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The Gods of Heavenly Punishment #2020

The Gods of Heavenly Punishment In this evocative and thrilling epic novel fifteen year old Yoshi Kobayashi child of Japan s New Empire daughter of an ardent expansionist and a mother with a haunting past is on her way home on a

  • Title: The Gods of Heavenly Punishment
  • Author: Jennifer Cody Epstein
  • ISBN: 9780393071573
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Gods of Heavenly Punishment By Jennifer Cody Epstein, In this evocative and thrilling epic novel, fifteen year old Yoshi Kobayashi, child of Japan s New Empire, daughter of an ardent expansionist and a mother with a haunting past, is on her way home on a March night when American bombers shower her city with napalm an attack that leaves one hundred thousand dead within hours and half the city in ashen ruins In the days thatIn this evocative and thrilling epic novel, fifteen year old Yoshi Kobayashi, child of Japan s New Empire, daughter of an ardent expansionist and a mother with a haunting past, is on her way home on a March night when American bombers shower her city with napalm an attack that leaves one hundred thousand dead within hours and half the city in ashen ruins In the days that follow, Yoshi s old life will blur beyond recognition, leading her to a new world marked by destruction and shaped by those considered the enemy Cam, a downed bomber pilot taken prisoner by the Imperial Japanese Army Anton, a gifted architect who helped modernize Tokyo s prewar skyline but is now charged with destroying it and Billy, an Occupation soldier who arrives in the blackened city with a dark secret of his own Directly or indirectly, each will shape Yoshi s journey as she seeks safety, love, and redemption.

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      257 Jennifer Cody Epstein
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    1. There s a lot going on in this novel, but it s not as hard to follow as it may seem at the start It traces the lives of several American and Japanese people before, during, and after World War II Some of them are friends, suddenly cast into enemy positions because their countries are at war The firebombing of Tokyo is central to the story simply because it s the definitive separation between before and after, but the novel is multi layered There s not a great deal of space given to the firebombi [...]

    2. Sometimes characters stick with you and that is the case with those in this Novel A bit predictable in some areas, but offers a fresh perspective on prewar Japan through architecture and airmen Americans in Japan and Japanese in America before and after war A guy should learn something, he d written to Lacy, about a place he s about to bomb I agree.Provided by publisher.

    3. Chilling, absorbing, unique, humorous and heart breaking All those adjectives come to mind when I think to describe Jennifer Cody Epstein s book The God s of Punishment It s part historical account churned with love stories and family dysfunction It s character driven in the most powerful of ways This is a book I will remember among the many this year.I have read several accounts of the war between America and Japan, but none so specifically personal as this one The characters are captivating as [...]

    4. A lush and eloquent portrait of humanity This heartbreaking, sensual and suspenseful novel opened my eyes to some grim and also inspiring realities about the second World War As with her previous novel, The Painter From Shanghai, Jennifer Cody Epstein has done extensive research and manages to convey details with a masterful touch Read this book

    5. I had a chance to review this book on Fiction Addict fictionaddict 2013 05 28 t You can get great fiction recommendations there Here is the review.As I read The Gods of Heavenly Punishment, I felt as if I was slowly flipping through an album of snapshots showing an amazing period of history We often think when looking at our friends snapshots, if only these pictures could tell me their story In this case, Jennifer Cody Epstein had the characters step out of their pictures to tell their stories [...]

    6. Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.Jennifer Cody Epstein s The Gods of Heavenly Punishment is unlike any WWII fiction I ve ever picked up In many ways it is a personal story, driven by individual experiences, but at the same time it is a war story, shaped by the contention of two nations vying to defeat one another.As far as favorite character, it is a toss up between Hana and Anton Hana is glamorous, intelligent, but emotionally complex From the beginnin [...]

    7. I ve said it before and I ll say it again Learning new things is my favorite part about reading This book opened my eyes to the events in Japan both before and after WWII The Gods of Heavenly Punishment is told from the point of view of a young Japanese girl, certainly like nothing I ve read before.The characters lives are interconnected in interesting, yet plausible, ways The men and women that people this story are convincing and genuine Days after reading this I can t stop thinking of them.Th [...]

