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Sugar in My Bowl: 28 Women on Their Best Sex Ever #2020

Sugar in My Bowl Women on Their Best Sex Ever When it comes to sex what do women want In this eye opening and courageous collection Erica Jong reveals that every woman has her own answer Susan Cheever talks about the excruciating hazards of cas

  • Title: Sugar in My Bowl: 28 Women on Their Best Sex Ever
  • Author: Erica Jong Margaret Magowan
  • ISBN: 9780062193223
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sugar in My Bowl: 28 Women on Their Best Sex Ever By Erica Jong Margaret Magowan, When it comes to sex, what do women want In this eye opening and courageous collection, Erica Jong reveals that every woman has her own answer.Susan Cheever talks about the excruciating hazards of casual sex, while Gail Collins recounts her Catholic upbringing in Cincinnati and the nuns who passionately forbade her from having carnal relations In Everything Must Go,When it comes to sex, what do women want In this eye opening and courageous collection, Erica Jong reveals that every woman has her own answer.Susan Cheever talks about the excruciating hazards of casual sex, while Gail Collins recounts her Catholic upbringing in Cincinnati and the nuns who passionately forbade her from having carnal relations In Everything Must Go, Jennifer Weiner explores how, in love, the body can play just as big a role as the heart The octogenarians in Karen Abbott s sharp eyed piece possess a passion that could give Betty White a run for her money Molly Jong Fast reflects on her unconventional upbringing and why a whole generation of young women has rejected free love in favor of Bugaboo strollers and Mommy and me yoga.Sex, it turns out, can be as fleeting, heavy, mundane, and intense as the rest of life Indeed, as Jong herself writes in her powerful introduction, the truth is sex is life.

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      273 Erica Jong Margaret Magowan
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    1 thought on “Sugar in My Bowl: 28 Women on Their Best Sex Ever

    1. This is an abridged version of my review To read the full thing, click here.This book Arrrrgh This book.I was initially intrigued by Sugar in My Bowl, a collection of essays edited by Erica Jong, because of its premise In her introduction, Jong raises a lot of great points about the gender based double standards when it comes to writing about sex Jong was surprised that even now, women were hesitant to write about the subject she was even surprised at how many contributors felt the need to cons [...]

    2. This is the second time that Ms Jong has disappointed me Not every feminist agrees or will see eye to eye but we do agree we are willing to support the tribe This is one of those moments I don t get why Jong is considered part of the Feminist book list The stories had no rhyme or reason, they where just randomly put together I was expecting erotica, realization of the body and the mind, overcoming fears, body issues and the like There is none of that in this book, it s about damaged love, prudes [...]

    3. Book club is getting a little wild and crazy this summer Hmm First off, I m proud I finished this one cause the first half was awful Maybe it s cathartic to write about your affairs and multiple marriages, but not so great to read about Jong s daughter wrote about how she is a prude and boring and may be this way cause she has all the rights she needs I think I m the same.

    4. What is the anthology meant to be Clearly, the contributors were asked to write on the best sex they ever had, but that s not the anthology title, nor even subtitle I thought this collection was pretty bad terribly conceptualized, organized, executed, and with the exception of few pieces, not very well written Jong didn t seem to do much work here I don t even like the title these are real women writing about real sex Real perhaps in the fact that they are all over the board, just like real peop [...]

    5. Not sure I d be too quick to call a book like this transgressive and brave, like the descriptions I read about it did Nearly every story was written by middle class woman over the age of 50, about completely mundane, heteronormative sexual experiences I believe there was one essay by a woman of color, and ZERO written about or by any lesbians or bisexuals There was even a transphobic piece, which was just loooovely to find in a book that s supposed to be inclusive and empowering Beyond all that, [...]

    6. Where to begin This is a phenomenal read The stories, personal essays, and confessions of sex, love, sexuality, and all that connect, by women, are real, timeless, and full of life Real life.This anthology of Real Women Writing About Real Sex is a treasure of experiences and stories by women These women speak about their lives, They tell us about sex in all its many forms marriage struggles, love and getting pregnant while abroad in Spain A Fucking Miracle by Elisa Albert , stories about childho [...]

