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Mockingbird #2020

Mockingbird Magical realism meets contemporary fantasy in this tale of two sisters bound by their mother s gift a legacy of magicWhen Toni Beauchamp s mother died she and her sister Candy thought it meant a new

  • Title: Mockingbird
  • Author: Sean Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780441005475
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mockingbird By Sean Stewart, Magical realism meets contemporary fantasy in this tale of two sisters bound by their mother s gift a legacy of magicWhen Toni Beauchamp s mother died, she and her sister Candy thought it meant a new beginning, a life free of magic But Elena Beauchamp had one last gift for her daughter a sip from the Mockingbird Cordial And the moment Toni held the drink to herMagical realism meets contemporary fantasy in this tale of two sisters bound by their mother s gift a legacy of magicWhen Toni Beauchamp s mother died, she and her sister Candy thought it meant a new beginning, a life free of magic But Elena Beauchamp had one last gift for her daughter a sip from the Mockingbird Cordial And the moment Toni held the drink to her lips, her life would never be the same

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      208 Sean Stewart
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    1 thought on “Mockingbird

    1. This book was infuriating I wish I could mark it as flung down in disgust Two stars for the prose, which was very, very good and part of what made it such a frustrating read.

    2. This book didn t end as well as it started out, which is just as well, because if it did, it would have ripped a hole in the universe due to pure awesomeness I picked it up because I so much enjoyed Stewart s other book PERFECT CIRCLE, and this promised to be just as good.It starts out with two daughters dealing with their mother s death Their dead mother is such a huge figure in everyone s lives that even after she s dead she still scares most of the people she touched She has a chiffarobe full [...]

    3. Mockingbird was one of my favorite novels when I was in college, and yet this past week was the first time that I had read it in a decade or so In fact, it s one of three novels by Sean Stewart including GALVESTON and THE PERFECT CIRCLE that used to mean a lot to me all set in a fantasy version of Texas where magic and real life blend together very seamlessly Stewart s version of modern fantasy is richer and ambitious than the standard Dresden Files model like other great fantasy writers like F [...]

    4. Unlike other readers, apparently, I found the writing about women especially the main character s pregnancy and the sister s discussion of sex inauthentic My other problem with the book was that some of the nonmagical details were unbelievable, like the main character s never having considered buying an air conditioner for her house in Houston I live in Houston, and I just can t buy that A lot of the description of Houston is very realistic, but some of the regional voices sound inaccurate to my [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this magical realistic novel set in Houston, where Toni s mother and Toni are voudoun practitioners, though that word is never used Toni and her sister Candy s mother has just died Toni, for one, is sick of taking care of her and her six Riders or gods that can take over her body without notice Then they start taking Toni s body What s fun about all of this is that Toni trained and worked as a actuary and is not just skeptical, but downright dismissive and rational when confront [...]

    6. I liked this book mostly because it was set in Houston and the author used a lot of local places and streets which was fun The story was interesting but the relationship between the sisters was a bit hard to follow I wasn t as connected to them as maybe I should have been I also had a hard time buying into los duendes and their mother s brand of crazy Still a strange yet entertaining read.

    7. A book with an interesting premise that ultimately goes nowhere interesting with it The narrator is irritating, and some of the conversations are unconvincing The prose isn t bad and I might have given it three stars based on that and the premise were it not for a scene where the protagonist threatens someone with a false sexual harassment accusation As well as being a poor choice on the author s part, it was difficult for me to care anything at all about the character after that, and it s a fai [...]

    8. A good book with decent characters and a very interesting premise, but a plotline that failed to interest me at all A woman s mother dies and she celebrates her newfound freedom by getting artificially inseminated, and she needs to get her life on track and make peace with her mother s literal demons before the baby comes Lame Especially when the demons are such an interesting idea that don t come to much but occasional annoyances.

    9. Got about 60 pages in before I stopped The concept is interesting, but the writing is too bland to keep my interest, and the first person point of view isn t crafted well enough to fully get into the narrator s head For most of what I read the narrator simply reports what happens to her without a lot of depth of thought, at least not enough to fully understand why the character and what happens to her are important enough to keep reading.

    10. Magical realism in the sweltering Houston sun A practically minded daughter inherits her mother s spirit guests and has to adapt to the very impractical consequences of being mounted by these riders at their whim I loved everything about it It is such a quietly funny, moving tale, beautifully told.

    11. The premise ganked from the publisher Sometimes you have to go back home.Elena Beauchamp used magic the way other people used credit cards, and now that she s dead, her daughters Toni and Candy have a debt to pay Set in modern day Houston, Texas, this is a funny and moving novel of voodoo, pregnancy, and family ties While Toni sorts out the mess that Elena left behind, she must also come to terms with her childhood and with the supernatural and dangerous gift that she has inherited from her moth [...]

    12. I was blown away by the writing on this book Most male writers don t write many female protagonists This female protagonist stacks up to the Memoirs of a Geisha main character for me as far as women written by men go That s a compliment as far as I m concerned This is a book about voodoo, about Houston, about motherhood, about identity We have a non bombshell female narrator who s an actuary who had a hell of a mother Mom also had six different Riders , spirits who possess her in payment for fav [...]

    13. If you grew up in a dysfunctional family and have developed a gallows humor about it you should find something to relate to in this novel Even if you did manage to escape the dysfunction dance while growing up, Stewart s characters are so true to life and the magic is woven through the story in such an easygoing and natural way that the novel is very entertaining and believable.Toni Beauchamp lives in present day Houston and has always been the responsible one in her family, taking care of every [...]