    8. The horrendous atrocities of war and the delicate strength of the human spirit are all wrapped up in this novel about the firebombing of Tokyo during World War II THE GODS OF HEAVENLY PUNISHMENT is a work of art and beauty and I will read it again to ease the tensions which continue to cross my mind and disrupt my awareness I dare you to read this and not be swept up THE GODS OF HEAVENLY PUNISHMENT is shocking and delicate in equal measure Debra Dean, author, of THE MADONNAS Of LENINGRAD on the [...]

    9. It takes a special writer to produce an epic novel Epic and sweeping imply a great breadth of a story line in terms of both time and characters Jennifer Cody Epstein deserves kudos for her new novel, The Gods of the Heavenly Punishment , which takes the reader from Tokyo 1935 to Los Angeles 1962, with characters who are as different as Japanese and Americans can be in that era The unifying point of the novel is a green ring that survives both love and war and brings those two different peoples t [...]

    10. Epstein has crafted a novel that moves back and forth between multiple third person narratives Throughout, she keeps the book moving forward in time as she shifts settings, from 1935 Hamburg, New York to 1962 Los Angeles and gradually begins to intertwine her characters.I suppose the novel could be called sweeping moving as it does through time and back and forth across the Pacific Curiously, I never felt like I was being swept up in a massive story Epstein makes the novel very much the intimate [...]

    11. About the book A story of the war between the Japanese and the Americans in WWII, the atrocities of war on both sides, the innocent families and people affected both in the U.S and in Japan The fire bombing of the city of Tokyo in 1945 when innocent civilians were killed or maimed is, I believe, the reason for the title, The Gods of Heavenly Punishment My comments I was confused while reading the book I didn t know whether I should hate the Japanese for their war atrocities and killing downed Am [...]

    12. This book about Japan during World War II is beautifully researched and authentic It weaves the stories of Billy Reynolds, Yoshi Kobayashi, and Cam Richards around the bombing of Tokyo Raised in Japan until things heated up between the Japanese and the U.S Billy ended up going back to the U.S with his parents and eventually returned to Japan as an occupation soldier Cam Reynolds, a pilot who crash landed after bombing Tokyo, became a Japanese prisoner of war Yoshi was the daughter of a governmen [...]

    13. I had great expectations for this book There are not that many books, at least not that many that I ve come across that tell of World War II from the Japanese perspective And the book starts out strong, giving us a tableau of the world from which Yoshi hails However, it is right after this first chapter that the book starts to fall off the rails for me We meet Cam and Lacy, a young couple from New York, who don t really seem to have anything to do with Yoshi Then, BOOM , we re in World War II an [...]

    14. The Gods of Heavenly Punishment by Jennifer Cody Epstein 9780393071573Three lives are tragically linked in this beautifully written, haunting story of wartime Japan Cam Richards adores his wife Lacy, he has everything to live for when he climbs into the cockpit of his plane and heads toward Tokyo on a daredevil fire bombing raid that will decimate the city Yoshi s Mom was multi lingual, western educated and drop dead gorgeous, and her Dad was a very traditional Japanese man with a successful bus [...]

    15. It is probably not a huge surprise to those of you who have followed my blog for some time to learn that as soon as I heard about this book I wanted to read it A well written book set against the backdrop of World War II Yes, please I had intended to read the author s debut novel after hearing many good things about it but I haven t yet done so.I was, however, very pleasantly surprised to find that this book was so much than just another war story Jennifer Cody Epstein has written a lovely expl [...]

    16. One of the best novels that I have read in a long time Relating the tale of 3 families who s lives are interwoven and irrevocably changed by the bombing of Toyko during WWII The author has shown the human side of war and how if effects both the losers and the victors, both paying a price way too high A book that will touch you deeply as you turn the tear stained pages Ms Epstein has written a best seller

    17. This book has a unique perspective on WWII it follows both Japanese characters and American, and spans decades and 3 countries Not all the characters are likable, in fact, most are not, but the story it tells remains gripping and true It is a worthy addition to anyone interested in this time period.

    18. Wow This was just delicious I love reading historical novels about 20th century Japan, and the mix of romance, intrigue, and war time happenings found in this book was equal parts intriguing and addicting Gorgeous writing, interesting characters, a satisfying ending in summary, a fantastic read

    19. With the drama and sweep of THE ENGLISH PATIENT and a rich, painterly sensibility all her own, Jennifer Cody Epstein has created an indelible portrait of the war in the Pacific, seen through the eyes of six characters whose stories will haunt you long after the final brush stroke.

