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Aliens vs. Predator: Prey #2019

Aliens vs Predator Prey Machiko Noguchi accepted the assignment of supervising the ranching colony on Ryushi as a challenge Little did she know that not only would she have to run the colony she d defend it with her life Fi

  • Title: Aliens vs. Predator: Prey
  • Author: Steve Perry Stephani Perry
  • ISBN: 9780553565553
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aliens vs. Predator: Prey By Steve Perry Stephani Perry, Machiko Noguchi accepted the assignment of supervising the ranching colony on Ryushi as a challenge Little did she know that not only would she have to run the colony, she d defend it with her life.First the carcass of a spiderlike alien is discovered Then a rancher s family is massacred Finally a creature unlike any ever seen before is brought to the colony medical cenMachiko Noguchi accepted the assignment of supervising the ranching colony on Ryushi as a challenge Little did she know that not only would she have to run the colony, she d defend it with her life.First the carcass of a spiderlike alien is discovered Then a rancher s family is massacred Finally a creature unlike any ever seen before is brought to the colony medical center, near death It soon becomes clear thtat not one but two strains of alien life have landed near the settlement of Prosperity Wells One kind beetle black with shells hard as steel have been spawned as the prey in a deadly hunt The other kind upright like humans but infinitely stronger and just as smart are the Predators Between them are the human colonists, unarmed and vulnerable With the entire colony at risk, Machiko Noguchi must choose between death and survival and may find her greatest ally in a Predator ready to kill her
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    • READ BOOK ☆ Aliens vs. Predator: Prey - by Steve Perry Stephani Perry
      271 Steve Perry Stephani Perry
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    1 thought on “Aliens vs. Predator: Prey

    1. I loved this I ve recently watched all the alien and predator films and really fell in love with them.I think I only enjoyed this book because of having watched the films, otherwise i dont think i would of picked this up It really surprised me The relationship between Dachande Noguchi is amazing The communication differences similarities was so interesting It was so emotional.The short chapters and switch of point of views was great.

    2. The enemy of my enemy is my friend which seems to be the theme in the book Alien vs Predator Prey by Steve Perry and Stephani Perry The setting is in the future where people manage to leave Earth onto a planet called Ryushi The book starts out with two pilots Scott and Tom are in hyperspace on a giant ship called The Lector In space a group of hunters predators are preparing for a massive hunt Dachande was the leader of this hunting group and he was an honorable warrior and was in charge of lead [...]

    3. I can only say if you are a sci fi fan and especially a fan of the Predator film series graphic novels then you MUST read this book It shows a bit of the Predator race also known as Yautja , world and language through the eyes of Dachande Yeyinde Broken Tusk , a Yautja warrior who is a magnificent and extremely honorable example of his culture On the other hand we have Machiko Noguchi as his human equivalent in strength and courage she actually reminds me a lot of Lt Ellen Ripley from the Alien [...]

    4. So how did it take me so long to realize this book existed I am a HUGE fan of anything to do with Predator, Alien, Alien vs Predator i ve watched all the movies like 20 times And then they give me Machiko Noguchi, corporate businesswoman turned bad ass Alien hunter Teaming up with a Predator And on an alien desert planet I repeat, how did it take me so long to realize this book existed To be honest, if I could choose one life for myself, Machiko s would be it I actually had to stop myself from r [...]

    5. This was written in response to the game Alien Vs Predator and it discusses the origins of how humans get involved with both species I think this would have made a much better movie than the script used in the A v P movie released Having a hidden temple near Antartica was a bit of a stretch This book is set after man has gone to space and encountered the beast from the Alien.The book was enjoyable, and Steve Perry does like doing personal fights scenes, mostly with swords or hand to hand combat [...]

    6. Great book I read it either in Junior high or high school This book has nothing to do with the movie and came out before all of the games This is far better than the movie which basically hacks up the normal story line of this particular universe, and belongs in a completely different one There have been many books and comics by Dark horse on both the Aliens and Predator and a combination of both, pushing back into the late 80 s This is one of the few books that give you a perspective on what th [...]

    7. This book was released in 1994, years before the first film that pits these two creatures against each other In this first novel, Machiko Noguchi must deal with the discovery that both the predator and Alien have come to the colony of Ryushi near Prosperity Wells This book makes the first cooperative teaming of human and predator This is a great action science fiction novel It is a must for AVP fans.

    8. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and the subsequent avp stories Predators are awesome, so are aliens Put them together and you just get awesomness all round.

    9. I Read this when i was in High school, and no other book has been able to capture me like it.I couldnt put this down and demolished it in 1 day This lead me to of Steve perrys work, as i am an avid sci fi reader, i did finish this trilogy which i believe Steven Perry co wrote Unlike previous Reviews I read this precedeing any of the alien versus predator movies I feel the reason, I didnt enjoy the Movies as much is was because i was expecting a much complex relationship between the Yautja and [...]

