reading her Harp in the South trilogy first, then the first volume of her autobiography, and now this I think I would have loved this book as a child, and enjoyed it as an adult Clearly Ruth Park was a writer who loved, above all, to tell stories, and all her books seem to show her belief, I guess, that the suffering of those less economically fortunate, and joys, and endurance too, are worth illumating I look [...]

    13. Fabulous evocative historical novel that also has a great message Listened on audio This was in the Junior section at my library Should be YA

    14. I won this book in year 8 primary school and it was a real treat I love the imagery and this was my first experience of reading about a past time period.

    15. Abby Kirk, flat chested lonely unsociable 14, raged and sulked p 23 when mother Jan 36 wants to rejoin unfaithful husband in Norway love is a thing you have to experience before you know how powerful it can be p 19 Abby dumbstruck p 163 repeats mother s advice If theme is power of love cue music and now the violins p 26 , vanquishes time, why is title about career driven spinster Emphasis on working class lifestyle history, geography, child grows up, same as book show 7 Pretty turns of phrase Ma [...]

    16. I LOVED this book growing up I would have given it 5 starts then I still love it but only 4.5 stars as an adult I remember visiting the Rocks soon after reading it and running through the alleyways with my sister Every time I have returned to the Rocks since I am so disappointed how touristy and developed it is Mmm I am sounding old.

    17. Most books I loved as a child teenager failed to live up to expectations when reread as an adult This proved to be one of the exceptions and I enjoyed it so much Maybe it was the location, maybe it was the characters and probably it was the author s talent that made this book so exceptional.

    18. I think this was my absolute favourite book as a teenager I have read it so many times before, but I recently re read it for the first time in years for book club and was not disappointed I still think it s a really great book The plot is tight The concept of time travel is nothing new but it s written well and never seems cliched or far fetched The action is nicely paced, interspersed with slower passages and character development There s enough detail woven in about everyday life in 1874 Sydne [...]

    19. I found myself teaching this to Year 7 students on my recent teaching practicum The associated assessment asked the students to reflect on the nebulous topic of Australian values Now, if we re looking for undue political influence on the Australian curriculum then so called Australian values are pretty much front and centre of the conservative party agenda in this country, and it usually means an exclusive, pro Christian line Thankfully, the students in our schools are far diverse than that the [...]

    20. I enjoyed this novel because the writing style was compelling I thought that it d be juvenile but there is a growth that occurs within the protagonist, Abigail Kirk Through her I even found myself in sympathy of her scatterbrained mother who as harsh as that may seem I couldn t help but feel irked by how naive she was Nevertheless I was surprised by the inclusion of romance and the throes of first love blues in the story Judah was a dreamboat from what was described from him, and I wanted him an [...]

    21. I m going to be completely honest here and start off by saying that part of the reason I loved this book so much is probably because of the nostalgia of it I had read it when I was at school, and for years couldn t remember the title of the book When I finally did, I went out and bought a copy straight away and was excited to read it again It took me right back to those days where I seemed to have much time for reading Having said that, I do think that even without the childhood memories factor [...]

    22. Abigail is dismayed to learn that her mother and father are contemplating getting back together and moving to another country to make a fresh start She can t understand why her mother would agree to take her father back, after he left her mother and the family for a young woman he met at work Then Abigail suddenly and unexpectedly finds that she has traveled back in time to 1870 s Australia After befriending people in the earlier time, Abigail is finally able to return to her own time with a dee [...]

    23. Lonely Abigail Kirk watches childen in Australia play an old fashioned game called Beatie Bow, and soon finds herself traveling back in time to the 1880s via a dress she made using ancient lace There she is welcomed by a family who believes her to be the long awaited stranger that will change their lives Adjusting to this new life and wondering if she will return to the present help Abigail mature and create a compelling story.

    24. A great story I m not sure why I never got around to reading this when I was younger it s one of those titles that just seem to have always been naturally around.I did feel a little bit like I wsa being smacked in the face with the moral a few times, and I tend not to like it when that happens, but I think I can let this book get away with it Other than that, highly enjoyable I loved thinking about The Rocks now, and trying to transpose it onto the C19th setting A good little read.

    25. Ha Ha I read this book when i was in year 8 and i think i was the only one of the class that fell in love with it I remember reading it three times before we even had to have read the first page I dont really remember what compelled me to love this book so much, just that it was a great story even after i had pulled it apart for school Yep definatley a favourite

    26. Read this for my 9th grade English class, and I loved the way that the story involved time travel, but not in the traditional sci fi sense I remember wanting to visit The Rocks after reading the book, and although I don t remember much, I remember empathising a lot with Abigail There s also a movie adaptation, although it s not that great.

    27. This book has been recommended I m challenging myself with the genre as I m not usually interested in reading historical fiction I hope I am proven wrong.I read this but it wasn t as good as I thought it had the potential to be I just had trouble empathising with the characters or situations they found themselves in.

    28. So in the beging i wasnt hooked but as i read and i was finding myself and attached The ending was kinda sad when she found out somethings she didnt want to happen The bookw as full of emotion and thats what i really liked When romance was added to the book it was just like adding salt to a dish I really loved it when i got to about chapter 8 Great job

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