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Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady #2020

Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady London May August Rogue Leo Harrow Earl of Barrington meets flame Genevieve Camden again Four years ago she found he did not care or did he Neither can forget the other s passion Meanwhile hi

  • Title: Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady
  • Author: Tiffany Clare
  • ISBN: 9781250008022
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady By Tiffany Clare, London May August 1846 Rogue Leo Harrow, Earl of Barrington, meets flame Genevieve Camden again Four years ago, she found he did not care or did he Neither can forget the other s passion Meanwhile, his pals Tristan, Hayden, and new widow Jez try to save Genny s cousin Charlotte from Mr Warren.

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    1 thought on “Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady

    1. Tiffany Clare is a new to me author and I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book What a delicious treat it turned out to be The combination of endearing hero and heroine, sparkling dialogue, fascinating secondary characters and some sizzling hot love scenes made this an extremely enjoyable read.Four years ago, Leo met Genny, the woman who meant to him than he could ever fathom , but being young and stupid, he walked away from her at his father s bidding Four years ago, Genny fell in love w [...]

    2. Book Review Of Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady By Tiffany ClareGenny has moved on with her life and has never forgotten about the one man she truly loved Genny now spends her times as chaperon to her cousin Charlotte, who is enjoying her first season in the upper societies balls and events Genny loves chaperoning her cousin and is quite happy being single That is until she attends one of the seasons biggest balls when staring back at her is Leo Harrow Earl of Barrington the man who broke Genny [...]

    3. Must we always return to the scene of the crime It was going to be an uncomplicated season for Genevieve Camden She was not going to be on the marriage market, just a chaperone to her cousin Genny is considered on the spinster track so her only objective was to get her cousin married off to the right man A simple, unexciting time in the ballroom for Genny and everything was going as planned until Leo set foot in the door Leo Harrow, Earl of Barrington was a rogue, scoundrel, and all around horri [...]

    4. Mm this book had good moments and not so good moments Mostly it doesn t feel fully fleshed out or well rounded with the main characters or the people in their lives The whole wager scheme felt silly and never really went anywhere, and yet they made it such a huge deal about it at the end it felt kind of contrived I also am not the biggest fan of the plot where lovers with a past eventually come back together again unless there is a really good reason for them not being together, and his reason w [...]

    5. A new series, this is the first book A group of friends quite outside the bounds o fpropriety, yet part of the Ton rally around one of their own Leo and Genny had an affair years ago but Leo left without marrying her Now she works as a paid companion to her cousin Leo has inherited and is involved in is estate When they meet, Leo is trying to stop her charge from marrying as that will affect his friend The sparks betwen them are still there but, the betrayal from before still casts a pall I thin [...]

    6. A deliciously sexy tale, which I gave a rating of 4.5 Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies Leo Harrington, Earl of Barrington, and his three friends are considered the four degenerates of society, as they seek their pleasures for the sole purpose of mocking their station in society With the death of the abusive husband of their friend Jez, the Countess of Fallon, the other three are trying their best to cheer her up It is not her husband s death that has her down, but the fact that he has left [...]

    7. 3.5 starsFirst let me say, the writing was great, the story flowed well and for the most part I liked the characters I started this book fully expecting to hate Jezebel what kind of woman asks her friends to ruin a young woman s chance of marrying well And further, what kind of men would agree to it I am not a fan of the ruin an innocent plot line It is just dishonorable and scummy I don t care what happened and why you think you are justified hurting an innocent third party is wrong.So I began [...]

    8. Also on sillymelodyYAY I made it I was a little afraid I wasn t going to get this read before tomorrow However, I have manage, and now doing a happy dance Anyways, I m super excited to share the latest read I read, which is Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady by Tiffany Clare I m so excited that I got a chance to read this book and I would like to share the story and why I loved it.First off, it s always fun to read the start of a new series and this one is sure going to sizzle Granted the start of [...]

    9. Four years ago Genny was a young debutante She had a passionate affair with Leo but after the house party ended he left her and never returned Circumstances have altered Genny is now the chaperone for her cousin Charlotte, the dowdy spinster.Leo and his three friends are notorious although for what is never really made clear The only female in his group, Jez has been made a widow which would be a cause for celebration if her wife beating husband hadn t left every penny to his heir Unless Jez is [...]

