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With Intent #2020

With Intent Adam s got the Spidey Sense but he d rather be The Invisible Man Your regular Marvel Action Hero minus lycra and enthusiasm for saving the world he d rather just ignore it and his dormant to extinct

  • Title: With Intent
  • Author: Zebbie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Online Fiction - Complete
  • With Intent By Zebbie, Adam s got the Spidey Sense but he d rather be The Invisible Man Your regular Marvel Action Hero minus lycra and enthusiasm for saving the world, he d rather just ignore it and his dormant to extinct love life Going nuts is of a problem MxM slash

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      469 Zebbie
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    1 thought on “With Intent

    1. Dammit This writer is so darn good.With intent is about Adam Adam is our psychic narrator and, he see s dead people.Nahjust kidding He see s people with the intent to kill, he sees what they want to do, or what they have done he also sees acts of violence that have already occurred As a result he s quite the odd ball who is hanging onto his sanity by a ball hair He is awkward, vulnerable, a self confessed coward Plus he s a gay man who always falls for the straight guy and God hates him He also [...]

    2. 4.5 starsAwesome free read Stayed up till one this morning to finish it I loved Adam s awkwardness and vulnerability but also his remarkable resilience Adam s OCD has become the only way he can cope with the psychic flashbacks he is constantly bombarded with He has a wonderful self deprecating way of dealing with his crappy life and a crush the size of a small principality, like Monaco on the very crushable cop, Joe No sex but it s fast paced, entertaining as hell and there s a fair bit of restr [...]

    3. I just loved this From the first chapter to the last I loved it a lot I have an ok poker face I can usually read anything in public without blinking an eye but yeah this book made me both laugh and cry when I read it, even though I was sitting on a bus full of people I just couldn t help myself it was just so good and so emotional If you ve read and liked the PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price there s a chance you ll like this story too because it is similar, and also because it is excellent [...]

    4. Wow Much quirky Very wow Such awesome.Or something No, this is great Adam s narration is all just so in character and stuff its like snarky, but author sass, but also character sass, even when he s getting whumped It was like dry humor from the author, translating over into the narration and giving it character, while at the same time remaining from the character s POV and not quite transcendentally post modern Or something.And omg Adam is such a dweeb.The plot s seemed weirdly incidental, but i [...]

    5. I hate plot points built up around silly misunderstandings and miscommunications, and this story has quite a few of those AND YET I really enjoyed it, and I loved the characters to pieces It had me laughing out loud at times, and even choking up a little The author s take on psychic powers felt different and interesting, and the character who had them was as wonderfully fucked up as you d realistically expect him to be Issues aside, I ve read a plethora of published paranormal m m that doesn t h [...]

    6. 3.5 stars.I liked the basic premise of this story, but found the the second MC D.I Joseph Collins a bit of an hole, with few redeeming qualities If I were Adam, I doubt I would forgive Joe quite so easily.

    7. Such a creative storyline, and the author succeeded in hitting me on a deep emotional level with this one Highly recommend.

    8. With Intent is very entertaining You re pulled into Adam s world where having a sixth sense isn t all its cracked up to be and add to that he has a bad self image and is dealing with his brother s suicide and he becomes a very real, very flawed character that you can t help but love Enter Joe, a policeman who isn t pure and has his own sense of justice and you have a combination that shouldn t work in any way, yet does in every way.A crime is commited close to Joe, and he ends up turning to Adam [...]

    9. this storry is really hard to rate on one hand i LOVED adam he was awesome i loved the storry the writing style everything, BUT JOE, i hated joe view spoiler he reallly pissed me off like i understood his pain and fear and alot of his reactions except how he treated Adam, and the fact that he had probably raped someone and is apparently a vigilantly and how he couldnt spare 2 minutes of his time in 2 weeks to give Adam a phone call then has the nerve to pop into his life like nothing happened an [...]

    10. aww i really like this book for me, the main character at first was kind of annoying coz well, when he has a bump or he sees something it s wierd considering the fact that it is most likely never to happen in real life but then as the story progresses like most of the protagonist in a story, you ll get to the point where you ll like the main character.And the story, compared to all the other stories I read, was really unique I haven t read a story even a straight love story that had this kind of [...]

    11. This story always had me guessing and second guessing even as I lay there dieing in laughter at other stupid crap Then the seriouseness of things always came back but by then something else not exactly funny but funny enough cause I m strange like that just brought it all back together.I m glad everything worked out the way it did for Jack I know that s not his name Even in my review I can t remember his name or even be bothered to go back and find it He sounds like a Jack to me his name is Adam [...]

    12. Actual rating 3.5I remember feeling this started out really good that may or may not be an exaggeration, it s been a while since I read this after all but after a bit it lost a lot of the glow It was still worth reading and had an interesting concept with nice characters a good setting and was well written.

    13. 4.5 I really liked this one.Adam, a guy with OCD, who is kind of nuts and whose sixth sense is running wild is helping out Joe, a guy who is kind of fucked up This is not a romance, they don t get all lovey dovey and sappy, but they have amazing chemistry and each on his own is a very fascinating character.

    14. Loved the power and the displaced way he deals with it, and enjoyed the first person POV God and his peanuts was a vibrant description.Would have like to see how their relationship evolved and what Adam actually does with his Sight, but I m not seeing any particular continuation

    15. If I haven t read and loved the PsyCop series first I would be very impressed by the story plot wise, otherwise I feel like I ve read it somewhere before It is still an overall nicely written story with some minor plot holes and inconsistencies.

    16. One of my favorite stories posted on FictionPress, one I have read over and over again as the years pass.

    17. This one is sort of finished, but does not come to a very satisfying conclusion, as a romance The author intends to make it a series but hasn t yet

    18. If With Intent were the first book in the PsyCop series, I could finally understand the hype As it is, this is light years ahead Shame it s not published.

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