    20. An unexpected treat I had not heard or read about this book, just picked it up from the new book shelf in the library It is a beautifully told story of the impact of WWII on two families one Japanese and one American Honest without being gruesome and caring without cheap emotionalism.

    21. An insightful and compelling story about both Japanese and American cultures and their experiences during World War II Portrays the horrors of war through human beings affected The people are wonderful done, and it is a novel rich in drama I couldn t put it down.

    22. Truthfully, from the title and the description, The Gods of Heavenly Punishment by Jennifer Cody Epstein is not a book I might have picked up, but I m so glad I did.From the very beginning, the writing is beautiful Ahh, so this is a well written literary novel, I thought Not one that tries to impress people with its words, but one that lets the story slowly unfurl as the reader connects to each character.The author is obviously someone who loves Japan as much as I love France The details about J [...]

    23. The Gods of Heavenly Punishment is a sweeping epic spanning from 1935 to 1962 and centering on the war between the US and Japan In a format that I have really grown to like, it tells the stories of multiple families and individuals, how the war affects them, and how they are connected.In the first chapter, we meet Cam, a young man falling in love with a girl named Lacy When next we see Cam, he is a pilot in the Doolittle Raid, the first US air raid to strike Japan during WWII.In another chapter, [...]

    24. Love Stories, War StoriesIgnore the obscure title and the lackluster cover of this book it is approachable, subtle, and well worth reading Well, perhaps there is you need to ignore the opening scene of a shy young man and lively girl falling in love at a state fair outside Buffalo in 1935 may make you fear some light romance, though it is well written and swiftly developed For we then move to Japan in the same year to a complex situation a Czech born American architect and his Japanese contrac [...]

    25. Historical fiction set during wartime is a favorite genre of mine or, I suppose, a favorite I m not a fan of war because there s a real focus on the ordinary, everyday people against a massive canvas Jennifer Cody Epstein s novel represents what I most love about this genre it s illuminating and educational without being cold, it s emotional in ways both familiar and alien, and it offers the reader a place to see herself in a situation she, hopefully, will never experience.Set between 1935 and 1 [...]

    26. 4.5 starsThe Gods of Heavenly Punishment, by Jennifer Cody Epstein, is a brilliant, epic novel that is an emotionally character driven look into a part of World War II not always featured heavily in historical fiction work.It gives the reader a glimpse, through the eyes of every day characters, the life pre and post part of the war that occurs between America and Japan It impacts our soul by concentrating on the result these horrors of war has on actual life.However, the book does than bring to [...]

    27. Review So let me start off by saying this, The Gods of Heavenly Punishment caught me off guard When offered a copy of this book for review I was interested you could say Nothing about it screamed WOW or adventurous but I was interested Yes.Then I started the book It started off well, Epstein is a brilliant writer who is able to make characters seem so very alive it s almost magical how she does it Then the book became amazing My favourite chapters were those done through Yoshi s perspective or B [...]

    28. WWII is a popular time period for historical fiction right now but I must acknowledge that Ms Epstein takes her reader to a different time and place than most of the books I have read lately It was very interesting to read a novel taking place in Japan as the US starts its offensive and retaliation for Pearl Harbor.I have to admit to a sad lack of knowledge of the who what where etc of WWII and of the Eastern front in particular This is good for me as a reader of a novel because I don t come int [...]

    29. The Gods of Heavenly Punishment gives us a glimpse of the U.S s firebombing of Tokyo during WWII Epstein presents slices of life before, during, and after the bombing through the eyes of a U.S bomber pilot, a young Japanese girl, an American architect who at different times has a hand in building up Japan and indirectly in destroying it, and an American officer serving under Gen MacArthur during the U.S occupation of the country after the Axis defeat That s a lot to cover in a 378 page book The [...]

    30. I wanted to rate this book higherd sometimes I wanted to give it less stars It had a lot going on, and was well written, but then it had random language pop upd importantly random sexual scenes that were just thatrandom and unneccessary it just once again brought home how violent and sensless war is I really liked this review written about the book There s a lot going on in this novel, but it s not as hard to follow as it may seem at the start It traces the lives of several American and Japanes [...]

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