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Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes #2020

Kender Gully Dwarves and Gnomes Wanna Bet The three adventure seeking sons of Caramon Majere lose a bet to a flamboyant magnificently bearded dwarf and wake up shanghaied on an incredible gnomish sailing vessel questing after th

  • Title: Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes
  • Author: Margaret Weis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 466
  • Format: ebook
  • Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes By Margaret Weis, Wanna Bet The three adventure seeking sons of Caramon Majere lose a bet to a flamboyant, magnificently bearded dwarf, and wake up, shanghaied, on an incredible gnomish sailing vessel questing after the legendary Graygem.Who is the mysterious Dougan Redhammer, and what perils are in store for Sturm, Tanin, and Palin, the young mage haunted by the legacy of Raistlin In nin Wanna Bet The three adventure seeking sons of Caramon Majere lose a bet to a flamboyant, magnificently bearded dwarf, and wake up, shanghaied, on an incredible gnomish sailing vessel questing after the legendary Graygem.Who is the mysterious Dougan Redhammer, and what perils are in store for Sturm, Tanin, and Palin, the young mage haunted by the legacy of Raistlin In nine short stories by superlative writers, the companions confront wizards and dragons, magical spectacles and daggers possessed, and survive memorable encounters with the minor races of Krynn.Plus, a rolicking new novella by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman chronicling the outrageous fortunes of the next generation of heroes.The Dragonlance Saga, with three million copies sold, continues Contents Snowsong Nancy Varian Berberick The Wizard s Spectacles Morris Simon The Storyteller Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel A Shaggy Dog s Tail Danny Peary Lord Toede s Disastrous Hunt Harold Bakst Definitions of Honor Richard A Knaak Hearth Cat and Winter Wren Nancy Varian Berberick Wanna Bet Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Into the Heart of the Story Michael Williams Dagger Flight Nick O Donohoe

    • UNLIMITED PDF ☆ Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes - by Margaret Weis
      Margaret Weis

    1 thought on “Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes

    1. Loved this collection of stories Each and every one is imaginative, powerfully written and enhances the first Dragonlance trilogy in a meaningful way.One of my favorites is Snowsong humorous, terrifying at points and quite touching It is hard not to want to give the kender Tas a hug sometimes The storyteller is thematically strong It captures a hopeful view on the power of storytelling in a riveting story.The story Hearth Cat and Winter Wren made me squirm and worry Partly but not even mainly be [...]

    2. I m not normally a fan of short stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed every one one of these little tales, except the final one which I gave up on as I really couldn t make head nor tail of it

    3. Overall, a mixed bag of writing For the most part, all were ok stories The best one was Definitions of Honor It sunk into a good debate about Honor and left me thinking long afterward These stories rely heavily on the nostalgia of the characters they mention Having no connection to any of the Dragonlance saga, they were only middle of the road for me A good short story should be able to stand on its own legs without support most of these could not be read without knowing.1.Snowsong DNF Perhaps n [...]

    4. En estas recopilaciones de cuentos siempre hay alguno que se te atraviesa o se te hace m s pesado, pero en este caso, supongo que por las criaturas que abarca, me ha parecido perfecto Dragonlance siempre es un placer.

    5. great book over all with most of the stories in it besides the main story line that continued from the first book I would say my second favorite story would be Dagger flight other than that tho the rest of the book was interesting I would recommend people to continue reading the Dragon Lance series.

    6. Entretenida antolog a de cuentos ambientados en el mundo de Krynn post Guerra de la Lanza y protagonizados por kenders,enanos y gnomos Como en todas las antolog as hay un poco de todo Desde cuentos realmente buenos El gato y la alondra o Qu apostamos , simp ticos El perro rojo o La desastrosa cacer a , bientencionados, pero fallidos El narrador de cuentos y un tr o de relatos malos Conceptos de honor es un cuento que no s muy bien qu pinta en esta antolog a un aburrido caballero de Solamnia y un [...]