    7. This is a book that I d have picked up, turned over, and browsed through at the bookstore but I m not sure if I d have purchased it on my own I got the opportunity to read it through the folks at Harper and I m quite glad I did Erica Jong presents a collection of short pieces by a number of women writers Some are personal memoirs, others fiction, and they focus on a range of topics relating to woman and sex The pieces range from budding childhood interest to sexual attraction in a seniors sommun [...]

    8. I m not going to star this review because I had a weird reaction to it I really did not want to read the fiction pieces, because I felt that they broke up the collection If I had been editing this anthology, I would have only included essays There was also bits of a stage monologue and a comic and those worked for me I didn t like the fiction in with my essays.The essays in this collection were great there was one about casual sex, inappropriate sex, watching as a daughter discovers her sexualit [...]

    9. This book caught my eye because of the candy in the picture It was like Jellybeans No wait, sex Then I started wondering if jellybeans have some kind of sexual symbolism I never knew about before But it turns out they re gumballs in the picture anyway, so apparently not.I thought this would be a fun book, but of essays selected at random, two were funny, one was hot, and five ish were depressing There sure is a lot of bad sex in the world If this doesn t cheer up soon, back it goes.Are there any [...]

    10. I ve been reading other people s reviews, and I agree with most of the negative things that are said The essays are disjointed, seem to be about varying topics, the fiction and nonfiction side by side is kinda weird, all those things are true But I loved this book anyway I have a really short attention span for yet another collection of erotica, so I was expecting this to be a quick skim and probably not finishing it Instead, it was a collection of truly engaged essays about hard topics.I didn t [...]

    11. Oh, there s something in something, somewhere Apparently Jong picked the title after Google told her how many other books were already called Best Sex Ever, which is fine But the contributors all wrote about their best sex ever, or specifically, the fact that most of them haven t had it yet While this may have been an attempt at optimism that best sex ever is just around the corner, I know it , the combined effect is somewhat depressing There is not much sex actually happening in the book I was [...]

    12. I couldn t resist a book that give a woman s perspective on writing about sex or in this case, the views of many women , especially in the wake of Fifty Shades of Gray, which seems unreadable just based on the small passages I ve read These are often smart, insightful essays and stories How the individual writers tackle the subject ranges from raunchy down to why did you even want to be part of this book Most of the stories are autobiographical I especially liked Love Rollercoaster 1975 by Susie [...]

    13. I got a very strong sense that this book had no real idea what it wanted to be, Some of the pieces were about the writers best and worst sexual experiences, some were examined writing about sex as a woman, some were coming of age stories It s as if Jong gave out a multiple choice assignment on the essays and some are actually short fiction and then didn t arrange it in any particular order The pieces feel rushed, too, and very underedited Which is too bad the concept was promising, and I like a [...]

    14. It has a provocative title, but don t expect erotica here A collection of sexual memoirs in the form of short stories, this book is about sex as a life energy, a charge that is felt throughout our lives According to these stories, it is perhaps felt earlier in life, and later in life, than you might imagine There are stories about the first time, and the last time This is a book about the powerful feelings associated with sexuality the urgency, the poetry, the pleasure, the pain In the words of [...]

    15. I expected this book to be about women showing off about their sexual experiences while trying to be edgy It was actually thoughtful and compassionate I loved that it was honest and without an agenda Some of these stories could get you hot in the way they described their sexual encounters I also loved that these women writers are all true lovers of the arts in every form I can tell by their references I would love to hang with these gals

    16. Sugar In My Bowl by various women 2 Reviews in one This starts when I read The Devil At Large by Erica Jong It is about Henry Miller If you don t know who either Erica Jong or Henry Miller is then there is no point in reading much beyond this Sorry I was surprised to read Erica Jong taking up cudgels on behalf of Henry Miller Yes, you read that right It s funny how you can read something and it is not until years later that someone points out the obvious Henry Miller is an unredeemed writer Look [...]