    14. Really, really enjoyed this one One of the deftest combinations of magic family drama stories I ve ever read, and I d say this is a family drama with magical realism elements than a speculative fiction work The magic and the integration of magic into the semi tropical setting of Houston, TX would never have thought it was very well done It was both familiar, with intimations of voodoo, and original, with the cabinet of Riders or if this is an established thing, I unsurprisingly hadn t heard of [...]

    15. I thought I would like Mockingbird than I did I expected to read a fantasy novel about a woman who unwillingly inherits her mother s ability to talk to strange spirits And that is exactly what I did read, but it still left me slightly unsatisfied.The protagonist is Toni Beauchamp of Houston, TX, whose mother, a mercurial folk magician witch has just passed away Toni thinks that she can finally progress with her life, and proceeds to get artificially inseminated and then try to spiffy herself up [...]

    16. This was an awesome story The most amazing part, besides the vernacular, is that the writer is male writing as a female It is not a priority of mine to notice the sex of the author, but sometimes it tis obvious, you know, writing style, subject, etc I did not realize the difference between the author and the heroine until my wife read the back cover mentioning it It is a simple story a woman telling of her pregnancy and all that went through her head during that time Her family is strange Her si [...]

    17. This one is just as anchored in the Houston area as Galveston is on the island But, at the same time, the story really could have been set anywhere There s nothing in particular that forces it to be in Houston other than the author s note at the end that said that Houston being so green and growing inspired him to write about living While it s fun to have characters driving around on the streets I live on and the trees, plants and animals I see on a constant basis incorporated into the setting, [...]

    18. My favorite genre is magic realism I love reading and writing about how life would be if our world got blended with fantastical things This story, reads very much like a diary from the blender It is the story of Tori and what happens when her mother leaves her a voodoun legacy, debt and how she deals with bringing her life together She must reconcile her love hate relationship with the magicks, god and adapt to her own abilities while being pregnant As a first novel, and written from a female pe [...]

    19. I found myself all over the place reading this book I had high hopes for it at first then got disgusted with the protagonist for not asserting herself, didn t want to pick up the book again, alternately liked disliked other characters, then finally appreciated the final wrap up.I guess I found the idea of people blindly following the gods wishes kind of stomach churning in this read I won t include any spoilers, but the way in which Candy doesn t even question what s being asked of her or even w [...]

    20. As with most of Stewart s books, I didn t know exactly what to expect from the plot, but I knew I d enjoy his always excellent writing I won t got into detail on the premise, as others have done it very well already, so I ll just say that I loved this book, despite not being a woman or a person living in the southern US that would understand some of the little nuances he puts into the narrative This is a just a superbly told story about a very real family that happens to live with magical things [...]

    21. Mockingbird is of a character driven story of female relationships and identity than a fantasy, though magic does play a seemingly natural role in the characters lives It is a slow paced novel that follows Toni Beauchamp s life in the wake of her mother s death, as she passes through the journey from being a daughter to having one Toni plans for her future to be organized and stable, in contrast to her mother s magic and unreliability, but life has other plans I think the novel relies heavily o [...]

    22. As this story began the mother witch passes away, and you are brought into the world of the voodoo dolls Riders , stashed in the chiffarobe, that would, at times occupy the mothers body, and carrying on as they pleased, while the mother was in a state of sleep This was then passed on to Toni the senior daughter, and started off good but just seemed to trickle away until they came up with some silly way of stifling the Riders into submission Then the long lost sister comes along, the youngest sis [...]

    23. Wonderful, but uneven Stewart s obvious brilliance is paired with a tendency to wander I m not sure I quite bought into his first person portrayal from a woman s perspective Some scenes very well done, other parts left me nonplussed.A very talented writer I will try another of his work, to see if it is to my taste.Update The I thought about this, the worse this novel seems in my mind So little of this book makes sense upon reflection Some parts do not belong at all The main character makes ver [...]

    24. When Toni s mother Elena dies she leaves behind the one legacy Toni didn t want, her gods Elena had been ridden by some very capricious gods and now it was Toni s turn The concepts behind the story were very interesting but the book was written by a man and all the main characters were women and it felt just a little out of sync with reality I never believed Toni s emotions quite fit the picture The second half of the book was better than the first half because Toni stopped railing at fate and s [...]

    25. Anne brought this home from WisCon this year, and it s just been sitting on one of our bookshelves until now Stewart is amazingly good at writing a book focusing almost entirely on women and particularly an experience only women can have pregnancy The voodoo is pretty good, and fairly accurate, as far as I can remember from reading Mama Lola A Voodoo Priestess in New York in a college religion class about 17 years ago.

    26. I had mistakenly taken out this book from my library and had to read for the sake of just not returning it without reading I must say I was not disappointed but I was not impressed either I was not disappointed because i had never heard about this book and as such did not have any expectations And i was not impressed because it was just an ordinary book without any insight into something that i can say learned from reading it I will call it just a Time Pass.

    27. 4.5 even, I m just cranky so not giving it a 5 Felt rather unfinished, which was probably on purpose but that always strikes me as a cop out I liked the flawed and evolving characters and the interactions, especially between the sisters, were very true to my experiences so that was nice I mean, not really nice, but made them a good read Liked the way the magic wasn t treated like whatever, magic is so passe but also wasn t the main focus of the characters lives.

    28. I randomly picked up this book at the Boston Book Festival, and I genuinely enjoyed it I really enjoyed the characters and their story These are women I wish I could read about I definitely enjoyed the supernatural thread, but I particularly appreciated that it was of a background point, not overbearing or straining the willing suspension of disbelief Overall, a highly enjoyable read.

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