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Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors #2020

Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors Novelization of the Doctor Who TV episodes story of the same name The Doctor Jamie and Victoria arrive on Earth in the far future to find that the planet is in the grip of a second ice age Scientific

  • Title: Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors
  • Author: Brian Hayles
  • ISBN: 9780426108665
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors By Brian Hayles, Novelization of the Doctor Who TV episodes story of the same name.The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive on Earth in the far future to find that the planet is in the grip of a second ice age Scientific outposts are scattered across the globe, fighting desperately against advancing glaciers that threaten to send the world back into prehistory.When a huge armoured figure isNovelization of the Doctor Who TV episodes story of the same name.The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive on Earth in the far future to find that the planet is in the grip of a second ice age Scientific outposts are scattered across the globe, fighting desperately against advancing glaciers that threaten to send the world back into prehistory.When a huge armoured figure is discovered buried in the ice, a force deadly than the ice floes is unleashed Varga, a Martian Warrior, whose craft crash landed centuries ago Reviving his crew, he aims to conquer Earth in the name of Mars.With power at the outpost sinking to dangerously low levels, it falls to the Doctor to try to save humanity not only from the warmongering Ice Warriors, but from the barely checked powers of the relentless glaciers.

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    1 thought on “Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors

    1. The Doctor arrives on Earth in a future beset by a new ice age Scientists struggle to find a way to hold back the inexorable advance of the glaciers Meanwhile a strange humanoid figure is discovered trapped and perhaps preserved in the ice.I guess I was around ten when I first read this in the 1970s I d been far too young to catch The Ice Warriors when first broadcast in 1967 And I d have to wait another 25 years or so to finally get my hands on the specially reconstructed edition on VHS to cele [...]

    2. A base under siege again that worked so well during Troughtons time The Ice Warriors are excellent In this too 6 10

    3. Very good, I loved how scientific it was with strong characters and the dilemma was introduced immediately Plot was a little repetitive, people kept being captured and hiding and arguing some of which seemed a little pointless.

    4. An interesting story in which a second ice age has gripped Earth Humanity is desperately trying to hold the glaciers back but somewhere inside the ice lies an alien spaceship and a small number of terrifying alien warlords from the planet Mars.Featuring the Second Doctor along with Jamie and Victoria the Ice Warriors is one of the episodes previously thought lost forever and the DVD has recently been released with episodes 2 and 3 animated Though this novelization was good It wasn t brilliant I [...]

    5. Mark Gatiss describes Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors as a classic, and I am inclined to agree with him Over the years I have become desensitised to the situations of peril within Doctor Who Our heroes usually face an overconfident adversary who can be easily defeated by chucking toffees at them or something equally as outrageous But within this adventure I began to feel the peril once The Ice Warriors posed a very real threat and maintained the upper hand over the Doctor into the final pages T [...]

    6. The Earth is experiencing an intense global cooling glaciers overtaking the world, plants all dead, and extreme measures taken to preserve what is left.Amidst this, the Ice Warriors are discovered Martian invaders come to take over The Scientists do battle with these forces Decades early for the general population to ponder the affects effects of human behavior upon the ozone, the heated debate is had here over who is really to blame for this change, and how to solve it Rather prescient Even onc [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this book as a kid As home videos did not exist until I was a bit older, this range of novels were my only way of experiencing previous Doctors and monsters The Ice Warriors are amongst my favourites Only used four times in the original run of the series and then, uniquely, not always as bad guys they have since been leaped upon by novel and radio play writers as noble warriors rather than the ruthless ones presented here There is an awful lot going on in this book six televis [...]

    8. With the Ice Warriors returning to TV in a few weeks, this was good timing with my re reading of my Doctor Who books It had been a while since I read or saw this story The question is how good would it be.The Second Doctor was known for a lot of the base under attack stories This is another using that plot The concept might be repetitive, but with this story it works Even though it is a Target book, there not might be enough room to expand from the original plot, Brian Hayles does place in some [...]

    9. I am continually surprised by this series of reprints of the classic Target books The series consists of some of the popular and famous titles being reprinted and given a new introductions from luminaries in the genre I will have to admit I joined Doctor Who in the late Tom Baker era so the earlier doctors where lost to me seen only in clips and special re runs all of which seemed dated and a little surreal compared to current standards ok I was very young and knew no better But now I am older [...]