    10. I think this was an okay book I think there were some great basics and foundations but I think it needed a little bit .For example the whole premise is that the h h met at a house party 4 years ago and had a passionate time with lots and lots of sex Then the hero leaves because his father says that he shouldn t marry Genny Umm yeah the guy is a lord and he had sex with a debutante Normally that would be the basis for any kind of marriage The fact that he would have sex with a girl and just expec [...]

    11. Genevieve Camdon and Leo Harrow, Earl of Barrington, meet during a house party 4 years earlier Now they are attending another house party She is companion to her her cousin.Protecting her cousin s reputation and protecting herself from Barrington prove impossible Genevieve is caught in a scheme to stop her cousin s impending engagement and future marriage.The plot had strengths and weaknesses The scheme to stop the marriage was poor and the fact that it caused a rift for the possible couple was [...]

    12. WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY by Tiffany Clare is a sizzling Regency historical romance Book 1 in the new Dangerous Rogues series Oh what a dangerous Rogues these are too A wickedly,delightful story from beginning to end.Genevieve Camden,and Leo Harrow, Earl of Barrington find passion and love through scandal With witty banter,sizzling passion,this old flame can still set the sparks flying A tale of love,passion and some wicked nights Another hit for this author I have so enjoyed her stories [...]

    13. Bland, dull In London May August 1846, rogue 1 Leo Harrow, Earl of Barrington, meets old flame Genevieve Camden again at dinner, dance, shop, opera, greenhouse where he can name just about every flower p 168, but she suspects seduction He d always appreciated her in the flesh p 190 Their bodies instantly, constantly, vividly recall hot nights Likely sequels, Tristan, Hayden, and new widow Jez try to save Genny s cousin Charlotte from possibly villainous Mr Warren More description of hair fripper [...]

    14. It was all right But there was too much waffling in it for me The hero didn t even think of marrying the heroine he basically secretly ruined years earlier, until the end of the book Of course the heroine was a willing participant, but this is suppose to not be contemporary So the romance just wasn t ringing true to me It was lust Especially when they met again This just dragged on That is all that happened in this book Two people having an affair, twice Just a bit shallow for my taste.

    15. I absolutely adored the first books I had picked up from Tiffany Clare so I was extra excited that she was jumping in to a historical romance series, one of my favorite book genres Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with the story compared to her earlier titles I still enjoyed the characters and Ms Clare has wonderful technique in being able to convey the richness and beauty of the ballroom and the overall setting I was just missing a bit of conflict in this story So this story wasn t for [...]

    16. A titillating, fun excursion into Regency England and its twists and turns of romance This story has what every good historical romance contains and that is a sexy, male specimen living just on outer limits of acceptable ton behavior especially as it pertains to relations with the opposing sex And of course, the smart and sassy heroine is not left out A very entertaining and steamy tale with its own ups and downs, but arriving at a happily ever after.

    17. Creo que el problema para acabar de conectar con los personajes ha sido que este libro forma parte de una trilog a donde las 3 historias suceden simultaneamente, por lo que nos falta informaci n Ojo, no solo lo achaco a eso, pero si una buena parte.Como tengo el siguiente libro, lo leer , pero el desenlace aun no est escrito y eso me preocupa, porque sino consigue engancharme de verdad esta vez, no creo que me moleste en esperar al a o que viene para saber el final.

    18. Kind of a slow read and at times it felt like you were going in circles but I did enjoy the theme of the book And Genny was a great character though she almost takes over that of her love interest Leo.

    19. It wasn t horrible, but I felt like the author played pretty fast and loose with Society conventions to make the plot work out the way she wanted, and the whole nonsense of the wager that so upset Genny felt very forced.

    20. I really liked the background set up an characters in this new series I honestly can t wait to get my hands on the others in the series If the second is as good as I hope I will buy the whole series an add Tiffany Clare on my must buy list Highly recommend.

    21. I suppose, as romances go, this is OK It s not intended to be historical nor to explore the cruel sides of life in 1846.opionator.wordpress 2012 0

    22. I know I said this should have been a novella Then I wad shocked at how abruptly it ended Not too sure I will read the rest of this series or not.

    23. It is the mark of a good romance when you read the last line and immediately look up when the next in the series comes out I can t wait until April.

    24. Enjoyed the story, but did not like the writing stlye of the author Constantly had to reread the dialogue, because I had to figure out who was speaking.

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