    10. Moves at a quick enough pace to keep you interested and some of the visuals are pretty cool The characters names are a little confusing at times but it is ultimately harmless fun for any Alien vs Predator vs Humans fan.

    11. Adaptation of the very popular first AvP comic series by Randy Stradley from 1990 Co written by father daughter team, it is a straightforward adaptation with bits and pieces of new scenes taking place before, between and or after scenes from the comics But the major MAJOR contribution that the Perrys did was to add the Predator point of view.A lot of words from their language are revealed, including the names of their weapons, ship equipment It is very interesting to read how the yautja another [...]

    12. This is a fantastic story of two of my favorite movie monsters battling it out The great thing about the story is that everything fits together and seems to make sense, leaving the monsters dignity in tact.The basic premise is that Predators, being the universes Great white hunter less white, mandibly enjoy hunting dangerous creatures so much so, that they breed and keep Aliens which they use to hunt In this story, it is a training party of Yautjas, who are the unproven predator youth, that arr [...]

    13. Surprisingly engaging and a fun, fast read okay, I may have put it down because of distractions and stuff So far, the best example of the Aliens Vs Predators fiction while hitting on a lot of familiar beats from the Alien franchise blue collar workers and people of low rung standing, a overseeing corporate presence, strong female lead who has to steel herself to a difficult situation and dig deep within to find perseverance, etc While it can feel like it s connecting dots, it does something very [...]

    14. Read this in 8th grade, probably at least twice since The cover says it all In fact, the cover is so awesome, even i got some positive attention from my peers when i was carrying it around My friend, Larry the Ninja was quite taken with it.At any rate, this book is what the AVP should have been A future story in the alien universe, on a colony planet And the predators decided to turn it into a game preserve With xenomorphs This book is so awesome, the first AVP movie pretty much stole that last [...]

    15. I give it 3 stars, but lean a little toward 3.5 The story started pretty slowly, but once everyone was on Ryushi and the action started, everything really picked up I flew through the last half of the book I don t usually read sci fi, and this book was borrowed and read as a recommendation Turns out, the story was pretty good, and having already seen AVP, I found it pretty interesting Also, I m not usually a fan of epilogues, but this one really added something Not only did we see the change in [...]

    16. I love this book It s my go to book when I feel like toughening up and getting serious about something Reading this book gives me a back bone Machiko Noguchi is possibly one of the coolest female lead characters ever I d love to meet her She is written so well tough and capable, yet still very much human.5 stars As so many other people have said, why didn t they turn this into a movie rather then the incredibly stupid and disappointing AvP films they have made lately

    17. This one did not take long to finish once I found the time If you have seen the films, odds are good you may like books in this series For me, the book was interesting because it gave insight into the culture of the predators The action is pretty good, and the ending pretty much goes along with Noguchi s character A light entertaining read.

    18. Absolutely love this book, don t get me wrong it s not amazingly written or particularly original in any way However, you really feel for the characters and easily identify with them This book is what the film aliens vs predator should have been based on and unfortunately wasn t A good read, not challenging but it fills the aAvP hole in my life very well thank you

    19. This was surprisingly better than the first 30 or so pages promised It s definitely pulpy alien fighting story, but the pleasantly diverse cast gave it a little something extra, and it ended on an unexpected note.

    20. Basically the novelization of the original Alien vs Predator comic book As always, the original was better The book and comic were both way better than the movies though They should have just used this as a script and we would have been all set.

    21. I just can t help but think why didn t they make the movie like the book They took only bits and pieces, then threw it in a terrible storyline This is a very entertaining book and a quick read If you are a fan of the franchise I highly recommend you read it.

    22. I really enjoyed this book Being a big fan of both the Alien and the Predator franchises when I was a kid, it comes as no surprise I was drawn to this series.You can read my full review here ozmosisbookmarked

    23. In this book is a whole new world viewed by both humans and a species known to us as Predators There is a war and humanity is smack dab in the middle of it Which side will we choose and how will we survive

    24. Great book If you are a fan of the comics, toys, or movies, then you will love this book Way better then the movies I hope they remake the movies and follow this story It is a blockbuster Must read if you are a true Alien vs Predator fan.

    25. I loved the graphic novel that this was based on, and thought this superbly conveyed the spirit, tension and characters of the comic, even when telling the story from the Predators perspective I would confidently say that this is the strongest novel from the Aliens and AvP series

    26. This was fast paced and gave some great back story about the relationship between aliens and predators the yautja Machiko is a great character with good depth I m pleasantly surprised and looking forward to the next one.

    27. OK, so I am really giving this one its star rating based off of how much I enjoyed it as a pre teen, not to much how much I would expect I would enjoy it now But then again was really fun as were the comics of that era.

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