    10. Let s see Monomaniacal project director executive driven to fulfill his mission regardless of costs, both personally and to the world at large CHECK Mysterious alien frozen in ice for centuries millennia at least the last two weeks or so CHECK Part time, amateur archeologist who thinks that thawing out a mysterious frozen alien will be a really good idea and lead to all kinds of scientific discoveries well outside of his real field, seismology and geology CHECK Malfunctioning equipment vital to [...]

    11. nhwvejournal 1028958ml cutid4 return return Hayles wrote up his own story here, and did a good job It may be yet another base under siege, but the people on and off the base all have understandable motivations and reasons for doing what they do In particular, one feels much sympathetic to the novel s version of the aggressive Leader Clent than to the original broadcast character The Ice Warriors are suitably villainous, the Doctor s techno babble entirely convincing, and the computer itself end [...]

    12. Pretty much everything that a Doctor Who novelization should be It is faithful to the original episode, but adds a bit of back story to make it a worthwhile reading experience It helps that the novelization is written by the same guy who wrote the episode Prose is solid, dialog is pretty good, everything is good Nothing to jump around and dance about but worthwhile Would be a 3.5 stars if I was able I highly recommend the audio book version as read by Frazer Hines who played Jamie MacCrimmon on [...]

    13. I am a fan of the Dr Who series both books and television show The difference between the books and TV show is the complexity of the plots and the amount of violence in the books This book delivers on both these fronts The Ice Warriors are both complex in their motives and violent in their actions.The plot works on multiple levels a simple invasion story or a tale of a man giving his essential self to the mind of a computer, Read tis story and the others that feature the Ice Warriors and then wa [...]

    14. The Doctor and his companions Victoria and Jamie arrive on Earth in the future to discover that glaciers are taking over the planet The scientists studying and trying to stop the creeping glaciers find a large armoured warrior frozen in the ice, at first they think he s from a previously undicovered prehistoric cizilization but the truth is soon revealed.A quick fun read with a torch under the duvets on a cold wintery day

    15. The second Doctor lands in an ice encrusted England, to discover it s a new ice age.Scientists are trying to prevent the ice spreading, tied into a worldwide computer network making all the decisions.An expedition to the ice face discovers a mysterious figure buried in the ice.The Doctor, his companions and the supporting cast are well characterised in this novel based on the TV episodes, and it contains the type of cliffhanger chapter endings you d come to expect.

    16. Mixed feelings about this one I ve always had a soft but terrified spot for the Ice Warriors and fundamentally this is an interesting story with a good punchline and characters.As an audiobook though, it was dominated by painful cringe making girly shrieking and pleading yes, Victoria, I m looking at you even though on occasion it was absolutely the sensible thing to do, and you did some good stuff too

    17. It s a pity that Brian Hayles left us so earlyhis Target novelizations demonstrate a desire to delve into the heart of his stories that goes far beyond the surface gloss of his scripts Both the novelizations of The Curse of Peladon and The Ice Warriors manage to cut out the filler and replace it with fascinating layers to the societies Hayles has imagined, and the cast of characters that populates each one Definitely worth another look.

    18. Second Doctor, Jamie, Victoria Novelisation of a season 5 story of which only part has been recovered Quite a good plot but, oh dear, the writing The science is mostly rubbish, the dating will give you a headache if you try to make sense of it, the dialogue is so much filler, and the characterisations are unconvincing So brace yourself.

    19. The very first appearance of the Ice Warriors Fun read which is basically, monster is discovered, monster decides to bump off humans, humans run around a lot until the figure out a way to stop monster.Added bit of interest, as the setting is a future Ice Age Plus, it s the Second Doctor and Jamie and they re always entertaining.

    20. Another solid retelling of the classic DW story I will always be team Terrance Dicks, though Brian Hayles doesn t add anything extra to his own script, so Dicks should have worked out this story as well As he always should.

    21. Originally read this as a child fun to revisit Jaime is one of my favourite companions And there is a sense of nostalgia computers, never mind touch screens are a rarity Good fun and the Ice Warriors make excellent opponents.

    22. base under siege by mysterious creatures clock counting down to doomsday probably a Patrick Troughton story, then Not a classic but the villains are cool.

    23. This book was really good I felt like I was completely immersed in an episode of Doctor Who while I was reading Definitely worth the read D

    24. Ice Warriors Martians attack the Earth s base during the ice age It is upto Dr Who to rescue Quite a boring book

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