    17. Erokay I cringed checking this book out at the library I read it only when I was home alone I mean, reading about sex What a perverted thing to doAnd that s the whole point This attitude of sex is inherently shameful is detrimental, whether it s coming from an antifeminist platform or from an overzealous religious one This book explored specific women s experiences going from Catholic school to wild nights from refusing to looking at themselves in the mirror to allowing anyone a peek and so on S [...]

    18. As a sort of recovering Puritan but without much left in the way of hangups about sex, I didn t know I was missing this lovely collection of women discussing sex These writers share their personal experience of sex, or a sexual encounter For the most part, this is not socio political criticism There is wonderful variation, which really makes me appreciate how pervasive and essential sex is, but also how it encompasses a huge range of expressions Almost all of the stories do deal at some level wi [...]

    19. Like any anthology, I greatly enjoyed some entries, disliked others, and are ambivalent towards the rest It s a good collection for exploring and celebrating feminism.

    20. Overall, it s pretty interesting that when you ask several women to define their best sex no two answers are the same.

    21. Diverse, scintillating collection of essays short stories about sex Marvelous The mockery and dumbing down of sex in America is something I have often experienced in response to my own books This is a particularly American response Europeans do not snicker at nudity or wardrobe malfunctions There is probably no other society in which one must argue that sex is an important human drive Its power is simply taken for granted throughout the world Erica Jong introduction I became politically liberal [...]

    22. opening quote Tired of bein lonely, tired of bein blue,I wished I had some good man, to tell my troubles toSeem like the whole world s wrong, since my man s been goneI need a little sugar in my bowl,I need a little hot dog, on my rollI can stand a bit of lovin oh so bad,I feel so funny, I feel so sad I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl, Bessie Smith, 1931lol First off, I liked Jong s question in the introduction would we be moved to reproduce if we thought we d live forever her answer, is probably [...]

    23. Some of these stories contain great insights into the mind s of women and sex and the enjoyment of peeking under the covers of their intimate lives was fairly entertaining Of course, as other reviewers have noted, there are some shocking entries in the book However, I feel the work tried to maintain the real thoughts and it would go against the grain of the book to censor I also thought the added fiction was enjoyable and even fictitious work holds some element of truth about the author It s a g [...]

    24. I gave Sugar in My Bowl five stars in some part because 1 there was no 4 1 2 star option and 2 it s such a unique and necessary addition to the book world Some of the stories were absolutely wonderful My personal favorites Gail Collins Worst Sex, tales of surviving Catholic school as a survivor myself I nearly always love when writers share these memories and Jean Hanff Korelitz s Prude wherein she reveals a secret she is sure will astonish all who know her Coincidentally, the book I finished im [...]

    25. Reading women speak candidly about good, bad and everything in between sex is super empowering Sex, in general, is seen as a man s sport Women are not supposed to even enjoy sex, much less WRITE about enjoying sex and what it means for them So for me, even now in 2015 and me being the furthest thing from a prude , reading this book felt like a big deal It s just really bold I was reading sex stories, as told by everyday women in their own voice, in the middle of the day most times Delicious It w [...]

    26. I wanted this book to be what it claimed to be real women writing about real sex Now, maybe I m in the minority here though I sure hope not , but when I hear real women , I m expecting to get essays written by a variety of women from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, orientations, etc Instead, we get essays written by almost solely white women from a completely cis, unfortunately narrow, and often offensively heteronormative perspective including a hideous trans phobic piece that I m [...]

    27. Snore Apparently real women are shallow and narcissistic And real sex is boring and lifeless This book was neither empowering nor feminist The ghost of Andrea Dworkin even overpowers normally incredible Susie Bright I finished it, but I can t figure out why It seems that after all the authors asked permission to write about sex from their male husbands or lovers, they did so as if Sister Helen, their second grade teacher, was the intended audience Even the good Sister would have been bored sense [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book It was a lot about relationships and self discovery than I expected I suppose I was hoping for raunchiness surprise surprise I think we all forget how integral sex is to our personal development Surprisingly to me, my favorite story was the one about the elderly couple in the senior living community I loved reading about their past relationships, and it gave me hope that love and lust can last for many, many years, and when it s lost or taken from you, you can indeed [...]

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