    7. This is another collection of stories that occur in Krynn As always, there are really good ones that I thoroughly enjoyed, and then there were others that were not bad, but they could not grasp my attention like the others, so I ended up skipping to the next story.Since all the stories involved kenders, gully dwarves, and gnomes in my opinion, the most fun races of the Dragonlance saga , this book was a fun and imaginative read.As with all Dragonlance books, this collection of stories is intende [...]

    8. Part 2 of the Tales series This one was better than Magic Of Krynn, I found stories fun or entertaining These are of course light, in between stories Some, as I saw it, even with lessons to be used in real life e.g never think revenge is a solution A Shaggy Dog s Tail a lesson about truth, integrity, values Definitions Of Honor The novella Wanna Bet was nice, though Dougan did annoy the hell out of me at some point But it got a nice twist later on Here too, a lesson in being cautious and aware [...]

    9. Probably the only one in all the Tales series that comes close to being meh , despite the fact that it has Kender listed prominently in the title Yes, the kender were one of my favorite races in Krynn and no, I m not going to apologize for that If there were any two stories that I read over and over in this collection, they would have to be Lord Toede s Disasterous Hunt because of the kender, of course , and Definitions of Honor That second story is the real prize in this collection, mostly beca [...]

    10. Duplicate comment for Dragonlance Series 1 9 Ah Raistlin Majere, how could you not like a guy with his own private library of leather bound books .oh yeah, there was that ruthless pursuit of power thing Loved this series when I was a kid My presiding memory of these was one of being encapsulated completely by them and the blanket I wrapped myself in, while on the couch, feigning fever, so I could skip school and read on bitter winter days.

    11. Another fine collection of Dragonlance tales from various authors Nancy Varian Berberick is again the standout in this collection Her Snowsong and Hearth Cat And Winter Wren are interesting and extremely well written None of the writing here is bad though Michael Williams tale is a bit difficult to get through and Nick O Donohoe gets the prize for most creative with his re telling of a portion of the original Dragonlance trilogy from the point of view of a dagger.Good stuff

    12. This was a good book I liked how they linked back to the original series in the stories The authors were very creative Nick O Donohoe s Dagger Flight was exceptional with the Heroes of the Lance Trilogy focusing on one aspect at the beginning of the story I enjoyed the poetry of the Dragon Lance but did not like the story about the origins as much as the other stories.

    13. Another series of short stories involving the world of Krynn, of which I have many of the series A perfectly fine stand alone series, the stories are full of humor and adventure The story Hearth Cat and Winter Wren is my favorite from this selection Exploring the lives of adventurers as they are turned into animals while trying to save people from an evil wizard.4 5

    14. This was great fun So many serious books out there, this had great adventures and interesting characters The last story wasn t very good at all, that s why it got a 4 instead of 5 I have really enjoyed reading the Tales series Not as involved as the larger epic stories, just able to enjoy it without the drama.

    15. thoroughly enjoyed this very sweet book as I am so in love with the kender characters most particularly they are so fun loving, easy going and not scared of anything, they are awesome even though short stories they were fun and an easy read

    16. As mentioned before, I m not too fond of kenders and gnomes in the Dragonlance setting, so depending on your preference, you may this humor filled collection of short stories to be very nice They re not bad at all, and than decent enough to provide for some light short reading.

    17. I guess I m a sucker for these for these kinda books Very entertaining Now I m reading the Dragonlance Chronicles Ooohh BoyFour out of Five stars because you have to be familiar with this series of books too understand a few of the stories.

    18. I was not impressed by this series of short stories from the world of Dragonlance, although their might be one redeeming tale the rest make it not worth the value to buy If you want to read them try your local library.

    19. I was never a reader of epic fantasy and then I discovered the Dragonlance books and never looked back.

    20. I wasn t overly impressed with the short stories, but at the time I was reading any dragonlance novel I could get my hands on.

    21. The little folk whose misadventures and tantamount roles in the world of Krynn give us pause The Kender did what Just plain fun for any Dragonlance fan.

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